Ebook ã Face Epub å

Ebook ã Face Epub å

Face ❄ Face kindle Epub ❦ Author Angela Elwell Hunt – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Orphaned and severely deformed from her earliest moments Sarah Sims has been kept hidden away in a secret CIA facility until an unexpected discovery gives her an opportunity to make a life for herself Orphaned and severely deformed from her earliest moments Sarah Sims has been kept hidden away in a secret CIA facility until an unexpected discovery gives her an opportunity to make a life for herself at lastNow Sarah has an ally a long lost aunt who has discovered her true identity Aided by this brave psychologist twenty year old Sarah must find the courage to confront the forces that have confined her for so long And the strength to be reborn into a world she has never known.

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  1. Jodi Jodi says:

    Sarah Sims was born with a severe form of Treacher Collins syndrome Her mother died during childbirth and her father died shortly after and Sarah's remaining family believed she had died along with her mother Fast forward 18 years and Sarah's aunt discovers evidence that the baby might not have died after all but when she starts investigating she is stymied at all angles until she discovers her brother was a government agent She calls in favors fills out a lengthy application and finds herself employed by the CIA After some time she is able to meet her niece but no matter how much she was prepared for it no one can prepare you for someone who was essentially born without a face Her aunt comes up with the idea of a face transplant wanting her niece to have a life outside of the protective CIA cell But things never go uite as planned This was a good book Told from a variety of points of view we see the pain that Sarah goes through a brilliant mind trapped in a body that is unacceptable to most people And we see her aunt who fell in love with her niece regardless of her appearance and wanting her to have the life her brother would have wished for her no matter the cost I am not certain how realistic the story was but it was entertaining

  2. Tory Wagner Tory Wagner says:

    The Face by Angela Hunt is a suspenseful story part CIA thriller and part medical drama Sarah a severely deformed CIA agent has been living a sheltered life in a CIA facility until her aunt discovers her existence and jumps through hoops to meet her They uickly develop a warm relationship until a CIA operation interrupts their reunion

  3. Carolyn Carolyn says:

    I am now a fan of Angela Hunt Her books are intriguing because of their uniue thought provoking plots This one is of a psychologist aunt trying to help her newly discovered niece who has a severe physical deformities have a life away from her work The girl has been locked up in a facility since her birth without normal contact with other children her age all because of the fear she would be unkindly treated by the world She has had many surgeries to repair most of her deformities so she can hear and see Sarah is a computer genius with highly developed skills necessary for world security Yet she has never had the opportunity of developing interaction with other people on a personal level With her aunt's help she learns to read other people's body languageAn immensely interesting book How would I respond to someone who had Sarah's deformities if I saw them on the streetNote Angela Hunt's books do not have swearing crude language or the seemingly obligatory sex scenes in modern novels A big plus for this fussy reader

  4. Carli Carli says:

    Actually I think this one should be 3 12 stars This is definitely a character driven novel which is my favorite kind and it allows us to get inside the head of the two main characters; Sarah a young woman with Treacher Collins syndrome a condition that causes severe facial deformitywho was orphaned under mysterious circumstances and Renee Sarah's aunt who for two decades doesn't even know that Sarah exists Sarah currently works for the CIA in a top secret capacity as a technological genius and basically knows nothing of the outside world When Renee a psychologist finds out about Sarah she goes to great lengths to help her discover the world Despite dragging a little in the middle this book is fascinating in its concept of CIA special ops psychology and experimental surgery combined with a pair of really well defined central characters

  5. Freud& Freud& says:

    Told from the alternating perspectives of Sarah and her Aunt Renee The Face takes a thought provoking look at personal identity self acceptance emotionality and the significance of life experiences – all without drawing attention from the heartwarming story Cleverly disguised within an original and entertaining plot Hunt examines important ethical issues currently found in both medicine as well as psychology even managing to communicate their application to the general population in daily life Overall this was a beautifully crafted masterpiece of fiction that while it didn’t wrap up with my typically preferred ending compensated effectively by presenting a deeply meaningful conclusion Once again I am thoroughly impressed by the caliber of Angela Hunt’s writing

  6. JoAnn JoAnn says:

    What an interesting well written book This is not an overtly Christian book but I think some of the themes in it could be used as a jumping off point for a very interesting discussionCertainly there is love and sacrifice but there is also the idea of identity and how our inner and outer selves affect one another There is also the idea of taking the risk to break out of the safe but stunted place we are in to participate in a world full of beauty and danger and the richness of emotion and relationshipsIn the book Renee's love for Sarah causes her to take Sarah's place and to make a sacrifice that allows Sarah to in a sense cover herself with Renee's identity and so become fully all that Sarah was meant to be and to take that risk and move into life

  7. Clara Dearmore Strom Clara Dearmore Strom says:

    A good thought provoking book Who are we and how much of it has to do with how we look Sarah was born without a face Her only identify is as a CIA agent She works and lives in a world of secrecy It's not until a long lost aunt finds her and introduces her to her potential as a wonderful lovable human being that she blossoms but the reality of pain comes with knowing love Okay I just did a mini book talk The writing is great and don't be afraid if you see this in the Christian section of your library There is no preaching in this book just a great story

  8. Megan Rogers Megan Rogers says:

    This was another book by Angela Hunt that really got me thinking How would I treat someone who looked different or even frightening I am not talking about someone who has alot of tattoos or dressed wierd but someone who was born with a major facial or another obvious defect I think it would be human nature to look twice but would we shush our children and turn away or would we attempt to show them Christ's love This is not really a book review just what I recall the book made me think Thank you Mrs Hunt for such thought provoking books

  9. Linda Davis Linda Davis says:

    I haven't read a intriguing novel than THE FACE which was released in 2008 Subject matter cannot get cutting edge pun unintended than this one Hunt's meticulous research is apparent on each page While carrying the reader along a spellbinding plot line she plumbs the deepest well of human emotions spawned by unspeakable birth defects She sweeps the reader to the heights of modern medical technology while maintaining unremitting suspense and intrigue with a surprising twist or two This story satisfies on many levels

  10. Lyndi Lyndi says:

    WOW Without blowing the whole book that is about as much as I can say regarding the ending Has a smidgen of romance CIA spies covert ops what you would think to be sci fi medicine but in the authors notes it said it is real Really liked and would recommend This is a slam dunk again by this author My only slight complaint was that I didnt feel it had as much about Christianity involved with several of the characters

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