Kindle Edition ↠ Immortal Angel ePUB å

Kindle Edition ↠ Immortal Angel ePUB å

Immortal Angel (Argeneau, #31) [Download] ➽ Immortal Angel (Argeneau, #31) By Lynsay Sands – For almost a century, Ildaria Garcia has been on the run, a trouble magnet with a knack for taking down bad guys Lately, her vigilante tendencies have drawn unwelcome attention to her fellow Immortals For almost a century, Ildaria Garcia has been on the run, a trouble magnet with a knack for taking down bad guys Lately, her vigilante tendencies have drawn unwelcome attention to her fellow Immortals Forced to relocate, Ildaria is supposed to lay low in a new town Instead, she quickly entangles herself with six and a half feet of muscular, tattooed troubleJoshua James Simpson Guiscard, aka GG knows a lot about Immortals—enough to make him wary Yet from the moment Ildaria walks into his club, he feels desire stronger than anything he’s known Accepting the fact that they might be life mates is disconcerting But when her past catches up to them, GG faces a choice—confront his demons at last, or lose a passion that’s hot as hell.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 384 pages
  • Immortal Angel (Argeneau, #31)
  • Lynsay Sands
  • English
  • 12 March 2019

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  1. Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ❤️ Ꮗ€♫◗☿ ❤️ ❤️ says:

    Expected publication: September 24, 2020

    Immortal on the run finds her life mate!

    I really love the fact that these books don’t have to be read in order. I know that some of the characters in this book have been the subject of previous books, but everything in the book was explained as if it were a stand alone. I have only read the last two books in this series and I wasn’t lost at all. I enjoyed this couple and their issues.

    Ildaria Garcia is has been in hiding for 200 years. She was attacked at a young age by a immortal and in fighting him off, she bit him and and swallowed some of his blood, which was how she was turned. The vampire that attacked her is the head of the South American Council and has been trying to find her to return her to the Dominican Republic.

    Though Ildaria acted in self defense, she knows he will use his position on the council to have her punished or executed for what she did. Ildaria thinks it isn’t only revenge that has him so fired up to find her but the law that any immortal can only turn one person and most save that for their life mate if that person is a mortal.

    After leaving the Dominican Republic, Ildaria ended up in Montana and was forced to leave there because she was performing some vigilante acts while looking for a man who attacked another student at the university she was attending for Accounting. Lucien Argeneau, the leader of the North American Council had Ildaria move from Montana to Canada because she had been drawing attention to their kind when she was caught on camera performing activities that a mortal female should not be able to do. Like throwing grown men across a street.

    When the same happens in Canada due to no fault of her own, Ildaria has to change her ways or face execution for continually bringing attention to immortals. So Ildaria gets a job at the local immortal bar from the owner, a guy named G.G. (for Green Giant). G.G. is six feet five or more and has tattoos and a green mohawk. It soon becomes apparent that he is a possible life mate for her.

    I enjoyed this story quite a bit because there was a good romance between G.G. and Ildaria and some great conflict was brought into the mix. G.G. had seen his mother being turned when he was a young child and seen how the change caused her to suffer greatly. He was traumatized and has never forgotten so though he owns two bars for immortals and is around them a lot, he never wants to fall for one or be turned. Plus he is not the kind of guy that would go after an employee.

    The characters were great in this book especially Ildaria and G.G. I loved the scene where she tells him how she grew up and what happened to her in the Dominican Republic. There were also quite a few supporting characters, the best of which is G.G.’s small dog named H.D. The dog plays a big part in the book and is so cute.

    The romance is quite steamy and also a source of laughs at times. When immortal life mates find each other at the beginning, they can’t even touch each other without wanting to have a “shag fest”. Also when they do that, it is not uncommon for both parties to pass out after the deed. They can also have shared dreams which turn out to be pretty steamy.

    I voluntarily read & reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


  2. Mindy Lou& Mindy Lou& says:

    This was my first book of Lynsay Sands and I didn't realize it was #31 in the series. The good news is, I don't think it mattered. I was not lost at all and had no idea it wasn't a standalone. Anyone can pick this book up and read it.

    Overall, this was a pretty entertaining read. I enjoyed the main characters, especially Angel. I liked how she couldn't help but get herself in trouble with the council for stepping in to save humans. She had a good sense of right and wrong and was willing to take her chances to do the right thing. She's had a bad past and doesn't trust easy but she seems to draw people to her despite that.

    G.G. or Joshua, was as equally an entertaining character. He's not one that will make you go all hot and bothered for a hero, but I liked him. His mother was hilarious.

    This has a good cast of side characters that I can easily assume are mc's in previous books. I have found a few couples that I want to get to know more, so I will be checking out some of the earlier books.

  3. Lover of Romance Lover of Romance says:

    This review was originally posted on Addicted To RomanceI received this book for free from Avon in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review.

  4. Maranda Maranda says:

    Been a while since I have read a Lynsay Sands novel but I do still love her style and the worlds that she creates. This finds Ildaria Garcia constantly looking over her shoulder for danger. Even though she is an immortal she could still be killed. Trying to make ends meet and finding a new home in Canada she meets Joshua (GG) Guiscard who runs a club and who is very mortal. Can these two figure a way to make their attraction last? Great characters in this story along with smooth prose. A copy of this book was provided by HarperCollins Publishers Avon via NetGalley with no requirements for a review. Comments here are honest and are my own views.

  5. Eskimo Princess Jenkins Eskimo Princess Jenkins says:

    I was so wrapped up in this story.
    I love this series, I am always thrilled when I get my hands on a new book from Lynsay Sands.
    This book did not disappoint, it is a must read.

    *I received my copy from Edelweiss for an honest review.

  6. Dawn Dawn says:

    I love this series I was one of the very first series I read years ago and this book is just as good as book one.

    I enjoy the characters, the storyline is a little heavier in this than some but it is definitely balanced out with the humor in the book.

    Loving the newer characters along with the fact that this author brings her older characters through and doesn't just leave them behind in the next book.

    I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  7. Lorna Lorna says:

    RTC on or near release date.

  8. Danielle Danielle says:

    Not a bad book, but not stellar. I found it a bit predictable. I like the characters, but once the lifemate details entered the picture it all felt very silly to me. I did like the resolution at the end.

  9. Charissa jacobs Charissa jacobs says:

    Whoop whoop can't wait!

  10. Matilda Dix Matilda Dix says:

    Ahhhh...the Argeneau world is like coming back to an old friend. I can’t even remember how long I have been reading Lyndsay Sands books, but they sure do make for a fun and romantic escape. Well, at least while the couple’s story is being told. I guess some of the storylines have some bloody scenes. 😂 I do love that Sands gives her characters equal opportunity. In this particular story, Ildaria Garcia is a kick-ass vigilante when it comes to helping women fight off their male attackers. Her actions do draw the attention of Lucian, so she is reluctantly forced to move to Toronto and has been given a stern warning about beating men up. Ildaria is settling into her new life and she is savoring it because she has been on the run for 200 years and is tired of it. She is going to school for an accounting degree and because of that, agrees to do bookkeeping for Joshua James Simpson Guiscard, aka G.G.. G.G. is a sexy mortal who operates an immortal bar. His parents are both immortal, so that is why he is accepted. Since they are our two main protagonists, you can guess that they are life mates. The problem in this coupling is that G.G. does not want to become immortal. He witnessed his mother’s transformation and has been scarred by that childhood memory. His mom has not been able to convince her son otherwise.

    As we delve deeper into Ildaria’s past, we learn a lot about the experiences that shaped who she is today. I think it is pretty powerful that G.G recommended counseling before they got intimate to help Ildaria move forward from her past trauma. Also, helllloooooo steamy sex scenes with my favorite paranormal twist. Lucian cracks me up. It’s not that he is trying to be funny, but being one of the oldest immortals, he just doesn’t do small talk and other socially appropriate things. He sure is blunt and no-nonsense. Sometimes those scenes make me want to reread Lucian’s story. The resolutions are satisfying and I hope there are tidbits about how they are doing in future books. I love this world that Sands has built. I love all the character names...the best names can be found in this series. Anytime she has a book release day, I am nowhere to be found, enjoying my escape in the newest storyline.

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