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Speculative Tales PDF Speculative Tales By Tony Thorne Oknalubliniec.eu Introduction By Harry Harrison Tony Thorne Has The Mind Of A Scientist And The Soul Of An Artist His Science And Technology Are Correct, His Extrapolations Wonderful And Ingenious But Then Surprise A Blackness May Descend Or A Brilliant Flash Of Black Humour Read And Enjoy Harry Harrison The Late Legendary American Author Of Over 40 Novels, Several Film Scripts, And Numerous Collections Of Short Stories Gave The Author That Introduction To The First Volume In Tony S TENERIFE TALES Trilogy Updated Versions Of Some Of The Tales Are Included In This Collection.30 Speculative Tales, To Chill And Entertain Some Short, Some Long, Droll To Macabre None Of Them Could Really Happen Could They Including Shape Shift An Impulse Purchase May Not Be What It Seems 2,410 Words Relocated Hopefully, This Is A Most Unlikely Disaster Survival Story 1,170 Words Euthanasia Inc A Solution To That Ever Expanding Population Problem 1,950 Words Retirement Plan Always Leave Yourself Time To Enjoy Your Last Days 1,845 Words Hologhosts Does This Explain All Those Unearthly Apparitions 2,240 Words Time For A Change So Where Do All The Missing People Go 3,275 Words Indulgence An Effective Hi Tech Way To Drastically Reduce Your Weight 5,860 Words Teething Trouble An Intelligent Robotic Creation Escapes From Its Owner 1,925 Words Key Words An Innocent Hobby Has Unfortunate Consequences 270 Words Fractured What Might Evolution Do To Us Next 1,305 Words

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