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Sharks Edge Every Great Dream Begins With A DreamerSebastian Shark Is On The Verge Of Realizing His Dream The Edge The Most Luxurious Los Angeles Skyscraper Ever Conceived Will Be His Legacy, An Icon To Dominate LA S Skyline Just As Shark Dominates Its Boardrooms Self Made Businesswoman Abbigail Gibson Is On A Trajectory Toward Massive Success, But To Get There, She Must Navigate The Egos Of Her Demanding Clients Particularly The Driven And Obstinate Shark, Who Possesses The Special Talent Of Aggravating And Arousing Her Within The Same Breath They Are A Collision Of Chemistry, But Is Their Potent Attraction Toward Each Other Worth Losing Sight Of Their Ultimate Goals Taking A Bite Of Passion Has Never Carried Risk Or Promised Sweeter Reward Fate Has Other Ideas, However, As Sebastian Is Targeted By Unknown Enemies And Abbi Is Caught In The Fray Will The Danger Draw Them Closer Or Drive Them Apart

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    You all thought you d seen the best of these two authors well, the best is yet to come Shark s Edge is phenomenal A mixture of suspense, passion, mystery, and of course romance From page one till the very end, I was on the edge of my seat I couldn t help but fall in love with these characters and I m so deeply invested in these characters lives, and the world the authors have created Completely addicted None of you are ready for Shark s Edge It s about to take you on the start of what promises to be one hell of an epic ride but don t doubt it there s so many bumps, twists and turns that will blindside you and have you begging the authors for Most definitely my top read of 2019 FULL REVIEW TO COME CLOSER TO RELEASE BETA READ

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    I read an excerpt on Bookish First and the hero uses the term cuck to describe another character in his first chapter, so hard pass.

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    Wow Blown away Amazing Phenomenal Brilliant Shark s Edge is the incredible start to what is sure to be an epic series I couldn t put it down and read it all in one sitting There is something for everyone in this book Mystery, suspense, romance All of the feels are here I absolutely loved it Kudos to Angel Payne and Victoria Blue.

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    The first two chapters definitely give you a successful feel for the main characters You can tell Abbi is young, driven, smart, and inexperienced Mr Shark on the other hand very experienced, arrogant, rude, smart, driven, cold, and confident There s chemistry, intrigue, mystery, and complication, most of what I look for in a contemporary romance The dynamic between the main and supporting characters is important and something I truly love to see I already love Grant Looking forward to finding out how and why Sebastian is involved in the death of a young girl he seems to know nothing about Also can t wait to get all the feels when Sebastian and Abbi meet again and kick up the heat and suspence

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    Shark definitely has some edge Victoria and Angel wrote another great story and they make a fine pair Sebastian is every womans fantasy Hes handsome, a successful billionaire, has a darkness and the total bad boy vibe He likes control which isnt everyones cup of tea but its definitely mine Abbigail is the woman he never knew he wanted Shes a red haired goddess, young, driven, witty, smart and very sassy but there is one thing he s not prepared for They are trying to figure out what s going on between them while so many things are happening mysteriously in his life and business Is someone out to get him It s hard to say at this point what s going on I definitely enjoyed this book and cant wait for the next book in this new series

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    Mhmm, as the title of the review goes I love both of these authors and when they combine writing it s even better I couldn t put the 37 pages of the first look down read it all and I want so much much Each character is written so well you can picture exactly what they look like and sound like and even their personality I love it when books have so much detail it s like your in the book watching these characters in their lives I would love to read the whole and will most likely be purchasing it asap I don t know how this book could get even better but reading both authors previous works I m sure it gets a hell of a lot better and sexier You ladies will give me a heart attack one day that is for sure.

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    Wow Shark s Edge has everything, suspense, mystery, and sexiness Sebastian Shark lives up to his name being a predator in the business world and in the bedroom His sites are set on Abbigail, who has had multiple fantasies about him too Sexy flirtation. Supportive and realistic secondary characters not everyone likes everyone And a funny Siri appearance I laughed when Sebastian called on Siri A sexy ending that will leave you dangling from the cliff by your fingernails I cannot wait to see what direction Sebastian Shark s story will take.

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    Little Red Riding Hood meets the Big Bad Bas.This is first book in what is going to be an amazing series by Angel and Victoria.Abbi is a sweet young girl who has fantasies about Sebastian.Sebastian is a ruthless, dominating no holds bars businessman who can t seem to control himself every time he sees Abbi.Sharks Edge will keep you on the edge of your seat as these two battle back and forth until they each get want they want This is defiantly a MUST read for 2019.

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    Individually their writing is brilliant but, teamed up together it seems as if Angel Payne and Victoria Blue are giving us another Series to sink are teeth into and fall in love with.Sebastian Shark is a beautifully complex man that you instantly fall in love with despite his harshness and Abbigail Gibson has fierce sass that will just make you laugh out loud.Ladies you hit it out of the park again I can t wait until the next one.

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    My only thought, as I just finished this book, is how long I have to wait until I can get the next one Those couple of pages we get of a sneak peak at the end was just not enough This has to be my favorite yet by these authors Full of intrigue, mystery, lust, and hot demands there s no going wrong with this story The character development and growth was amazing I can t wait for I ve officially swam with the Shark and there s no getting out of the deep waters now.

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