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Fence, Vol. 3 (Fence, #9-12) Combines Issues Scrappy Fencer Nicholas Cox Comes To The End Of His Path To Prove Himself Worthy Of A Father He Never Knew In The Face Of Surly Upperclassmen, Nearly Impossible Odds, And The Talent Of His Rival, Sullen Fencing Prodigy, Seiji KatayamaSparks Fly White Hot On The Pitch As Nicholas And Seiji Finally Face Off Once Again In The Halls Of King S Row It S A Match That Will Change King S Row And Both Of Them Forever, And Set The Stage As The Team Journeys To Face Their Bitter Rivals And Prove Themselves Once And For All The Third Volume Of The Breakneck Series From Writer CS Pacat The Captive Prince And Fan Favorite Artist Johanna The Mad Comes At You As Fast As A Parry And Hits As Hard As A Strike

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    my favourite volume yet

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    4.5 stars

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    The tryouts are finally over I m so happy for all the fencers who made the team, but especially for Nicolas and Seiji Now it s all about training and becoming best friends Ok, I actually hope for than best friends, but I know it will be a long road for our two main characters I m going to be happy if in the next volume we get to take down that duck curtain in their room Can t wait to read

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    Apparently I m trash for sports stories now

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    This just keeps getting better and better I m dying for the drama sure to be found in volume 4

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    I used up 4 of 12 of my borrows from hoopla for this and it was so worth it, those were some of the cutest scenes I ve ever seen 5 5

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    I need the novelized version PRONTO

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