Tempting a Proper Lady PDF È Tempting a PDF \

Tempting a Proper Lady PDF È Tempting a PDF \

Tempting a Proper Lady [Reading] ➶ Tempting a Proper Lady ➬ Debra Mullins – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk This is a brand new Victorian set series from Debra Mullins about the chaos that can ensue when a finishing governess and a dashing gentleman join forces to stop the wedding of the yearA MOST IMPROPER This is a brand new Victorian set series from Debra Mullins about the chaos that can ensue when a finishing Tempting a PDF \ governess and a dashing gentleman join forces to stop the wedding of the yearA MOST IMPROPER ALLIANCETwo years ago dashing Captain Samuel Breedlove disappeared without a word But he's resurfaced in London a wealthy man only to discover his fiancé planning to wed another Now Samuel needs to restore his good name and expose a villain and tempting temptable Cilla seems an ideal accomplicePriscilla Burke knows the marriage of her charge Annabelle Bailey to the Earl of Raventhorpe must be perfect It would be madness for her to even consider doing anything that would mar this beautiful day and destroy her fledgling career as a wedding planner Why then is she so drawn to this irresistible stranger who insists she help him sabotage the impending affairBut a proper lady's desire is nothing to toy with And a man whose character has been uestioned cannot allow himself to dream of happily ever after This not so innocent seduction may have unforeseen conseuences.

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  1. Rane Rane says:

    Don’t be fooled by the back blurb which leads readers to believe there may be a love triangle there isn’t which was fine with me as am not fond of love triangle romances What you do get is a great growing romances between two people whom been burned badly by love and have to take a chance on love again while trying to stop one evil baddie along the way With shades of the Count of Monte Cristo Captain Samuel Breedlove love his name btw is an innocent man left for dead when he finds out his employer The Earl of Raventhorpe is into the slave trade selling girls to the highest bidder when Samuel finds out about this he tries to put a stop to it only to be pushed off a cliff and left on a small island not only does he live he hits the jackpot on some hidden gold Now two years later Samuel is out for revenge to stop Raventhorpe from evil dealings but to stop the marriage between Raventhorpe and the woman Samuel was to marry and whom kept Samuel alive while stuck on the island Things have changed greatly while Samuel has been away his fiancee and her family whom felt was like the family he never have has turned their back on him feed by lies by Raventhorpe Samuel has a short amount of time to stop the marriage while fighting a deep and sudden attraction to the only woman whom can help him MrsCilla Burke the wedding planner Samuel was your hero’s hero he’s willing to go the extra length to do the right thing and stop the baddie At the same time he’s had his heart broken by a mother who had a string of lovers some whom were not kind to the young Samuel never knowing his own father Samuel felt at home with Baileys poor framers before they became rich from finding a coal mind It’s a big blow that the Baileys don’t believe him after all the years they know him he still keeps pushing in order to save Annabelle Bailey from certain danger While time spent away Samuel became a different person and he soon sees that Annabelle as well This nips in the butt the love triangle angle he still wants to protect Annabella and the Baileys and with the help of his longtime friend and the guy whom got his off the island John Ready and Cilla Samuel doesn’t believe in love and has a hard time even thinking about it so instead of embracing love Samuel tends to run away from it While he cares he never can bring himself to love but Samuel has the ability to love and love greatly and while he tries to keep his attraction and relationship with Cilla at just sexual or business he soon sees that he can’t keep everyone at just arm’s length without his heart somehow involved and he feels a deep connection to Cilla whose had to own share of heartache and pain Cilla married for love only to have her dreams shatters but a man whom only wanted her money to gamble After the death of her husband Cilla doesn’t want to rely on another man for her happiness again so when she meets up with the Baileys she offers to help them deal with English ton and plan the wedding she feels will start her one a new career as a wedding planner Her plans go awry when Samuel Breedlove comes into the picture telling stories of almost being killed by Raventhorpe not knowing whom to believe but seeing the deep pain in Samuel’s eyes after he tries to tell this to the Baileys this starts to put doubts into Cilla mind making her seek the truth When Samuel asks for her help she sees her dreams of being a wedding planner going up in smoke with her only opinion getting married again With the attraction between her and Samuel red hot she decides to have him teach her about men starting an affair between the two that nether knew would lead to love Cilla still believes in love unlike Samuel being hurt by her husband has made her leery of men and maybe love It’s her faith in love that makes Samuel see he’s able to love and it’s Samuel being truthful and up front with her that makes her trust and love again Both Samuel and Cilla are kindred sprits in a lot of things and their relationship starts off with attraction lots of heavy lust and finally love Now I didn’t have any trouble with the leads I really liked both leads and even Baileys whom were really good people but were blinded by an evil man But they two have their blinders taken off There was a lot of room to grow in TAPL with humor and many side characters I hope get their own book later on in this series like John Ready with his past shaded in mystery and the highwayman Black Bill out to get even with Raventhorpe The trouble I did have was the attraction between Samuel and Cilla while was hot sometimes smoking I felt the true romance between the two was very slow going I felt that between the two was just plain lust often then not Although given the history of the two it was given to understand why they were leery of getting into a true relationship with Samuel saying he wouldn’t be able to fall in love with Cilla and Cilla looking for a man whom would love just her I wanted the “love” to come in a tad sooner I also felt the villain was a tad OTT at times and two dimensional but he may get a little smoothed out later in the series Cause am a bloodthirsty girl and want to see him get his Heh Overall My first time reading Debra Mullins and I really enjoyed her writing and her great characters A amazing start to this series and looking forward to

  2. Holly Holly says:

    I wasn't sure about this one after reading the blurb I'm not a huge fan of love triangles and I thought this might head that direction I'm happy to report Mullins took it somewhere else I really liked the way the relationship between Samuel and Cilla developed At first they didn't care for each other and she was very suspicious of him It didn't take long for each of them to realize they needed to work together in ways than one Once they committed to each other the story really progressed I understood both their reasons for holding back and appreciated the way they came together

  3. Alicia Alicia says:

    It was an okay read Interestingcaptivating beginning but the beginning seems to promise a bit than what you actually get from the book Perhaps I was a bit distracted while reading it but I didn't feel like there was enough emotions in the words when it came to the drama parts robbery kidnapping attempted murder Those parts of the book had potention but to me they were not very captivating they could have been played out better

  4. Jane (PS) Jane (PS) says:

    I enjoyed this book a solid read The writing was a bit clunky in the beginning with some of the characters actions a little out of context with the period however I haven't read much from the late 19th Century

  5. Lisa Lisa says:

    Captain Samuel Breedlow had returned home after being missing for nearly two years to find his fiancee announcing her engagement to another man a man he hates the Earl of Raventhorpe As he storms forward to announce that Annabelle is his fiancee Priscilla Burke sees her future as wedding planner to the ton going up in smoke She tries to dissuade Samuel but he know the true nature of the Earl after all it was he who left Samuel for dead on a deserted island Samuel finally leaves the party but not without giving a few glances to the lovely CillaCilla has her own reasons for her first wedding as the wedding planner to go off without a hitch She needs the income that the position would give her as her husband has passed away and she refuses to marry again as she was burned badly by her husband So when Samuel comes to her and proposes that they stop this wedding she is appalled But Samuel persists and is able to show some of the true evil colors really low vile things of Raventhorpe to Cilla Cilla realizes she must help Samuel as she cannot allow her friend to marry this villain so she proposes a plan to Samuelhe will teach her the ways to please a man so she may become a mistress if her wedding planner job falls throughI very much enjoyed this book Watching the attraction turn from lust to love was very well done and uite steamy There is a wonderful set of secondary characters that add just enough to the story without overpowering it but leave you ready for of their stories And I am happy to see that Samuels friend John Ready is the hero for the next book Too Wicked to Love Overall this is a good romance book with a bit of intrigue and suspense to help it move along but not overwhelm the storyline of two people who are not looking for love but finding it anyways This was my first Debra Mullins book and I will be looking for 4 stars

  6. Bronwyn Rykiert Bronwyn Rykiert says:

    This story was a 5 most of the way through it but towards the end the story got a little iffy and the storyline got a little this doesn't uite seem rightCaptain Samual Breedlove an American crashes his fiances engagement ball He has been missing for 2 years without word so this fiance Annabelle Bailey and her family had thought he had moved on because he was too much of a coward to break the engagementHe tells a story of how he was marooned on a Carribean Island and left for dead by Annabelle's new fiance Is he telling the truth or not that is what Priscilla Burke wants to know Cilla is working for the Bailey family to help them negotiate the English peerage system and customs especailly an Annabelle has found herself an Earl She is also hoping to launch a career as a weddingparty planner with a successful planning of this wedding if there is to be oneShe make a deal with the captain to help him stop the wedding and the same time he is show her about relationships This was the fun part I think this was uite well doneI enjoy Debra Mullins books and I look forward to

  7. Tonileg Tonileg says:

    Historical English romance set in London with a mix of Americans titled English folks and a widow that links all the folks together while planning a weddingCaptain Samuel Breedlove disappeared two years ago He is back and shows up in London to get his fiancé back or at least protect her from the evil Earl of RaventhorpeSamuel doesn't really know what he wants until he starts up a sexual relationship with 'Cilla' on Friday afternoons Mrs Priscilla Burke or 'Cilla' is trying to take care of herself after being widowed by a terrible husband that left her nothing but heartbreak So she was married for years but knows nothing about love or sexual gratification so here enters lonely SamuelMiss Annabelle Bailey and her great parents are like a new family to Cilla as they were two years ago they were the adopted family of SamuelSecond chances plot for Cilla who gets to do romance right her second time around and Samuel gets back his adopted family and gets rid of one evil guyThis was an okay historical romance with a crazy white slavery plot hanging around in the background which was the scariest part of the book385 pages and kindle freebie3 stars

  8. Sarah Sarah says:

    My cynical reader's mind was prepared to scoff at this book's obvious climax scene of the two lovers being caught together so when a new chapter would begin without the teary scene I found myself getting and interested I liked the characters' honesty and that it really was honesty instead of the woman playing the honest but not really still very emotional creature most romances end up writing However I was prepared to skewer this book for its predictability Score a win for Ms Mullins that the scene I thought so inevitable ended being invisible it wasn't there It actually never happened I am so excited that she didn't take that obvious road that I am so tired of seeing fifty miles away The actual climax of the story was one that while definitely possible I'd not actually considered since I was too busy being wrapped up in my own predictions It was a great read and one that showed all of the characters growing Annabelle Now I am very interested in the next book which will hopefully feature Annabelle Black Bill and John Ready

  9. Emily Emily says:

    I found a copy of Tempting a Proper Lady by author Debra Mullinsat my local Dollar Tree I was was floored they never carry great historical romances This was a great buy and definitely fits into being a great historical romanceI immediately feel in love with all the characters minus the villain of course Both Cilla and Samuel were awesome Debra Mullins did a fantastic job of balancing the plot with action and sensual romance Some parts were HOT HOT HOT Definitely sensualiciousThe book left me wanting to read the next book in the Brides of Nevarton Chase SeriesI recommend that you check this book and this author out A winning combinationHappy Reading Y'all

  10. Nonieღserenity2bliss Nonieღserenity2bliss says:

    While the beginning of the story is not that captivating it does get better as the story progress Soon enough you'll find yourself turning the pages rapidly wanting to know if their scheme will succeed There were moments in the story where you'll find how naive and blind sided one can be by a person's title and wealth So much so that I couldn't believe the stupidity of such characters and yet I acknowledge such characters do exist in today's world Cilla and Samuel are really good together both in and out of bed Speaking of bed Debra Mullins is a master in writing explosive love scenes without being too graphic Now I'm praying that she'll write a story for Samuel's mysterious sidekick John Ready I have a feeling that I'm going to love his story just as much if not if Mullins would give him a chance ;

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