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  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    Warning gifs spoilersPlease understand that I love old school gothic romance as a genre It's difficult to make me DNF a paperback like this let alone rate it one star But thisno The Devil in Crystal is what happens when gothics go horribly wrongFirst we've got a narrator who contributes absolutely nothing She's hired as a companion to some isolated matriarch that is she's handed a thinly veiled excuse to be nosy wander the countryside to engage in boring ass conversations with an endless parade of talking head fillers Her passive approach to everything complete with repetitive inner monologues about so called proper behavior made me want to pitch the book across the room The greatest crime in this vein? An overreactive portrayal of Victorian social norms to excuse the heroine from having any intelligent conversations with male characters thereby building suspense Or somethingAs if a drab milksop utterly forgettable narrator wasn't enough combined with god knows how many half understood conversations that she overhears by accident we have one of the lamest love triangles I've ever read One of these dudes is a generic cipher of Handsome Mysterious Virility he makes the heroine's hormones go into overdrive Of course He's an American after allThe other male isn't so much a love interest as a wet blanket o' DOOM I lack the words to describe how utterly ridiculous Damian is Seriously He's not onscreen for a single page without sobbing in overwrought sorrow screaming about ghosts that torment his waking hours or wait for it literally howling at the rafters in uncontrollable angst This dude didn't need medication so much as acting lessons Yes howling at the rafters I shit you notThe plot itselfbarf There was some stupid ass smuggling mystery There was some lol worthy black cat that wouldn't scare Scooby Doo And there was some cliched rubbish about Damian's dead ex aka a blatant Rebecca ripoffSo there it is It's too late for me but you can still save yourself the time effort hair pulling You're welcome And now please excuse me I need to go lick my woundsJunk food The White ueen Scud will do nicely thanks

  2. Misfit Misfit says:

    45 stars I shivered It was not as I had expected; it seemed too cold and haughty to promise a warm welcomeAmity Lucas is hired as companion to Regina Fairfax the mistress of Mallory Keep in Yorkshire Regina bears a horrible scar on her face and never leaves the keep so Amity is a welcome addition to the household The master of Mallory Keep is Regina's brother Damien but he is so emotionally damaged from a love affair gone horribly wrong that all his time is spent in prayer to his lost love or wandering the moors at night leaving his sister to run the ancient manor It doesn't take long before things start going bump in the night in a really big way but I don't want to spoil the ride by spilling all the beans I'll just uote a bit to whet your appetite I had meant to tell him so much of the sounds in the east wing of dead Rachel's shrine the cry of a dead woman's voice of the diary in the writing room and of the fearful cat that lay in waitOh that black cat There are some whose spirits haunt the world before death and Damian is one He is mad you know crazedThis book has just about everything you could want in a gothic and makes Victoria Holt look like a second fiddle A ghost or is there a ghost? smuggling hidden passages a hidden tomb slight spoilerview spoiler not fun getting locked in there with those dead people hide spoiler

  3. Kagama-the Literaturevixen Kagama-the Literaturevixen says:

    This books blurb lied to meIts the victorian era Amity Lucas has arrived in Yorkshire to take up her post as a companion to Regina MalloryAs she is trudging up to the house a man on horseback nearly rides her down JANE EYRE and acts very rude blaming her for the near accidentWhen he hears shes to become companion to the lady at Mallory Keep he gets even angrier and gallops offAmity continues to the keep where she meets her employer who is surprisingly a Young lady but with a disfiguring scar across her faceShe also learns that the man on horseback was Damian Malloryher employers brother and master of Mallory KeepMaster in name only as he suffered a tragic love affair and distraught over this prefers to wander the moors for days at a timeSo its left to his sister to handle the actual estate matters Its best to keep out of Damians way reallyImmedietaly after her arrival she starts to notice that mysterious things are going onWhy are the maid and one of the stable grooms whispering in corners and going off mysteriously at times? And further who is or was Rachel and whats the deal with the awful black cat Amity keeps seeing?This has all the hallmarks of a gothicFamily haunted by a curse? checkDark brooding guy? checksecrets and moors checkBut the trouble is that it has so many of the gothic tropes it gets uite ridicilous and its highlighted when Amity meets the local vicar and he starts babbling on about all the totally HORRIBLE and CURSED events and places in the neighbourhoodAmity barely bats an eyelid at this and thats one of the problems with her characterShe is to Placidtoo lifelessShe just drifts along and for a companion does very little companioning well its a good excuse for an author to Place their heroine on a moor in a damp keep But despite this we are supposed to Believe she and Regina have gotten SO CLOSE Just felt like lazy writing But as I said Before the blurb is so so misleading and intentionally so because even though much is made of view spoilerheroine and the demonic master of the keep Damianthey dont fall in love Instead heroine starts to fall for some super bland guy who appears claiming to be a relative of the MallorysMind you Regina tries to hook up Amity and her brother by insisting they get married so Amity can save Damian from his own demonsTurns out he was a catholic priest who got seduced by the Beautiful but bad Rachel leading to him despising himself and her getting pregnant and dying in childbirthWich didnt help his mental wellbeing so muchThen at the end of the book Damian has a hissy fit and starts a fire wich leads his death hide spoiler

  4. Julz Julz says:

    This was a big cheesy cliche which didn't go as I expected but scratched my itch More later maybe probably not

  5. Hafiza Hafiza says:

    Another Gothic from the 70's From Open Library

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The Devil in Crystal ❰Read❯ ➲ The Devil in Crystal Author Erica Lindley – WITH THIS FEAR I DO THEE WEDBeautiful young Amity Lucas came to the isolated Yorkshire manor of Mallory Keep as ignorant of its grim past as she was innocent of the ways and wiles of evilBut all too s WITH THIS FEAR I DO THEE WEDBeautiful young Amity Lucas came to the isolated Yorkshire manor of Mallory Keep as ignorant of its grim past as she was innocent of the The Devil ePUB ↠ ways and wiles of evilBut all too soon terrifying knowledge was thrust upon herIn the yellowing pages of a forbidden manuscript Amity learned of the fate that awaited a woman in this fortress of the proud and doom haunted Fairfax clanIn the iron strong arms of its demonically driven master she discovered the power of a passion that would not be deniedAnd on the eve of her wedding to a bridegroom who had destroyed her defenses she realized that love could be another word for terror.