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A Field Guide to Love for Single Adults Whatever The State Of Your Life Or Lack Of One , You Can Stop Drifting In And Out Of Relationships And Start Having Control The Truth Is Romance Can Be Managed Just Like A Career Or Business, Writes Nancy Van Pelt, Whose Seminars On Dating And Love Have Helped Thousands Of Singles To Stop Working Harder And Start Living Smarter To Achieve Lasting Love Most Of All, This Book Will Show You How To Avoid Destruction Emotional Entanglements And All The Heartache That Follows Once You Start Employing This Intelligent And Sensible Advice On Building Strong, Vibrant Love Relationships, You Ll Experience The Rewards Of Smart Love Book Specs Paper BackPublisher RHPAPrinted 1997Pages 286 Table Of Contents Before You Begin Self Worth The Dating Game Breaking Up Without Breaking Down True Love And Infatuation Close Encounters Of A Dangerous Kind Before You Fall In Love Again

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    A must read for single adults who are on the dating scene or considering marriage or re marriage Van Pelt provides sound, biblical counsel about making good choices in a date or mate how to distinguish between true love and infatuation and matters to consider when children are involved in a re marriage situation I highly recommend it.

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