The Philosopher Prince ePUB Ä The Philosopher

The Philosopher Prince ePUB Ä The Philosopher

The Philosopher Prince [Reading] ➻ The Philosopher Prince Author Paul Waters – 355AD In a late Roman world of ambitious bureaucrats and power hungry courtiers two young friends of the British nobility Drusus and Marcellus have fallen foul of the prevailing authority There is no AD In a late Roman world of ambitious bureaucrats and power hungry courtiers two young friends of the British nobility Drusus and Marcellus have fallen foul of the prevailing authority There is no place to hide no turning back They must face the irresistible might of the Roman state It seems a fight they cannot win For Drusus and Marcellus their only ally is the The Philosopher PDF/EPUB or young imperial prince Julian But Julian has troubles of his own his very success has made him hated by his uncle the emperor With spies and adversaries all about them they link their fate with Julian's in a life or death struggle that takes them from one end of the empire to the other and set themselves against the forces determined to crush them A novel of hope The Philosopher Prince is a story of human values pitted against the cold and calculating machine of an all powerful tyranny And at its heart a victim of the very forces he controls lies the emperor himself.

About the Author: Paul Waters

Paul Waters was born and schooled in England but says his real education did not begin until he was seventeen when he ran away to seaHe spent the next two years travelling the world on a tramp steamer It was during this time somewhere in the Indian Ocean that he picked up a copy of Herodotus and began a love affair with the classical world The Philosopher PDF/EPUB or of Greece and RomeLater he returned to England and.

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  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    I usually feel bad for giving a book that I sort of had fun with while reading just three stars because most of the time I loved the characters so much that I would just like to ignore the weakness of the story the plot holes and the logic fails but here? It's the other way around I LOVED the story Every step of it I would love to read the exact same story again if the author fixed just one thingThe first person narrator He was super frustrating in his absolute soulless storytelling It was like reading a historical record from an outsider most of the time and not right from the brain of someone who was right in the middle of thingsYou and the person you love most in the world get karrested by an enemy who hates you? Just calmly describe what happens No panic No concern No reassuring gesturesThe person you love most in the world gets hurt and almost dies? Not even a hug or relieved tears when it's over People you know are dying and there are traitors left and right and you just talk about it like it's 20 years later and you're telling a story to your studentsIt also didn't help that the author's writing style is very tell don't show which is really not beneficial to a story full of rebellion betrayal murder rape and religious differences No sweaty hands and uickening heartbeats just I was nervous No observing a character sneaking around and hiding behind corners just This dude has always been shady This made almost all of the characters really flat Drusus just tells us what he sees and when we do get a glimpse into his head he just spells everything out Marcellus has no personality whatsoever apart from being beautiful kind and having an obviously noble upbringingAll the enemies are just evil and ugly And so very very petty No action by anyone was ever surprisingAnother thing that bothered me is that I couldn't figure out what exactly Drusus and Marcellus are to each other Yes they're best friends forever lovers and possibly soulmates But everything was so damn vague Do they actually still sleep with each other? Several times it was mentioned how they talked 'in bed' and then at the end of the scene it got revealed that Marcellus was actually in his own bed on the other side of the room Once Drusus did sneak into his friends' bed for warmth I think but did something happen there? I have no ideaMeanwhile when Drusus slept with a German girl I knew exactly that it was happening and since there were no conseuences whatsoever I assume they're not exclusive? At least not when it comes to physical intimicy as far as I could gatherOtherwise they're super stable They're clearly each other's world I just wish I had been able to FEEL anything for them except a faint fondnessNow let's go to the reason this book got three stars apart from the story itself I lied when I said that all the characters were flat There was one that actually worked and was the saving grace for me while reading Julian The Philospher Prince from the titleIn contrast to everyone's kiddy pool deepness he was an ocean He was kind intelligent witty and managed to stand out by not being predictable I enjoyed every scene he was inOf course he like everyone else looked down on the German barbarians who dared to raise a ruckus when the Romans invaded their home but that's par of course for Roman characters at that time so I'm letting it sort of slideOther characters who sort of worked were Eutherius an eunuch who is one of the few non soldier characters who always kept his cool and was always ready to give some good advise and Rufus a young soldier who idolized MarcellusI have another book by this author and I genuinly wonder if another narrator would help me enjoy a story by him I will report back on that one day

  2. Myre Myre says:

    I enjoyed the writing style it sounded appropriately 'old' but wasn't tedious to read The narration style is rather impersonal which I didn't mind since the characters and plot had my full attention I really liked how arguments and conflict played out The veiled sarcasm and threats behind certain lines of dialogue was intriguing drawing me into the social workings of political struggle I laughed at some of the jokes characters threw aroundDrusus the main character wasn't really the focus of the book He was our window to others particularly those who he loved and admired You can feel his love for Marcellus from the way he describes him Drusus narrates rather matter of factly even when it comes to his own trauma but when he describes Marcellus's character and beauty he becomes much poeticI really admired Julian viewing him from Drusus's eyes He is an incredibly learned well spoken empathetic and caring friend and leader A ruler who did not want power but thrived with it I was thoroughly routing for himI rarely read historical fiction but I think this book may change that I didn't know the history of Julian's rise to power before this so the ending was a complete shock to me I've been doing research after finishing the book and I feel much invested in the research after feeling like I experienced it

  3. Jo Jo says:

    Drusus and Marcellus are arrested for their actions in the previous novel and are to be taken to meet the Emperor With help they manage an escape and thus enter the orbit of Julian the young Caesar sent to Gaul This duology has been a uick easy read with entertaining storylines and engaging characters I found this a pleasant read for a lockdown evening

  4. Marthese Formosa Marthese Formosa says:

    A fantastic read I bought this book without knowing much about it years ago and it took me a lot of searching to finally decide to read it But I was hooked almost from the start Took me a while to read but I wasn't reading muchDrusus who is the narrator is very relatable He is loyal as is Marcellus his friend soulmate and lover I read this book which is a seuel without reading the first book I still understood the story though but would love to read the first one We do not get any explicit confirmation that the two are lovers but even though Marcellus briefly had a story with a woman the two were still very much loyal first and foremost to one another The intimacy and trust between them from saving each other to wanting to share the same room just to be alone to understanding each other being part of each others families and always being there with each other and never thinking of moving permanently away without the other for me all this was enough to solidify their relationshipThe story is great and well researched The supporting and background characters although there are a lot of them help to develop the story and Julian Julian is just lovable He's the epitome of what Plato would have wanted a politician to be that is a philosopher that does not want power but as he is the best candidate to govern he has to enter the real of politicsThe writing was amazing It's a mix of old to get you in the story and new to make you understand words and terms The map and family tree were also very usefulThere were some poignant moments some adventurous moments and brief happy moments Definitely recommend to read if you're thinking about itvideo review with CC here

  5. Vicki Cline Vicki Cline says:

    This is a seuel to Cast Not The Day Drusus and Marcellus have been arrested in Britain and are sent to Gaul to be transferred to Emperor Constans' court but when they arrive in Gaul they are treated as guests and not criminals and become part of the court of the current Caesar a sort of vice emperor Julian As in the previous book the enemy are Christians at least some of the higher ups Julian is a very interesting historical character being a believer in the old gods hence out of step with the series of Christian emperors starting with Constantine As the book ends it seems like Waters may write a third in the series at least I hope so

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