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In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond On The Central And North Coast Of British Columbia, The Great Bear Rainforest Is The Largest Intact Temperate Rainforest In The World, Containing Organic Matter Than Any Other Terrestrial Ecosystem On The Planet The Area Plays Host To A Wide Range Of Species, From Thousand Year Old Western Cedars To Humpback Whales To Iconic White Spirit Bears According To Local Residents, Another Giant Is Said To Live In These Woods For Centuries People Have Reported Encounters With The Sasquatch A Species Of Hairy Bipedal Man Apes Said To Inhabit The Deepest Recesses Of This Pristine Wilderness Driven By His Own Childhood Obsession With The Creatures, John Zada Decides To Seek Out The Diverse Inhabitants Of This Rugged And Far Flung Coast, Where Nearly Everyone Has A Story To Tell, From A Scientist Who Dedicated His Life To Researching The Sasquatch, To Members Of The Area S First Nations, To A Former Grizzly Bear Hunter Turned Nature Tour Guide With Each Tale, Zada Discovers That His Search For The Sasquatch Is A Quest For Something Infinitely Complex, Cutting Across Questions Of Human Perception, Scientific Inquiry, Indigenous Traditions, The Environment, And The Power And Desire Of The Human Imagination To Believe In Or Reject Something Largely UnseenTeeming With Gorgeous Nature Writing And A Driving Narrative That Takes Us Through The Forests And Into The Valleys Of A Remote And Seldom Visited Region, In The Valleys Of The Noble Beyond Sheds Light On What Our Decades Long Pursuit Of The Sasquatch Can Tell Us About Ourselves And Invites Us To Welcome Wonder For The Unknown Back Into Our Lives

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    Alright So as a person who was raised in New Mexico, and Eastern California, I had never heard of this Bigfoot hoopla Although I was born in Anchorage,Alaska,.it was just a place I was born New Mexico, and California was.home to me The desert and the mountains When my parent s moved us to Northern Washington state in the 7th grade, I discovered snow, and season s Love them Unfortunately, I also discovered some strange arsed people who believed in Bigfoot Sorry, but laying here in bed, just typing this on my kindle makes me laugh I m not talking about that fake lol crap I m seriously laughing my flannel pajamas off I understand the need to believe in a Bigfeet huh, huh community I really do I totally believe in ghosts I almost, but not really believe in Vampires Why not Sure, it s crazy But, so is a lot of other shit too Hello, bible I ll pick my cray, cray, and you pick yours Do I hunt for the existence of vampires No I m not that nuts I, like others dare to believe, but don t really That s why I love books about people who waste their time hunting for the Quatch The fact that someone would spend so much time looking for something they believe in is fascinating to me That s a commitment Can t hate on that My thanks to Netgalley and John Zada.

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    Tales of a giant North American ape like creature have been told for hundreds of years Native peoples, explorers, pioneers, travelers, hunters, farmers, fisherman, campers, vacationing families.there are many legends and stories of this elusive giant cryptid creature There are many names as well.Bigfoot Sasquatch Skunk Ape, Wild Man, and Here in Western NC, the local legend calls the creature Knobby Does Bigfoot exist No clue But I have an open mind and this book caught my eye Author John Zada travelled to British Columbia, Canada to talk to area residents and to see if he could catch a glimpse of the creature himself He talked to all sorts of people scientists, experts, members of the First Nations, hunters, trappers, farmers and gathered up tales about the Sasquatch I enjoyed reading this book Zada talks about British Columbia, the forest, wildlife, the local people, and all of the stories He weaves a rich narrative that ends up not being just about a legendary creature, but about the rich culture, people and beautiful landscape that keeps the legend alive I m pretty much still a skeptic that Bigfoot is an actual creature Some sort of factual evidence scientifically verifiable evidence not things like blurry video and bad concrete casts of footprints would have been discovered by now, even with the remote and densely forested areas where the creatures reportedly hang out But.I could be wrong Up until a few years ago, most people thought giant squid were just tales told by superstitious sailors.until an actual dead giant squid was found It was a real creature all alongnot just a myth So while I tend to be skeptical.in the event of provable fact, I would immediately change my mind I feel the same way about any mythical creature or entity.ghosts, demons, mermaids, Mokele Mbembe.so many tales of really awesome creatures If giant squid were proven to be real, maybe some.or even just one.of the legendary creatures people tell stories about might also be real And that would be awesome Very enjoyable read Zada is a very talented story teller I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Grove Atlantic via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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    This book had me at a mere mention of Sasquatch Yeah, I ll read about a guy going Sasquatch hunting Certainly read enough about fictional versions of this story But this book actually turned out to be so much A very pleasant surprise Not a mere quest, but also a travelogue of the British Columbia coastal region and First Nation settlements there and also a meditation of why we look for mythical creatures and what it says about us as a society The author in a very precise journalistic fashion takes no sides, despite his childhood passion for Sasquatch and the like This isn t a passionate cryptozoology account meant to convince the disbelievers No, this is very much a level unbiased look at the peculiar obsession with the great hairy ape man of the woods that has persevered throughout generations and across the world Are they out there and are just really good at hiding Is everyone just seeing things overwhelmed by the majestic greatness of nature Are they an evolutionary offshoot A legend A fairy tale For peoples of British Columbia s great forested coast they are sort of an accepted fact of life Seen or at least glimpsed with something of a frequency John Zada visited many of these settlements too small to qualify for any other assignation and interviewed many of the locals But also he observed their way of life, such distinguished historical past and such severe modern privation, where living as one with nature is no longer possible and present day commercialism, so often lacking respect for tradition and environment, threatens their very existence It s a very interesting representation of the inconsiderate brutality of economic progress, especially relevant for anyone living in a country like USA where as of late such things have become rampant Apparently Canada is trying to do the right thing, but, politics being as they are, who knows for how long If they are out there, hiding out in the great unbridled wilderness, Sasquatches are exactly right to stay away from civilization Certainly their way of life wouldn t be preserved either Are they out there John Zada isn t saying yes and the man spent a lot of time looking in a lot of places, he does, however, gives some very clever psychological explanations for why and how someone might think they saw one And why not, there are far less exciting things to hallucinate out there So it s down to what you believe or what you want to believe Frankly, Sasquatch and co are very easy to debunk and explain away as this book amply demonstrates But they are much fun to believe in Given the opportunity, why not choose a world with such magic in it And as for the book, it s a well written account, it s interesting and dynamic It has a positively spectacular title One might wish for some photos, but the author makes due with vivid descriptions, so there s that and it was a very enjoyable read Thanks Netgalley.

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    So, do I believe in Bigfoot, or Sasquatch That s probably not the right question A better question would be do I ever even think about Sasquatch And the answer would have to be no It s not that I believe or disbelieve, it s just that it s not something I spend any time thinking about At least not since I was ten years old, but even thenJohn Zada thought about Bigfoot when he was ten years old, too, but when the opportunity came to write a book about Sasquatch encounters in British Columbia, he jumped at it He traveled to the Great Bear Rainforest and sought out people there who have stories of Sasquatch encounters Most of them are simply stories of hearing them yell or seeing the footprints or being terrorized by them in the middle of the night, even though they didn t actually see them But he found a few who did see them, and were willing to share their stories.So if I m not really that interested in Bigfoot, why would I read this Well, the cover is really beautiful And it s a really great title But mostly because my kids like stories like that although I m not sure they believe disbelieve either it s just kind of fun for them And they still want to plan a return camping trip to the California Redwoods just so we can stop at the Bigfoot museum in Santa Cruz that was closed last time And I guess it just sounded interesting to me Zada doesn t come up with any earthshaking conclusions He doesn t even really have a whole lot of stories What he does have is an interesting travelogue of his time among the First Peoples of BC in their remote towns and villages as he hunts stories And that actually turned out to be kind of interesting Maybe not quite 4 stars interesting, but close enough to round up And I seriously want to visit some of these small towns and out of the way places he went to And in the end, it was kind of a fun an interesting read.

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    Absolutely enthralling, well written, entertaining and thorough.I picked this up as a curiosity not my typical choice of read and read it straight through, grateful that it wasn t a simpering, new age quackery of a read Trust me when I say the author did a great job at presenting as objectively as possible on a topic such as this Initially, I had my doubts, given the topic itself, but was far too curious not to request this thank you, NetGalley My wife is from Vancouver Island and we live in Sasquatch territory here in far northern California, and footprints have been seen What we call the Sasquatch has existed in indigenous stories for thousands of years, here and in the unceded land many refer to as British Columbia Many of these stories are very similar one local tribe here says that back in the day, their ceremonies were not considered complete without an appearance I m not saying I fully believe just yet, but I m inspired to further thought by this well written telling of yet another quest to find the big guy.It most certainly doesn t solve the mystery what fun would that be Quite honestly, despite it all, I hope Bigfoot continues to evade this mess of a human race but if even if you ve never questioned the existence of Bigfoot, you ll enjoy a ride through some incredible territory and some very interesting parts of history and geography.

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    I was pleasantly surprised by how much I absolutely enjoyed reading this book Based on the fact that it was about searching for Sasquatch in the Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia one of the most fascinating ecosystems in the world to me I already knew this book was up my alley, but it was so much better than what I expected.In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond is about a journalist searching for signs of Sasquatch in one of the most ecologically rich forests on earth But this is so much than simply another Squatch hunt Zada excels at creating this beautiful narrative about this almost otherworldly place that exists on the edge of society, his empathy and respect for the Great Bear Rainforest and its denizens human, animal, plant, and cryptid shines through the story I was so compelled by this read that I realized I was reading it faster than I wanted to and ended up having to slow myself down Not only does Zada approach Sasquatch with hopeful rationality but he also adds an especially respectful and compelling account of the complex nature of what seeing Sasquatch or humanoid like creatures means for certain cultures, for humans in general, and occasionally for our emotional states I appreciated the way he balanced science and tradition He covers many different scientific views on Bigfoot, both skeptics and believers, while also taking the time to speak with local indigenous communities and finding out what Bigfoot traditionally meant to them as a culture Overall, I cannot recommend In the Valleys of the Noble Beyond enough for fellow cryptozoology enthusiasts, or even someone looking for well done nature writing

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    This journal attempts to discuss myth of Sasquatch Big foot, Yeti in British Columbia area by author Book is wide in its coverage and covers all aspects of history, present events and hotspots related to sasquatch encounters..It throws light on epic yeti researcher John Brindenagel and various books and testimonials about encounters with bigfoot.Book covers beauty of the great bear rainforest, koeye, hoodoovalley, kitasoo valley, oceanaa falls and solitude ridden wuiknuxv village.Author is unbiased and discusses various psychological baises which may lead to erroneous descriptions of encounters.Problems of global warming, oil spillage and reckless bear hunting is underlined and incidence showing author s encounter with bear is interestingPart describing his feelings when when fires gunshot for first time is very nice.Writing is engaging and enjoyable Description of natural beauty is awesome Interspersed quotes are very nice Authir has captured feelings of characters at various points in a expert manner..When author returns home after spending days in natural solace and beauty, he has clearer vision about meaning of life and futility of modern pacy life.Book is recommended as a scientific exploration of human longing to decipher mysteries even at personal risk.

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    Part travelogue and part mediation on travel, this is a sublime book that truly captures a unique place and explores in depth the reality of what we know about the Sasquatch and importantly what we know about the idea and meaning of such phenomena By far the best travel book of the summer of 2019.

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    Note Thank you to NetGalley, the Publisher, and author John Zada for allowing me to read an eARC of this novel in exchange for an honest review I ve been fascinated by Sasquatch and was thrilled to see an upcoming title pertaining to one of the great mysteries that continues to plague us Is Sasquatch real Whether you believe or don t believe in Sasquatch, you re familiar with the stories, famous sightings, and plenty of fun reality television shows that surround hunting for Sasquatch And as with many things, no proof doesn t mean that these creatures do not exist So I jumped right into this novel hoping to gain insight into Sasquatch Zada details his journeys across Canada, especially in First Nations locations where the Sasquatch who goes by many names in these areas has reportedly been seen By speaking with individuals and going on his own treks, Zada begins to realize how intricate the question is Sasquatch real really is He posits that either 1 the creature is indeed real and has not been categorically proven to the scientific community yet or 2 a lot of people are seeing similar things when they re basically having a bit of a mental breakdown in the isolated woods Could it be that people trick themselves into seeing Sasquatch because they want to see him her Or is there really something out there that maybe we just have not fully discovered yet I was in love with this book the moment I started reading I m a sucker for any novel that tries to explain the unexplained and this one was well written, had great information about Sasquatch, and used a lot of dialog from people who have seen things What I loved the most though Zada s discussion of indigenous peoples, their issues, and especially acknowledging that in order to research on their lands you should introduce yourself first As an Indigenous Studies scholar, I really appreciated that this information and some of the tensions Zada encountered made it into the book This shows this book is scholarly and not entirely pop culture not that there s anything wrong with either A really fun read, very compelling, and I would highly recommend this for those interested in Sasquatch.

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    I started this book with no real idea what it was about, was it fact, fiction, or hopeful supposition.What I found was beautiful descriptions of the Canadian wilderness and Pacific Northwest Zada did a good job with researching all form of the Sasquatch legend bringing in the Yeti, Abominable Snowman, forest devil, bush Indians, etc.I greatly enjoyed travelling through Canada in this book The scenery depicted was breathtaking, I only wish that there were photos to go along with the writing The well researched and reasoned facts about Sasquatch were fantastic to read through Zada did a good job of bringing in all types of witnesses, from back woods guides to Teddy Roosevelt and a local teacher, John Burns Adding in his own personal accounts and stories really helped the narrative as well I enjoyed that he did not come out and say that yes, there is such thing as Sasquatch instead he gives plenty of well reasoned examples and ideas that could lead people to believe Great book overall Thank you Netgalley and John Zada for the opportunity to read this ARC in exchange for a honest review.

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