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A Dress for the Wicked Nothing Much Happens In The Sleepy Town Of Shy In Avon Upon Kynt And For Eighteen Years, Emmaline Watkins Has Feared That Her Future Held Just That NothingBut When The Head Of The Most Admired Fashion House In The Country Opens Her Prestigious Design Competition To Girls From Outside The Stylish Capital City, Emmy S Dreams Seem Closer Than They Ever Have BeforeAs The First Country Girl To Compete, Emmy Knows She Ll Encounter Extra Hurdles On Her Way To The Top But As She Navigates The Twisted World Of High Fashion She Starts To Wonder Will She Be Able To Tailor Herself To Fit Into This Dark, Corrupted Race And At What Cost

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    I have to say, I really liked this book I kinda expected it to be A Project Runway set in an imagined Victorian era, and it was totally exactly what I imagined The only thing missing was Heidi Tim, but oh wait, did we kinda have that I actually breezed through this book I love watching Project Runway, so now reading about it set in a Victorian era was really exciting The storyline alone was very gripping, and it just kept me captive the whole time The only reasons why this book didn t receive a 5 star review is worldbuilding and romance I feel like Krause created a really cool imaginary 19th century world, but we almost don t know anything about it The only things we know is that Britannia Secunda is in Europe and has received independence from England and Fashion is their main industry It would have been really interesting knowing deeply about it.I wasn t a big fan of the romance either Emmy and Tristan make for a nice couple, but with the whole Sophie situation, I would like to have known about their history I also sometimes wished that parts of their time together would have gone differently The thing I loved about this book is its characters and character development We can see progress in almost each and every person, except for Kitty why I loved her question for the author Emmy started from a scared country girl, and in the end, she was the real boss girl I wish there was the 2nd book because I would really like to know about this world and to read about how Emmy manages after everything I loved the historical setting and the world so it s hard to say goodbye after just one book.Blog Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest

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    Full Review on The Candid Cover2.5 Stars A Dress for the Wicked by Autumn Krause is a book that I had been highly anticipating for its blend of fashion and competition The premise is intriguing, however this one let me down The main character is plain, and the plot and world building feel flat To me, this book felt very tired, and I was expecting of a wow factor than was presented.This book tells the story of a lower class girl who gets chosen to participate in an elite fashion competition I have seen this recommended for fans of The Selection and Project Runway, and seeing as I adore both of these works, I figured this would be the perfect read for me The competition aspects in the book are well done, and there is some sabotage which added a layer of mystery As well, the descriptions of the competitors designs are stunning Those with an interest in fashion might find this one interesting MAIN CHARACTER ISN T MEMORABLEEmmaline is a good enough character, but I didn t find her that memorable She is seen as an underdog and an outcast by the other girls being from a different social class and works twice as hard to prove herself in the competition Of course, I admired this trait, but that is really all there is to her in my opinion Her character didn t annoy me at all, but I wished there was complexity to her besides being from the country and wanting to win FLAT AND UNDER DEVELOPEDMy issue with the book is the fact that everything about it is flat and under developed It is The Selection meets Project Runway, and that s all there is to it Lower class girl is selected for a fashion competition amidst a revolution I feel like I ve read this story before, maybe without the fashion, and nothing really comes as a surprise Seeing as there is also a political revolution occurring at the same time as the competition, the book feels very 2014 Speaking of this revolution, I found that the entire world of Britannia Secunda is not clear All we know is that it is somewhere in Europe and that the politics revolve around fashion For some reason, the government is in full control of the fashion industry, which is seemingly its only industry, and we don t really know why I had a hard time buying this INTERESTING PREMISEA Dress for the Wicked has an interesting premise, but the execution is subpar I loved the competition aspects, but everything else including the main character and the overall plot are not memorable or all that original I m not sure if I would recommend this one as I wasn t wowed by much.

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    I went into this thinking, okay, this might not be that good despite the intriguing premise and gorgeous cover The thing is, you have to go in not expecting much This is a really good book but don t expect an intense thrill ride of emotions, or a philosophical dive into dragons and dinosaurs and Doritos I like alliteration okay But it is a love letter to all sorts of fashion As someone who literally wears nothing but jeans, sweaters, hoodies, and t shirts, it was really fascinating to read about all the different pieces and concepts of couture.Emmy was a likeable girl She was passionate, motivated, hardworking , and best of all, had character development She had dreams and ideas Another person I ended up really liking was Sophie At first, it seemed like she d just be the classic mean girl put there to make the main character have obstacles But she ended up being a lot than I originally thought Oh And the whole Fashion House idea reminded me of the houses in The Belles Except significantly less painful lol The plot wasn t anything too deep or even incredibly original but it was so incredibly entertaining And I loved witnessing the creative process a lot of the characters went through And the competition I just really, really, really love competitions Bonus points for magic Bonus points for fashion Bonus points for puzzles I love basically all competitions in books okay And this one had interesting characters, fashion, and an interesting interal struggle that I m not going into because I d rather you experienced it for yourself Also the ending has enough closure to leave you feeling perfectly satisfied but also leaves room for a sequel.Um the romance I didn t hate it, it just felt too unnecessary for my tastes There weren t any sparks, any development, I felt nothing for the entire relationship But what can you do, it s YA And I personally really enjoyed the plot, and wouldn t change much about it but some people are going to think it s too predictable, and not super deep You definitely need to alter your expectations if that s the case Thank you to HarperTeen for providing me with an e ARC in exchange for an honest review

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    Thanks Edelweiss for providing an ARC in exchange for an honest review.I started A dress for the wicked as a lighter read with not much expectation about it But I ended up liking it very much Shocking It s a story that combines Victorian era, Parisian fashion couture and dystopian setting Quiet unique and interesting It reminded me a bit of The Selection but with an engaging story about self fulfilment and making dreams come true through hard work.Emmeline but you should call her Emmy comes from the countryside, she s an aspiring fashion designers but in this world and in this land called Britannia Secunda you can be a designer only if you work in the city at the Fashion House, directed by Madame Jolene But in the background the Reformist party is gaining power and wants to fight it We don t understand if it s for the good or they have malevolent intentions.Emmy is selected as one of the apprentice at the fashion house quiet surprisingly, a dream coming true, but she ll see that all that glitters is not gold at all very soonIt was an entertaining read, I was ready for some project runway like story and that s all but the message behind Emmy s work was striking, she s determined and really loves what she s doing She s ready to take risks and to work tirelessly to fulfill her dreams I respect that so much.The writing is quiet inconstant, sometimes it s extremely engaging and fun and flawless, while especially when she gets back to Shy and other scenes seems totally unedited and it flows less and less.That said, the story is engaging and it s the best part, at least for entertainment.Emmy s quiet a good character, but inconstant We get to know very little about all the other characters.The romantic aspect of the book is tragic, but not in a good way at all We could have survived without it because it s the part that really takes Emmy out of character and makes her sound dumb, not just because of the way she acts but because she s a total jerk towards her friend.So, most positive aspects is the entertainment and the light reading experience, the fashion part is quiet technical and not just bitchy so I ended up liking it a lot Some twists were successful than others but some of them were so naive.The worst to me is the inconsistency of many portions of the book, the love story and it was way to easy to understand at first sight who was working against Emmy obviously, we all knew that except Emmy Now we are left with a couple of open points that I really have no idea why they were included in the book if there was no intention to explain them who s Emmy s father, the relationship with the Reformist Party, etc. but we ll see.Still a fun and light read I really liked.

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    This was completely different from what I expected but I also really enjoyed the direction that it went in This got incredibly interesting and engaging after the main character discovered where she wanted, but I also feel like this book also just has SO MUCH ROOM to be better.1 This felt extremely incomplete.HELLO HELLO This either needed to be like, 100 pages longer or have a sequel That s it This does not feel like a standalone and I need the sequel just so I know what happens, ok.I want to see Emmy and Sophie after the events of this novel, damnit I would like to see them view spoiler making their fashion house and it s kind of rude that I didn t see it hide spoiler

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    This book is sort of a combination between The Selection by Kiera Cass and Project Runway.This book is divided into three parts It is YA and sort of a dystopia genre.The narrator is Emmaline Emmy 1st person POV.It is a YA book that to me felt way like dystopia than historical fiction The book blurb says the story takes place in a reimagined nineteenth century Europe But honestly this book did not feel historical to me at all A bunch of 17 18 year old girls are in a competition at the prestigious Fashion House There is some romance.Emmy comes from the country She is obsessed with design and fashion For the first time the prestigious design competition is open to one girl from outside the capital city.This book was not exactly what I was expecting I really thought that the competition would be the key focus of the story for the entire book But each part of the book sort of takes the story in new directions I m not sure what I think of this idea It definitely made the story much less predictable But I sort of really wanted the story to be completely focused on the competition.Overall this was an enjoyable read I loved the competition aspect of the story I loved everything to do with the Fashion House and designing The romance was okay It could have been developed There were some interesting characters like Madame Jol ne who runs the design house and Sophie Emmy s roomie But I just really wanted the focus to be the competition.Thanks to edelweiss and HarperTeen for allowing me to read this book.

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    ARC provided via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.This is a perfect book for everyone who enjoyed The Selection series and the world of glittering gowns and jewels Although, I am not among them and I am not a fashion enthusiast, this was really enjoyable Autumn Krause s debut work has a lot of potential, it s been a long time since I read such compelling descriptions that painted the picture so well The story is set in fictional 19th century Europe where the most famous fashion house organizes prestigious design competition Our girl, Emmy, dreams of becoming a designer, but she is a simple country girl, expected to know nothing about fashion and even less about style Still, her determination and political pressure that everyone must be included, gets her in the top six There, the competition starts with the usual backstabbing, gossiping and cat fighting The matron of Fashion House, Madame Jol ne, makes a good villain, but she never reached the creepy and sadistic level that, I think, author wanted to achieve Since this is a YA book, the love story is inevitable Still, it didn t work out that well It was rushed, predictable, obvious and just nothing exciting It s not a spoiler to say that Tristan and Emmy are the main couple, it is obvious right from the start They don t see each other often, but when they do, everything is perfect and they just know they are right for each other Don t get me wrong, I think that is rare, but possible, it s just that the dialogues they had couldn t be a base for a love story at all Emmy is a decent character I loved her approach to work, her relentless dedication and opportunism She is not a perfect heroine, but she is realistic Although she starts off as innocent and naive, she quickly understands what it takes to be successful in this world She becomes colder, distant and even reckless I respect an author who is not afraid to give us a protagonist that has a little bit of an edge to them On the other hand, other characters are a bit bland No one really stood out In many ways, it is a smart intriguing book Autumn Krause has written a very compelling fashion story about vanity and the aftermath of chasing the success at all price It s a good idea, but without a perfectly dramatic climax Everything was so convenient in the end and lined up perfectly I wish the ending was a bit complex I do think that it should have had at least 100 pages, dedicated to the political background of the society This would have made the story serious and exciting at the same time.

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    ARC received in exchange for an honest review thank you This one was hard to rate because it consisted of three main threads, and those got very different reactions from me Here s a quick breakdown Romance 2 5 It was weak, not very well explained, and bordered on insta love.Drama pace 4 5 This bit was awesome, and the plot was exciting.Characterisation 4 5 Strong.So, all things considered, I ve given this an aggregate rating of 3.5 stars.In the world of Britannia Secunda, an ex British colony, fashion is the national industry Illegitimate peasant girl Emmy Watkins is obsessed with it Normally, her mother single parent and scrabbling pub owner tells her not to waste her time But now for Emmy, and countless other girls, it s suddenly become a way of social mobility if they can get become an entrant on the prestigious Fashion House Competition, they ll come away with money, clothes, and contacts And for the first time the competition has been opened up to the general public.A quick note here on the geography and history of Britannia Secunda It was actually very poorly explained Okay, so it s a colony somewhere in Europe that s gained independence from the British Empire How When Plus, there are constant references to a royal family Are these the original British royals Or has Britannia Secunda given itself a new royal family Why and how did fashion become the main concern of the entire nation The background of the setting needed to be explained a lot than it was.Also, something which really bugged me fall This is a faux British country, set in Europe We don t say fall We say autumn Which happens to be the author s name A minor grievance, but come on.So anyway, Emmy manages to beg her way into the competition The esteemed owner of the Fashion House, Madame Jol ne, isn t happy, but there s nothing she can do for political reasons she has to look like she s opening her company up to the lower classes Madame Jol ne was a great villain She s not quite sympathetic, because she s a total bitch, but she isn t totally vilified you can kind of see why she resents having her arm twisted, even if her reasons are wrong and deeply elitist Emmy at any rate is torn between idolising her as a fashion icon and being hurt by her obvious hatred of Emmy herself, a curious but relatable conflict of emotion.The other girls in the Fashion House Competition are treated with similar care by Krause They start out a little bit as caricatures they re mean, posh, and Emmy s rivals But over the course of the book most of them develop into their own people.There are Emmy s roommate Sophie, with a tragic family past Cordelia, who s into menswear Kitty, whose parents are desperate for her to advance their social status half Japanese Ky and socialite Alice As we go through the rounds of the Fashion Competition, with the girls having to design and create masterpieces to be judged, we see how each of them has a background that influences their style These rounds were well paced, plot wise, and suitably dramatic Speaking of style, the book s attitude to dress making is surprisingly limited We don t get many details beyond bodice and hooped skirt , which I find incredible given it s about an entire luxury fashion company The colours of materials were however lovingly described.You know what lets this whole book down The romance Tristan is a down on his luck journalist Emmy meets as soon as she arrives in the capital to begin the competition First, we get insta love they re drawn to each other almost immediately Yet they don t see each other for long stretches of time, rendering the insta love even weaker and sillier than it already is Plus, Tristan has a weird relationship with Sophie which is never fully explained, and this lack of clarity made me unable to truly believe in his relationship with Emmy.It doesn t help that the book ends very abruptly and appears to be a standalone I m not particularly interested in what happens next to our characters, but their stories aren t satisfactorily explained in this single book either, so we re left with a weird little conundrum I don t necessarily regret reading it but it certainly hasn t made much of an impact on me, notwithstanding a brilliant, thinly veiled insertion of the tragic story of Princess Diana Charles and Camilla come off badly here, which I can totally get behind Dicks Blog Bookstagram

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    3.5 I really enjoyed this but there we re definitely some plot and world building flaws RTC.

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    This book really is The Selection s older, mature sister Also, there is no love triangle so it s automatically THAT much better RTC.4.5 I haven t read this yet but it SOUNDS like the Selection s older sister and I kind of trash read that series soooo

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