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Tidelands (Fairmile #1) 1 New York Times Bestselling Author Philippa Gregory Begins A Sweeping New Series With The Story Of A Poor, Uneducated Midwife Named Alinor Who Is Tempted By A Forbidden Love Affair But All Too Aware Of The Dangers Awaiting A Woman Who Dares To Step Out Of The Place Society Carved For Her.

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    3.5 stars rounded up.It s a hard life for Alinor and her children who live on Sealsea Island, off the south coast of England, the tidelands neither sea nor shore She s a healer who grows herbs for medicine, delivers babies and works at times for the well off residents as does her thirteen year old daughter and son Her husband is missing, yet in 1648, a woman is defined by her husband and she is not a widow nor a wife , so when good fortune comes to her son, there are innuendos that she conjures up healing with than the herbs she mixes or worse with curses This grueling life they live sees no relief until she meets a young priest, and assists him through the mire to finding the place of safety he is seeking The meeting not only changes her son s life, but Alinor s as well in ways she never imagined Her daughter s desire to change her fate of the poor life they ve lived causes than innuendo of witchcraft for Alinor The first part of the story was slow moving with just way too much detail about her daily work routines and it felt repetitive at times But then the story came to life as I ve come to expect from Phillipa Gregory and I became quite engaged While this is different from the other Gregory books I ve read in that the main characters here are not the royals we are used to, the political circumstances are part of the story, the English Civil War and she depicts the history as well as she usually does with her research reflected here While I felt bogged down at first, the ending was than enough to keep me wondering what will happen to Alinor, and I ll be eagerly waiting the second book in the series A captivating story once things got moving so I ll round up to 4 stars ARC was provided by Atria via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.

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    4.5 stars I have started making my way through Philippa Gregory s fabulous books, and I was so excited to read her newest series and novel, Tidelands.In this story, the reader is taken to 1648 England, in the midst of the Civil War between King and Parliament.I loved the research that went into this book, and I m always amazed at Gregory s storytelling talent to retell history I ve always been a fan of historical fiction, and can only imagine what life for a woman would have been like during the 1640 s Thank you to Atria books for this complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own.

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    I always look forward to a Philippa Gregory book and this was no exception It was a slow read for me until the exciting finish but it is the first book of the series and I think Gregory spent a lot of time laying the groundwork She envisions a long series like the The Forsythe Saga so she wanted a good foundation Set in 1648 during the English Civil War, Alinor is a poor woman, and I do mean poor, who is raising her two children after her fisherman husband sailed out one day and never returned She is in limbo not knowing if her husband is dead or alive She is a midwife and sells herbs walking a thin line of not being considered a witch Her daughter, Alys, has her eye set on marrying the son of a local farmer who owns his own land One night Alinor meets James who is going to work for the local Lord He is full of dangerous secrets including being a spy for King Charles I who is imprisoned by the Parliament He secures a position for her son, Rob, as a companion for the Lord s son The change in fortune brings out the gossips in town and the whispers of witch float around As events bring about the wedding of Alys, climatic revelations bring major changes and confrontations for the family It s a cliff hanger ending nicely setting up Book 2 The history of the times is quite interesting and well researched and I can t wait to see what happens to Alinor next.

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    I ve not read any Philippa Gregory before Not because of any great aversion to her or her stories, but I guess I get caught up in all the sci fi and action filled kind of stories coming out, and have yet to get around to reading her though I had seen at least one of the movies based on her books, and I own several of her books.But there are a few things I m totally obsessed with and will pick up pretty much any book with these themes and give it a chance This one seems to take place during the time of witch hunts, and alludes to the main character being suspected of possessing dark secrets in superstitious times , so I m in, and will be giving it a shot And, being by Philippa Gregory, I m sure it will be well done and I ll enjoy it The other things, if anyone is interested, are clones, bog bodies, spontaneous human combustion, time travel, space travel, robots, cults, and cryo sleep.

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    Tidelands by Philippa Gregory is my most anticipated new release for 2019 and I was excited to get my hands on it Set in England 1648, this is a brand new series from one of my favourite historical fiction authors.In this new series, Philippa Gregory is going to be tracing generations of the same family through their lives beginning in 17th century England, and following them all the way to Europe and the United States Spanning than two centuries, this series will show how regular, everyday women shape history Hell yes Called the Fairmile series, it all starts with Tidelands.Alinor lives in poverty with her two children, having seemingly been abandoned by her abusive fisherman husband Struggling to scratch together a living, Alinor is a midwife and uses her skills with herbs to heal the sick and injured in her district She also works at the nearby mill with her daughter, and earns money where she can.Alinor describes how she makes a living on page 27 I m a midwife I used to have my licence, when the bishop was in his palace and could grant a licence before he was thrown out and ran away I can draw a tooth and set a bone, cut out a sore and heal an ulcer, but I do nothing else I am a healer and a finder of lost things Descended from generations of wise women, Alinor is constantly treading a fine line between healing and helping and being accused of witchcraft by locals who love to gossip With her husband missing feared drowned, Alinor is in the unenviable position of being neither a widow nor a wife and is forced to take counsel from her brother.Set against the backdrop of English Civil War between the Royalists and the Parliamentarians, news of these political issues is slow to reach the mire Alinor s fortunes begin to change when she aids a young gentleman in hiding even though she suspects he is working to save the King Meanwhile, Alinor s daughter falls in love with a wealthy farmer s son and they long to be together despite Alinor having no means to raise a dowry.The concept of class and station is a prominent theme in Tidelands, making it seemingly impossible for Alinor or her daughter to marry for love The lack of rights for women was not a shock, but was still hard to read and the obvious difference between those in poverty and those from wealthy families was clearly apparent I found this excerpt from the character of James the young Royalist on page 189 most revealing He shivered with distaste He felt that he could not bear the ugliness of these people s lives on the very edge of the shore, with their loves and hates ebbing and flowing like a muddy tide, with their anger roaring like the water in the millrace, with their hatreds and fears as treacherous as the hushing well James s shudder told him that he wanted nothing to do with any of them He wished himself back with his own people, where cruelty was secret, violence was hidden, and good manners important than crime I largely came to love Philippa Gregory s writing via her Plantagenet and Tudor novels however she has left the Tudor courts and the wars of the roses behind Whilst I enjoy reading about monarchs and famous women from history, Gregory is equally able to convincingly write about the everyday lives of regular people in England at the time Fishermen, farmers, and millers populate the cast of characters in Tidelands and I thoroughly enjoyed learning about the rhythms of their lives and how they eked out a meagre wage I was also inspired by just how hard Alinor and her daughter work to save for her dowry and their hardships reminded me how fortunate I am.There was plenty of foreshadowing going on in the novel though and I just knew something was going to go terribly wrong Feelings of foreboding permeated the writing and it was almost a relief when events started to take a turn for the worse.Knowing this was the first of a series I felt Tidelands had a very fitting ending It wasn t a cliffhanger but a clear separation preparing the reader for a future direction I m definitely eager to follow the Fairmile series and find out what happens next Tidelands is recommended for readers of historical fiction and fans of Ken Follett will enjoy the beginnings of this generational family saga rooted in English history Copy courtesy of Simon Schuster

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    4.5 Wheww, can I just say As a woman, I m so glad I was born in this age and not the 17th century Because holy doo doowe think being a woman is hard today It ain t nothin comparatively speaking Anyway, other than this new appreciation I have for the time I live in, I also thoroughly enjoyed the history lesson I received from Tidelands It s set in what was an incredibly tumultuous time for England The mid 1600s during the English Civil War, when King Charles I parliament were fighting each other Not only that, but ever since Henry VIII s religious reformation over a century before, the succeeding monarchs had bounced back and forth between Catholicism and Protestantism So, neighbors were spying on and or hiding beliefs from neighbors, the upper class and lower classes were worlds apart all in all, it wasn t a very open or happy time This novel is the first in a series that is apparently going to follow a family over generations as it goes from rags to riches This is the rags part for sure and set the foundation for the rest of the series Alinor, a midwife whose abusive, drunkard husband has left her and her two children, taking all her savings with him which of course is legal because he is the man, so no matter he didn t earn it, it s still hisGRRR This story follows her as she tries to survive as the most impoverished woman on her island one who can call herself neither wife nor widow, which is worse than either I really do have a new appreciation for the women whose shoulders I now stand on and what they went through to get us to where we are today Back in those days, superstition and paranoia ran deep rampant Women had absolutely no rights and were treated like baby factories who were there to take care of the men While not a fun, happy read this is an incredibly informative captivating start to what is sure to be a fascinating series that I look forward to continuing I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway.

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    Set against the English Civil War, between Parliamentarians and Royalists over the governance The Isle of Wight, 1648 The king is imprisoned and rebellious parliament is in power.Sussex, 1648 Alinor, living on the tidelands of the Saxon shore, is 27 and already very weary Now, a widow of the missing fisherman and abusive husband Her path crosses with a priest in hiding James believes in the old religion and in restoring king to its rightful place Alinor helps him to pass the treacherous marsh.The vivid portrayal of tidelands makes the beginning of the story very engrossing Only the people of the SeaIsea Island know how to tread its waters and tides to avoid getting a foot caught by a quick mud and body snatched by waters.As the story progresses, there is a suspension of wanting to know where the story goes and what happens between Alinor and James, but the progression of the story is very slow After a while it catches with you that the story is going hardly anywhere and the front action is Alinor s feelings for James and vice versa There are some small twists, but it is not enough to make it an engaging read.From the beginning, Alinor s daughter notices a difference in Alinor, her look after meeting James or her looking like she is listening for something Jame s footsteps The daughter inherits the vision from mother, and I understand her abilities, but maybe the presentation of it didn t make it believable.Also, some accusations of Alinor having her kids with a faerie lord I understand some old time believes, but this was another thing that was questionable in this story.I enjoyed the part with Alinor s son, who advances from doing menial outdoor work to a meaningful indoor position, thanks to James He is also good with recognizing herbs and knowing their use, which he inherits after his mom Alinor, midwife and herbalist, comes from a long line of wise women And that shows a promising future for him But his quick advance makes some people suspicious and scheming Nevertheless, for such long story, the plot could be better developed, with conceivable effects and less mystery of unearthly things I ve been a huge fan of Philippa Gregory, but at some point I broke away from her books as her concentration is in English court and I wanted to expend my horizons I was glad to see something different written by her, but this is not her best book FB BestHistoricalFiction

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    This novel is set in the tidelands of Sussex in 1648 and 1649, the years during which any hope of Charles I s return to power were smashed for good But here we focus on his poorer subjects, those he led to war and those who fought against him, and you can feel the tidelands around you This is historical scene and place setting at their most vivid It s utterly compelling and bewitching I did find that the conclusion was rather rushed and conventional but the way in which we reach it is exemplary Review to follow shortly on For Winter Nights.

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    I received a temporary digital Advance Reader Copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do Midsummer s Eve, 1648, England is in the grip of a civil war between renegade king and rebellious parliament The struggle reaches every corner of the kingdom, even the remote tidelands the marshy landscape of the south coast.Alinor, a descendant of wise women, trapped in poverty and superstition, waits in the graveyard under the full moon for a ghost who will declare her free from her abusive husband Instead, she meets James, a young man on the run, and shows him the secret ways across the treacherous marsh, not knowing that she is leading disaster into the heart of her life.Suspected of possessing dark secrets in superstitious times, Alinor s ambition and determination mark her out from her neighbours This is the time of witch mania, and Alinor, a woman without a husband, skilled with herbs, suddenly enriched, arouses envy in her rivals and fear among the villagers, who are ready to take lethal action into their own hands.It is dangerous for a woman to be different.Philippa Gregory is THE MASTER MISTRESS OF HISTORICAL FICTION I have inhaled every book she has written and it was a delight to read about the time of the reign of Charles I w Charles II on tap Her expert research and ability to tell a tale draws you in from page one to last and makes you want a sequel to read NOW Her characters are fascinating and I loved the combination of spookiness and suspicious people if you are looking for a book to spend the end of August with on the porch with a glass of sweet tea this is it Unless, of course, you want a fine Britsh Ale instead BTW, If you have not read any of Miss Gregory s books yet, this is a great starter as you will then read all of her series of historical novels as they are all awesome Still not sure watch The White Queen as Rebecca Ferguson is amazing in it you will be hooked on the mini series from show one As always, I try to find a reason to not rate with stars as I love emojis outside of their incessant use by Social Influencer Millennials on Instagram and Twitter so let s give it

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    An engaging historical novel set during the Civil War, in a divided England, as Alinor, a young woman whose husband has left her with their two children, meets a cavalier royalist priest on the tideland of the south coast Alinor is suspected of being a witch by some of her neighbours, due to her expertise at herbal remedies and as a midwife, and the fact that she s very attractive and her abusive husband has disappeared When she helps Father James she knows she s playing with fire as most of her small community, including her brother Ned, are staunch parliamentarians I enjoyed this novel, the characters were well developed and the love story was interesting, particularly as the setting chimes with today Looking forward to the next instalment

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