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Burn On A Cold Sunday Evening In Early , Sarah Dewhurst Waited With Her Father In The Parking Lot Of The Chevron Gas Station For The Dragon He D Hired To Help On The Farm Sarah Dewhurst And Her Father, Outcasts In Their Little Town Of Frome, Washington, Are Forced To Hire A Dragon To Work Their Farm, Something Only The Poorest Of The Poor Ever Have To Resort ToThe Dragon, Kazimir, Has To Him Than Meets The Eye, Though Sarah Can T Help But Be Curious About Him, An Animal Who Supposedly Doesn T Have A Soul, But Who Is Seemingly Intent On Keeping Her SafeBecause The Dragon Knows Something She Doesn T He Has Arrived At The Farm With A Prophecy On His Mind A Prophecy That Involves A Deadly Assassin, A Cult Of Dragon Worshippers, Two FBI Agents In Hot Pursuit And Somehow, Sarah Dewhurst Herself

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    it is my professional opinion that society is collapsing because we stopped writing books and making movies about dragons and I m glad Patrick Ness is taking the necessary steps to remedy that

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    I honestly don t know what to do with this book Finished it yesterday and just couldn t make my mind up about it It s definitely a Patrick Ness novel in all its originality and weirdness It reminds me of Release in that two separate stories are being told in one book And of course, it s gay, even though the blurb might not make it seems that way My problem, I think, was that there was a disconnect I ll try and explain why but I can t guarantee that I ll do a good job The first thing that properly irritated me were the many POVs There are at least 12 That s a lot for such a short book The plot was all over the place and I got really annoyed when I was thrown out of a storyline that had me really invested I see why Ness did it, but I m convinced he could have pulled it off with only half as many POVs You would think that the characters suffered from these very short episodes that we stayed with them, but they were very well drawn and had the necessary depth to make me care for them some than others of course What did suffer though were the relationships between them, particularly newly established ones that advanced way too quickly That holds especially true for the gay romance, which failed to convince me.Now, on the one hand this book is genius There are very unexpected twists and I ve not read anything like it before It s like one of those film trailers that show you what the story is and make you super curious so you go and watch it in theatres just to find out that you didn t even know the half of it there s so much to the film than what was shown in the trailer and your mind is blown I m thinking of Kingsman The Secret Service here It just didn t work so well here The fast pace threw me off and when I reached the 50% mark I kept thinking What the fuck is going on I m not going to say anything else here because that would spoil everything for you It got even weirder when that one main character kissed that other minor character He just kind of lost me there and I really don t understand how that was necessary If you ve read the book you know exactly what scene I m talking about Kinda random, kinda pointless.One last thing I want to mention is the representation the two main characters are a Black biracial girl and a white gay boy There s also a Japanese American love interest and a Guatemalan American love interest This book is set in the 1950 s and although there might be dragons in this alternate world, racism and homophobia still exist Overall I believe the representation was good but bear in mind that I m not an OwnVoices reviewer when it comes to the POC characters Also, expect xenophobic, racist and homophobic violence, abuse and slurs.I think this book could have worked with a higher word count More time to establish the world building, space for the characters to develop, room for the story to breathe and settle Because this was one wild ride and I believe it might have given me a concussion.Find of my books on Instagram

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    so dragons are the new wave

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    I finished this one a few days ago and had to just sit on it a while and collect all my feelings I truly believe Ness books are always this exquisite mix of the unique, bizarre and heartfelt aching This one is set in the 1950s and it s strange, so so strange But honestly enthralling The mid point left me utterly breathless It s one of those books you cannot predict and I actually enjoy being left to the whims of an author instead of guessing how it ll all turn out by the end I read a lot, okay I make a lot of accurate guesses The story looks like this it s 1956, Sarah Dewhurst s father s farm is failing She s biracial black and faces awful discrimination in her tiny backwards town of Frome her best friend Jason is Japanese and treated even worse than she is and she s missing her dead mum and she s worried this is it for her whole life Farm Pigs Hiding that she loves Jason because it ll just give other people to harass them about Oh and also There are dragons And it s NORMAL And there are jUST DRAGONS RANDOMLY Also a teen assassin cultist who worships dragons Also FBI people tracking down teen cultist because he s about to murder someone Also he s headed for Frome Also he s soft and gay and his name is Malcolm but is it And Sarah s dragon is Russian and sarcastic and non threatening bUT IS IT.ALSO WHAT IS GOING ON.So it seems like a quiet book, and it IS, but it s just WILD.I didn t even mention everything bizarre that goes on because you need the plot twists prepare ourselves to absorb.I did really like this book I think it took a bit of getting used to, and I m not wholly sure what the message was apart from war is bad, don t be a warmonger I really loved Malcolm, our cultist boy assassin, because he s just such a dedicated dumbass and I loved seeing him stretching and challenging his own thinking Sarah was so down to earth and sensible, I did like her a lot too And the writing has this factual quality, but also it s just so powerful and has a lot to say My only thing is I didn t quite connect to it as much as I have other Ness books The FBI people chapters were eh And look, it was, overall, super weird This is a story of war and change, of teens who have been lied to or mistreated and gone to search for their own truths It s bizarre and enchanting and twisty, and incorporates high fantasy prophecies Dragons into a modern setting in such an intriguing way I ve not read anything quite like this And if you re sitting there like, does this have REAL dragon content omg YES IT DOES and Kasimir is a sassy little smart alek, I do adore his scaly unruffled self.

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    Patrick Ness dragons a wish came true even though I did not ask for it.

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    here s where i would make a joke about his name being Ness and writing a book about dragonsbut i got nothingso here s a gif Goodreads Blog Pinterest LinkedIn YouTube Instagram

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    Content Warning in Spoilers view spoiler Historically relevant Homophobia Racism hide spoiler

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    It s Patrick Ness It has dragons in it So of course I have to read it.

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    I m also a book blogger Vee_Bookish ARC provided by NetGalley, my opinions are unbiased You never quite know what to expect from Patrick Ness book, leaving me to believe that he is either a robot controlled by several gnomes, or experimenting with different hallucinogenics Burn is yet again, another unique book, about Dragons In 50s America It s very much the 50s we know, including the racism, but it has dragons it Somehow this never feels shoehorned in, it just works seamlessly We have a full cast of diverse characters, the farm girl, her Japanese boyfriend, the gay assassin coming to kill her, the detectives following the assassin, the giant blue dragon I kinda want to marry Is that weird I definitely thought I knew where this book was going, and then when we started creeping up to the half way point I realised that Malcolm was nearly at the farm, Agent Woolf not far behind, the satellite was wherever the satellite needed to be and basically, everything was leading up to the end I predicted But it was only half way through.It takes a lot to surprise me, I m notorious for not enjoying books because I guess entire plots But when we hit part two I was blown away and could no longer guess what would happen next, which lead to me running to Waterstones to pre order myself a signed copy.

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    review coming soon

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