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Im Not Dying with You Tonight Lena And Campbell Aren T FriendsLena Has Her Killer Style, Her Awesome Boyfriend, And A Plan She Knows She S Going To Make It Big Campbell, On The Other Hand, Is Just Trying To Keep Her Head Down And Get Through The Year At Her New SchoolWhen Both Girls Attend The Friday Night Football Game, What Neither Expects Is For Everything To Descend Into Sudden Mass Chaos Chaos Born From Violence And Hate Chaos That Unexpectedly Throws Them TogetherThey Aren T Friends They Hardly Understand The Other S Point Of View But None Of That Matters When The City Is Up In Flames, And They Only Have Each Other To Rely On If They Re Going To Survive The Night

  • Hardcover
  • 249 pages
  • Im Not Dying with You Tonight
  • Kimberly Jones
  • English
  • 22 January 2017
  • 9781492678892

About the Author: Kimberly Jones

Kimberly Jones is a former bookseller, and now she Hosts the Atlanta Chapter of the popular Well Read Black Girl book club, as well as the infamous, viral sensation the YA Truth or Dare author panel at the Decatur Book Festival She has worked in film and television with trailblazing figures such as Tyler Perry, Whitney Houston, and 8Ball MJG Currently, in addition to writing YA novels, she

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    Thanks to Netgalley and Sourcebooks Fire for a digital galley in exchange for an honest review. A YA novel that follows two high school students Lena and Campbell, over the course of one night where a high school football game sets off chaos all over their community It reminded me of The Hate U Give in terms of characterization and discussion of relevant topics, but its ending lacked a bit of finality I felt of an interest in Lena s story, but struggled for the first little bit to get into the groove with Campbell Lots of action and the chapters are short and storyline fast paced, and I enjoyed two authors tackling diverse topics I do believe that this is going to catch the attention of my students.Goodreads Review 24 07 19Expected Publication 06 08 19

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    Even though I have some mixed feelings about the book, I m still glad I read it I do think it s a book worth reading if you enjoy YA fiction It s one of those reads in which even though I had problems with it, I feel this compelling need to talk about the story I think it would make a good book club selection as there s lots of interesting things to discuss here.When a massive fight breaks up at a high school football game, two teenagers are thrust into a situation in which it s probably best if they work together in order to survive Lena is cool and confident and is obsessed with her boyfriend, Black yup, that s his name Campbell has just moved to town to live with her father after her mother takes a job in a different country The story alternates between the two girls over the course of a night in which danger is around every corner and they better figure out how to get to safety.So there s definitely a lot of action in this one which I guess you could say was both a positive and negative thing The fast pace made this a quick read but I think that also led to underdeveloped characters, especially Lena, and moments that could have been expanded upon instead of glossed over I don t think the story reached its potential is probably the best way of putting it I m also conflicted about the ending I m okay with leaving some things up to the reader s imagination but in this case it feels so abrupt and not an entirely satisfying way to end a book To sum it up, a decent YA read but I wanted from the story A good effort but it doesn t quite hit the mark as well some other fiction books dealing with the same themes and topics Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for providing me with an advance digital copy in exchange for an honest review

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    4 STARS One of the best things about I m Not Dying With You Tonight is that it was written by two women One black American and one white American That fact alone gives this book a very unique ability to focus on what not only divides us, but what brings us together.Campbell, who is white, starts her senior year of high school in a predominantly black school after attending a school with only a handful of black students She s so sweet I just wanted to pick her up and put her in my pocket Cute little thing Lena, who is black, has spent her years in an area where the majority of her community is black.Both Lena and Campbell live in their own world, like most teenager, unable to truly understand how the other half lives.The beauty is, Campbell and Lena now have to rely on each other This bout the longest amount of time you ever spent with a black girl, right No I ain t judgin Not like I hang around with no white people I was curious is all Yah, I guess so There weren t that many African American kids at my old school, and they mostly hung around each other Lena and Campbell Click below to READ MOREHERE It gets better Trust me Remember to follow all things messy

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    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review 3.5 5 StarsFull review HEREThis book tells the story of Campbell and Lena and how they became allies in a time of need The two girls don t really know each other but when a big fight suddenly breaks out at the concession stand where Campbell was working they decide to stick together and try to escape After someone gets shot the fight escalates to the close by neighborhoods and it becomes an actual riot, leaving the girls to fend for themselves and try to make it home The story is very fast paced and it all happens in a few hours of the night in question Lena is an African American girl who can definitely speak her mind and I admired the fact that she put Lena in her place when she said something racist Lena is a white girl and a newcomer at school I think this experience definitely made her realize some important things and brought her closer to Lena In order to have a clear difference on the page the authors thought to give the girls two different voices I m all for that, I like understanding who I m reading about because of a unique characteristic but I think that in this case it was all done in poor taste Lena speaks with bad grammar and to me it truly felt like an unnecessary stereotype that should totally have been avoided.The aspect I appreciated the most in this novel was the realistic description of racial tension and how it was then developed I think the authors did a good job in explaining what was going on and why we got to that point Something that annoyed me throughout the whole book was view spoiler the fact that Lena necessarily wanted to get to her boyfriend Black It just felt very out of character for her She was presented to us as this badass girl who can be independent and then they have her running around the whole town just to get to a boyfriend that doesn t even bother to answer her calls The ending left a lot to the imagination and was resolved too quickly We re just told that Marcus is in the hospital and that Lena got home safe, and that s it We don t know anything about what happens next in the riot, in the town in general and especially between the two main characters I would have liked to know , maybe with an epilogue or something hide spoiler

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    This is a powerful little novel, taking place over the course of a few hours A fight breaks out during halftime of a high school football game and Lena African American and Campbell Caucasian find themselves together trying to escape As tensions rise throughout the city they end up in another part of town where a social justice protest turns violent and then into a full fledged riot It s wild and chaotic and while I was annoyed by some of Lena s and Campbell s choices, who s to say I wouldn t have made similar ones at 17 if I was in their shoes I m Not Dying With You Tonight brings racial tension and discord to the forefront and makes you take a hard look at current events and possibly even your own prejudices At times it felt a little uncomfortable, but I think that s the point In the end Lena and Campbell are survive the night but are left with questions than answers as seems to often be the case in these situations I think this books will serve well as a discussion opener among teens and adults alike I received an advanced copy through Netgalley in return for an honest review.

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    Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of I M NOT DYING WITH YOU TONIGHT by Kimberly Jones and Gilly Segal in exchange for my honest review Two classmates, one black, the other white are caught up in a football game fight that turns into a riot.I m a middle aged Caucasian woman and while not the target audience for I M NOT DYING WITH YOU TONIGHT, I enjoyed this profound story Initially, Lena s raw, authentic voice was difficult for me to understand but after a few chapters, the rhythm flowed smoothly.Lena was the layered, multifaceted character, but I identified with Campbell, who was completely out of her element Jones and Segal brilliantly showed the differences in points of view between the girls, assumptions they made about each other based on race and how each grew as they fought together to stay safe.Before Trayvon Martin was murdered, I, like Campbell, never understood my white privilege I made assumptions from my own experiences rather than empathizing with those who had other frames of reference The BlackLivesMatter movement taught me much of what Campbell learned from Lena Lena also learned from her white counterparts, though her learning curve was much less steep.The end left me wanting What would happen Monday at school Would they become friends after gaining the respect of each other How would the community be changed I would LOVE a sequel, but I think the writers wanted to leave us wondering.

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    Lena and Campbell are two high school students They don t know each other In fact, they have very little in common, other than the fact they are both young and come from the same city One Friday night, a fight after a high school football game escalates into violence What starts as an exchange of angry words at a concession stand grows into a dangerous violence in the crowd at the game and then area neighborhoods The two girls find themselves having to work together to make it home safely This story is fast paced and the perspective alternates between the two girls I had a hard time getting into the characters at first I think it might have been because as I would just start getting into one girl s story, the chapter would end and it would switch to the other girl But as the story ramped up, I found myself pulled inand it didn t matter whose perspective it was.I wanted to know what was happening Emergency situations can bring together people who would not normally mesh.and also uncover the true nature of people we thought were familiar I enjoyed the story and the points this YA book strives to bring home At the end, I found myself wanting to know what happens next The ending was realistic and leaves the reader to thinkimaginehope I hope that the events depicted in the book would lead the characters to change their lives, their opinions and their judgments of others I wish our world was about love and respect instead of hate and judgment In the end, I left the story hoping at least the two main characters formed a bond and learned life lessons they won t forget.Very moving story I enjoyed it The fast pace glossed over a few things I wish had been fully developed..but, I understand why the action was fast The situation the girls were in left no time for thinking about things.they had to pull together to get home The writing style and development perfectly fit the plot I d definitely be interested in reading from these two writers I voluntarily read an advanced readers copy of this book from Sourcebooks Fire via NetGalley All opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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    I read an ARC of this that I picked up at ALA This is an important story about how two very different girls come together to survive through riots across their town It is a story about the differences in race and how each girl reacts differently to the terrifying situations because of their race I thought this was insightful while still being action packed and fun at times, despite mostly being a dark story You can tell two different author s wrote this, because the voices are distinctly different I will say, it took me out of the story to switch between the two I also felt like the characters were so over the top cliches at times, that they didn t feel completely real Those being my only issues with the story, it was a great read and an important one that I feel everyone should give a try.

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    This will almost certainly be the next major YA book in a line of massively important conversation starters Think The Hate U Give, This is Where it Ends, or Long Way Down It shines a light for readers on two high schoolers who come from wildly different backgrounds and forces them to work together in order to survive The characters are vulnerable and scared and, at times, selfish and self centered but this all comes together to create realistic depictions of teenagers Told through each of their points of view that alternates chapter by chapter, the prose never lets you get comfortable in your reading, which only helps create a jarring experience that mirrors what Lena and Campbell are going through This book should and will spark important conversations in classrooms and homes around the country It needs to be discussed and it needs to be read.

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