The Enchantment Emporium eBook Ö The Enchantment

The Enchantment Emporium eBook Ö The Enchantment

The Enchantment Emporium [Download] ➽ The Enchantment Emporium ➺ Tanya Huff – Alysha Gale belongs to a specially charm full family The men grow horns and obey females until they choose She inherits her gran’s Calgary junk shop with fey mailboxes and the Monkey's Paw Leprechau Alysha Gale belongs to a specially charm full family The men grow horns and obey females until they choose She inherits her gran’s Calgary junk shop with fey mailboxes and the Monkey's Paw Leprechaun Joe can help sell The Enchantment Kindle - yoyos Tabloid reporter Graham bats very blue eyes and beds her But when dragons fly overhead can even the Aunties save the day.

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  1. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    I'm sorry if you like this bookand I'm tiredIt seems and that when I pick up a book looking for an Urban Fantasy I get paranormal romance I suppose that I set the bar lower than some for deciding what is PNR And at the risk of being stoned I find often than not if it's a female author it's going to lean that way not always I know I kind of like Rob Thurman's Leandros series The idea behind this book sounded good and caught my interest I went out and bought it based on recommendations here It opened up alright The set up telling us about the Gale women and Gale men and Gale boys and so on Our young heroine seems to inherit a junk shop read magical junk shopseems to inherit because the aunties don't believe grandma from whom the shop is inherited is deadThe family is interesting the connection to the fey is interesting the shop is interesting the book was promisingexcept for again it's preoccupation with what I suppose we can call affairs of the heart The aunties want Alysha our heroine to get over the cousin she was thought to be planning to marry Gale girls apparently alwaysor almost always marry Gale boys loving someone else a young man whom at the opening of the book he lives with There is the discussion of which girl another highly prized Gale stud may chooseand on and on and onAt one point Alysha meets a reporter and wonders during the conversation if his hair would feel as silky as it looks if she brushed it back She's distracted by his hands his eyes and the distractions of what's under his clothes Think about a book where a male writer goes on and on about being distracted by what's under the clothes of the women he meetsthe hero wanting to brush back their hair to see if it's a silky as it looks The male would be a stalkerAnywayburned out sick of the forgive me estrogen and I'm laying it aside I read about a uarter of the bookI don't want to put any time into itIf it's for you enjoyit's not for me I'm apparently NOT the target audience

  2. oliviasbooks oliviasbooks says:

    For pity's sake boy Auntie Jane snorted as Dimitri shuffled carefully into the kitchen there's salve for that Use it before these trousers rub you raw Downstairs bathroom And you lot she snapped at the girls who gathered round the table as he left the room stop giggling He didn't get in that condition all on his lonesomeAllie pulled a platter of pancakes out of the oven were they'd been keeping warm He needs to learn to pace himselfPlease correct me But what I've learned from the first 30 pages is the following The Gale family is a family of powerful witches whose main concern is to preserve their magic talents All family members have grey eyes that change with age Each couple produces at least four or five daughters and a son Some daughters are the offspring of two mothers and a father? The men have a tendency to switch over to the dark side All women cook and bake like crazy The men choose their mate among their numerous cousins around the age of 20 The only rule is that the age difference has to be less than seven years The boys find their permanent mate of choice by sleeping around with all matching cousins as much as possible This results to group sex and unpaced sex frenzies on family holidays And to mild jealousy among the girls who won't accept it if an almost too old female cousin is on a male Gale's list of optionsNOT MY CUP OF TEA I do not mind cousins marrying each other I have several matched cousins among my auaintances or falling in love but this breeding program thing and the sex as the one and only way to find the best match method give me the slimy shiversThe one remaining star is given for the beautiful cover ;o

  3. Lightreads Lightreads says:

    Yeah stoned on painkillers is totally the best way to review this one If you tilt your head to the right this is a cozily hijinxical Canadian urban fantasy with a magical junk shop and a leprechaun and a snuggly extended family who express their feelings by baking a lot also dragonsBut if you tilt your head to the left it’s seriously fucked up slice of life about a family of creepy mind controlling witches who have a consent optional incestuous breeding program RUN AWAY RUN AWAYSo I mostly kept my head tilted to the right Advise doing the sameVicodin shuddup

  4. Jamie Collins Jamie Collins says:

    This is one of the best urban fantasy books I've read in a while With a slightly stronger ending this would have been a five star book for me; it really hit my sweet spot It's funny and light hearted but not shallow at all The magic system felt fresh and different and it's not hard to enjoy this idea of women becoming powerful as they age I hope this is the beginning of a new seriesThere's a big loving powerful nosy overprotective and very appealing family There's a lot of amusing magic There are dragons a sorcerer and a leprechaun Like in most of Huff's books there is a lot of cheerful non explicit sex and innuendo between people of all orientations Huff is a very good writer and manages to absorb you into this world with very little exposition

  5. Caressa Caressa says:

    sigh I picked this novel off the New Fiction shelf of the library after not reading a word for two whole weeks Crazy I know The librarians were getting ready to send a relief party out after me Anyhoo I've learned to be VERY wary of female penned urban fantasies as they tend to be heavier on the romantical pining and orgies than the urban or fantasy But EE piued my interest for several reasons 1 Witches with nary a vamp or were to be seen 2 Said witches don't have frizzy red curls 3 Urban Fantasy in Canada? Sweet Eh 4 Leprechauns yeah babyThe Gale family is a less creepy family than Anne Rice's Mayfairs but they love themselves some pie and lots of wanton sex Holy Incest Batman Luckily for me very little of the sex plays out as than hints and innuendos It's obvious that Tanya Huff sees this story play in living color but my biggest gripe is that she seems to have significant trouble in getting it from her imagination to paper with the same clarity Many passages are beautifully descriptive but often the dialog feels clunky and forced More than a few times I had to reread sections because pieces of action were missing For example Allie is lying in bed plucking at her uilt with one of many aunties hollering up the stairs at her Then she's suddenly stepping out of the shower while the family dog drinks from the toilet Wait what? When did she get out of bed into the shower? And Allie seems to be constantly waking up with people in her bed without explanation Are they having a slumber party? Romping around incestuously? After a hundred pages or so I fell into the rhythm of Huff's writing and was able to make it work for me without massive confusion However two thirds in I had to set the book down for a couple days and found that I couldn't immerse myself back in There also seemed to be a bit of a pacing issue where there was a lot of exposition dumping Perhaps Huff could have saved some for the second novel?I really wanted to fall in love with this book as it looks to be the beginning of a series With a number of novels under her belt I don't think Huff will change her writing style to please little ol' me I do like that the witchcraft she portrays runs wild and dark; it's pagan mythologytraditions and less Willow Rosenberg or The Craft There's something about ancient witchcraft that I find fascinating along with leprechauns the post apocalypse Iceland India and the Deep South Even though it's against my better judgment I have a feeling I'll try to wade through the next in the series because come on it's got leprechauns

  6. carol. carol. says:

    Enjoyed it enough to add to my collection Nice balance of plot and character development On first read the first chapter was slightly disjointed and challenging to follow but sticking with it paid off big dividends It's true like other reviewers I found the sex distracting but it does play a role in the story in terms of relationships and emotional connections

  7. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    I enjoyed this book despite all the efforts of the author to make me hate it And I’ll admit up front that I’m not a huge Tanya Huff fan but mainly because she takes her anti hetero normative politics so very seriously So I was surprised that I found this book as engaging as I didThe Gale family setup was bizarre and I’d hate to be caught in it on the male or female side but that didn’t lessen my fascination for the dynamic they find themselves in If you buy the premise the adaptations and rules the family follows in the book fall or less into place Yeah there are some odd customs and the sexual s could put you off even if you buy the premise but I didn’t find it hard to roll with Huff takes some pains to keep things from being sexually explicit on stage though there is some frank talk and non sexual episodes that may put off the truly sueamish so I was than happy to roll with her exploration of the family’s adaptationsI also liked Alysha’s character arc through the story It was fun to accompany her in pursuit of her rebel grandma and figuring out what the situation is like in Calgary I like the mythology that unfolds and the characters we meet along the way The emporium itself was fascinating as well even if it did feel a little too deus ex merchandise sometimes yes Melissa I did recycle my cleverness Alysha turns out to be the key to my enjoyment of the story She has a great emotional journey and her maturation as she comes to terms with her power and all those aunties was excellentOther supporting characters were fun too Michael was interesting as Alysha’s long term unreuited crush and I even liked Charlie though I still maintain she’s way too perfect to be all that is claimed of her Graham was oddly un compelling in his role as love interest but I liked him well enough as the henchman turned to the cause of the good guysSo what did I hate? And no hate isn’t too strong a word First off it should have started with Alysha’s arrival in Calgary The whole beginning was just confusing and unnecessary Reams of names are thrown out and no explanation or identifying handle given to know who was meant That leaves the reader disconnected to the main character and that’s unfortunate Huff is also uncommonly coy about explaining key details about her characters We hear of Alysha waking with cold spots where Charlie and Dmitri used to be the night before for example but it’s pages before we learn who either of these names refer to If deliberate that’s too cute to tolerate and if not deliberate it needs to be straightened outRelated to this is the broader tendency of Huff to deliver an emotional payload before the readers have the information to understand its significance We learn for example that Alysha is entering “the second circle” and have no idea what that means or why she would be so concerned and astonished In one scene Charlie returns to the group lightly singed before they’d really realized she’d gone missing At that point we’re treated to a really awkwardly constructed flashback This kind of thing happens over and over again and it gets pretty tiresome after a while It’s like Huff is balking at telling a straightforward story or that she doesn’t trust that her story is good enough without tricks and gimmicks to punch up the impact Indeed I think these stylistic flourishes end up detracting from the impact of many of the key revelations that would have been so much stronger had the readers known enough to appreciate them at the time they’re actually revealedAfter all that I’m surprised that I ended up enjoying it so much in the end I’ll definitely be picking up the next book though I hope the aggravations are less pronounced If Huff had stuck with a straight storytelling approach this likely would have been a five star review

  8. Punk Punk says:

    Canadian Urban Fantasy Magic runs in the Gale family so when Allie's grandmother sends her a letter saying she's dead no one really believes it Still the letter says that Allie's responsible for her gran's business which is supposedly vital to the community and having recently been fired it's not like she has anything better to do Allie packs up and heads for Calgary to take over her grandmother'sjunk shopReasons why this book made me D face 1 Unexplained magic system 2 Unexplained We Must Have Sex To 'Complete the Ritual' magic system Unexplained and unsexy I would have accepted explanations or sexiness Didn't get either 3 The Gale aunties the oldest and most powerful women in the family practice eugenics Uh huh They're selectively breeding the younger family members to emphasize certain traits The aunties also have veto power if someone wants to marry outside the family Which leads us to 4 Vaguely incestuous sometimes than vaguely and again never in a sexy way 5 Gender essentialism Way too many sentences that insist that Gale girls are like this or Gale boys are like that No one really overturned that system 6 The romance didn't interest me at all which I eventually realized was because the male love interest had no discernible personalityReasons why I kept reading 1 The magic is mostly low key like pies with compulsions baked into them or a charm traced on someone's hand I liked how simple and understated it was All I wanted was the magic euation to be balanced; part of using magic is knowing what happens if you use too much 2 ueerness Of all sorts Including non monogamous and group relationships and because this is Tanya Huff it's all handled with respect 3 Family and chosen family 4 It's funny and I liked the pop culture references 5 Ally was pretty awesome and so was Charlie 6 I loved Joe the leprechaun and his yo yosThree stars Annoyed and entertained me in eual amounts I'll read the seueleBook Not good Lots of words with hyphens still in them many words that no longer had their hyphens but didn't get put back together correctly at least one missing word and one missing full stop and something screwy was going on with the spacing if there was a period followed by a capital Y Didn't have a cover Did have a cute yo yo graphic to separate sections

  9. ambyr ambyr says:

    I feel like finishing this book should leave me with to say than meh Let's see The plot was fast paced enough to keep me reading but not enough to get me past the weird gender relations undeveloped magic system I like the ritual set up but with no sense of what magic normally can or can't do the ending lacked tension I assumed they'd win since so far magic had never failed them and really really sloppy editing And then as other reviews note there's the incest It doesn't bother me to read about but it does raise my eyebrows that it doesn't bother any of the characters particularly those not raised to itI also have to say I see very little moral difference between the Gale women and the male sorcerers Ally makes vague references to having versus holding power but for me the line is whether or not power is used for personal gain and boy do the Gales ever use power for personal gain Again that doesn't bother me I like shades of grey but the narrative treats the Gales as a moral center and that made for awkward reading It's slightly problematized at the very end but too little too late for me

  10. Cait Cait says:

    Well that was far uasi incestuous sex magic than I expected to meet this side of fanfictionI really liked this book I'd hit a bad run and started to forget that the urban fantasy euivalent of the B movie can actually be good but this is definitely a good book It's cheerful and sexual and funny and well built and it definitely improved my week

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