Rumpole for the Defence PDF » Rumpole for PDF/EPUB

Rumpole for the Defence PDF » Rumpole for PDF/EPUB

Rumpole for the Defence ❰Reading❯ ➿ Rumpole for the Defence Author John Mortimer – This book is a sheer delight Mortimer gives us humor as only the British can dish it out And what great fun to contemplate what it would be like to be Rumpole an utterly unflappable character slightly This book is a sheer delight Mortimer gives us humor as only the British can dish it out And what great fun to contemplate what it would be like to be Rumpole an utterly unflappable character slightly detached from and amused by all of life's challenges whether they occur in a court of law or as a result of living with a spouse Rumpole for PDF/EPUB or he calls She Who Must Be Obeyed.

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Rumpole for the Defence
  • John Mortimer
  • English
  • 18 September 2015
  • 9780140060607

About the Author: John Mortimer

John Clifford Mortimer was a novelist playwright and former practising barrister Among his many publications are several volumes of Rumpole stories and a trilogy of political novels Paradise Postponed Titmuss Regained and The Sound of Trumpets featuring Leslie Titmuss a character as brilliant as Rumpole John Mortimer received a knighthood for his services to the arts in SeriesRumpole.

10 thoughts on “Rumpole for the Defence

  1. Jason Koivu Jason Koivu says:

    That champion of the downtrodden oppressed and falsely accused the aging London barrister Horace Rumpole is at it again in another addition of his memoir esue reminiscences in Rumpole for the DefenseIn just about every one of former barrister turned author John Mortimer's books his hero Rumpole that witty grump is almost invariably set upon by an antagonistic judge Often his client is not guilt but harboring a secret heshe doesn't want to give up not even to hisher own counsel Usually Rumpole is even at odds with his own firmAbout a half dozen storiescases make up Rumpole for the Defense I don't know if there's a common thread among them than say Rumpole's continual defense of those accused of crimes they usually didn't commit and the aforementioned recurring formulas I suppose Mortimer was leaning most heavily on Rumpole's unflinching defense of those in need and the need in general of those at the mercy of the merciless This is a very solid 3 stars If there's any real fault it's that it is rather repetitious treading on past formulas already well tread However these are good stories that will delight any Rumpole fan and should engage those who like courtroom dramaREREAD UPDATE I'm giving this a full 4 stars now These stories are just downright enjoyable Also with this reread I noticed that Rumpole doesn't necessarily win every court case or always come out smelling like roses It adds a nice layer of character development

  2. Shauna Shauna says:

    Another collection of stories about the triumphs and disasters of that lovable scourge of the courts Horace Rumpole

  3. Lynne Lynne says:

    Probably read this decades ago but any outing of the Old Bailey hack is well worth revisiting Long Live Horace Rumpole Glorious

  4. Grace Grace says:

    Lost weekends lost to binge TV show viewing on Netflix is not a new phenomena I've been tearing through the Rumpole of the Bailey books at a rapid rate tooPerhaps it was due to my youth when I watched the TV shows but the books seem to have existential pathos than the TV shows The books are worth a read even if you have seen the episodes on TV

  5. Illiterate Illiterate says:

    Rumpole is much fun than the lawyers I know

  6. Tony Tony says:

    Rumpole is an absolutely guaranteed mood elevator whichever of the books you pick up Had a bad day? Rumpole Missed the bus? Rumpole Country heading for an economic catastrophe the like of which is unknown in generations? Rumpole Rumpole RumpoleHe's almost the literary euivalent of push button pain relief He's literary morphine deployed against all the ills of the world We love RumpoleUnlike a few since the first Rumpole novel this feels like 'timeless' Rumpole random tales drawn from memory rather than following any particular chronology There are some lovely cases and stories here though including a case of possible police racism and a glorious boat based murder or is it? involving a schoolfriend of She Who Must Be ObeyedThere's little enough to say about Rumpole really For me he's as priceless a British comic character as Falstaff Bertie Wooster Esme Weatherwax or Sam Vimes guaranteed to give you fun and pleasure every time you encounter him This one feels like a freewheeling Rumpole collection and that's never a bad thing Thanks Rumpole old darling

  7. Realini Realini says:

    Rumpole and The Children of the Devil by John Mortimer93 out of 10Never mind the chilling name for this is not a horror story even if there are some dramatic accents and in spite of its jocularity this episode of the travails of Rumpole the debut is philosophical'I wonder what I would have done if I have been Godwould I have created a place with no fatal diseases traffic jams or Justice Graveswould I have created a world entirely without evilit seems to me that a world without evil might possibly be a damn dull worlda world which would certainly leave Rumpole without occupationa world with only brotherly love is not such a marvelous idea'This was not an exact uote but very near ituite an impressive accurate insightful assessment of the world to begin with especially for a brilliant comedyCS Lewis has some very convincing arguments in favor of his faith even for an atheist like the undersigned in some of his works such as The Screwtape Letters that seem to support the Rumpole viewFor those who argue nay demand that God should interfere and save people from a bad fate win soccer matches pass exams eliminate traffic jams the notion of Free Will must be presentedAlso the thesis with which The Children of the Devil is a very pertinent amusing solid and an almost mathematical oneFor Christians that isFrom the superb introduction we move on to the presentation of the case that Rumpole will play the major part in and the backgroundWe learn that the Timson family has a history of crime but it has always been minor offensesWhat makes this particular incident special is the apparition of theDevilOf course fundamentalists have a knack with 'the biggest trick the devil ever pulled was to make people think he does not exist'Well I am fooledOn the school playground nine Devils come runningthat is nine children all wearing the same mask of the horned oneTracy Timson is the one who has her mask taken by a teacher and then she is sent to face the social workerThis where the sublime John Mortimer uses satire to indict Social Services for in his day children had to eat bad food spend long time in church but they were spared the presence of Social Service which had not existed in the pastHe seems to be referring to what is mockingly called today 'helicopter parents' or in this case exaggerated overblown implication and action in what is just a minor offenseRumpole even makes a connection with StalinThe worker that calls at the Timson house is Mirabelle Jones who always calls the parents as mum and dad another laughing aspectShe would take the girl in the care of Social Services because she deems the use of the mask and the game on the playground as too serious for her to continue to stay with her parentsDominic Molloy is called to testify seeing as he is one of the children that were on the premises when the 'Devils' attackedWe learn though that the Molloys and the Timsons are like chalk and cheese their enmity is as fervent as that of the Montagues and the Capulets or the York and the LancastersWhereas the Molloys have been involved in petty crime and less serious illegal activities the rivals have done bodily harm and the 'occasional murder'Young Dominic tells the social worker that he knows about what is behind the raid at school and helped by the leading uestions of the adult who is convinced that she knows this is a grave affair he asserts that this is 'Devil worship'Further he is pressed and led to present a certain scenario by Mirabelle Jones who wants to know if an adult was present there at the Timson house where the 'worshippers' gatheredYes there wasTracy's father was the one who organized things made the children part of this vicious cultWhen the girl is uestioned she does not cooperate perhaps because she has no idea what the woman is talking aboutIn her uestioning the social worker asks if she knows about the devil if he looks like someone she knowsMeanwhile the girl has been given some dolls representing abstractly mother father and grandparentsWhen she places grandfather on top of figurative mother Mirabelle writes down in her notebookRather ridiculously this whole 'do' has to go to courtRumpole fights for the defense the Timson family trying to get their girl backThe clever impressive humorous ironical Emotionally Intelligent Rumpole tries to show the court that the families have such a rivalry as to make the deposition of Dominic preposterousBesides there has been a recent arrest of one member of the Molloy clan and they suspect that one of the Timsons had informed the police and although this had not happened the rival crime syndicate has a revenge motif in incriminating the father for an alleged Devil WorshipEventually some evidence might be uncovered so that the truth might be revealedFor reasons of spoiler alert nothing will be mentioned about that for recently a rare reader of my notes has reproached the inclusion of elements that give the plot away for a storyI thought that the occasional reader does not read further than the first lines and then if he or she does the chances that they became interested in reading the book are the euivalent of finding life in this galaxy

  8. Vicki Cline Vicki Cline says:

    Rumpole is a barrister in London who mainly defends low level crooks sometimes getting them off but at least trying to get reduced sentences Opposing counsels and presiding judges are a real pain as is his wife Hilda aka She Who Must Be Obeyed The TV series was a really good portrayal of the stories particularly Leo McKern as Rumpole

  9. Louise Louise says:

    Rumpole always cracks me up This was a series of short stories each about an hour long on the audio version Perfect for our commuting

  10. Mark Mark says:

    Once into the breach with the Rumpole of the Bailey series by John Mortimer Horace Rumpole must be rubbing off on meAs we're reading all things Rumpole for this month's mystery discussion this time I chose Rumpole for the Defence a collection by Mortimer featuring the self proclaimed Old Bailey hack in seven stories including the followingRumpole and the Confession of Guilt where the defense attorney stands ready to defend young black teen Oswald Gladstone on the charge of attempted murder against all comers including the judge the prosecution the police the public at large Rumpole's own son Nick and even the client himself while the barrister also finds himself at odds with Nick over his chosen professionRumpole and the Gentle Art of Blackmail in which Rumpole visits his old alma mater St Joseph's College at Oxford while defending a gardener on the campus from a charge of blackmail against one of the college's professors but as always all is not as it seemsRumpole and the Dear Departed finds the barrister in unfamiliar territory instructing on a will case where the beneficiary claims to still be on good terms with her late benefactor via supernatural meansRumpole and the Rotten Apple has Horace Rumpole defending a police inspector whom he has tangled with before against a bribery chargeRumpole and the Expert Witness takes a page from Agatha Christie's Witness for the Prosecution to marvelous effect as a so called expert witness appears to have it in for the defendant accused of the murder of his wifeRumpole and the Spirit of Christmas in which Rumpole asks the prosecution for a little Christmas charity in his defense of a young member of the London criminal clan the Timsons and receives some Christmas spirit but not in the way he expectsRumpole and the Boat People the final story in the collection features Rumpole taking the unaccustomed place of junior to leading counsel Guthrie Featherstone as they defend a woman against the charge of murder at seaOnce again Mortimer's stories are a delight as Rumpole does battle with all manner of opponents the most formidable of which is his wife Hilda otherwise known as She Who Must Be Obeyed As Rumpole observes near the end of the Boat People story Matrimony and murder both carry a mandatory life sentence However there a few instances in this book where Hilda stands ready to defend Rumpole particularly against their son Nick in the Confession of Guilt story The wily barrister doesn't always win but he does learn from his mistakes in ways that other members of his Chambers such as Claude Erskine Brown Guthrie Featherstone and Sam Ballard never willThis collection gets five stars Now I'm ready to read Rumpole and the Penge Bungalow Murders

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