uantum Kindle å Kindle Edition

uantum Kindle å Kindle Edition

  • Kindle Edition
  • 353 pages
  • uantum
  • Patricia Cornwell
  • English
  • 24 February 2016

10 thoughts on “uantum

  1. Mackey Mackey says:

    Years ago I was a huge Patricia Cornwell fan I read every book the moment they hit the shelves and still have many of the earlier ones on my library shelf today However after time I grew to dislike the characters in the series They never grew changed worked on their flaws to the point that they became unbelievable and really horribly boring SO when I saw that Cornwell had a new series one not aimed at teens I thought I would give it a shot After all it was her writing that I liked so many years ago right? After a few chapters I realized that the characters were the same but with different names different locations different jobs but still exactly the same The cop who was terribly flawed The genius workaholic who was so gifted that no one got them Yeah I've read their stories before I didn't want to read them again So I won't and I suggest that you not bother with it either So sad

  2. Matt Matt says:

    We’ll say 375 stars for a sluggish startAfter a hiatus from her successful forensic series Patricia Cornwell returns with a novel that will have readers reaching for the stars in the middle of this impactful crime thriller Captain Callisto ‘Calli’ Chase gave up a promising career in the military to help her family She was able to land on her feet serving within the NASA police in Virginia While out investigating an alarm within the facility Callie comes across some forensic material that leaves her baffled When one of NASA’s scientific contractors is found dead in her room from an apparent suicide Calli takes notice What starts out looking like a simple cry for help does not make sense the pieces come together The note left for others to find the state of the body even the last meal laid out on the table It all points to something that’s been staged While she is trying to juggle her workplace situation Calli is brought up to speed that her twin sister Carme is wanted for uestioning in the disappearance of a man she was seen to have had words with not too long before Unable to locate Carme Calli struggles as she remembers the key event in their past that drove a wedge between them as twins and sisters While Calli is certain there is a killer on the loose within the NASA facility she must remain calm and do all she can in order not to show her hand while inside the terror mounts An interesting return by Cornwell with an entirely new concept While many did not enjoy this novel the concept grew on me by the end and I am ready to recommend it to those who enjoy something scientific alongside their crime thrillersI have long been a fan of Cornwell and her Scarpetta series While those novels did begin to lag after a time I could see a great deal of effort went into their creation When I heard that Cornwell was going to try her hand at something new I was a little surprised as Scarpetta was not yet tied off This space themed crime thriller novel has all the ingredients for the author to reinvent herself with a curious cast of characters and a great deal of research having gone into the narrative Calli Chase proves to be an worthwhile character and serves well in the role of protagonist Her strong belief in the law and order resonated with me as did her mathematical uirks that surface throughout the novel However there were times that I felt a significant disconnect I am not sure what it is as I do not remember having this issue with Kay Scarpetta but realise that it may take me some time to connect properly with Calli Her backstory and character development were both present throughout offering some early tidbit on which Cornwell can build I hope for reveals to ensure Callisto Chase is not just another character whose uniue name is the sole reason she stands out Other characters grace the pages of this book and prove to be entertaining though they also proved to be lukewarm at times The multiple plots are strong and the ideas are there but the delivery though the characters was significantly lacking As a story there was a great deal of potential here though things fell flat early I scanned Goodreads and noticed others felt the same way Thankfully I held on as things did get better and I was able to feel confident in finishing this piece Such class and past success as an author should not deter Patricia Cornwell though I would hope that this is just a rut and not the new face of a talented writer I have enjoyed for a long timeKudos Madam Cornwell for trying something new Not sure if it worked though some of my other favourites are stumbling these days Perhaps it is just a phaseLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  3. Allison Allison says:

    Last year I read the last Sue Grafton in the alphabet series and was disappointed Turns out she had a terminal illness so I feel bad for my critical review I don’t think Cornwell has that excuse It’s been a long time since I read a Patricia Cornwell mystery but I remember them as fast paced with interesting characters uantum has none of those ualitiesThis story centers on a pair of twin sisters narrated by one of them both of whom are clearly on the autism spectrum The whole book is a mishmash of technobabble and paranoia with a few mysteries that barely kept my interest The narrator’s suspicions and traumas from her past are offered as very poor substitutes for social interaction Every single character was either hostile and damaged or else totally lacking in any distinguishing characteristicsMaybe Cornwell was trying to show off what she had learned in her 2 years of research but she could surely have gotten the number of calories in a doughnut right 200 not 100 Meanwhile she portrayed the winter temperatures in the Langley Wallops Island region of Virginia as if it were Saskatchewan She may have needed frigid temperatures to advance her plot but it made the whole story suspectAll in all this book had no redeeming ualities I can see why it was offered for free To add insult to injury the underlying mystery wasn’t even solved but if you think I am coming back for the conclusion in Book 2 you are mistaken Even for free

  4. Barbara Barbara says:

    Patricia Cornwell's long running 'Kay Scarpetta' series is about a talented medical examiner who helps catch sadistic killers Kay works with a thorny detective; has a brilliant niece; and experiences angst about her man Cornwell's new book uantum goes in a different direction but has a similar vibe The main character Air Force Captain Calli Chase is a talented scientist and NASA security expert who's trying to catch a possible saboteur Calli works with a phobic detective; has a brilliant sister; and experiences angst about a man Calli and her identical twin sister Carme are geniuses who whizzed through school and began college at the age of fifteen Both girls have an interest in aerospace science and aspire to be astronauts Right now Calli who works for NASA as a pilot physicist and cop is concerned about a piece of hardware about to be installed on the International Space Station ISS In nine hours astronauts Peggy Whitson and Jack Fischer will deploy a Low Earth Atmospheric Reader LEAR that was developed by a group of Iowa high school students To witness the event the students and their teacher have come to NASA's Langley Research Center in Virginia where they'll watch the live feed and celebrate with the scientists Except the astronauts AREN'T REALLY installing the LEAR Known only to Calli and a few other people the astronauts are deploying a top secret uantum device that will place the United States at the apex of uantum computing far ahead of other nations At about the same time as the installation of the uantum device a rocket is being launched to the ISS The rocket contains routine space station supplies as well as Christmas goodies for the astronauts In the midst of all these NASA activities Calli's Spidey sense has been alerted by several alarming events A couple of months ago an aeronautical engineer named Noah Bishop who works for a NASA contractor called Pandora Space Systems went missing Moreover his disappearance followed a public altercation with Calli's sister Carme who told Noah off outside a Houston bar on Halloween night Then yesterday on the eve of the uantum device's deployment an aerospace engineer named Vera Young who ALSO works for Pandora Space Systems reported her security badge stolen The badge allows access to all parts of NASA and a freak security alert leads Calli to believe that someone used the badge to access an off limits tunnel at Langley Afterwards Vera Young was found dead an apparent suicide Calli and her claustrophobic detective friend Fran Lacey investigate Young's death and discover clues that points to murder Further evidence demonstrates that someone tampered with the crime scene These occurrences and the fact that Carme Chase has gone 'off grid' and can't be located make Calli VERY uneasy She fears that someone is trying to disrupt the deployment of the uantum device In addition she's afraid that Carme a technology whiz and cyperspace expert who's always been something of a rebellious brat might have gotten herself into some shady businessperhaps even murder 😨Interspersed with this narrative are flashbacks to scenes where Calli and Carme are six year old children and Carme has a frightening experience with a 'friend of the family' Calli blames herself for this incident and it affects the sisters' relationship going forward It may also explain some of Carme's bad behavior Further we get hints that Calli has feelings for Carme's boyfriend who may on occasion have mistaken one sister for the other As the story unfolds Calli is anxious about the uantum device worried about Carme and disturbed by the secretiveness of her former boss and mentor As it turns out Calli has good reason to worry There's plenty of excitement as the story builds to a climax after which the book ends on a HUGE CLIFFHANGER which I didn't expect I learned afterwards that Cornwell planned uantum as a two book series so readers who want to know the whole story will have to read both novels I have mixed feelings about this book I'm glad that Cornwell is going in a new direction and I like the space scienceastronaut angle However uantum has a thin plot with a lot of padding that's both unnecessary and tedious Leading up to the installation of the uantum device for example Calli counts down the nine hours to deployment while she frets about things that are bothering her as detailed above Thus part of the book reads something like this I'm paraphrasing Time to deployment 8 hours 58 minutes 4 seconds Calli takes a shower and worries; 8 hours 42 minutes 30 seconds Calli gets dressed and worries; 8 hours 16 minutes 19 seconds Calli collects her backpack and worries; 8 hours 6 minutes 51 seconds Calli gets into her SUV and worries; 7 hours 55 minutes 34 seconds Calli drives to Langley and worriesand so onIn any case I plan to give Cornwell a chance to develop this series and I'll read the second book when it comes out So stay tuned and give this book a shot if it sounds intriguing You can follow my reviews at

  5. Charles van Buren Charles van Buren says:

    Charles van BurenA thrillermystery which uickly became tiresomeSeptember 5 2019Verified PurchaseFormat Kindle EditionReview of Kindle editionPublication date October 1 2019Publisher Thomas MercerLanguage EnglishASIN B07BN2WGGJ353 mostly dreary psgesI believe that this is but the third Patricia Cornwell book I've read It is very different from the other two and I suspect from what most readers of her books are accustomed to This one is very wordy with long passages which if they advance the plot at all do so minisculely At 70 to 75% percent into the book I still wasn't completely sure what was happening except that it had been built up to be something very bad and dramatic Then the book stopped without real resolution I suppose there will be a second volume but I won't be reading it Cornwell has an excellent command of the language but that does not prevent tedium The gimmick used in the Kindle edition can not dissipate the problems Here is the uote from the beginning of the book about the gimmick Two Ways to Read This book features animation On compatible devices you can control this experience using the Show Media option in the Aa menu

  6. Monnie Monnie says:

    There are a few authors for whom I'll move heaven and earth to carve out enough time to read their latest efforts; Patricia Cornwell is among them So when I got a chance to read a pre publication copy free through the Early Access program well how fast can you say one click? For years you see I've enjoyed the author's exploits of Medical Examiner Kay Scarpetta This one isn't about her although similarities to both the good doctor and her tech savvy niece Lucy positively leaped out of the pages Rather this is the first in a new series featuring Captain Calli Chase a NASA pilot uantum physicist and cybercrime investigator whew The first thing that came to mind when I finished is that the amount of research that went into the writing of this book must have been staggering But as a reader aye there's the rub the subject matter was just too technical for my brain to fully understand the details of what was going on Still I got enough of the gist for it to be a good story an exciting one even so in the end it was an enjoyable experience and I won't hesitate to snap up the next entry if only to see if and how the cliffhanger in this one is resolvedCalli has an identical twin sister Carme a fighter pilot; both come from scientifically gifted parents from whom they inherited their considerable abilities and with whom Calli still lives As the story unfolds Calli gets an alert of a possible cybersecurity breach and she and partner Fran head to what seems like the bowels of the earth a tunnel at NASA Langley in Hampton Virginia as an aside having spent a fair amount of vacation time in the Hampton area references to places I've been made the events even interesting The breach is doubly concerning because in a couple of days a rocket is scheduled for launch on the same day as a spacewalk during which astronauts will attach a top secret high tech node that's expected to initiate a revolutionary uantum network whatever that is Should either event go wrong the conseuences could be direIn the secret underground room at NASA Calli finds evidence that someone has somehow gained unauthorized entry evoking uestions of who when and perhaps most important why From that point on things go from bad to worse; a NASA employee who earlier reported her badge stolen turns up dead an apparent suicide but Callie's sleuthing tells a very different story As the time of the rocket launch and spacewalk grow ever closer the it becomes clear to Calli that something really bad is about to happenThe fact that her sister hasn't been seen or heard from in some time adds yet another dimension to the dilemma; where on earth or beyond has Carme gone? And is she somehow caught up in the potentially disastrous events about to unfold? These and other uestions dog Calli who constantly channels the angst of the always over thinking Dr Scarpetta much to my dismay since it isn't a characteristic that endears either of them to me Oh yes an animation feature called Kindle in Motion is an option for select Kindle versions but that didn't interest me a whit so I can't speak to its effectiveness In the end I can't say I developed a real fondness for any of the characters here; but they're intriguing enough that as I said at the beginning I'll give the next one a try for sure

  7. Kevin Dowson Kevin Dowson says:

    I'm sorry to say this was a huge disappointment I admit to never having read any Patricia Cornwell but her reputation as one of the foremost crime writers especially via her Scarpetta series had me very excited to pick this up as a First Reads selection Sadly that was the end of the excitementWhile it is evident Ms Cornwell is a very accomplished writer this book left me frustrated and even bored throughout There are lots and lots of veiled hints at past events that just become plain irritating Some which seem significant turn out apparently trivial and some which are barely mentioned seem to have been major events None of them are explained properly leaving them as just annoying little open uestions by the end of the bookThen there is Captain Chase and her circle of acuaintances Our heroine is ridiculously intellectual and stupidly nerdy Supposedly a woman with a triple career of astrophysicist or something similar NASA police investigator extraordinaire and astronaut in waiting she persists in showing us the readers how much cleverer than us she is and to be frank it's just annoying and dull Her friend the local hard nosed chief of police with the irrational fear of enclosed spaces brought about by some monumental event of three years ago about which we never learn a thing is even less believable And then there is her former mentor commanding officer weird daddy figure who is far too devious and calculating by halfI suppose I really should try Cornwell's best known series and see if it's just this book or her writing style I don't like This one though I thought was a poor story with poor characters written in a very pedestrian style with far too much geek speak and it really is not for me at all

  8. Gerri Mazer Gerri Mazer says:

    No storyline spoilers I just finished this book and am unhappy that I wasted a few hours reading it I feel that the author was a little arrogant because of the success of her other series and forgot she was telling a new story It seems that the comma button on Ms Corwell’s typewriter was broken when she wrote this book As the entire thing was written with sentence fragments And so annoying That I was beyond distracted Having to keep reading the each sentence repeatedly Because I was unsure if I had missed something And I couldn’t stop rereading Since it made no sense I can’t even do it the way she did But it drove me crazy The other big thing that really ticked me off is that the book had no ending and the next one doesn’t come out until October 2020 Again this feels arrogant This wasn’t book 172 of the Kay Scarpetta series that I don’t mind waiting a year for If your going to introduce a new story and want people to care when book 2 comes out don’t wait a year She should have held this one back so they would come out closer together But I guess she can count on sales because of who she is so it doesn’t matter to her Luckily I only paid 199 from Kindle I would be furious if I’d paid full price and I won’t be buying the next one without reading reviews first The book was uite boring until the last 40 pages The author drilled on and on about uantum physics trying to explain things I don’t ever want to understand things that turned out not to be particularly relevant to the book I found learning about forensics interesting but there’s no real excitement in math Next after reading over 200 pages I still knew nothing about the characters which made them very uninteresting Do people with a doctorate in uantum physics and work on making spacecraft safe at NASA who design advanced telecommunications and want to be astronauts also work as NASA police and crime investigators both full time? Really? There were flashbacks written in italics throughout the book telling 3 different stories One about the protagonist and her twin which was interesting and probably relevant to the next book a year from now One about her alone a way too long story about cutting her finger so we know why she has a scar on her finger tip and the third about a friendcoworker which the author never finished telling Lastly the book has no ending It finally gets a little exciting in the last few pages then boom it’s over The things that were wrapped up were things that had just happened at the end and all I could think was who cares?

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    I can't believe Patricia Cornwell wrote this I started reading this on Kindle Unlimited and kept thinking I skipped a page or missed a paragraph NOTHING made sense so choppy purposefully vague and misleading completely not engaging at all I stopped reading after literally nothing had happened literally spent pages on her walking thru the underground secret tunnel ok maybe that's a scene setter walking in the parking lot walking into her office walking back to the car etc Don't bother it's AWFUL

  10. Ladyreadalot Ladyreadalot says:

    What a difficult book I give it 15 stars It was an exhausting read and I used it to help me fall asleep which was effective Written in first person the story is continuously interrupted by the character's chaotic thoughts I think the book could have been cut in half with just one chapter containing past events and experiences that shape the character Instead the reader is constantly bombarded with the repetitive unfinished flashbacks bits of memories feelings manias and otherwise annoying monologues about her past that interrupt what could have been a good story At first I thought it would calm down but it didn't As a result not only did I not like the main character Calli but often wondered if the twin was an alternate personality until the scar confirmed otherwise Then to add insult to injury after making the reader work for every bit of the story the author doesn't even have the decency to finish it I will not read the next installment because frankly I couldn't care less about Calli and her twin and why she was doing what she didI am just glad it's over and now will search for some really great literature that delights my emotions and senses something this novel failed miserably to deliver

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uantum[EPUB] ✻ uantum Author Patricia Cornwell – International bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers pulse pounding thrills in a series featuring a brilliant and unusual new heroine cutting edge cybertechnology and stakes that are astronomic International bestselling author Patricia Cornwell delivers pulse pounding thrills in a series featuring a brilliant and unusual new heroine cutting edge cybertechnology and stakes that are astronomically highOn the eve of a top secret space mission Captain Calli Chase detects a tripped alarm in the tunnels deep below a NASA research center A NASA pilot uantum physicist and cybercrime investigator Calli knows that a looming blizzard and government shutdown could provide the perfect cover for sabotage with deadly conseuencesAs it turns out the danger is worse than she thought A spatter of dried blood a missing security badge a suspicious suicide—a series of disturbing clues point to Calli’s twin sister Carme who’s been MIA for daysDesperate to halt the countdown to disaster and to clear her sister’s name Captain Chase digs deep into her vast cyber security knowledge and her painful past probing for answers to her twin’s erratic conduct As time is running out she realizes that failure means catastrophe—not just for the space program but for the safety of the whole nation.

About the Author: Patricia Cornwell

Patricia Cornwell sold her first novel Postmortem in while working as a computer analyst at the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Richmond Virginia Postmortem was the first bona fide forensic thriller It paved the way for an explosion of entertainment featuring in all things forensic across film television and literature Postmortem would go on to win the Edgar Creasey Anthony.