Roanoke The Lost Colony Keepers of the Ring #1 PDF/EPUB

Roanoke The Lost Colony Keepers of the Ring #1 PDF/EPUB

10 thoughts on “Roanoke The Lost Colony Keepers of the Ring #1

  1. Christin Christin says:

    I really wanted this to be an epic saga that drew me in and became a new favorite series butsadly it fell far below expectations Though I enjoyed the beginning of the story I was glad to finish it by the end The pace is very VERY slowexcept when randomly 8 years go by The characters were enjoyable in the beginning but by page 200 or so you're thinking oh my gosh300 pages like this? But you keep reading because surely it will get betterright? spoiler alert WRONG Thomas becomes a crazy person I mean I was glad that in the end Thomas and Jocelyn are FINALLY happybut it was for like 5 minutes before the end of the book I felt seriously jipped

  2. Erin Erin says:

    Find this and other reviews at knew the history of Roanoke prior to purchasing Angela Elwell Hunt’s Roanoke The Lost Colony but my interest in the novel didn’t begin with its subject matter Truth be told I stumbled over the book because I wanted to read one of its seuels Unfortunately the jacket description on Charles Town led me to believe the Keepers of the Ring series built on one another so rather than breaking seuence and jumping in at book five I redirected my attention to book one I’ll grant it’s not the most auspicious start but I’ve opened books on a lot less so let’s not get caught up on the details Roanoke The Lost Colony actually has a few things going for it and while certain elements of novel left me wanting there was enough going on to hold my interest and satisfy my famously particular tastes Fair warning to all the religious aspects of the novel are not subtle but I felt Hunt’s themes blended well with the historic details of her fiction I know I’m in the minority when I say this but I enjoy this kind of balance and am always impressed with writers who take the time and care to create it Hunt obviously put a lot into researching the colony but she put eual thought into integrating her message of faith into the material and I truly appreciated how to two complement one another as the story progressed I felt Jocelyn a likable heroine and I appreciate much in both Audrey and Rowtag but like many other reviewers I struggled to appreciate Thomas His views are rather extreme and while I’ve no problem with difficult characters I felt his arc awkward and forced I greatly enjoyed his entry and introduction but his personality fractures and takes a seemingly unnatural tangent In looking back at the book I have to admit his character confused me and even now I’m not entirely sure what Hunt was trying to accomplish with his role I found the pacing tedious but became addicted to the authenticity and harsh descriptions of Hunt’s narrative Christian fiction is usually positive and upbeat but Roanoke The Lost Colony is decidedly bittersweet Hunt allowed history to shape this story and while I recognize how disappointing that is for some readers I personally respected the author for her adherence to the historic record As a family saga I can’t say the Keepers of the Ring series has much on Jack Cavanaugh’s American Family Portrait but I enjoyed the time I spent with piece and look forward to tackling additional installments in the near future

  3. Donna Peake Donna Peake says:

    I remember reading about the lost colony first in 5th grade VA I always hoped the Indians took them into their tribesI did not like the preacher and some of the colonists were as bad as the Powhatan Tribe What an existence the colonists led always looking for White to come back with supplies It took very stong people do endure what they did to surviveI am now hooked on this series

  4. R.J. Rodda R.J. Rodda says:

    I was uite gripped by thisI had never heard of the historical mystery of Roanoke and was uite fascinated with the premise and wondered how the author would resolve it which she did satisfactorily There is brutality in this which was no doubt reflective of the times but I do not enjoy reading such descriptions so although I overall liked this I don't want to read the next one

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Absoltely gut wrenching Ordinarily I cannot read sad books And sad is an understatement for this book But I just could not put this book down Some parts were absolutely horrifying but I'm thankful for having read them It really gave me a deeper gratefulness for what sacrifices were made so that I could now live in this country I'm just in awe I really loved Jocelyn's character Her virtue She was uite amazing but believable I found myself so frustrated with Thomas but I think his character was an excellent example of the damages of a proud hard legalistic heart This book was just really a great read I'd definitely recommend it

  6. M. L. Valard M. L. Valard says:

    25 starsI picked this one up because it's about the Lost Colony at Roanoke which is a topic I've always found intriguing I end by feeling rather torn about the rating On the one hand the research was clearly well done The writing was vivid and detailed and gave a very clear picture of just what things might have been like for the colonists I liked the main female protagonist well enough and in the end I thought the theory it presented for the possible fate of the colony was plausibleThere was a lot of religion in this book As I don't like books to preach at me I would have found this far off putting if it did not fit so well with the period and the likely attitudes of the settlers So that by itself was not as objectionable as it might have been in another context Along that line however we come to the part of the book that did cause an issue for me And that is the main 'hero' Thomas Colman I found him tolerable for the first couple chapters he appeared in but for the majority of the book he was frustrating and far to easy to completely despise I spent the majority of the book hating him for his stupidity and unreasonable behavior I suppose in a way that may have helped with the story the author wanted to tell but personally I prefer that the characters whose point of views I read are not ones I end up loathingIt was a bleak book but that was something I uite expected It was an interesting read but not one I'm sure I'd choose to recommend unless like me you find the topic of particular interest

  7. Ellen Ellen says:

    When I discovered that Angela Elwell Hunt author of The Note had tried her hand at historical fiction I was eager to give it a try I had enjoyed The Note as evidenced by my favorable review here on GoodReads In addition to inspirational romance historical fiction is always a favorite for meNow anyone with even an elementary grasp of American history knows that any book with the title of Roanoke should not expect a light and flowery tale of romance so I wasn't surprised that it was frought with hardship and difficulty that might border on the depressing I expected mystery and challenge but here's the problem it goes on FOREVER Page after page after page of miserable time on ships battles people getting sick and dying but worst of all was the relationship between Jocelyn and her minister husband Although I respect the message that she fought for her marriage and loved him through so many desperate days I grew sick at heart in this seemingly endless story of a woman trapped in loveless marriage I fought my way to the bitter end of the book hoping to end with at least a sense of satisfaction Nope I was merely relieved it was overDoes this mean I won't be reading the rest of the series? Most definitely I am still interested in giving another Hunt book a chance Perhaps her Biblical fiction will hold my interest a bit longer

  8. Shantelle Shantelle says:

    It left me intrigued and wondering so I simply must continue on to read Jamestown the second book in this series However I will say that Roanoke The Lost Colony wasn't without multiple frustrations First off the main characters die in the end That usually ruins a book for me but seeing how the daughter miraculously escapes I don't know it was tolerable this timeUgh Thomas was infuriating His view of God of his family of the Indians made me want to scream Stop stop You're ruining your life and everyone else's with yours He was so wrong and it frustrated me as he hurt not only himself but multitudes of othersAnyway this was an interesting rendition of the mysterious tale or lack of of the colony on Roanoke which disappeared But as I said my interest is piued and I think I need to read the continuing story; no matter how agonizing and brutal Roanoke The Lost Colony was I will say despite the deaths of the main characters in the end it did have happiness

  9. Alanna Alanna says:

    Double Wow I really don't have words to describe this book except heartwrenching and amazing As the title suggests Hunt gives her take on what happened to those colonists on Ronoake Island and her suggestion seems very plausible Her writing style is phenomenal and the story line and characters captivating But this book isn't just happy go lucky Sometimes it is so sad you wonder how you'll ever go on Some parts are gruesome so I wouldn't recommend it for young people but if you are ready for a story that will grip you and tear at your heart here it is This is the first book in the Keeper of the Rings Series and I know she has at least four other books in the series which I haven't read but want to read them sometime

  10. Katie Katie says:

    A little to long and dreary And Thomaslets just say I wanted the Indians to get him But I've already read the next book and its much betterSeries ReviewFull of history this series is very uniue in its setting I have read very few books Christian or not about pre Revolutionary America and I cannot think of a book outside of the Dear America series about the Native Americansettlers war and conflicts Covering Roanoke Jamestown Hartford King Philip's War and the early slave trade Angela Hunt wrote a very uniue series I enjoyed some books in the series than others and found some parts of the series redundant and far fetched but I was fascinated by the history

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Roanoke The Lost Colony Keepers of the Ring #1 ⚡ [PDF] ✍ Roanoke The Lost Colony Keepers of the Ring #1 By Angela Elwell Hunt ✵ – Series premiere special price Roanoke The Lost Colony recounts the life of Jocelyn Colman whose faith is tested and refined when she follows the husband she barely knows to an unexplored land Jocelyn Series premiere special Lost Colony Epub Þ price Roanoke The Lost Colony recounts the life of Jocelyn Roanoke The PDF or Colman whose faith is tested and refined when she follows the husband she barely The Lost Colony PDF º knows to an unexplored land Jocelyn struggles with her husband's bitterness and guilt until The Lost Colony Keepers of PDF/EPUB or God's forgiveness becomes a lifesaving reality.