Paperback ã McKettrick's Luck MOBI å

Paperback ã McKettrick's Luck MOBI å

McKettrick's Luck ➹ [Download] ➵ McKettrick's Luck By Linda Lael Miller ➼ – A new generation of McKettrick men stake claim to their land and the women they love Like his celebrated ancestors who tamed the wilds of Arizona Jesse McKettrick's Indian Rock ties run deep The tripl A new generation of McKettrick men stake claim to their land and the women they love Like his celebrated ancestors who tamed the wilds of Arizona Jesse McKettrick's Indian Rock ties run deep The triple M Ranch is in his blood along with the thrill of risk But with his land at stake Jesse won't get involved in Cheyenne Bridge's scheme despite the temptation she bringsCheyenne grew up in Indian Rock and left its painful memories behind to become a self made woman Now her job is to convince Jesse to sell his property Jesse's not the kind of man Cheyenne could ever forget but he's too wild and dangerous for a woman committed to playing it safe Yet sparks of attraction fly tempting Cheyenne to lay it all on the line for the passion she sees in Jesse's eyes.

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  1. Miss Kim Miss Kim says:

    This was my first Linda Lael Miller book and I was pleasantly surprised Cheyenne has come back to her home town on a mission to get Jesse McKettrick to sell a portion of his land to develop condos He is against it but is attracted to her How they try to work with their attraction and also make a deal makes for a nice romance I love Jesse McKettrick How could you not? It took me a while to warm up to Cheyenne though She's uite uptight and snappish most of the time I'm always happy to find a new author especially with hot cowboys in the series

  2. Natalie Natalie says:

    I fell in love with Jesse McKettrick I wish I can meet a passionate and free spirited man in my life Well Cheyenne Bridges you're a very lucky girl indeed As for me I think I should start learning poker D

  3. Dee Dee says:

    Two haiku reviewHer boss wants his landShe's supposed to convince himFalls for him insteadGood Western romanceDeep characters well done plotI rooted for them

  4. Alicia Jespersen(BehindThePicketFence) Alicia Jespersen(BehindThePicketFence) says:

    “McKettrick’s Luck” is the first in one of Linda Lael Miller’s series about the continuation of the McKettrick family I haven’t read the previous books and you don’t need to read the previous books I mean there is really nothing that continues from those books into this book This was my first Linda Lael Miller book and to be honest I didn’t really see what everyone likes so much about her books I mean there is a possibility that it was just over exaggerated but I still didn’t feel that usual connection I get when I read some of my favorite authors I do plan to read of Linda Lael Miller’s books because I can recognize that I maybe just didn’t like this particular book It starts out with Cheyenne coming back to her childhood town of Indian Rock where she plans to buy part of the McKettricks land She brings her mother and her younger disabled brother with her Jesse is the gambler; he is also the wild boy in the family He doesn’t see the point in getting a job because he makes so much money playing poker “McKettrick’s Luck” was pretty much just sex lies and then comes love In that order and with very little character development This book was kind of slow and it seemed like the author didn’t feel much of a connection to the characters I couldn’t feel the passion that I usually feel when reading a romance book the passion that is there when the author truly enjoys writing the book I did like the relationship between Cheyenne and her mother and the relationship between Jesse and Mitch But that was pretty much it Some of the other reviews I have seen were of people who have read all of the McKettricks books before this one and they stated that “McKettrick’s Luck” was not one of their favorites I think that if you want to read this book than you should but if you were wondering if it was good than maybe you should just pass because it just wasn’t worth it for me

  5. Kathrynn Kathrynn says:

    The entire series9 The McKettrick Way 20078 McKettrick's Heart 20077 McKettrick's Pride 20076 McKettrick's Luck 20075 Sierra's Homecoming 20064 McKettrick's Choice 20063 Secondhand Bride 20042 Shotgun Bride 20031 High Country Bride 2002But #'s 6 7 and 8 can be read alone as a trilogy I'm not sure about #9 because I have not read it But I did read Luck Pride and Heart in 2007 and then went back to read some of the earlier There are slight references to the earlier book as they are their relatives but I found that I didn't miss anything FYIThis is a modern day romantic western

  6. Kristi Kristi says:

    Apparently I have read this book before I made notations in the book and dated it but don't remember a thing about it or nor did anything seem familiar But anyway I enjoyed it and thought the author did a great job with the development of the characters There were some deep thoughtsexpressions throughout that made me want to hover and sit and process She truly has a way with words and I love that about a bookThis book is about love and truth and coming to know who you are and what your capable of despite everything that is thrown at you Jesse Mckettrick and Cheyenne BridgesRating R some sex scenes and languageLanguage use of deity and other profanity but nothing crazy and not overbearingRecommend Yes

  7. Annalyse Knight Annalyse Knight says:

    This book was a pleasant surpriseI had never read a modern day cowboy romance Back in the day like twenty years ago I read historical romance and historical romance only so I'd read a few westerns and wasn't all that impressed Linda Lael Miller changed my mind on cowboys rawr This was my first jaunt into this genre and I have to say that I was thoroughly sucked in So much so that I bought several other cowboy romances though I haven't been as impressed with Miller's storiesbut that's another review Jesse McKettrick is the bad boy we all want to reform He gambles has a long line of women and doesn't care about the family business However there's a soft spot in him that cares about the environment he's a perfect gentleman he wants to prove that he's something without the family name and he does kind acts of service for Cheyenne and her family even though she's trying to get something out of him that he doesn't want to give up You can't help but fall in love with himThen there's Cheyenne She has a horrid boss that manipulates her to get what he wants but through it all she's an extremely strong heroine with difficult decisions she needs to make and she figures out that sometimes the right thing to do is the hardestThe chemistry between these two was electric and sizzling and you can't help but fall in love with Rance and Keegan the other two McKettrick men that encourage their relationship and even push some buttons to make Jesse get off his duff and realize a few things Overall I enjoyed the story very much and if you're looking for some sexy cowboys this is the series for you The other two books were eually engaging

  8. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    I haven't read this series in order but have enjoyed every one I have read Jesse's a good man who refuses to see that he needs a family to love Cheyenne has been in love with Jesse ever since she was a pre teen Watching them move through falling in love is joyous from an eHarleuincom community member review read HERE

  9. Stacie Stacie says:

    This was about a man who does not work because he is a rich man from family money He plays poker and works around his ranch house with horses The woman he falls in love with is someone who grew up with her father suandering the family cash on gambling However the book never deals with this couples glaring issues

  10. Michelle Frollo Michelle Frollo says:

    Felt like the descriptions were very slim I felt frustrated as the story line continued This could have been a good book in my opinion but just lacked the detail that makes a person become fully engrossed in a book To add a note to the audio version Mispronunciations are very annoying Was it a Escalad? Don't know what type of car that is or an Escalade?

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