The History of Medieval Europe PDF/EPUB Þ The History

The History of Medieval Europe PDF/EPUB Þ The History

The History of Medieval Europe ❮Download❯ ➽ The History of Medieval Europe ➸ Author Maurice Keen – This is a fascinating three dimensional picture of the politics society and religion of medieval Europe the age that had as its great theme the unity of Christendom Maurice Keen examines tribal wars t This is a fascinating of Medieval Kindle Ñ three dimensional picture of the politics society and religion of medieval Europe the age that had as its great theme the unity of Christendom Maurice Keen examines tribal wars the Crusades the growth of trade and the shifting patterns of community life as villages grew into towns and The History Epub / towns into sizeable cities He explores how Papal victories by blurring the distinction between temporal and spiritual matters eventually undermined the spiritual authority of the Church And he discusses how the Hundred Years War escalated from a feudal dispute into a full scale national conflict until by the mid fifteenth century changing economic History of Medieval Kindle Õ and social conditions had transformed the unity of Christendom into merely a pious phrase.

About the Author: Maurice Keen

Maurice Hugh Keen OBE of Medieval Kindle Ñ October – September was a British historian specializing in the Middle Ages His father had been the Oxford University head of finance 'Keeper of the University Chest' and a Fellow of Balliol College Oxford and after schooling at Winchester College Maurice became an undergraduate The History Epub / there in He was a contemporary and lifelong friend of Tom Bingham l.

10 thoughts on “The History of Medieval Europe

  1. Ilana Cantor Ilana Cantor says:

    As someone who has never studied the Medieval period before this was a really fantastic introduction to an area of history that I am now compelled to learn about Of course introduction being its purpose there is no doubt that this book was simplistic in some areas but alas is that not the plight of all history books? I particularly loved the chapter on the Crusades and the exploration of religion at the time

  2. Andrew Andrew says:

    Reread of one of my college texts This work is a good and brief overview of the general movement of the Middle Ages without feeling it necessary to create an exhaustive account of every detail of history It works as a good foundational view of the period with which you can add additional meat at your preference as it was used in my class I can't necessarily ualify Keen's scholarship without a great deal research but he has a comprehensive bibliography of his sources Keen's structural theme also gives the temporal framework he places on the Middle Ages that being the crowning of Charlemagne as Emperor in 800 and the dissolution of the Council of Basel or as he writes Basle in 1449 He cites his primary theme as the focus and unity of Western Europe under Papal rule through this time and cites the various growths of Monarchic Nationalist and Laity powers along with variously caused erosions of Papal power as being the ultimate end of the era as it blurred into the Renaissance

  3. russell barnes russell barnes says:

    I now know about how the interaction between Church and nascent royalty their relationship with the nobility and how trade and the need for security to support it drove the development of medieval European society than I did before I also discovered my wife underlined a lot of seemingly random paragraphs for her A LevelsOnly one of these things will be useful in a pub uiz Assuming a there's a round about the development of medieval European society and the facts that went into its formation

  4. Nienna Nienna says:

    A good overview of medieval history of the western Europe for a lay reader however it is not very strong on Germany and leave out pretty much all of eastern Europe and it also ignore several of the newer perspectives which were developed by historians such as Duby Fichtenau Wolfram Le Goff etc and therefore should reader with the strong interest look further after reading this book

  5. Ryanofthenorth Ryanofthenorth says:

    Good when it addresses broad concepts weak when it gets into specificsChapters 23457101118 were all worth reading the rest of the book is a bit difficult as it moves at too brisk of a pace for the uninitiated

  6. Kevin Pengili Kevin Pengili says:

    It’s an incredibly dry book The author displays the information and doesn’t really add much It’s a very general overview of medieval Europe so it’s a decent starting off point if you want to learn a bit about the era

  7. Nicholas Bobbitt Nicholas Bobbitt says:

    Unfortunately this could've been saved by a better writing style The information is all there but there are also unnecessary words and poor fundamentals which worry me

  8. Russ Russ says:

    I read this because I wanted to know about the Crusades the Black Death the Hundred Years War but after reading this I am no better off written in a tedious pedestrian style which sucks the life out of source material which should be way interesting than this book makes it I would have to recommend you look elsewhere if you want to read up on the period and be engaged entertained by it

  9. Flightless Flightless says:

    I could not read this book It was the driest thing I have ever read All I wanted was a nice read about medieval times that would help me understand the era as research for a book However I could not get through itI think that indeed there are people who would enjoy this book I am not one of them

  10. Dave Dave says:

    An interesting look at Europe in the Middle Ages Keen offers a very broad look at the period from the rise of Charlemagne to the end of the 1400s The book starts off a bit slow but picks up pace as the fascinating history of the Crusades papal exploits and the Hundred Years War unfold A good intro to this period in history

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