On the Road With Bob Dylan Epub ¾ On the PDF/EPUB or

On the Road With Bob Dylan Epub ¾ On the PDF/EPUB or

On the Road With Bob Dylan ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☄ On the Road With Bob Dylan ✑ Author Larry Sloman – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk “The War and Peace of Rock and Roll” —Bob DylanIn 1975 as Bob Dylan emerged from eight years of seclusion he dreamed of putting together a traveling music show that would trek across the country “The War and Peace of Rock Road With PDF/EPUB Â and Roll” —Bob DylanIn as Bob Dylan emerged from eight years of seclusion he dreamed of putting together a traveling music show that would trek across the country like a psychedelic carnival The dream became reality and On the Road With Bob Dylan is the ultimate behind the scenes look at On the PDF/EPUB or what happened when Dylan and the Rolling Thunder Revue took to the streets of AmericaWith the intimate detail of a diary Larry “Ratso” Sloman’s mesmerizing description of the legendary tour both transports us to a celebrated period in rock history and provides us with a vivid snapshot of Dylan during this extraordinary time This reissue of the classic the Road With PDF/EPUB é resonates than ever as it chronicles one of the most glittering rock circuses ever assembled with a cast that includes Joan Baez Robbie Robertson Joni Mitchell Allen Ginsberg Ramblin’ Jack Elliott and a wild entourage of groupies misfits sinners and saints who trailed along for the ride Sloman candidly captures the all night revelry and musical prowess—from the backstage antics to impromptu jams—that made the tour a nearly mystical experience Complete with vintage photos and a new introduction by renowned Texas musician mystery writer and Revue member Kinky Friedman this is an unparalleled treat for Dylan fans old and new Without uestion On the Road With Bob Dylan is a remarkable revealing piece of writing and a rare up close and personal view of Dylan on tour.

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  1. Scott Jacobson Scott Jacobson says:

    A speed freak's EXHAUSTIVELY detailed account of life on the road with Dylan's mid 70s Rolling Thunder Revue This is the phase of Desire and Rubin Hurricane Carter etc By this point in his career Dylan had learned to insulate himself from hangers on like the author so much of the book is bogged down in tedious meticulously recounted dialogue with the tour manager Dammit Ratso you're gonna get yourself thrown off the tour C'mon man I just need one uote from Bob Bobby don't need to be bothered with this right now and on and on and on The interesting stuff is truly interesting though Dylan comes across as a guy who'd learned to accept the uniue borderline mystical place he'd assumed in American culture You get a glimpse of his insecurities I don't think Kinky Friedman likes me man and thankfully Sloman brings the same obsessive attention to detail to the show descriptions as he does to his own behind the scenes plight It's a good book Trim some of the Ratso and it'd be great

  2. Roving Gambler Roving Gambler says:

    As a person who has traveled to see Dylan many parts of this book rang true The lost souls who always seem to be around are still there The feeling of being disconnected always a new town travel lack of sleep but lots of the same faces This book put me back on the road and while it had many flaws it touched me in a way other books don't It was real to me and I recommend it to any Dylan fan and especially those lost souls goin to one show

  3. patty ramona patty ramona says:

    Perfect companion piece to Scorsese’s Rolling Thunder Revue documentary

  4. Howard Howard says:

    The tour must have been fun but it is not very interesting to read about The author wrote for Rolling Stone and expanded his articles into the rather massive paperback reissued in 2002 It's difficult to read straight through as there are many gonzo detours into the author's search for significant people events of which there were few outside the concert hall One of those books that undermines my positive sentiment affection for the subject matter makes me wish I'd picked up Middlemarch instead like I've always been meaning to do someday The most valuable portions for me were conversations with the relatively under appreciated women on the tour all of whom come off well Ronee Blakely Joni Mitchell Joan Baez Bob's wife Sara Joni Mitchell's rant about being pigeonholed as a Female Songwriter with a Woman's Perspective is almost worth the rest of the book Several celebrities of dubious merit were along for the ride including Allen Ginsberg who always has something to say If you can borrow this book I recommend it

  5. Jesse Jesse says:

    obnoxious unfocused and poorly written Ratso Sloman expends so much energy trying to get Dylan to read his shitty poetry or get Roger Waters to buy him dinner or bang desperate hippie chicks that he never manages to give any insight on what made the first Rolling Thunder tour so legendary On the Road should be taken literally as the author basically lives in his car the whole time after he's kicked off the tour caravan with Bob Dylan should be taken as a joke Dude would make hanging out with AJ Weberman seem like a good time

  6. furious furious says:

    an interesting account of life on the road with the Rolling Thunder Revue from the perspective of the ultimate insideroutsider i happen to be a big fan of Rolling Thunder era Dylan so i kinda dug this artifact to others i can see how it might be kind of tedious lacking in the Hammer of the Gods type sensationalism for Dylan fanaticscompletists it is of course indispensable

  7. Aj Baker Aj Baker says:

    Two stars is generous It has its moments but they are few and far between

  8. Joe Fahey Joe Fahey says:

    This book was utterly fascinating I can’t believe seeing the start and finished dates above but that does include the event of a basement flood destroying my first copy then trying to read a downloaded pdf copy on my iPad which I didn’t particularly enjoy as much as a bound book of papyrus or paper I guess they used to call it in the 20th century It was a long read and I’d occasionally get bogged down in some of the earlier pages but at some magical point I got into the rhythm of the story telling and was captivated As big of a Dylan fan as I am I guess I’ve never really read much about him fleshed out as a person rather than a mysterious and private artist It took a long time for the author to gain the trust of the enigmatic artist but when he finally did it was highly worth the wait which mainly took place in the final pages of the book It really cracked me up how funny Dylan is and so brilliant of course The saga itself covers a lot of ground beginning with the impetus and recording of the “Desire” album and the focal point of the Rubin Carter the subject of the song “Hurricane” That album was one of the missing links in my Dylan record collection but I’ve since picked up a copy and listened to it heavily as a companion piece as well as the live recordings from the “Rolling Thunder Revue” the tour which this book chronicles Along the way you get to meet and get to know so many incredible artists who were involved and or performed in these shows including Roger McGuinn Mick Ronson Leonard Cohen Kinky Friedman Allen Ginsberg Gordon Lightfoot and many plus Dylan’s wife Sara and his mother Beatty who were presented in a candid and heartfelt fashion But in particular Joan Baez and especially Joni Mitchell were highlights in the storyline and added so much to the artistic sensibilities of the times I’m looking forward to reading the Sam Shepard penned “Rolling Thunder Logbook” which covers the tour from a different perspective And if I haven’t gone over my word count I have to mention that I’ll be seeing Bob Dylan tonight in concert and that this book has added even interest and enthusiasm for the show

  9. Davidg Davidg says:

    At first sight this appears to be the Dylan euivalent of Stanley Booth’s brilliant book on the Rolling Stones it isn’t Slogan doesn’t get the same sort of access than Booth had At first it starts well for him On the streets of New York Sloman is in the clubs with Dylan in the car when they pick up the violinist who will be such an integral part of the sound of the next album He is there at the recording sessions and at the birth of the idea that becomes Rolling Thunder RevueBut then it all gets difficult Tours reuire managers and planners They need funding and a budget They need to book venues and hotels What they don’t need is a reporter sticking his nose in and writing material for ‘Rolling Stone’ which is known for its dislike of Dylan Sloman then finds himself on the outside looking in The artists are happy to talk to him even Dylan is ok with him but he can’t get to them ‘Rolling Stone’ doesn’t help by only wanting material on the finances and the business and not the art the crowd reactionThe book then becomes hard going It isn’t about being on the road with Dylan but being on the road following occasionally glimpsing but not actually getting to Dylan We spend all our time getting drunk stoned with Sloman our eyes pressed against the window but not getting in The tone changes as he gets nicknamed Ratso by Joni Mitchell and he refers to himself in the third person as Ratso or ‘the reporter’ Once you realise that is what the book is it becomes enjoyableRatso does get access as the tour progresses becoming a sort of fixer interviewing the artists Sara Dylan’s wife and his mother There are encounters with Dylan himself but never getting behind the mask But nobody ever seems to get behind the mask Dylan remains the enigma

  10. David Allen David Allen says:

    I resisted reading this since buying a copy circa 1980 not caring to read 400 plus pages about a single tour even one by my favorite artist And sure this is self indulgent although self mockingly so But it was a fun read and Ratso deserves props for insinuating himself into the tour to the point he was able to uote Dylan's wife mother and the headliner himself Minor note This revised edition didn't fix typos from the original Poor Eric Andersen still remembered here as Anderson

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