The Third Part of Henry the Sixth PDF/EPUB ä Part of

The Third Part of Henry the Sixth PDF/EPUB ä Part of

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  1. Barry Pierce Barry Pierce says:

    This one doesn t really have a plot, it s a series of stabbings.

  2. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    A thoroughly accomplished piece of playcraft and a significant work of literature, this complex account of civil war is filled with broken oaths, betrayals, and labyrinthine patterns of multi generational revenge, and Shakespeare gives us a coherent thread of narrative to guide us through the bewildering crowd of incidents Also, by the middle of the play, Shakespeare s first great character Richard of Gloucester later Richard III has fully emerged, giving us a clear promise of the great work which is to come.

  3. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    King Henry VI, Part 3 Wars of the Roses 7 , William ShakespeareHenry VI, Part 3 often written as 3 Henry VI is a history play by William Shakespeare believed to have been written in 1591 and set during the lifetime of King Henry VI of England Whereas 1 Henry VI deals with the loss of England s French territories and the political machinations leading up to the Wars of the Roses and 2 Henry VI focuses on the King s inability to quell the bickering of his nobles, and the inevitability of armed conflict, 3 Henry VI deals primarily with the horrors of that conflict, with the once stable nation thrown into chaos and barbarism as families break down and moral codes are subverted in the pursuit of revenge and power 2014 1590 1592

  4. João Fernandes João Fernandes says:

    Henry Get off, that s my chair York No, it s my chairHenry Okay, you can have it after I m done playing with it.Margaret How dare you give away my I mean our son s I mean your throne Henry I m just trying to avoid giving suffering to our people Margaret Wait, peasants have feelings Uh, the you know_____Clifford Your dad killed my dad, so I m gonna kill you.Rutland Mate, I m just trying to learn some Latin to read that saucy book from The Name of the Rose.Clifford Shut up, you harmless, innocent child kills him _____Richard Dad, I think you should take the crown you swore you would wait for.York Way ahead of you, amateur.Richard What Sorry, I didn t hear, I was too busy thinking about murdering puppies._____Clifford I captured York.Margaret York, I want you to know we killed your son Rutland.York He was an innocent child Why cries Margaret Oh yes, let me drink your tears Here, clean your face with this napkin stained with your child s blood Oh yeahYork You re not a woman, you re a monster.Margaret Check your white rose cis privilege, York kills him _____Warwick Oh no, Margaret is coming.Richard I ve heard you were a brave earl, Warwick Are you gonna flee from a woman Warwick I never flee flees ._____Edward You are no longer king.Henry Okay, my guidance counsellor always told me I should be a shepherd anyway._____Edward Sex me.Grey No.Edward Marry me.Grey What Edward Well I m the king so your opinion doesn t matter my Queen._____Margaret King of France, help me and my son, his father is an imbecile.Warwick King of France, Edward promises he ll marry your sister, help us instead.Margaret Back off, he s my ally Warwick No, he s my ally The King married a hot piece of widow pie Doesn t give a rat s ass about Warwick Kind regards King of France Margaret, I ll help you defeat this womanizing asshole.Warwick How could he do this to me He knows I m his most loyal subject, I I never flee flees, changes sides _____Margaret Henry, I m I mean our son I mean you re king again Henry Why can t I just be left alone _____Edward I m back, Warwick, die you goddamn traitor.Warwick My only regret is that I couldn t live to change sides once I will now face my death I will not flee from it I never flee flees from death, secretly becomes immortal and lives to this day .Edward Well, now I m king again, and I will Richard, stop stroking my crown while whispering let me fill you with me Richard I was not Now let me just kill Henry, I promise that s the last regicide I ll ever do Ever Also includes princes Never again Ever.

  5. Edward Edward says:

    General IntroductionThe Chronology of Shakespeare s WorksIntroduction, by Gillian DayThe Play in PerformanceFurther Reading The Third Part of King Henry the Sixth An Account of the TextGenealogical TablesCommentary

  6. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    This is that Empire Strikes Back time in the history plays where Henry is defeated and reeling Ah, but he shall Return

  7. David Sarkies David Sarkies says:

    England in Flames30 August 2012 As I read through this play I began to realise how closely connected it is to Richard III, which is not surprising since this play was written shortly after Henry VI In many way, much of the action in Richard III, as well as a number of the characters, stem from this play I remember watching the Ian McKellan version of Richard III and seeing this woman, Margaret, making an appearance and wondering about her connection to the play After reading this play as well as the previous two and also once again over the synopsis, it began to make sense In fact I am almost tempted to watch it again, though I am also tempted to order the DVD series, The Age of Kings, which includes all of Shakespeare s history plays from this cycle, beginning with Richard II and ending with Richard III, from I will not go into any detailed discussion on whether this play is good or not namely because since it is Shakespearian its quality as literature goes without saying even though it may be nowhere near as good as some of his other works I will also try not to go into details about Shakespeare s warnings of revolution against an established monarch as I will look at that further when I discuss the three plays as a whole However, I will try to look at this particular play, even though it effectively forms the middle part of a trilogy, composing of Henry VI part 2, Henry VI part 3, and Richard III In fact, this play begins straight after the previous play ends, though Richard III begins sometime after the end of this play Another thing that struck me is how much this play reminded me of Game of Thrones Granted, George Martin did indicate that he based his series on the War of the Roses, though I must admit that that aspect seem to arise only in the two series that I have seen since only the first two books have been made for television at the time of my originally writing this review Both have a child king though Henry is nowhere near as psychotic as Joffrey and both have the sudden beheading of a major character as well as a strong female character that seems to be the power behind the throne While I suspect that this play is a major influence on Martin s work, I have also noticed that he seems to borrow ideas from a lot of other places as well The play begins after the Lancastrian forces loose the opening battle of the war and make peace with the Yorkists in return for handing the throne to the Duke of York However not all of his forces are agreeable to this, in particular Queen Margaret Noting that much time has passed since Henry married her as a child, we begin to see her take a much active role in running the country, and in fact she takes the reigns of the country from Henry and begins to run it herself I guess this is the main reason that Henry is seen as such a weak king, and even though he regains his throne for a time, the dispute between the two houses are so fierce that once that stage is reached there is no turning back However, it is Margaret s actions in capturing, killing, and displaying York s head on the gates of York that really inflame the situation While York was alive there was always a chance for peace, but once York is killed the chance of reconciliation was over Remember, this play is about the collapse of government and throughout the play England is in flames This is represented by the father killing a son and a son killing a father family loyalties have been divided and even the nobles, such as Warwick, are constantly changing sides However, throughout the play I am always conscious of the fact that the Lancastrians seem to be in the weaker position They lose battles than they win, and even with French auxilaries, they are unable to turn the tide in their favour Like any war, we also see the belligerents appealing to history The Yorkists and the Plantagenats claim a common ancestry and they recall the deposing of Richard II by Henry Bollingbroke as the reason for their claim to the throne However, for those of us familiar with Richard III, we also notice that Edward s claim to the throne is quite tenuous as well It seems that the idea that usurping the throne will never bring about peace, it will only create a precedent which brings about many claimants who are willing to seize the throne by whatever means necessary It is also funny that this play also sort of reminded me of Star Wars, though I should point to part II in in this regards because Attack of the Clones ends with the opening battle of the Clone Wars and Henry VI part II ends with the opening battle of the War of the Roses What is interesting is that Revenge of the Sith ends with the usurpation of the throne by Palpatine in the same way that Henry VI part III looks forward to the usurpation of the throne by Richard However I will consider this further as I look at all three plays as a whole.

  8. Darwin8u Darwin8u says:

    The smallest worm will turn, being trodden on William Shakespeare, Henry VI, Part 3In the Henry VI trilogy, this is probably my least favorite It wasn t bad and had some good lines not enough great ones and exciting sequences, but it just didn t have that extra level, that super float that Shakespeare sometimes gives his plays This one just seemed a bit bound by this history It was overshadowed by the other Henry VI plays, other Henry plays, other history plays, other Shakespeare plays It was out played There were also several nice lines, specifically I am your butt, and I abide your shot. I know, I am too mean to be your queen And yet too good to be your concubine. What fates impose, that men must needs abide It boots not to resist both wind and tide. Why, I can smile, and murder while I smile. Down, down to hell and say I sent thee thither. Then, since the heavens have shap d my body so,Let hell make crook d my mind to answer it.

  9. Jim Jim says:

    The third of Shakespeare s earliest plays, about the Wars of the Roses, concludes with the end of King Henry VI s reign and the rise of the York faction to the throne Although the powerhouse of this historical collection of historical plays, Richard III, is yet to come next , the third part of King Henry VI is the most exciting and dramatic of the three Henry plays, with power moving back and forth between Yorkists and Lancastrians almost by the scene Shakespeare s skill as a writer and poet is visibly growing, and his characterizations are stronger than ever, especially with the introduction of the wildly colorful Richard, Duke of Gloucester, the misshapen and ignoble noble whose rampant ambition for the throne will culminate in one of Shakespeare s greatest plays.

  10. Bradley Bradley says:

    I m very happy with this play It s easily up to the standards we re used to in Shakespeare, proper, lifting us out of his early and unsure works into something very entertaining Some people might disagree, but here s the fact history was this fucked up.Some liberties are made to make the play much streamlined and dramatic, of course, but that s only to be expected when we re putting 30 years into the space of 3 plays By this point in the action, though, we re steeped in nothing but action and strife We have the benefit of characters we ve grown to know and love on both sides of the fence, too, full of all these past enmities and woe, rising to a complete clusterfuck of civil war from nearly equally matched foes that JUST WON T END.There s talk of Water versus Wind, and that s not a bad analogy at all for this war Hell, this play is about a hot potato in the shape of a crown You might as well use sports metaphors, too They pass the crown across the rink so many times, with so many players being knocked down or injured or screamed at or outright killed, it just reminds me of a friendly game of hockey.I loved Warwick, the kingmaker I REALLY loved Margaret, the Queen She s always been a fantastically strong character, but in this play, she s a merciless hell beast of valor Clarence was a dream of vengeance, all the York, especially young Richard who becomes Richard III, is displayed just as much as the iconoclastic villain from his later play and just as interesting here as there.The conflicts are both emotional and sooo bloody The only source of peace anywhere in the play comes only from Henry VI, himself, while being generally an valor less pansy, always sticks to his guns as a peacemaker and conciliator, even when Richard stabs him in the Tower at the end He never changes He never grows wrathful, merely depressed and resigned, which I think I understand and sympathize with, entirely.I was enraged with each new twist and horror in the play, though, so perhaps Henry gets lost in the fray perhaps except for readers who are than willing to rest his or her bruised mind and wonder at the sheer insanity of this hell sport, wishing rather the world would come to rest and peace rather than even one second of this horror Just see how he is when he learns that his son is dead.It, at least, raises him up in my eyes as someone just as strong as all the rest, just different and even a bit alien to the spirit of either the times or even what people would assume might be natural BUT, he is always in tune with the spirit of Christ, in always forgiving his enemies no matter the wrongs they do him, and even when we drop our jaws at all the wrongs that have been done to him, he holds to his ideals No real pansy could pull that off Truly, this play was pretty damn powerful.

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