Paperback à Wind Warrior PDF å

Paperback à Wind Warrior PDF å

10 thoughts on “Wind Warrior

  1. Kay Kay says:

    One of the worst romances I've read Contrived plot one dimensional characters and the most anticlimactic climax ever There's really bad fan fiction better written than this drivel

  2. Katie(babs) Katie(babs) says:

    One of the worst WesternIndian romances I've read in years She makes Cassie Edwards look good

  3. Simone Z. Endrich Simone Z. Endrich says:

    35 starsThis novel was a toss up between 3 and 4 stars a lovely story some nice characters and some other not so nice ones but overall somewhat slow The romantic aspect is truly sweet but took too long to take off probably because the heroine at 13 was too young to begin with Loved the hero Wind Warrior wise beyond his years but very credibly portrayed The heroine Rain Song aka Marianna is a lovely person as well just too much of a goodie two shoes to be credible at times Twice did her enemy Spotted Flower aka Lillian try to kill her yet her reactions are too tepid even for a saint She is also far too timid and childlike in her interaction with Wind Warrior which made it difficult for the romance aspect of the story to move forward In fact the whole was slow and frustrating to say the least but it was still very sweet and the reader is ready to forgive the author her lackadaisical plot just because these two lead characters are so very endearingDull Knife is the perfect villain and the perfect foil to Wind Warrior through most of the novel But his end is too easy and unsatisfactory Even his sudden about turn in the way he treats Rain Song in the end is not very credible Hardly fits his evil bent I think a stand off between the two brothers would have been a better ending to that monster but that's just my opinionI also had a problem with the book cover image Despite the flowing dark hair the hero doesn't look at all like a Native American Wind Warrior was a pure blooded Blackfoot yet the image on the cover shows a man with white skin a whiskered face and a white man's features Pity It does detract a little from the way a reader visualises the hero through the storyStill for all its flaws I did enjoy this novel very much

  4. Atunah Atunah says:

    45 starsThis was my first by O'Banyon and it will not be my last for sure I am glad to find out that much of her back list is now available on kindle I picked this as my prime loan for this month to see if I would like the writing and now I know I love it I assumed this was written a while back mainly because I don't really come across these sweeping native american historical romances any in the new releases But it looks like this was first published in 2010 And that is good news It means these types of romance are still being written today I have been going back to somewhat older stuff lately to find the real immersing historical romances Somehow the new stuff is lacking some of the drama and epic ness for lack of a better word This one has all of what I ask for in a romance with the NA theme The struggles some ugliness the spirituality nature growing love heartache longing culture and happiness It starts out dark and painful and the way to happiness is not easy and covered with sharp rocks But those are the kind of romances I love I want there to be some depth to it some meaning I read this in almost one sitting It was such a page turner and such a pleasure to read It had just the right combination of everything and the sense of adventure I was looking for I really didn't want it to end I'll be reading of this author soon and I am happy to see there is an extensive back list to pick from with many different settings

  5. Laura Hoesing Laura Hoesing says:

    Great readThis was a great story very fresh the book was so good I read it in a day just couldn't put it down laundry backed up now I've got to pay for it but it was worth it can't wait to read one of her other books do yourself a favor and read this book it's great and the characters are very strong wonderful wonderful book

  6. Rita Wright Rita Wright says:

    First book I have read by Constance O'Banyon I am looking for another Such an action adventure book Great detail given of the Blackfoot tribe The romance is perfect Wind Warrior is kind and Loving to Rain Song his white wife that he has dreamed of for years You won't be disappointed

  7. Dorothy Jensik Dorothy Jensik says:

    Great finishI enjoyed reading a description of the Blackfoot tribe's daily life It was a simplistic time I wish was still possible for the Indian tribes Thank you Constancefor Wind Warrior and Rain Song Keep writing

  8. Janis Ecker Janis Ecker says:

    CuriousHas ms obannon written anything of the wind warrior characters I would love to see stories about the major

  9. Sherrie Mims Sherrie Mims says:

    Good storylineCompelling charactersIntense love storyMale voice from female narrator a bit grading but tolerable

  10. Shelley Jo Howard Shelley Jo Howard says:

    I loved the bookI loved the book I thought it kept you interested I thought the plot was great Not graphic sex

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Wind Warrior [PDF] ✍ Wind Warrior ✸ Constance OBanyon – The VisionHe’d been named Wind Warrior and called the savior of his Blackfoot people But the mystical power that filled him awoke his brother’s hatred and envy Dull Knife would do anything to take The VisionHe’d been named Wind Warrior and called the savior of his Blackfoot people But the mystical power that filled him awoke his brother’s hatred and envy Dull Knife would do anything to take what was hisThe WomanSlender and lovely the white captive had long ago caught Wind Warrior’s eye She was the kind of beauty who could make a man forget all else in the exuisite pleasures of the night But when Dull Knife plotted to steal her away the rivalry between the two brothers would come to a head a prophecy would be fulfilled and with her daring rescue a great passion would be born.