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Touched by a Vampire (The Hybrid Coven #3) BOOKS Touched By A Vampire The Hybrid Coven 3 Author Angela Sanders Bandcamptomp3.co.uk A Vampire Assassin Hired To Kill Her Will He Be Her Ending Or New Beginning Ryder Has Been An Assassin For The Los Angeles Coven Of Vampires Since He Was Made A Vampire Over Four Hundred Years Ago He S The Best Tracker They Have And Nearly Untouchable He S Given A Mark With Little To No Background Information, But That S Never Been An Issue Find Them, Kill Them, Report Back Until Her Something S Changed Inside Of Him And He S Not Sure If He Can Control It.Vivien S Been Working At A Prominent Law Firm For Years, Scraping Her Way To The Top In An Attempt To Make Partner But She Has A Secret A Very Dangerous Secret One That Could Kill Her If Anyone Were To Learn The Truth In A Dangerous Turn Of Events, Vivien Finds Herself At A Crossroads Does She Trust The Sexy Vampire Who Was Hired To Kill Her, Or Take Her Chances Once She Learns There S A Price On Her Head Revelations Come To Pass New And Old Friends Join The Fight, But The Lines Are Blurred Between Good Versus Evil Who Can Vivien Trust And Will Her Past Come Crashing Down All Around Her When The Truth Is Revealed

  • Paperback
  • 174 pages
  • Touched by a Vampire (The Hybrid Coven #3)
  • Angela Sanders
  • English
  • 22 February 2018
  • 9781983724534

About the Author: Angela Sanders

Living in Kentucky as a wife, Mommy, retired Navy Chief and former political writer, I left the political world for the things that dreams are made of books I began my journey by reading whatever I could get my hands on, then became a beta reader and also edited books on the side for wonderfully talented authors I wouldn t be writing today if not for the encouragement and support of my fellow a

10 thoughts on “Touched by a Vampire (The Hybrid Coven #3)

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    An excellent book that had it all, along with Vivian one kick ass woman Of course the hot as hell Ryder the vampire assassin I was enthralled from beginning to end, very enjoyable book I would recommend it to those who like vampires, witches and hybrids Along with some love, action and fightin...

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    I loved books like this with magic and vampires This was a new author for me but I will be going back to read the other books in this series I loved the way Angela Sanders wrote this book it was wonderful.

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    Ryder is an assasin for the Los Angeles coven of vampires for hundreds of years, he just needs to know who it is without knowing any of their background until he is sent to go after Vivien Vivien works at a law firm working her a off trying to get to the top as a partner but she has a secret that can get her killed Vivien is a witch and a shapeshifter hybrid, Ryder has been sent to kill Vivien but he kidnaps her instead Ryder has these feelings for her that he hasn t felt in a long time There s plenty action, adventure and danger and I loved every minute of it I loved Vivien s character she is one strong and sassy woman but she needs to be with a hell of a fight that s coming on ...

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    I love this I can t wait for .I will be also leaving a review on Goodreads .And letting everyone know about it.So i gave it a 5 Stars.

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    This is a NON SPOILER REVIEW Touched by a Vampire is Book One of the Hybrid Coven series by Angela Sanders This is my first Angela Sanders read and must say that I really loved this deliciously gasp inducing romp This is a quick, feel good read a little over an hour that will have you snickering from the time Vivien our not such a damsel in distress heroine and Ryder our sexy assassin meet to the last battle scene There s also a whole group of secondary characters that are screaming to have their stories told I really enjoyed the storyline and the way the story dev...

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    Great story Fantastic characters Vivien and Ryder She s sassy He s experiencing emotions that he hasn t felt in over 400 years And Vivien is set to fight the fight of her lifetime, in than one ways It does end on a happy note I suspect that might change in the next story too whi...

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    FINALLY A Sexy as sin Vampire and a Heroine who knows how to kick booty Author Angela Sanders delivers us a bomb A Vampire book Ryder is one sexy as H Vampire Assassin We get a little bit of everything in this story, from Romance to an Action packed ride you won t be able to...

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    Ok, this is just a a quickie review Unfortunately, I m in a hospital and asked my husband to post this since I don t have the time or ability right now to do better even though the book definitely deserves it.Bottom line five stars T...

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    What a story Ryder the Vampire has been an assassin for many years Usually he doesn t encounter any problems This time the job is not so easy Great fantasy read.

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    If you ve read any of the author s other books you would know how action packed they are Touched by a Vampire is no exception This story has it all a strong female lead with plenty of sass, steamy romance and lots of ass kicking This book can be read as a standalone, but if you follow the other Hybrid Coven books, you will get to enjoy the other characters that pop up occasionally I would recommend ...

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