Mass Market Paperback ✓ Carrera's Bride PDF å

Mass Market Paperback ✓ Carrera's Bride PDF å

Carrera's Bride [BOOKS] ✮ Carrera's Bride By Diana Palmer – Carrera's Bride SILOPUB Carrera's Bride; Author Uploaded; Palmer Diana; ; Like this paper and download? You can publish your own PDF file online for free in a few minutes Sign Up; Carrera's Bride Sele Carrera's Bride SILOPUB Carrera's Bride; Author Uploaded; Palmer Diana; ; Like this paper and download? You can publish your own PDF file online for free in a few minutes Sign Up; Carrera's Bride Selected praise for “You will love Carrera’s Bride and you’ll be haunting the bookstores until the next book by Dian KB Pages Page size x pts Year Report DMCA Carrera's Bride by Diana Palmer Carrera's Bride by Diana Palmer a Romance Contemporary Romance Series book ISBN ISBN with cover excerpt author notes review link and availability Buy a copy today Harleuin | Carrera's Bride Carrera's Bride by Diana Palmer On Sale Mar Pub Month Mar Ebook Paperback Paperback Ebook Add to Cart Shop Other Retailers Apple ibooks Barnes Noble Google Play Kobo Save to Wishlist About this Book New York Times bestselling author Diana Palmer revisits those Long Tall Texans with her classic Carrera’s Bride Notorious Carrera’s Bride by Diana Palmer Page read Carrera’s Bride by Diana Palmer Chapter One I t was a hectic evening at the Bow Tie casino on Paradise Island Marcus Carrera was standing on the balcony smoking a cigar He had a lot on his mind A few years ago he’d been a shady businessman with some unsavory contacts and a reputation that could send even tough guys running He was still tough of course But his reputation as a Carrera's Bride Diana Palmer p Global “Carrera’s Bride has sizzle and energy” —Romantic Times BOOKreviews “Nobody tops Diana Palmer when it comes to delivering pure undiluted romance I love her stories” —New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz “The dialogue is charming the characters likable and the sex sizzling” —Publishers Weekly on Once in Paris “Diana Palmer is adept at mixing intense Carrera's Bride Silhouette Special Edition S Buy Carrera's Bride Silhouette Special Edition S First edition by Palmer Diana ISBN from 's Book Store Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders Carrera's Bride | Open Library Carrera's Bride by Diana Palmer; editions; First published in ; Subjects Romance Contemporary Romance Fiction Non Classifiable Fiction Romance General Carrera's Bride A Western Romance Novel Long Carrera's Bride A Western Romance Novel Long Tall Texans Book eBook Palmer Diana couk Kindle Store Harleuin | Carrera's Bride Carrera's Bride by Diana Palmer Miniseries Bestselling Author Collection Book On Sale Apr Pub Month May Ebook Paperback save % Paperback Paperback Save % Unavailable Shop Other Retailers Barnes Noble books A Million IndieBound Walmart Save to Wishlist About this Book But there was one woman who could Carrera's Bride SILHOUETTE SPECIAL EDITION Hello Select your address Best Sellers Today's Deals New Releases books Electronics Customer Service Gift Ideas Home Computers Gift Cards Sell.

10 thoughts on “Carrera's Bride

  1. StMargarets StMargarets says:

    Set in the Bahamas DP tries her hand at a “gangster hero” who is really working with the Feds Heroine is a poor little seamstress from Jacobsville who is vacationing with her wealthy older by 16 years sister and brother in law Why the heroine is poor when her doting sister is rich makes no sense but no need to look too closely The heroine never bothered to figure out view spoiler her sisterbrother in law were her parents Her “sister” was 16 at the time and her brother in law was married to someone else So grandma passed her off as her child and that’s why she emotionally abused heroine growing up hide spoiler

  2. Jenny Jenny says:

    Wow that was amazing Amnesia pregnancy miscarriage gangsters love lost and found and unforgettable characters Super emotional read DP writes deeply touching love stories

  3. Aou Aou says:

    “he was wondering why he’d had such an extensive conversation with a woman who didn’t appeal to his senses at all She seemed like a kind woman but she didn’t stimulate him or make him wish for a closer acuaintance There couldn’t have been anything between them he decided”“I still don’t understand why the Mason woman risked her life and her child’s life to save mine She isn’t my type I don’t even find her interesting Surely I didn’t encourage her?” So he lost his memory but after I’ve read his thoughts about h I asked myself how could I believe his love? “I know You’re remembering what I said to you that you weren’t my type that I didn’t believe I could ever have been interested in you But the doctors explained it to me Even when I had amnesia I was still trying to protect you Deluca was after me and you were in danger if you were near me” He smiled gently “You see it wasn’t that I didn’t care I cared so much that even amnesia didn’t affect it” Sorry Ms Palmer I didn’t buy your explanation Besides He was not cruel enough for me ;

  4. Charlie Charlie says:

    After seeing St Margaret's review of this there is NO WAY I wasn't tracking down a copy of this and reading it because who can resist a uilting gangster and a knitting major domobodyguard type?I don't need to say much about this because St Margaret's review does it far better justice than I could but I loved the way the hardened gangster fell for the doormatty h He then proceeded to lose brownie points for treating her like excrement when he was going through his helping the feds phase and he didn't get any better once he received a head injury and developed amnesia after she saved his lifeI mean what kind of man goes around telling women they aren't his type and he never would tap that? He has clearly been taking tact lessons from my darling husband who I have warned on may occasions to just not speak and look pretty because his mouth constantly gets him into botherThe h was an extreme doormat and took everything he dishes out without a sound but she showed little glimmers of hope by dropping straight into a relationship with him knowing it was against her morals and her family wouldn't approveThanks again StM for bringing this title into my orbit

  5. Chantal ❤️ Chantal ❤️ says:

    Loved most of it but really lost a lot of respect for me for a character standpoint when he kills their baby and has very little compassion for her in the hospital Come on like he would not know that she risked her life and her baby for the man she loves? Seriously please and he is a smart man? Not I also hate how she cuts all her hair It's her only attribute that the hero loves her hair Why must it always go when the heroine is sad I know it's designed to show her morning the lost of her love but really Girl can't cry or even cut her wrist or something else Must the hair always go?? The way I see it the hero was a selfish jerk and she was a naive fool who fell for his lines I can't say I hated it because they had some powerful emotions going on at the end with the uilt and I was in tears at that point That scene redeemed most of the book for me Just not my favouriteTypical DP virgin heroine manwhore hero and crazy plot bringing them together Girl suffers as usual and man has his cake and eats it too Wish she was the one who forgot their love and he had to suffer like he deserved to

  6. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    35 stars Not uite as good as I remembered but still a solid DP read

  7. Janie Janie says:

    Rating 45 stars Reread August 11 2015 Chapter 9 and onwardsFirst read May 02 2015This was such a beautiful book I tend to stray away from DP's books that are centred around suspense crime and that whole enchilada because they tend to bore me When I read romance I primarily want romance and this book was 85% romance 15% suspense crime mob ish centred Marcus our hero is a bit of an odd sort For one he uilts and sews as a hobby and has won many competitions because of his talent On the other hand he is a mob godfather ex mob boss turned 'good guy’ turned rat for the government Marcus wasn't a straight up arse when we first meet him but he wasn’t overly impressed with our heroine at the start Nevertheless he was overall a decent guy He even fixes Delia’s dress on their first encounterDelia is I imagine the bookish sort who like most DP heroine’s is blonde slender virginal and sweet She is however a strong and passionate character I loved how she handled the whole amnesia plot my favourite part of the book The book is a wonderful read Predictable but VERY enjoyable There is no one like Diana Palmer If only I lived in the United State I would love to go to her book signing

  8. bibliophile ⭐️ bibliophile ⭐️ says:

    The heart that truly loves never forgetsThat was the words that came to my mind after reading Carrera's Bride Yes absolutely The mind may forget but the heart will always rememberI liked Delia's character She's strong and passionate She's also stubborn when it comes to people who matters to her She's willing to fight and do everything to save the man she loves Marcus Carrera is one of my favorite Diana Palmer's hero Beyond his notorious stature lies a great man His character is a bit different from other heroes but it completely sucked me in Although the romance between Delia and Marcus seemed rush I still enjoyed it It was actually perfect They were completely honest about their feeling to each other I also loved what Diana Palmer did with their story Of course love is not always a bed of roses I loved the amnesia twist I didn't see that coming I felt sorry for Delia because Marcus doesn't remember anything about her but I loved that even though he didn't remember her he feels something for her that he can't explain If you're looking for an enjoyable read Carrera's Bride is Highly recommended

  9. Hopefulpuffin Hopefulpuffin says:

    The one with uilting Unworldly uilting seamstress? CheckFormer crime boss who also uilts? Check Wait Go back Former crime boss who uilts??? Yes Former crime boss who uilts I can't make this stuff up But DP canOur two uilters engage in some premarital hanky panky and surprisingly the crime boss uilter actually has a condom Saints be praised But this being DP of course it rips Do any DP heroines who engage in premarital hanky panky emerge not pregnant? I swear they all get pregnant It's like anyone associated with Jacobsville has super sperm or a magic penis or something DO NOT ENGAGE IN UNPROTECTED SEX WITH ANYONE FROM JACOBSVILLE And double up on what protection you've gotHave I mentioned the amnesia? Or the crazy ass crime syndicatemoney launderers? Or the miscarriage? And let's not forget the uilting

  10. Aayesha Khatri Aayesha Khatri says:

    A 35 stars I absolutely loved the beginning the pure emotion and the intense passion I loved the characters and I loved the story 3 3 It was only in the middle and the end that I didn't like especially the amnesia theme

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