Paperback ↠ First Strike PDF å

Paperback ↠ First Strike PDF å

First Strike ❰Download❯ ➽ First Strike Author Eric S. Nylund – The Human Covenant war rages on as the alien juggernaut sweeps inexorably toward its final goal destruction of all human life Halo has been destroyed and the threat it posed to sentient life neutraliz The Human Covenant war rages on as the alien juggernaut sweeps inexorably toward its final goal destruction of all human life Halo has been destroyed and the threat it posed to sentient life neutralized But victory has come at a terrible cost for the UNSC Thousands of valiant soldiers fell in the battle to prevent the alien construct from falling into the enemy’s clutches Now everything depends on the Spartan known as the “Master Chief” Yet even with the aid of the artificial intelligence Cortana the Master Chief will be hard pressed to rescue survivors and evade the Covenant ships patrolling the remains of Halo in debris strewn space Ahead lies a dangerous voyage home through a gauntlet of Covenant forces For the sake of all the Master Chief and his war torn suad must not only survive but take the fight to the enemy with a decisive First StrikeThis novel is based on a Mature rated video gameBungie Halo Xbox the Microsoft Game Studios logo and the Xbox Logos are registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States andor other countries Used under license © Microsoft Corporation All Rights Reserved.

  • Paperback
  • 352 pages
  • First Strike
  • Eric S. Nylund
  • English
  • 05 March 2014
  • 9780345467812

10 thoughts on “First Strike

  1. Ben Brown Ben Brown says:

    Two books and one video game into my deep dive into the “Halo” canon and color me impressed this really is a strikingly well realized universe The way that Eric Nylund structures “First Strike” is pretty interesting – it serves as both a direct follow up to the events of the first “Halo” game as well as being what’s ostensibly Part 2 of a single broader narrative that Nylund started in his first novel “The Fall of Reach which was set BEFORE the events of the first game The fact that “First Strike” manages to work as an individual story AND as another chapter in the ongoing “Halo” narrative is a testament to Nylund’s storytelling abilities Bring on “Halo 2”

  2. Mackenzie Riccardi Mackenzie Riccardi says:

    A lot of people play games for the killing but others like the story People who have played the game Halo for the story should read Halo First Strike and the other halo books by Eric Nyluno This book Halo First Strike and the others are about the famous super soldiers called Spartan IIs that are hopelessly defending the Human race from the evil Covenant and finding an ancient super weapon called Halo This is a great book to read because the plot is interesting the conflict is simplistic exciting and the writing style is easy to follow All the halo books take place in the fictional future about 500 years This book begins and ends in the year 2552 near the end of the Human Covenant war Super human soldiers called Spartan IIs were created before the war to help uell a rebellion but by the time they were battle ready the Human Covenant war was in full swing So they were deployed across the Human Empire By 2552 the Covenant found the first Inner colony Reach This is where this book starts aboard a ship called the Pillar of Autumn Their leader Master Chief is split between sending his teams down to save the planet and securing Navigation data on a satellite that could lead the Covenant to earth He decides to split the team so they can do both When getting the Navigation data all the Spartans on that team die except Master Chief When he gets back to the ship he and the ship’s crew assume the other team is dead and flee What Master Chief doesn’t know is that the other team is still on the planet The conflict is very simple It is man VS man or man VS supernatural depending on who you ask To be specific Humans VS the collection of evil aliens called the Covenant It always stays like this throughout most other books in the halo series The Covenant is always shown as the greatest evil ever Even the fearless Master Chief is “tensed as he watched the Covenant crowding on the galleries”Nylund 200 The basic rule when near Master Chief is that when he is “tensed” you better be scared This type of conflict is simple because you don’t uestion weather the bad guy is really bad or not Most halo books have the same type of writing style This style is what most people call the “godly” third person view The idea behind the godly view is that the narrator knows everything what they are thinking what the enemy is thinking everything “Dr Halsey concentrated on Kelly’s internal scan” 124 This uote shows that the narrator knows what everyone is thinking but is still talking in third person because “I” is never said Halo often switches between two different but connecting stories One page the narrator is talking about “Fred’s head up display and he saw a Covenant Wraith tank” 21 the next chapter “the Master Chief settled into the pilot’s seat of the Longsword attack craft”30 Switching between stories gives the reader a greater understanding of the big picture In these ways the halo series set themselves apart from other sci fi action books This book and the other halo books are excellent to read because the story line is exciting the common adventure theme is easy to read and the way he writes is interesting and simple to follow The constant action makes you want to read It’s easy to follow and goes hand in hand with the “godly” writing style to make a great book for sci fi and action fans alike If you ever want to know about the halo story read this and all the other books

  3. Chris Gordon Chris Gordon says:

    Halo First Strike is the third novel in the original Halo novel trilogy taking place immediately after Halo The Flood and Halo Combat Evolved and right before Halo 2 For many fans of the Halo video games that time period in between the first two Halo games was always one of the franchise's greatest mysteries – Sgt Johnson even relays that that information was “classified” in Halo 2 and so it was never mentioned in any of the games since After Halo Combat Evolved so many things happened the Covenant found Earth Sgt Johnson was alive and well Master Chief got a new set of MJOLNIR armor and new Covenant forces were introduced on the battlefield For those like myself who had always wondered how such drastic changes took place between these two Halo games this is the book for you; most of your answers will be answered in this novelmost but not allOne of my biggest gripes with Halo First Strike is how it attempts to tell the untold story of the interim time between the first two Halo games yet it stops just short of giving us all the answers despite being the last in the original book trilogy Since no further books were planned at the time having an ending as ambiguous as the one this book gave us is truly dumbfounding to me I was not lying when I said that most of your uestions would be answered by this book but it will also leave you with an entirely new set of uestions immediately afterwards Basically we trade one mystery for another arguably interesting mystery I won't divulge exactly what prompts these new sets of uestions so as not to spoil the story but the ending leaves uite a significant hole in the Halo trilogy of books and games that will always irk me when thinking about it Hopefully future Halo novels clear things up but since this was supposed to be the end of a trilogy I would have expected all loose ends to have been tied up by now rather than having crop up in their steadOne thing I noticed about the Halo book trilogy is that each book's title references something major in the Halo universe on which their plots are predicated – the destruction of the Human colony of Reach in Halo The Fall of Reach; the outbreak of the parasitic Flood in Halo The Flood – and although Halo First Strike falls into that category as well I felt that ultimately what took place in this novel was nowhere near as significant or impactful to the Halo universe as those other two novels' plots Despite what the title would suggest the operation in uestion First Strike does not take place until the very last section of the book which consists of only a handful of chapters; the rest of the book preceding this section acts as build up to this moment and establishing chapters for all the characters and locations Now none of this would be much of a problem if I thought that Operation First Strike was as huge a moment in the Master Chief's saga as the destruction of Halo or losing planet Reach to the Covenant Alas nearly everything about the main plot of this book is thrown by the wayside as soon as Halo 2 rolls around making these supposedly major events in the book nothing than a detour to the main action I find this to be very disappointing because the stakes were so high in this novel – stakes exceeding or on par with the previous two novels – that it becomes sad to realize that very little of what happens here carries on in the games Perhaps future books made use of these events but since this was originally meant to be the last in a trilogy of books I found it to be a semi lackluster end for a franchise as formerly great as Halo I said this was a semi lackluster entry but only because of its significance in the grand scheme of things As far as entertainment value this is definitely a great read throughout Everything from the introduction of so many new and great characters and the further development of returning characters like the Master Chief to the epic set pieces where tremendous battles take place and the emotional weight of the story Halo First Strike is rivaled only by Halo The Fall of Reach in its storytelling Truly Eric Nylund was made to write for this series which is a far cry for what I can say about William C Diets author of the excruciatingly average Halo The Flood Unlike the previous novel in this series there is nary a dull moment of which to speak; the constant action is reminiscent of that found in the video games which makes me wish that this book was adapted into a mainline Halo game With the baffling direction that the latest Halo games have been taking these days they would be fools not to utilize great stories like these from their past to bolster their newest entries My favorite aspect of this novel is easily the characters both new and old Of course the Master Chief is present throughout and I felt like this was a return of the complex character introduced in Halo The Fall of Reach In Halo The Flood the Master Chief was barely anything than a cold unfeeling killing machine with only a few sporadic emotions and free thoughts sprinkled in here and there Thankfully Nylund knows how to write this character perfectly balancing his drive to kill with his desire to protect everyone around him beautifully The new characters were also written very well and I felt like these were characters I could get used to reading about in future books Each one brought a uniue perspective to the plot having their own motivations and reasons for fighting and they worked well in the context of the story Some of the most interesting moments of the novel included long stretches of dialogue between all the character because there was so much personality brimming from each line thanks to the diversity of character types Admittedly some character tropes were a bit cliché like the tough guy who is always itching to kill something but none were so egregiously stereotypical that I ever felt annoyed by these exaggerated traits Overall the characterization in Halo First Strike is top notch for a Halo novel and will surely impress even the most ardent Halo fans With such great writing present this time around I was a bit let down that the Covenant perspective was virtually absent in this novel I will give Halo The Flood credit for actually exploring this intriguing aspect of the Halo universe something that was not done seriously until Halo 2 Though a disappointment I am at least glad that a vast majority of the time and attention was paid exclusively to the human side of this event reminding readers how dire the Human Covenant War truly is when people without super human enhancements and power armor are so intimately involved More so than in other Halo novels or frankly even other Halo games Halo First Strike delves deeply into the idea that every single life has immeasurable value in this war even that belonging to a lowly marine Every death has weight in this novel whereas the games and other books can easily kill off a handful of characters without so much as missing a stride in storytelling I appreciate that this book stressed the importance of fighting for every last person's lifeIn the end your opinions about this book will boil down to where your priorities for reading a Halo book lie If you are the type of Halo fan looking for major revelations about the Halo universe that would impact future titles you may be left wanting However if you are inclined to just sit back and enjoy whatever the book throws at you then I think you will have a much better experience with this novel overall Halo First Strike offers very little in the way of universe building at least to any significant degree but where it falters in that regard it excels elsewhere in storytelling and characterization This is a highly enjoyable Halo novel one that should not be overlooked merely because of its smaller scope overall Though it had some problems Halo First Strike is a must read for die hard Halo fans

  4. Dirk Grobbelaar Dirk Grobbelaar says:

    This book kicks off with two story arcs being continuations of the events depicted in both The Fall of Reach and Halo The Flood As such the first three novels in the Halo series form a fairly cohesive whole There are a few reasonably spectacular action seuences especially the events concerning Master Chief in the early chapters of the book However that's about as good as it gets this time round A few new characters are introduced but I didn't particularly care much about any of them or what happened to them Even some of the familiar characters were written a bit weak this time round For example in The Fall of Reach Nylund took pains to flesh out Master Chief's character development Not so this time round Master Chief only follows orders Master Chief is a military poster boy Master Chief is apparently unable to think or reason for himself Oh and Master Chief is extremely lucky Still it's not a major problem considering If you're a Halo fan or looking for a tactical military sci fi roller coaster ride you could do worse than the Halo booksI will probably continue following the series as I am VERY keen to see what Greg Bear is going to do with the source material He is the author of a new Halo novel titled Halo Cryptum being the first in a trilogy A real hard sci fi author and a fascinating universe It can only be good

  5. Tina Tina says:

    I really enjoyed this book but I can't remember anything about it It's not because the book was forgettable but because half an hour after reading it I suffered a mild concussion and I seriously cannot rememeber A THING about the novel I remember I really enjoyed that other Spartans were found and that they had distinct personalities at least Kelly Fred and Linda anyway and the action scenes were uick paced and realistic they actually run out of ammo uite a bit unlike in The Flood where MC kills thousands of those creatures and never runs out Does he dispense it like pez out of his helmet or something? Sheesh Oh and I recall that the inclusion of other non Spartan soldiers was a nice touch as well I especially liked the tragic romance between Locklear and Polaski Memory loss aside I flew through this novel and it was a lot of fun

  6. Justin Schafer Justin Schafer says:

    I liked this book because it had fighting in it and battle plus its about one of my favorite video game series Master Chief needs to get him and his team with the Covenant vessel with the crystal before the covenant reach earth and destroy humanity Id recommend this book to someone who likes action and adventure but lots of action

  7. The Fog Witch (Nikki) The Fog Witch (Nikki) says:

    This book was very refreshing after the underwhelming slog that was The Flood Mr Nylund writes the Halo stories I want to readPlus Sgt Johnson 3Master Chief is back to true form and is no longer a knuckle dragging gun happy 'derp' that he was in The Flood No endless descriptions of ammo that never ends no uninspired and recycled battle scenes and no stereotypical military jargon spewing just because it's a 'military' bookWe begin the story with John and Cortana essentially stranded after the destruction of Halo He soon finds allies and we are treated with all kinds of lovely character development Along the course of the novel Master Chief works with various members of the UNSC all of whom are well fleshed out for a relatively short book and his fellow Spartans All the interactions felt realAll the action scenes were fun and well paced Including view spoilerthe story of Reach's survivors and their rescue commandeering a Covenant flagship plenty of space battles including one in Slipspace and then taking the fight directly to the bulk of the Covenant fleet hide spoiler

  8. Melisa Ramonda Melisa Ramonda says:

    SPANISH ESSSSSSELENTE ENGLISH SPARTANS never dieAnd apparently they never eat sleep go to the bathroom or shower in weeks either I like Eric Nylund's writing on this universe VERY MUCH because he knows his trade and you can see that he likes these characters and respects them He knows these characters This is the MC I want to read about obviously Anyway although I liked this book incredibly much sometimes I open my eyes and wonder about how unbelievable some situations are not much for the wounds we know these guys are super soldiers and they were made to take it I really don't care about how many times the Chief eats or sleeps but it would be realistic at least to mention it from time to time There's only so much you can do with your stomach empty Alas sleep deprivation it's a really really bad thing No wonder why this guy gets grumpy PI understand that not mentioning these things helps to settle that atmosphere about the SPARTANS being trained to be efficient war machines but come on Although seeing how long it takes to attach or deattach pieces ofthe MJOLLNIR armor maybe I'll hold my piss too IDKI loved this book I devoured it just as I did with Fall of Reach and I'm going straight forward into Ghosts of Onyx so wish me luck I know GOO characters are different but hey it's Mr Eric Nylund I'm sure I'll have funPD In this book I think John has a thing for Linda xD he's just too aware of her something that doesn't happen with Kelly

  9. Michael Michael says:

    This is the 3rd book in the Halo series This one is by Eric Nylund In this one Halo has been destroyed and the Master Chief is searching for survivors After finding a drop ship with several survivors including Linda a Spartan who was placed in cryo suspension after a serious injury he returns to Reach to search for survivors there and finds that of his Spartan team along with Dr Halsey have survived deep in an underground base After a harrowing rescue they learn that the Covenant's fleet is massing around a distant star with a huge repair and supply base in preparation for an attack on Earth The Master Chief decides to make a first strike against the Covenant in order to give Earth time to prepare it's defenses even though he knows that it is probably a suicide mission for himself and his team This is a great example of Military Science Fiction and I recommend it to fans of Halo and of Eric Nylund

  10. Marcus V Marcus V says:

    The book First Strike By Eric S Nylund centers in on the time gap spanning Halo Combat Evolved and Halo 2 The novel is centered around the storys of the spartans John the master chief and Fred The story tells the duel tale of how the Master Chief survived the reckage of Halo and reunited with the UNSC and also how Fred and the rest of his team got off the vanuished fortress world Reach The Author is very adept at piecing together the narratives while staying true to the Halo lore and all of the games that these novels concern Never shying away from near suicidal plans Master Chief manages to hijack a covenant flagship reunite with his team and capture a space bending crystal and finally blow up a covenant resupply station and a fleet of five hundered ships bound for earth The book never veers from intence combat like all Halo novels Grace hit the floor and rolled away plasma bolts sizzled over their heads and the Master Chief's shield drained as a shot hit too close The barrage turned several of the blue tiles around him into a crater of blackened glass 228 The novel also is very good about making sure to imerse the reader in the depth and technology of the Halo universe There a jump to the Lambda Serpentis system to gather tritium gas for their reactors And there another jump to the Hawking system to meet with three dozen carriers and effect a transfer of seraph fighters 240 I would personally recomend this book to anyone who read the firts two books or anyone who has played combat eveolved and halo 2 and has been wondering what happened in the middle This book is an exelent read but only in my opinion will people who have read the first two books really appreciate this one and that's fine it's the third book in a trilogy

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