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  1. Montzalee Wittmann Montzalee Wittmann says:

    Sleight of FantasySasha Urban Series Book 4By Dima Zales Anna ZairesNarrated by Emily DuranteI love this series This book has many things come together and it ends good and bad Sob Some of our loved characters don't make it and others will probably be involved Lots of action and new supernatural fun comes up Great interactions between characters great world building and that hint of romanceThe narration is terrific

  2. Melliane Melliane says:

    455Mon avis en FrançaisMy English reviewRoooh I had a hard time not getting into the next book as soon as I finish a volume of the Sasha Urban series Besides I succumbed and I’ve already ordered Volume 5 I see that it will soon no longer be possible to do this and I must admit that I am already sad about it But in the meantime I continue with great pleasureSasha is back at work and Nero is again her mentor The latter is determined to protect her as much as he can and it all starts with teaching her to fight And it’s not that easy But here’s the thing on top of that Sasha will try to understand her growing powers and what she can do with them And it must be said that she will discover things she didn’t expect And then there’s Baba Yaga and we finally know why she asked Nero for this contract and things get even complicatedI really had a great time again with our heroine The story she has with Nero is complex and yet I am still very curious to see how far things will go now This series is really pleasant to read with colorful characters and I loved seeing Kit and her eccentricity here as she is present Of course there are also all the other characters as well even though I’m uite sad by a direction of the storyIn any case and with that in mind I look forward to the next novel

  3. Lori S. Lori S. says:

    3 StarsThis one started really annoying me as it pushed further into that annoying mf trope of two people dancing around each other and not being able to think rationally because their hormones are all over the place Really do sexual folk in reality lose the ability to focus on important things when someone they find attractive regardless of orientation walks into the room? Sasha certainly does It was truly annoying to have to read and not all that enjoyable though I'm sure there are folks who do enjoy that sort of thing Bleh For me it just slowed an otherwise enjoyable story's pacing downIn this one a deal Sasha made with a witch known as Baba Yaga see Russian folklore in the first book comes due It's not what she's expecting but is definitely not something she finds palatable and refuses outright Baba Yaga's not amused to have such a promising payment slip away and starts taking her anger out on people who are close to Sasha in a variety of ways Though the old witch has a contract with Sasha's mentor Nero that promises no harm to either him or his mentee she's not above hurting others to get at what she wantsFor her part Sasha bothers me She under reacts to things her mentorbosstormentor does to get her to comply to his demands He wants her to focus on getting him stock tips which is fine but in order to do so he essentially puts her in a big metal cage with a countdown lock and punishes her for goofing off by doubling her work allotment 8 hour stretches Now if someone had done that to me cut me off from communications etc even with all the amenities Nero gives her a Jacuzzi full size kitchen and bath I would be crying foul I don't care how nice the cage is Yes she still doesn't really do the work he wants from her she takes full advantage of the kitchen and bath etc but it still bothered me that she isn't angry about such treatmentAll this is on top of her losing a dear friend and having other people in her life endangered by the witch and her colleagues I get shock taking it toll on emotional delay that I understand but the cage thing is immediate and annoying sigh I get that Nero as boss and mentor is trying to keep his 'ward' and employee safe I get it I do but I don't have to like how he's doing the protection thing Also the whole ambiguity of bossmentor employeementee attraction thing just drives me up the wall Why can't they just be friends? I really like the relationships Sasha has with her apartment mates Felix Ariel Those relationships are just wonderful in comparison

  4. Soo Soo says:

    NotesThe way Sasha is learning to use her powers entertains me My fav part was getting about her unknown history There are two books and I'm pretty sure that the plot lines will not be tied up by then But I could be wrong

  5. Vicki Vicki says:

    Sleight of Fantasy SoF is non stop entertainment from beginning to end and I love it Really the same thing could be said about the entire series this is the fourth book In SoF Sasha continues to learn about her powers and as usual finds herself the center of all kinds of dangerous happenings that have me reading as fast as I can to see what happens next All of our favorite characters are back for the adventure and the writing flows magically with drama humor and heart The slow burn romance continues to torment me oh so deliciously too These books do a masterful job at telling a full story arc while setting up anticipation for the next one book five can't come soon enough for me to see what Sasha and her friends get up to next

  6. Gabz Gabz says:

    Dunno how I'm feeling about this right now I was hoping for some growth of the relationship between Nero and Sasha but I couldn't say that I find their future relationship any plausible now than when I met him in the first book It was a busy book yet again but kind of annoying that Sasha never stops for long enough to think properly about what's happening And Nero's appearances are token than super necessary for the actual development arc

  7. Christy Christy says:

    35 stars

  8. Linzi Linzi says:

    This series really keeps getting better and better It's now moved itself into the 'interrupt whatever you're listening to' when the next one is released and so far it hasn't disappointedClever different and fun I'm loving it 😀

  9. Rachel..♦ Rachel..♦ says:

    I'm done I thought that at 20% 30% 40% etc I cannot believe I actually finished the book I'm not much for writing reviews but this book actively annoyed me There has been no growth in the story or the characters The authors doubled down of the format for the 3rd book for this 4th book All the stuff that didn't work in the 3rd book was that everything and the kitchen sink was thrown at the character and not enough character development or relationship development For the 4th book everything under the sink was thrown at the character as a vignette to messing with the protagonist in each chapter spoiler lite So just crazy thrown at the protagonist every chapter While the negative reactions of the protagonist may seem valid the fact that they didn't solve anything and just kept getting crazy thrown at her made me dislike Sasha and at every turn She never would stop and ask if how she is proceeding is getting her what she wanted or needed such as an explanation as to why she was a secret how to use her abilities and why everyone seems to want her dead Nope she just kept chugging along letting the bad happen to her No one would explain anything but they'd want her and she would explain all to them Which made her enter the TSTL category in that her father and Nero did everything to protect her and keep her a secret but then she'll blab to anyone There seems to be a huge disconnect thereThis so called seer doesn't see much And when she does she runs off all willy nilly into trouble without a plan because plans take away from 'girl always in trouble' element of the plot There is no trust building between anyone and then suddenly we the readers have to suddenly trust the creepy shapeshifter who keeps messing with everyone's relationships for their own amusementsselfish needs and is now on team Sasha The non seer mentorlove interest Nero is only there to blame make caveman decisions and pay for everything The seer mentorother love interest Darian is useless and says stuff like don't trust the other guy but I can't tell you why At first I thought for the first three books the issue was that they were still slowly world building because the Cognizants and their abilities was somewhat interesting The building of the seer ability seemed interesting at first but the whole headspace world just doesn't do anything but be a shinny pretty place of uselessness and oh yeah shapes other things that annoyed me Orientation Teacher who is always looking at his watch as though teaching newbies with dangerous powers about the rules their powers and the universe at large as though its a waste of everyone's time He is about as effective as someone saying in the pantry there are yummy sugar cookies some laced with poison don't eat them gotta goLame teenage werewolves who want to murder classmates because hey what the hell and they have the timeless reason where they dislike of those who are differentThe evil witch from the 3rd book never learned her lesson and is back for troubleIron Clad Contracts with gaping loopholesAmbitious bad guy goals where instead of earning them through hard work and trust or doing the right thing kill to get their needs met right awayBlah I've had enough

  10. Latasha Grooms Latasha Grooms says:

    Love the action but sad at the same timeI recommend this book to anyone 16 and over As it's not a lot of bad words or blatant sex scenes or anything of the such What can I say The action in this book really heats up I'm just sad that it's at the lost of a certain life and all the crazy blood filled drama that ensues Sasha has some pretty high ranking friends AND high ranking enemies Nero is hot and darkly hilarious at the same time and also very serious I think I figured out what he is based on Sasha's comments about his hand and the little uip that Bailey calls him I'm glad Ariel is FINALLY getting her stupid act together If only Sasha would Once again Sasha with her Oh So inuisitive mind and the need to be a little sarcastic smart ass plus self interest as she herself says leads to things spiraling out of control While trying to flex her muscles and prove she has eual control in a situation she misses out on a prophecy that could have been life saving Instead of listening to the advice that people give her to try out she does things her own way that could end up costing someone their lives It drives me insane and makes me wanna slap her around And you know it's bad when the Author Themselves makes fun ofalludes to it in the book But continues to have her act in Such an idiotic puffed up manner IF Sasha intends to go on this next idiotic journey and she will because she's sasha she better damn well learn Russian or have Felix make her an auto in ear translator and beef up her fighting skills I can see her being initially mad at her Father for abandoning her but when you think about who he is and the legacy of his history even a dummy can realize that He did it for her safety And when she read The contract it pretty much says that it's for her safety as does the memory she encounters So when she continues to rant about him abandoning her I wanna choke her and I definitely wanted to hit her earlier in the book for accusing someone else of abandoning her although their departure is through Monday it of their own yet she doesn't accuse ArielSadly I was right about my guess about one of the characters in the last book but am Very happy at the 'rewards' they got Now that my rant is over I fully intend to go read the next part of the series because I definitely want to see how this ends Hopefully the dirty person in this book who worked with a person in the previous book doesn't make the previous person dirty as well

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Sleight of Fantasy ➩ [Ebook] ➤ Sleight of Fantasy By Dima Zales ➵ – My deal with Nero and my growing powers are supposed to keep me and my loved ones safe—yet the unthinkable happens When lines are crossed and blood is spilled nothing will ever be the same again My deal with Nero and my growing powers are supposed to keep me and my loved ones safe—yet the unthinkable happens When lines are crossed and blood is spilled nothing will ever be the same again.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 344 pages
  • Sleight of Fantasy
  • Dima Zales
  • English
  • 22 January 2016

About the Author: Dima Zales

Dima Zales is a full time science fiction and fantasy author residing in Palm Coast Florida Prior to becoming a writer he worked in the software development industry in New York as both a programmer and an executive From high freuency trading software for big banks to mobile apps for popular magazines Dima has done it all In he left the software industry in order to concentrate on his.