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Six Steps to Better Thinking In A World Of Post Truth Politics, Alternative Facts, And Fake News, There Really Are Better And Worse Ways To Think About Things And That Disagreement Need Not Lead To Incivility, Hatred, Or Violence The Title Of The Book Implies That Some Ideas Are Better Than Others But What Makes Them Better Luckily, Much Of The Hard Work Has Already Been Done Philosophers, Mathematicians, Logicians, Scientists, Writers, And Many Others Have Developed The Critical Thinking Skills That Allow All Of Us To Make Such Valued Distinctions I Have Taken These Skills, And Distilled Them Into Six Steps After Learning These Six Steps, You Will Effectively Communicate What It Is You Believe And Why It Is You Believe It So That People Will Have An Easier Time Understanding You You Will Be Empowered With The Ability To Better Understand What People Are Saying And To Know Why It Is They Are Saying It Your Thinking Will Become Better As Well Because What Emerges From Your Ability To Understand And Use These Skills Is An Element Of Diplomacy And Fairness When Having Discussions About Important Issues And This Leads Directly To Civilized Disagreement.

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    I m a bit biased in my account, but I do believe it is one of the better books on the topic of Critical Thinking available to the general public It covers the most fundamental tools of the Critical Thinking skill set Readable, accessible, and practical.

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