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How the Brain Lost Its Mind A Noted Neurologist Challenges The Widespread Misunderstanding Of Brain Disease And Mental Illness How The Brain Lost Its Mind Tells The Rich And Compelling Story Of Two Confounding Ailments, Syphilis And Hysteria, And The Extraordinary Efforts To Confront Their Effects On Mental Life How Does The Mind Work Where Does Madness Lie, In The Brain Or In The Mind How Should It Be Treated Throughout The Nineteenth Century, Syphilis A Disease Of Mad Poets, Musicians, And Artists Swept Through The Highest And Lowest Rungs Of European Society Like A Plague Known As The Great Imitator, It Could Produce Almost Any Form Of Mental Or Physical Illness, And It Would Bring Down A Host Of Famous And Infamous Characters Among Them Guy De Maupassant, Vincent Van Gogh, The Marquis De Sade, Friedrich Nietzsche, And Al Capone It Was The First Truly Psychiatric Disease And It Filled Asylums To Overflowing At The Same Time, An Outbreak Of Bizarre Behaviors Resembling Epilepsy, But With No Identifiable Source In The Body, Strained The Diagnostic Skills Of The Great Neurologists It Was Referred To As HysteriaFor Than A Century, Neurosyphilis Stood Out As The Archetype Of A Brain Based Mental Illness, Fully Understood But Largely Forgotten, And Today Far From Gone Hysteria, Under Many Different Names, Remains Unexplained And Epidemic These Two Conditions Stand At Opposite Poles Of The Current Debate Over The Role Of The Brain In Mental Illness Hysteria Led Freud To Insert Sex Into Psychology Neurosyphilis Led To The Proliferation Of Mental Institutions The Problem Of Managing The Inmates Led To The Abuse Of Lobotomy And Electroshock Therapy, And Ultimately The Overuse Of Psychotropic DrugsToday We Know That Syphilitic Madness Was A Destructive Disease Of The Brain While Hysteria And, Broadly, Many Varieties Of Mental Illness Reside Solely In The Mind Or Do They Afflictions Once Written Off As Hysterical Continue To Elude Explanation Addiction, Alcoholism, Autism, ADHD, Tourette Syndrome, Depression, And Sociopathy, Though Regarded As Brain Based, Have Not Been Proven To Be SoIn These Pages, The Authors Raise A Host Of Philosophical And Practical Questions What Is The Difference Between A Sick Mind And A Sick Brain If We Understood Everything About The Brain, Would We Understand Ourselves By Delving Into An Overlooked History, This Book Shows How Neuroscience And Brain Scans Alone Cannot Account For A Robust Mental Life, Or A Deeply Disturbed One

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    I won this copy on good reads first reads Thank You By reading this book I learned so much about hysteria and Mental Illness, a lot of it I knew nothing about I found myself talking about my new found knowledge to all of my co workers and my husband Having a daughter that has been diagnosed as bipolar with schizophrenic tendencies it helped me see a different side of things I have read this book twice now and I am still finding new information The brain is such a mysterious thing.This is a must read for anyone interested in the science of the brain.

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    This was fascinating and very readable I found myself relating my new found knowledge to all of my friends This is a must for anyone interested in the science of the brain be it psychiatric or neurology.

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    A fascinating, informative narrative of a history about which i knew nothing and could not have conceiced of.

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    A very interesting read

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