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Keane He S Broken, Dangerous, And Determined To Get Me BackMy Ruthless Ex Is Broken, Bitter, And Determined To Get Me BackI Used To Be A Sensible, Responsible Good Girl Who Kept Her Nose Buried In Textbooks And Worked Hard To Make Her Father S Dreams Come True Then Keane Happened He Was A Crude, Rude, Ruthless Southie Bully Who Only Cared About His Hockey Career And Pucking His Way Through A String Of Girls I Hated Him And I Thought He Hated Me, But Then One Unexpected Spring Break Kiss Changed EverythingI Had No Business Spending One Night With Him, Much Less That Wild, Intense Summer He Was Freedom And Ruin In One Ridiculously Sexy Package Moving Across The Country To Go To Med School And Eventually Marrying Keane S Total Opposite Seemed Like The Right Things To Do At The TimeBut Now I M Divorced And Back In Boston With A Nine Year Old Secret, I Ll Do Anything To Protect And As For Keane Well, My Ruthless Ex Is Broken, Bitter, And Determined To Punish Me For Walking Away READER WARNING If You Re Looking For A Typical Enemies To Lover, Secret Baby Romance, This Intense, Highly Psychological Second Chance Love Story Isn T That This Book Is ONLY For Readers With Open Hearts And Open Minds, Who Can Handle Love Stories That Color Outside The Usual Lines If You Re Not That Reader, Please Do Not One Click This Book

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    Love is Love Theodora Taylor s writing style has always grabbed me from the very first page of her daring stories but this one was so prolific due to the timely subject matter she cleverly weaved in Keane and Lena s engaging tale.So cheers again to Theodora Taylor on another epic story to her 50 Loving States series Hero or should I say anti hero, Desmond B Keane aka Keane was that bully and noted hockey jock that readers will love to hate literally and figuratively So this story started with a mean bully bullying for lunch money His actions were always rude, crass, manipulative, mean and tactless even as he aged in the story but when he haphazardly meets Lena in high school with her band nerd supposedly boyfriend Vihaan, well it s a lust that Keane and Lena had never known before So be it lust or LOVE, the feeling always found a way to thrive with these two even when they didn t know exactly what it was This story was cloaked in paybacks, miscommunications, revenge schemes, blackmail secrets, arguments, bias and even past pains that had haunted the hero and heroine with vivid flashbacks What I enjoyed most about Keane was the way he didn t all out fall into the perfect man for Lena but he just became a better man still having the rough edges And Lena she wasn t perfect either but she was a good person a people pleaser who was always attracted to Keane, the bully but made sacrifices for her father because her father had done the same for her She was also a proud mother bear ALWAYS Many of the likable secondary characters made this story rich in the fundamentals of love being love from Con to Vihaan and of course Lena s son, Maximillian aka Max You really get to see all the sides of Keane in this story when it came to Lena and Max but even when you did, he was still as blunt, as rough and as rude as ever Nice was a part he tried to be but love him or hate him, Keane was always Keane, a hellraiser or the devil The feels in this story will hold you because stories like these really do exist Looking forward in reading Stone Ferraro s story next after that short teaser ARC provided for my honest review without many spoilers lol5 prolific stars due to noteworthy subject matter

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    Keane and Lena s story was a little different from what I usually expect from Theodora Taylor but sometimes you have to step outside your comfort zone and Keane Her Ruthless Ex was definitely that for me Lena and Keane s love story was a complicated one that has twists and turns , ups and downs, and secrets on top of secrets For a big chunk of the story, I was thinking there is no possible way for these two to have a happy ending because there was just to much working against them There were even times that neither Lena or Keane were even likable to me, and I wasn t even sure that they belonged together Luckily for her faithful readers as well as the newcomers, Ms Taylor can weave a story to not only the unbelievable possible, she can make it happen in the most wonderful way and that s what takes place between Lena and Keane This is not you run of the mill romance but it is one that will have you thinking about it for a long time after you ve finished.

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    Desmond and Lena4 stars for this bwwm enemies to friends sports romance You know I am a serious super fan of TT, she is my fave however, as much as I love her writing sometimes I might not like the characters In this case I could not get on the Lena, the heroine s bandwagon and let alone her father What saved the story at all was Keane Desmond and Max I really get into these stories so much its like these 2D people jump off the pages especially with excellent writers like Ms Taylor Still worth the read

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    love and a Bully1.5 NOW the RMR version is wayyy lighter then the full orginal version. and wayyyy better honestly. i enjoyed this wayyy or maybe i should say the RMR of this story to the full book But yeah this one was better wish i hadn t read the full book Full book is keane Ruthless Ex ebook I just finished reading the full book and i disliked it. since the dude was a bigger asshole. in his adult years blackmail, hate fucking and all that plus i didn t feel the connection when he bullied her in the adult years I understood why he was mad that she kept his son away. but man. he was a dick that last night together when they were younger and how he acted i understood her reason to keep her child away even if it was wrong plus the 100 fucks or 120 fucks Both couldn t act like adults and fix it. both to me were childishOnly thing i enjoyed about the full book was how Keane reacted to his daughter became his son. that was a good moment. Angst, Drama, secondary chara, sexy times, virgin no virgins Manwhore guy Slow burn Bully romanceEnemies to loversPush pull from bothSecond chanceNo condom HFN

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    Huge S O to Ms Taylor for creating a character, Keane, with a backbone Well done, ma am.

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    I m a major fan of hotness If a romance book doesn t include smex, I quit reading it In their past, Lena gave her purity to the hero For me, it wasn t romantic Instead, I thought it was ridiculous She was a little damp, but it wasn t enough Get wet for me, bad girl He pushed two fingers into her while his thumb started rubbing circles over her clit as he told her the God s honest truth, I want you ready to fuck as soon as I sit you on my dick He d never talked this much in bed with a girl before There was never any reason He was a catch and most of the girls he hooked up with went out of their way to make it as easy as possible for him He got the feeling Lena would need things spelled out for her though.He takes her virginity, and she asks, Am I hurting you, she asked with a truly adorable worried look in her huge brown eyes.He s the one with a big D and she s the one with cherry that just got popped, and she s asking if she s hurting him My first problem is the third person points of view Gawd, do I hate that writing style During the steamy scene, it seemed like he was dirty talking to himself until she apologized Then it felt like the author was speaking to me, instead of reading a book She didn t leave In fact, she did exactly what he wanted and fell asleep in his arms.I didn t like the chapters rotating from past to present I didn t like the characters voices Honestly, I didn t like any of the characters Lena keeps his son from him For me, their reactions seemed bogus Yes, she confessed Yes, Max is your son I kept him from you And it wasn t a hard decision It didn t take long for Keane to recover from his temporary shock though Get him down here, he growled Get him down here right now You want to be stubborn Keep me from my son Keane said, mistaking her silence as stubbornness Fine I ll be a dick about it Either you two pack up and come home with me right now, or I ll pull all my funding from that Institute of yours Am I supposed to believe what had is real Don t think so The whole scene played out like two toddlers bickering over candy Emotions are absent, and their attitudes didn t fit the scene They are adults, right With a surprise child Why do you think I wouldn t be able to get my 120 fucks in before the summer s done You trying to say you don t remember the way we used to go at it How mature.

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    Wow, I was not expecting that Not once had it ever crossed my mind about what was going on with the child I think I was really caught up in the drama between Keane and Lena They had quite a bit going on Keane was a very flawed individual, but so was Lena I was giving her a serious side eye whenever she would tell Keane about his issues Baby girl had some too I did like Keane in spite of how crude unfiltered he could be Anyway, I did enjoy the book overall and think Ms Theodora Taylor did a good I look forward to reading her next release I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review.

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    Fans of Theodora Taylor are certain to enjoy Keane, the latest installment in the 50 Loving States series The story follows a formula that I ve grown to expect from this author That s both a positive and negative in terms of my reading experience If you re a fan there are certain things that likely appeal to you when it comes to Taylor s work The alpha hole hero for example and the passion that turns to hate that s masking unrequited love storyline are all present The author continues to show that she s skilled at her craft, however, I continue to wish for something that doesn t so closely follow her usual outline That said, there are unexpected twists in Keane that shook things up and added something new to a story that was reading a little too familiar Without giving away any spoilers I ll just say I wish Keane s reaction to this twist wasn t so suspect as I don t believe it would have been the same under different circumstances At the end of the day, I recommend reading Keane If you re new to Theodora Taylor you re certain to enjoy it in terms of the story and the quality of the writing If you re already familiar with this author, you ll appreciate the twists as well as the good read I m giving Keane 3 out of 5 stars.

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    I received an ARC Advanced Reader Copy the review and opinions are my own and not influenced in anyway by the advance copy.For the first part of this book I wanted to just beat Keane he was a bully, harsh, horrible, and so nasty I hated the derogatory language and actions that he and his friends used and I had no idea how anyone would like him let alone love him Hate him yes Hate to be attracted to and around him yes but love him NO No Midway through the book and layers were revealed and while I still could not excuse or condone why Keane was the way that he was I understood that he had received some tough knocks from life and gave back in full force what he received in his childhood A surprise was revealed that I definitely did not see coming and had no idea that Keane would care less about he surprised me and revealed that he is capable of growth The plot thickened the emotions were real, friends had their own story that wasn t a surprise but explained a lot and the book and character grew on me I enjoyed a romance that I could not put down even when I did not know if I was feeling it in the beginning but that I later enjoyed because the writing was so strong and made you pause that I got the appeal and loved the story lines Great read I liked the update about the family and the preview of Stone, which I can not wait to read.

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    2 Stars 2 Steam Fans This was just a NOPE A bully story and I didn t like it This specific video review will be included in the August 2019 wrap up For other video book reviews check out my YouTube Channel Steph s Romance Book Talk.

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