Between Wyomings: My God and an iPod on the Open Road MOBI

Between Wyomings: My God and an iPod on the Open Road MOBI

Between Wyomings: My God and an iPod on the Open Road ✴ [BOOKS] ⚡ Between Wyomings: My God and an iPod on the Open Road By Ken Mansfield ✾ – Sometimes the distance between your mind and your heart adds up to three months 10000 miles and 30 years of rock and rollSure It's easy enough to say you trust God that you are a new creation complete Sometimes the distance My God Kindle Ø between your mind and your heart adds up to three months miles and years of rock and rollSure It's easy enough to say you trust God that you are a new creation Between Wyomings: eBook × completely severed from the old But as author and Grammy winning producer Ken Mansfield confesses sometimes it takes a change of scenery to move you beyond the mire of the past to a deeper intimate faithIn Between Wyomings Wyomings: My God Epub µ Mansfield embarks on an emblematic three month road trip determined to face off with the good the bad and the tragic of his life as a famed music producer to some of the biggest names in music history Wyomings: My God and an ePUB ↠ Along the journey Mansfield colorfully recounts classic events in music history and personal experiences with icons such as Waylon Jennings Dolly Parton Glen Campbell Roy Orbison Andy Williams Don Ho Willie Nelson―oh―and an Wyomings: My God and an ePUB ↠ obscure little band called The Beatles With insight and humility Mansfield chronicles years of his life in the LA London and Nashville music scenesA rare account filled with honesty hope and often hilarity Between Wyomings is an unforgettable story that will leave you wholly affected as Mansfield makes his way back home to the heart of God's love mercy and grace.

About the Author: Ken Mansfield

Ken Mansfield is My God Kindle Ø the former manager of the Beatles’ Apple Record Company and an award winning producer Ken is an ordained minister and public speaker who appears at churches and colleges across the nation.

10 thoughts on “Between Wyomings: My God and an iPod on the Open Road

  1. Matt Matt says:

    Am interesting ride along inside the head of Mansfield who produced rock and country albums for several companies over the past 40 years and was the head of the Beatles label Apple Records in America The artist stories are interesting in themselves but the powerful conclusion of this book is what makes it special There are times as you read that you will feel like Mansfield is a little self glorifyingthen he comes to the same conclusion in a touching down to earth revelation of what life is really about If you have an interest in classic rock andor the music business you'll really enjoy the book as the stories will be lost on anyone who doesn't know who the central figures are

  2. Crystal Crystal says:

    preview copy so I can blog about it for Thomas Nelson time to get readingDear God this book is long and tedious I'm only on page 154 out of 292 and I am really struggling to continue but I said I would so here goes another try rolls eyesOk six months later I am finished and here's my thoughts ugh I like travel narratives I like spiritual Christian reflections I even thought I would find the memories of an important person in the music industry interesting Well turns out that when you mix them all together in one self indulgent book I do not like any of them There was never enough information about any of the places he visited although the descriptions got better as he headed back into his home turf in the Northwestern US The Christian spiritual reminisces were weird musings example he says when he prays to Jesus it's like Jesus is sitting there right beside him and he can imagine seeing him Okay good for you dude and the musical memories? turns out that if they are the memories of someone who wasn't famous himself just someone behind the scenes and a lot of the memories are about groups I've never even heard of before being younger than the author by uite a few years it is just like one other review I read said like looking at someone else's yearbook In this case the yearbook of someone who is probably justifiably very proud of his accomplishments or is until the end of the book until he realizes they aren't important or something I really don't know I don't mean any personal insult to the author but I really did not like this book I would not have finished it at all if I had not agreed to read and review it for the publisher and as it was it took me absolutely months to force myself back to it and to the end I guess I like my travel narrative to be about travel not someone's personal issues or opinions definitely not nebulously swirled in with chapters of spiritual musings and arcane musical history and name dropping ick

  3. Britni Britni says:

    Ken Mansfield is a Grammy winning producer and author of multiple books about his experiences Between Wyomings is his newest book It follows him and his wife through a 3 month road trip down memory lane As they drive across the country visiting the places important to his life and listening to his iPod he relates stories from his experience in the music industry From stories about Ringo Starr coming over for Thanksgiving to helping Don Ho produce his best album and working with the Beatles for years Mansfield provides personal insights into the lives of the musicians and their somewhat famous producer Intertwined with these musical insights are meditations and reflections on Mansfield's relationship with God all written with musical termsI was fascinated by the writing in this book and its stories I'm a music person and I loved reading about the small details of how a particular song or album came together And about how a certain song playing on Mansfield's iPod made him remember a certain experience because I'm the same way I feel like almost every song is tied to a memory in some way and love to relive them through the music I also loved the intermingling of personal reflections and explanations of Mansfield's journey in finding God with the help of his wife Connie His writing throughout the book whether talking about God or music is written with musically elouent terms that read like a piece of great music is playedI couldn't put the book down because I wanted to learn about his life and adventures Thankfully the book is broken into small sections with stories laced into the individual sections so I could pick the book up read a section and do something else Overall I loved this book and will probably pick up his other books if given the chance I recommend this book to anyone that likes music and well written stories 4 stars

  4. Keiki Hendrix Keiki Hendrix says:

    “The revelation of God is whole and pulls our lives together The signposts of God are clear and point out the right road The life maps of God are right showing the way to joy The directions of God are plain and easy on the eyes” Psalm 197 8Setting the tone for his book Between Wyomings My God and an iPod on the Open Road Ken Mansfield with the above scripture The Message Bible at once captures your attentionRecounting his three month tour with his wife in their van affectionately named Moses Mansfield recounts reflects and relives his years in the music industryDescribing his writing style as a 'christian on acid' his statements are wildly imaginative pegging the mindset of the entertainment industry as we all imagine it to be somewhat disorganized but wondrously creative at the same timeMansfield recalls his life and moments with many of the entertainment industries most famous icons those who have shaped history such as Beach Boys the Beatles Dolly Parton Waylon Jennings Glen Campbell Roy Orbison Andy Williams Don Ho and Willie NelsonEspecially interesting to me were his discussion with God as he searched to make sense of his life This is the essence of his testimony as it is for all of us Describing God Mansfield writesOddly enough I think the big reason I love Him so much is because He doesn't always knock before He enters He loves to just storm into my deepest parts and start turning over tables clearing spaces and setting things freeThis is a very interesting and illuminating book written with great honesty and humor As you finish this book you may find yourself grabbing your iPod loading it up with a history of your life in 'music' and beginning a reflective story of your own

  5. Wendy Hines Wendy Hines says:

    Ken Mansfield is an author but he is also a Grammy winning record producer He has worked and rubbed elbows with the rich and famous sure but he didn't start out that wayBETWEEN WYOMINGS is his journey from a podunk town in Idaho where he grew up to the big cities of LA San Diego London and a few along the way As the journey goes along he shares some of his past with usKen has spent over thirty years on the road and now as he and his wife as settled down in a stationary home he is restless So he and his wife Connie go on a road trip that a little over three months retracing monumental steps in their livesI'm a big country music fan so a lot of his musings of his work with several big stars really caught my attention However it's sad but so happens too often that Ken let his success become his God It will take alot of walking alone before he walks WITH God Written in a style where the pages flowed seamlessly BETWEEN WYOMINGS will capture your attention draw you in and not let you go until the end Ken's book sends a powerful message but it's not preached to you it's real and that makes all the difference for me

  6. Michael Brown Michael Brown says:

    Between Wyomings My God and an iPod on the Open Road by Ken Mansfield is an interesting book part biography part spiritual memoir You ride along with Ken and his wife as they take a road trip cross country And like all trips you have your highs and your lows your exciting points and your “Are we there yet?” moments too You get an inside look into the music industry of the 1960’s and 1970’s with almost all the big name players at the time From Ringo jumping from house to house cutting turkey on Thanksgiving day You also see some sad points too and some very really funny parts tooAs you travel with Ken you see how God has changed him and his outlook on life Overall I would say this is a good book especially if you are a fan of music of the 60’s throughout the 90’s some big names and some not so big It could have been better I think 10000 miles was a little too long of a trip Yet overall it is an interesting journey with a man his God and an iPod full of music

  7. Holly Lee (Bellas Novella) Holly Lee (Bellas Novella) says:

    I had a totally different impression of this book based on the summary than I do now having read it I was born in the 80's so all that I know about the 60's I have learned from pop culture outlets Its difficult to read about a person hitting rock bottom especially as a result of a time and a culture that I haven't lived throughA lot of what the author writes is uite poetic He is excellent at describing events visually He can paint a full picture of a scene or event in his poetic prose His spirituality pours out on the pages I am not a spiritual person but I can usually appreciate and learn from reading about other peoples spirituality In this book I felt like I was being preached at rather than enlightenedI am sure that this is a good book just probably not for my age group or taste

  8. Sandra Stiles Sandra Stiles says:

    The was Ken Mansfield's look into his journey through life with and without God It is the story of a trip of discovery he his wife connie and their van Moses made across country Songs they are listening to bring back memories of his days in the music industry and the discovery he makes at the end of his journey This is definately a must read I am inspired to read his other two booksThe Beatles The Bible and Bodega Bay and The White Book I read this book a a book reviewerblogger for Thomas Nelson Publisher blogging program

  9. Michael Michael says:

    I am sure that I am not the person that is the targeted audience for this book I got in because I thought it was going to be like one of my favorite books Life is a Mix Tape Life and Loss One Song at a Time by Rob Sheffield where it would share how songs reminded a man of past events But it was a man talking about his walk with Jesus and tossing in some minor stories here and there that dealt with music

  10. David Ward David Ward says:

    Between Wyoming My God and iPod On the Open Road by Ken Mansfield Thomas Nelson Inc 2009 Biography Former Apple Records manager and later record producer for Waylon Jennings and other country music “outlaws” goes Christian Essays and reminiscences; the best thing about this book is the title My rating 210 finished 912010

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