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Everything You Are ❴Reading❵ ➷ Everything You Are Author Kerry Anne King – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk From the bestselling author of Whisper Me This comes a haunting and lyrical novel about the promises we make and the forgiveness we need when we break them One tragic twist of fate destroyed Braden He From the bestselling author of Whisper Me This comes a haunting and lyrical novel about the promises we make and the forgiveness we need when we break them One tragic twist of fate destroyed Braden Healey’s hands his musical career and his family Now unable to play adrift in an alcoholic daze and with only fragmented memories of his past Braden wants desperately to escape the darkness of the last eleven yearsWhen his ex wife and son are killed in a car accident Braden returns home hoping to forge a relationship with Everything You PDF or his troubled seventeen year old daughter Allie But how can he hope to rescue her from the curse that seems to shadow his familyOphelia “Phee” MacPhee granddaughter of the eccentric old man who sold Braden his cello believes the curse is real She swore an oath to her dying grandfather that she would ensure Braden plays the cello as long as he lives But he can’t play and as the shadows deepen and Phee finds herself falling for Braden she’ll do anything to save him It will take a miracle of forgiveness and love to bring all three of them back to the healing power of music.

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  1. Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader says:

    Braden Healey is a musician and when his hands are severely injured he loses not only his career but also his family as he turns to alcohol Tragedy strikes Braden again when his ex wife and son are killed in a car accident His daughter Allie is seventeen and Braden returns home to care for her He also wants to protect Allie and keep her safe considering all he’s lost He thinks the family may be cursed “Phee” MacPhee is the granddaughter of the man who sold Braden a cello and she also believes the curse is real Phee promised her grandfather that Braden would continue to play the cello but clearly he cannot play In the process Phee falls in love with Braden I really felt for Braden and all he had lost His character was written with care and sincerity The writing is beautiful and tender pulling on all my emotions The author does a wonderful job bringing in themes of alcoholism grief and loss as well as all the emotions that come along with these issues in a family I also loved the part music played in this story It really added interest for meOverall Everything You Are is a beautifully told story of utter despair versus hope forgiveness and redemption I recommend it for those who enjoy powerful reads I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my ownMy reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom

  2. Berit☀️✨ Berit☀️✨ says:

    Kerry Anne King has written a beautiful story bursting with music and hope A tale ofForgiveness Second chances and redemption Braden was a celebrated cello player until a terrible accident injured his hands leading into a life of despair sorrow and alcohol 11 years have passed and another tragic accident as impacted the family his ex wife and son have been killed Now Braden must return home and repair his relationship with his estranged daughter Allie Phee McPhee got to love that name is the granddaughter of the man who built Braden’s cello It is her responsibility to bring music back into this fractured families life before the curse destroys it forever Sometimes a story has such a personal connection that it is hard to separate your own life from it My kids dad my ex is an alcoholic and has not been part of their lives for many years Watching the impact this has had on the most important people in my life is heartbreaking To Watch your kids feel as though their dad has chosen alcohol or himself over them is so hard In all honesty I don’t think it is a relationship that would be as easily repaired as it was in this book I think it would take years and years Now in this book Braden had some extenuating circumstances Usually in books I have a very hard time sympathizing with the addict but in this book I really did feel for Braden and his situation Although I think his road to sobriety was a little oversimplified in the story I liked the support group that Braden and Phee were part of it seemed like a positive environment I also really like the sweet subtle romance in the book The music and a little hint of magic really added so much beauty to this story A complicated tale that really hit me in the heartThe book in three emojis 🎼 💔 🙏🏻

  3. Holly Holly says:

    Everything You Are is both a heartwarming and heartbreaking story that is an enjoyable read It is about a cello a magical cello that tears a family apart and ultimately brings it back together It is well written and includes important themes like addiction and suicide plus forgiveness love redemption family and hopeBraden Healey is an accomplished cellist who after an unfortunate accident can no longer make music He is convinced he is cursed Divorced from his wife and kept from his children he has succumbed to a life of alcoholism and has given up all hope But after his ex wife and son are killed in a tragic car accident he is left with no choice but to return in order to raise his 17 year old daughter Allie and protect her from the curseEven though he is an alcoholic Braden has other redeeming characteristics that makes him a sympathetic character He is trying to make amends with his daughter but she rejects his efforts at every turn While desperate to remain sober he feels pulled to drink again and again Braden is a broken person forced into a situation that will cause him to rise to the role of Father despite setbacks along the way or fail miserably and lose his daughter Braden does the math the number of days from Monday to Thursday divided by the distance between him and the drink he just poured multiplied by the enormity of his failure and loss All the calculations come out to the same answer he is a miserable excuse for a human being Braden needs a wall to lean on He needs to be nicely inebriated lubricated sloshed to protect him from his daughter’s venom and the overpowering presence of the cello He needs it so bad he can taste the wine in his mouth warming his throat creating a shield between him and his emotionsAt the urging of a friend Braden joins what appears to be a novel approach to deal with alcoholism in contrast to AA Alcoholics Anonymous It is called Adventure Angels and is a different kind of support group Instead of what is considered to be AA’s themes of guilt shame and powerlessness Adventure Angels treat each day like an adventure and try to bring a positive experience to someone else perhaps through an altruistic act If the member suffers a setback they inform the group who then decides on an adventure for them Some might say this approach reinforces their bad behavior but Adventure Angels consider it a celebration of an individual’s return to sobrietyThe cello plays a predominant role in the story This musical instrument is the one thing that Braden and Allie have in common He paid for music lessons so that she could learn to play the cello but like her father she has given it Braden and Allie hear it playing music at times and also feel a magnetic pull toward it The magical realism element adds another layer and for me greatly enhanced the story But the power of music truly has the power to heal In all of the years since he walked away from his music his home and his family the cello has followed him into his dreams inhabited all of his waking moments A phrase of music here a sensation of strings beneath his fingers there a phantom bow in his hand when he’s drowning his memories in a bar Maybe he and Allie still have a chance Maybe they can connect over the music If he could teach her it would be almost like playing himselfThank you to Lake Union Publishing and NetGalley for an advanced reader Opt in exchange for my honest opinion

  4. Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader Mary Jackson _TheMaryReader says:

    Phee or the cello not sure which you are going to love The characters are so realThis book just warmed me so much but I LOVE music as much as I love booksMusic love and forgiveness all make this book such a highly recommended read I will say this about the book once you start reading you are not going to want to put it down so make sure that you don't have any plansgrab your copy of this 4 star readThe Mary Reader received this book from the publisher for review A favorable review was not reuired and all views expressed are our own

  5. Ninoska Goris Ninoska Goris says:

    This book is not so bad but not so good either I took a long time to finish it because I just couldn't connect with the characters nor with the story Braden Healey talented cellist who due to an accident of which he does not remember much and in which his brother in law died is forced to stop playing the cello This brings him family problems he becomes an alcoholic and is forced to leave his familyOphelia MacPhee Phee luthier Not only did she inherit from his grandfather the violin and cello shop workshop she also commissioned the special cases including the Braden cello These cases have an oath according to which they cannot stop playing the instruments or a curse will fall that will affect not only the one who swore but also on their family And Braden has 11 eyes that he doesn't play The end felt rushed and very convenient for all the characters Este libro no es tan malo pero tampoco tan bueno Duré mucho para terminarlo porue simplemente no pude conectar con los personajes ni con la historia Braden Healey talentoso chelista ue debido a un accidente del cual no recuerda mucho y en el ue murió su cuñado se ve forzado a dejar de tocar el violonchelo Esto le trae problemas familiares se convierte en alcohólico y se ve forzado a dejar a su familiaOphelia MacPhee Phee luthier No solo heredó de su abuelo la tiendataller de violines y violonchelos sinó también el encargo de los casos especiales entre los ue se encuentra el violonchelo de Braden Estos casos tienen un juramento según el cual no se pueden dejar de tocar los instrumentos o una maldición caerá ue afectará no solo al ue juró sino tambien sobre su familiaY Braden tiene 11 oños ue no toca El final lo sentí apresurado y muy conveniente para todos los personajes

  6. Susan Peterson Susan Peterson says:

    From the very first page of this beautiful haunting book I was completely immersed in the story and its broken troubled characters This is a novel that worked its way into my heart and soul utterly and completelythe rest of the world drifted away as I became immersed in the lives of Phee Braden and Allie The author’s lyrical writing held me captivated—I read through my own tears my heart in my throat holding out hope for these wounded people to be healed and whole Music is an intricate part of this book weaving its way in an out of the story tearing the characters apart and bringing them back together This poignant novel addresses the issues of grief loss guilt alcoholism suicide pain and rage with compassion empathy and honesty I look for a visceral connection with story and characters with every book I read but rarely does a book move me as deeply as this one

  7. Sue Sue says:

    This beautifully written lyrical novel is about music and family and forgiveness with a touch of magical realism It's one of those books that you want to get to the end to see how it ends but you find yourself reading slower because you don't want it to end and you don't want to say goodbye to the characters This book covers a range of topics along with the curse it talks with compassion about alcoholism infidelity suicide and pain and most importantly forgiveness The author shows the importance of love and forgiveness no matter what happens in life Plus the entire novel is all wrapped up in beautiful music This is an incredibly beautiful novel and I highly recommend it Thanks to the publisher for a copy of this book to read and review All opinions are my own

  8. Tammy(PeaceLoveBooks) Tammy(PeaceLoveBooks) says:

    Everything You Are is a perfect blend of family relationships addiction tragedy and a touch of magic I was pulled into the story from the first page and had a hard time putting it down I can't wait to read Kerry Anne King's next one

  9. Melike Melike says:

    This story is a pretty heavy one that deals with addiction depression PTSD and griefin the midst of all this sadness there is hope love forgiveness and healing And of course the cello I listened to my favorite cello playlist when I was reading this book it pulled me into the story even Overall a very good read the end was a bit rushed and tied up too neatly for my taste but that is my only minor complaint

  10. Bambi Rathman Bambi Rathman says:

    This is a story that took me into a book that is written with words but drew me into it with the power of music at it's core Music is a universal language and speaks to the heart mind and soul This book did just that for me I fell into the pages like I would at a symphony as a maestro conducts the orchestra to create magic and an experience in melodies and notes It is a book that has a story that captivated me and kept me reading Just as a great musical piece draws me to listen this book drew me to turn the pages I love the inscription at the beginning of the book Without music life would be a mistake Friedrich Nietzsche The characters in this book are complicated but ones I found I connected to Ophelia Phee MacPhee is a young eighteen year old girl and she inherits her grandfather's luthier business As he's dying he has her promise to make sure Braden Healey a young man he sold a cello to when she was young play the cello or else a curse would cause terrible things to happen Braden has a contract between him and the cello an idiot piece of paper he'd signed when he was still a child rambling on about a curse that would befall him if he didn't play Braden Healey has a secret even he doesn't remember after a terrible accident He can no longer play the cello because of the injury to his hands He loved the cello and it was a part of him He has a daughter Allie who loves the cello herself but life is turning tragic her father has left her family when she needed him and now she is finding acceptance in all the wrong people places and things She's rebelling and wants her father only until she's of age and can be on her own The celloit speaks lures draws these people to herself It's like she has life a soul and the characters depend on her to breathe Phee Braden and Allie each have a connection to the cello in their own uniue and intimate ways How can these people find healing for all the hurts they have endured? Is it possible for the cello to mend the brokenness and pieces they each find their lives in? This book looks at some very difficult subjects that cause divisions and hurt in families Kerry Anne King addresses these issues in a sensitive and compassionate approach through the characters It's a story about accepting mistakes forgiveness of themselves and each other supporting through love and devotion and one of never giving up Through hardships and addictions loss of trust and forgiveness fear of failure and then finding love this book took me on the emotional concert of the character's journey I felt that if I closed my eyes and just listened I would hear the cello calling along with Phee Braden and Allie This book is marvelously and beautifully written The passages are musical artwork in written words Music penetrates deeply and so does love This is found in Everything You Are written by the very talented story creator Kerry Anne King I highly recommend this book

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