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  1. Bradley Bradley says:

    I'm afraid that I won't be able to review this book as seriously as I originally intended I wanted to read it as an adventure and a novel of chase because that's how it felt but I got sidetracked by alienish and outright aliens being bred in the bowels of the generation ship I wanted to get waylaid by Tristan the toolbox the necromancer and the fragment of our big bad angel from Dust but I'm afraid I was distractedIt could be because the novel was a departure from the excellent setup from the first in the trilogy and perhaps it is because the main actors from Dust were forced into cerebral and sendentary roles Perhaps I wanted a smarter overmind incorporating the pizazz of the angels from beforeUnfortunately the novel felt like it was suffering from the same problem as the ship It was outrunning a supernova but it had no idea where it wanted to go I know it sounds rather damning but that's my take and the characters within go and hunt for a reason or an engineer to take them by the hand and just go astrogateWe do get it by the end with the help of leviathan but it felt like a whimper than a bang The first novel was much better Fortunately I'm still riding the supernova of the first novel so I haven't given up on the trilogy I'll take on Grail right away and pray it picks up againIn the spirit of full disclosure I do have to let everyone know that this novel is going to suffer in my mind because I devoured a singularly fantastic book during the reading of this one The problem is simple I've suddenly had to rearrange my favorite top 3 books of all time to make room for Raphael Carter's Fortunate Fall This out of print book was a complete unknown to me but it STILL has an iron grip on my mind and makes me look at EVERYTHING else in a poorer light It's not fair to the books that come after or in this case during because it's become almost impossible to be objectiveThis is also the best reason I can give for continuing on to the third book in good faith

  2. Jeanne Jeanne says:

    Elizabeth Bear's Chill is the second in her Jacob's Ladder series I described the first in this series as part of a freuently disorienting occasionally downright trippy always original and thoughtful trilogy Chill was less disorienting – except in terms of tracking who the 12 15 central characters were they included siblings of a super family of Exalt good and bad angels AI projections necromancers re evolved creatures baby mammoths and giant carnivorous orchidsI enjoyed Dust but Chill seemed to come together better It faced the evil in the world named it and attempted to rebuild a better one Caitlin one daughter in the Conn family when faced with a horrifying decision made by the Builders perhaps us? considered the description of the decision as cynical Cynical What a comforting euphemism to mean deception betrayal the treacherous use of the faith of hundreds of thousands to lure them to their deaths Kindle 3687Trust appears in the text 45 times and was a rare but growing commodityWill you accept a suirt?” Easier and faster than speech to allow the angel to simply inject the knowledge into his head Riskier too—all sorts of things could come concealed in such code Benedick nodded nevertheless choosing to trust Trust the angel trust the Captain his daughter Trust the world that cradled his bones Kindle 1608Love was dangerous but fruitful You did not love an angel to be safe or in the interests of survival or even because you thought the angel might ever love you back You did not love an angel because you thought you could tame an angel change it make it safe You loved an angel because to love an angel was to touch something larger than yourself and because the process of that touch enlarged you as well Kindle 3198 In Dust the characters were either good or bad while in Chill they were nuanced In one scene Tristen meets his great granddaughter the priestess of the land that his team was travelling through and judged for his crimes by being forced to face them He told her Death is not the only justice I paid for my sins before you met me Lady of the Edenites I am well acuainted with my monstrosities And I have long since learned to live with them which is harder” She responded Good enough if unsatisfying Kindle 3379 To me this is a satisfying conclusion than manyHis sister Arianrhod the most obviously evil member of the family is caught at the end She was released Cynric yet another sister arguing What has she done that's worse than you or me? Kindle 4309 Fair enoughThis series reminds me of Zelazny's Prince of Amber series although the tone is very different There the demi god siblings killed each other at a drop of a hat and often joked In Chill their ship has just escaped apparent apocalypse There are fewer opportunities to laughIf I were to ask for one thing I would ask for a genealogy – or an activated X Ray feature on my Kindle – especially as the Conn family was complicated intermarried long lived and might take different forms across time Tracking their relationships was often difficult In fact I probably misidentified some relationships in this review Mea culpa

  3. Jason Jason says:

    2 StarsThis book is barely a 2 star read after a decent start with book 1 Dust Very little happens in this book and the characters that made book 1 great are reduced down to paper thin shells I was bored at times reading this and am truly shocked that I pushed through to the endElizabeth Bear is an amazing author that writes great science fiction but this book was not up to par It is going to be tough to finish this series

  4. Phoenixfalls Phoenixfalls says:

    WARNING No spoilers for Chill but plenty of spoilers for DustChill picks up almost directly after Dust ended when the ship is reeling from the nova blast and the crew is reeling from all of the deaths particularly Rien's sacrifice to bring the new angel an AI integrating all of the splinter AIs that developed when the ship broke down centuries before into existence Perceval is now captain but she is barely functional as she deals with her grief and there is an enormous power vacuum that the remaining Exalts of Rule and Engine both those for and against Perceval's captaincy are scrambling to fill And while the AIs have all been integrated into the new angel it is bothered by enormous black spaces in its awareness of the ship due either to damage or enemy machinationsAnd then a very dangerous prisoner escapes so two teams one led by Tristen the other by Benedick are sent in pursuitThe plot is made up entirely by that pursuit and I found that choice disappointing The entire plot of Dust was Perceval and Rien fleeing through the fascinating landscape of the half ruined ship; to have the entire plot of this one be another chase through a now much familiar landscape just seemed repetitive There are a couple new and exciting set pieces particularly a scene involving massive intelligent fungi doing something deliciously unexpected but ultimately I felt a bit let down by Bear's imagination What stood out most about Dust for me was how gloriously imaginative the world building was; with that thrill behind me this was just another SF action novelOr would have been were it not for the charactersIf there was one flaw in Dust it was that all of the characters were ciphers to me for 23 of the novel Not so here Dust and Chill ended up being mirror images of each other the first all ideas and no character development; the second few new ideas but wonderful complex characters with long histories and complicated relationships The chase plot is really just window dressing for internal character driven action as the characters left standing after Dust figure out who they want to be in this new worldUnfortunately window dressing or not the chase plot was still there and it reuired a resolution and that resolution was something of a deus ex machina It also left a pretty significant plot thread dangling as this is the middle book of a trilogy But for these characters I would forgive a great deal than that

  5. Jacqie Jacqie says:

    I think the first book in the series Dust was a stronger book It may have been too long since I read that one until I read this one I had a hard time remembering all the characters and family history The first book had of a sense of wonder with the movement through the ship The main characters from the first book are mostly not seen and I had a hard time transferring my interest to the new characters This book is basically one big long chase scene interspersed with lots of character angst and family drama Exploring the shipworld wasn't uite as fresh It looks like a lot of set up for the third book which may have story to it Although there were a lot of efforts at building tension really I had a hard time believing in deadly danger facing these superhuman characters It may just be a case of middle book syndrome and the series may be dynamic in the next book

  6. Jason Lang Jason Lang says:

    Dust was a fantastic novel that reminded me of Wolfe's Dying Sun series Couched in mythicfantasy language but set far in the future Chill is Dust's seuel and sadly not as good as it's preuelThe world ship Jacob's Ladder has suffered some cataclysm which has left it adrift The crew is at war with each other inside the broken hull After a enforced peace breaks out at the end of Dust the ship sets out again after 500 years Now crippled by damage low on resources the crew must deal with tough decisions And then it looks like someone or something is sabotaging the shipThis book feels both short as in it hasn't covered much ground and rushed as in the final chapter or two and the big reveal all crammed into a chapter or two It feels like she had to pad the middle parts of the novel to expand the book out and then had an editor cut off the last couple of chapters Bear has done great novels but sadly it seems like her seuels always suffer

  7. MA MA says:

    Had absolutely no idea what was going on in the first book Too many names too many new ideas too much description that made it difficult to tell what was metaphor and what was actually happening I picked up the second book mostly just hoping to figure out what happened in the first one Ooh I get it now I will probably go re read Dust now that I have a better idea Because for all my complaining Bear's prose is SO GORGEOUS that I can't not read her books even when I am completely lost And her metaphors are so fabulous that I can't not enjoy the hell out of the books even when I am completely lost

  8. bronwyn bronwyn says:

    AUUUUGGHHHHHH there is NO reason that these books should be such a slog but WHAT A SLOG They are chock full of concepts and ideas and “WHOA” moments but have no depth and no coherence and are as a result painfully boring despite being made from fantastic materials I’m so mad I spent the better part of a month unable to finish this instead of reading something else WHAT A WASTE

  9. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    This is definitely a second book in the series not that you can tell that from the cover which must have been annoying for some people As such there are spoilers for the first book DustChill picks up only hours after the end of Dust Tristen Conn awakens in an acceleration tank after the colony ship has had to accelerate at drastic rates to escape a supernova The first part of the story therefore follows the experiences of Tristen Caitlin Benedick and Perceval as they accustom themselves to their new roles new relationships and in Perceval's case new status They do not do this unhampered of course because Arianrhod she whose actions contributed significantly to the disasters of Dust is also abroad and again contributing to chaos Much of the novel is in fact concerned with chasing Arianrhod with Tristen and Benedick's desires for vengeance running hot As they do so they encounter new areas of their worldship Jacob's Ladder that both broaden and confuse their understanding of the world and its purposeThere is a lot of chasing in this book; a lot of running some hiding the occasional ambush One conseuence for the reader is in demonstrating the sheer size of the ship However this is not done as well as I would have liked as Bear shows little interest in emphasising the size or making it feel as seriously large as it must be This is problematic because without it I couldn't help but feel that Tristen Benedick and their companions were doing little than running through corridors either aimlessly or only to advance the plot by allowing them to meet new and difficult characters Although they clearly have a destination or for most of the story an objective it did make the book feel a bit like it was running on the spot On the other hand they do meet new and interesting characters just wait for the orchids and in the process we learn about the characters especially Tristen the history of the Conns and the worldship Not uite enough that everything makes sense and I still have some trouble with the Conn family tree which makes things a bit confusing sometimes but enough that some pieces from Dust begin to fall into place and other conclusions are suggestedMore is learnt about the Conns and the worldship through those who stay behind too Caitlin Chief Engineer doing what she does best learns all sort of interesting and uncomfortable things from the resurrected Jsutien once an Astrogator Meanwhile Perceval who has had hardly any time to come to grips with the fact that her sister love Rien has been subsumed into the new world angel is forced to start acting as Captain which means interacting with the new angel whether she likes it or not Despite her preeminence in Dust and her new role as Captain Perceval actually doesn't appear as much as I had anticipated here in Chill This lack contributed to my feeling somewhat unfulfilled by the novel as a whole Even when she was the focus of particular sections the reader is not given the same access to Perceval as in the first book This is not a result of shifting focus; this actually contributes to the pace and excitement of the story I think as well as its richness Instead it felt like Bear wasn't sure how to deal with the new Perceval and that she was interested in the chase scenes Perceval's scenes felt a bit cursoryIt might sound as if I didn't enjoy this book very much but that's actually not true I like the characters and especially learning about Tristen and Benedick who were fairly opaue in Dust Bear does some interesting things with the worldship as a whole and although she doesn't always see them through offering them as tantalising possibilities I'm hoping that the third book Grail will bring things to a magnificent conclusion I generally enjoy Bear's dialogue and her descriptive passages as well So I'm definitely going to read the third book

  10. Nick Nick says:

    A funky mix of medieval knights uesting through an incredible artificial space faring habitatI had no idea what to expect this is one of many 'second book in the series' that I've received as gifts They normally sit on the shelf until I've found the first one However our book stacks are getting ridiculous and my current system is just reading the next book on the heap I didn't feel I was missing much though the characters are suffering from their extended histories and the disasters of the first book This is fixing it afterwards and preventing further chaosIt's a beautiful world that Bear has created full of nanotechnology and weird whimsy It reminded me powerfully of Brian Aldiss' 'Hothouse' one of my favourite books about the far future and the bizarre fruits of evolution All the characters were fun and I feel I'd like to know them better so I may still seek out the first volume 'Dust' Bear's use of Angels as the AIs and the complex multitude of personalities and histories wrapped in all the characters made for great intrigue and depth Basilisks yes Mammoths yes Intelligent carnivorous plants yes Since it is primarily a uest tale there is a lot of walking and thinking with most of the real action right at the end That gives it a slightly odd pace but it worked perfectly for me and I was delighted throughout

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Chill [Ebook] ➩ Chill Author Elizabeth Bear – Sometimes the greatest sin is survivalThe generation ship Jacob’s Ladder has barely survived cataclysms from without and within Now riding the shock wave of a nova blast toward an uncertain destiny Sometimes the greatest sin is survivalThe generation ship Jacob’s Ladder has barely survived cataclysms from without and within Now riding the shock wave of a nova blast toward an uncertain destiny the damaged ship—the only world its inhabitants have ever known—remains a war zone Even as Perceval the new captain struggles to come to terms with the traumas of her recent past the remnants of rebellion aboard the ship still threaten the crew’s survivalYet as Perceval’s relatives Tristen and Benedick play a deadly game of cat and mouse in pursuit of a traitor through a vast ship that is renewing itself in strange and dangerous ways an even insidious threat is building in a place no one ever thought to look And this implacable enemy could change the face of the ship forever if a ragtag band of heroes cannot stop it.