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The Forgotten Garden PDF/EPUB ô The Forgotten MOBI

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  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Kat looks at The Forgotten GardenKat looks at the beckoning stack of other books to readKat looks back at the first 33 pages of The Forgotten GardenKat groansSo basically there's this woman Let's call her Stupidhead because I couldn't care enough to remember her name She finds out on her 21st birthday party that her loving adoring family is not her biological family They found her as a very small child and cared enough to take her in and give her a wonderful home full of people who loved and adored herSo she breaks up with her perfect fiancee marries an asshole has a child is a terrible mother distances herself from everyone who ever loved her screws up her child's life so that her child screws up HER daughters lifeThen I didn't read on I didn't read on because this book is based on an idiot and I have a short fuse when it comes to idiots Let's just say that I don't suffer them lightlyI'm sure that this book if I read further might turn out to be a fantastic and beautifully touching story with a great mystery that it's currently hinting at like a half dressed male stripper with sad eyes and a g string whose elastic is so flexible it no longer snaps However right now it's just a jumpy painfully boring mess I know it's probably realistic after all there's plenty of idiots in the world However since I have so many life sized idiots on call whenever I need them I don't feel I have to read a book about themLife is too short

  2. James James says:

    5 stars to Kate Morton's The Forgotten Garden The plot is mesmerizing and the story telling of the grandmother and the granddaughter is unparalleled Morton jumps from time period to time period country to country character to character in a flawless manner The imagery is astounding The relationships are well planned Morton keeps you guessing as to how it's all connected with the garden up front and center the whole way through the ride Thoroughly enjoyed the journey this book takes you on I am very happy with the ending

  3. Hannah Hannah says:

    Aussie author Kate Morton deftly managed to push nearly every one of my reading buttons with her lovely book The Forgotten Garden1 Not so young woman with a haunted past check2 Not so fairy Grandmother who beueaths said woman an old house with a mysterious history check3 Said old mysterious house is actually a cottage on the wild Cornish coast complete with a hidden garden a handsome neighbor and the faintest suggestion of the supernatural check4 Said woman embarks on a uest to uncover her family secrets and heal thyself game set matchEach chapter of The Forgotten Garden is told through the voices of 3 women Eliza Nell and Cassandra and covers several different time periods throughout the 20th and early 21st century We get to know Eliza Nell and Cassandra intimately and through them other characters who play a large part in the unfolding story Rose Nathaniel Adeline and Linus Not a book to put down for a few days and pick back up later The Forgotten Garden needs to be savored in long stretches so that the reader can fully connect to each character and their backstory The continually jumping characters and time periods can get confusing and distracting at times which prevents me from rating this story with a solid 5 stars Otherwise this tale is tailor made for my reading tastes with sentences like the following that speak to me She unlocked the front door and went inside The house seemed to be listening waiting to see what she would do She ran her hand lightly along the inside wall My house she said softly This is my house The words pressed dully into the walls How strange it was how unexpected She wandered through the kitchen past the spinning wheel and into the little sitting room at the very front The house felt different now that she was alone Familiar somehow like a place she'd visited long agoSimple and comforting My kind of book

  4. Laura Laura says:

    While this is ostensibly a novel of secrets spanning four generations most of the “secrets” are fairly obvious I kept waiting for the blow to fall — murder? incest? buried treasure?? Alas no The narration shifts among different but related storylines all of which to be fair I found intriguing in 1913 a child who can’t remember her name turns up on an Australian dock carrying a book of fairy tales; in 2005 her granddaughter tries to uncover the mysteries of a hidden garden in Cornwall; in Victorian England a wealthy young woman flees her family only to have her orphaned daughter found and taken back to them In each case I wanted to find out the whole story but I figured they’d tie together with punch Where were the dark secrets within a secret? Where were the gasp aloud revelations? I know we’re not always going to get Darth Vader breathing “I am your father” but a few big shockers would have been nice Maybe if the novel were presented a bit differently — as a family saga not some mysterious tale — then I wouldn’t have been disappointed It’s really a story of several women and the far reaching effects their decisions have on their own and each other’s lives Woven throughout are fairy tales by the mysterious Authoress; it's hard to miss their thematic at times allegorical significance They connect the generations through themes of foundlings sacrifice and the dangers of wanting what you can’t have If you like fairy tales this would be a plus but I could have done without themKate Morton is a bit heavy handed in her characterizations and as with The House at Riverton there’s a bizarrely devoted sister like relationship that involves extreme self sacrifice in one of the parties and oblivious selfishness in the other While many relationships are like this for instance I am self sacrificing and my siblings are oblivious they're not fun to read about And with only one exception the really nefarious characters — they’re like villains out of a Dickens novel but without the flair — sort of fade away I wanted the satisfaction of seeing them fall off a cliff and get eaten by sharks or be impaled on pointy fence railings not just die lonely or disappear from the story I would have liked less background description and resolution

  5. Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin says:

    God Bless A Milk CowOnce again most of my friends on GR loved this book to death I'm going to uit picking books my friends love to death I have had this book for a year or I got it from the used bookstore for 100 I love the cover I loved the summary and I thought I would love the book Now don't get me wrong I liked the book it just didn't take me there wherever it took everyone else Actually there are 2 or 3 friends that almost everything they love I will only like or not like at all so I should have known This is a big ole book to get through I was so intrigued in the beginning to find out what really happened to Nell Why was she on that boat all by herself and not being able to remember everything This book is wrapped in mysteries that includes many people and spans many years Cassandra is in the current time and she has lived with her grandmother Nell since she was little Cassandra's mom wasn't a good woman Nell had a wonderful life until her father tells her a secret when she turned 21 I think it was 21 and she got all mad and left everyone and dropped everything Sigh She got with some idiot and did a few idiot things and had an idiot daughter BUT If she hadn't done these things she would never have had Cassandra as a granddaughter and Cassandra was a good person Nell and Cassandra run an antiue shop together After Nell's passing Cassandra's finds all kinds of secrets and is determined to get to the bottom of things This brings Cassandra to England and a house that Nell had bought Cassandra learns so many things about Nell's past It's not a simple one to find out but it's a pretty sad story none the less There are a few different characters in the story two prominent ones being Eliza and Rose Like I said it's a sad story I do like something Cassandra found while she was getting the home fixed up in England You just never know I'm glad nine million and four people loved this book to death ♥MY BLOG Melissa Martin's Reading List

  6. Dem Dem says:

    In the midst of chaos and mayhem there are always books and reading and for that I am eternally grateful I needed to escape this week and Kate Morton’s The Forgotten Garden was just what the Doctor ordered A foundling an old book of dark fairy tales a secret garden an aristocratic family a love denied and a mystery A book to get lost in with lots of suspense and intrigue It was set in several timeframes including the 1890s early 1900s 1975 and 2005 which could have been confusing but worked really well for me in this story A slow moving story with lots of characters but so beautifully plotted I enjoyed unravelling the story and couldn't put this book down It was a little predictable and I did figure out what was going on mid ways through the story it still held my attention and didn’t take away from the enjoyment of the book In times of need some people turn to chocolate but I just love a good historical fictionmystery novel and this one ticked all the boxes for me It is uite a chunky read at just under 650 pages and uite a time investment but worked perfectly for me over the past few days

  7. Kathy Kathy says:

    Sometimes when people keep recommending a book you should listen and read that book The Forgotten Garden is such a book You finally read it and end up wondering why in the world you waited so long Kate Morton provides the intricate layering of different times and places in a masterful manner gifting the reader with a story that captures the imagination and heart completely Nell as the lost child is the pivotal character around which all mysteries and actions revolve A tale that begins in England and travels across the many miles to Australia comes home again to England to undo over a hundred years of secrets Like the entwining vines of the garden the story twists and turns making the path seem impassable but tenacity is rewarded with clarity

  8. Annemarie Annemarie says:

    Oh this was such a delight to read I didn't think a story about a family mystery could be so entertaining throughout while still staying realistic and not going too over the topKate Morton just has the absolute best writing style for stories of this kind She has a way of completely trapping you in the story she's telling so that you lose yourself in it and just can't find a way out And that's something highly positive This is only the second book of hers I've read but I'm already certain I'd have a wonderful time just reading her grocery listThis novel consists of over 50 chapters each one of them told from a different point of view and taking place in a different time period Sound like it's going to be confusing right? Well Mrs Morton did her magic once again and managed to not be confusing at all I have no idea how she did it but I was always able to picture everything that happened perfectly and each character had a distinctive voice which made it easy to tell them apartIf I had to describe the plot in one word I'd use magical It had so many layers all very well thought out and interesting There are many little details that get mentioned throughout Some might call those details unnecessary redundant or too elaborate but as someone who loves long books with attention to minor things it was an absolute joy to read such a fine workI have to say I was uite surprised at some of the dark themes that played a part This especially concerns the ending I really didn't expect this revelation It was surprisingly fitting though and I'm glad the author didn't shy away from going down this routeLastly I also feel the need to express my appreciation of the included fairy tales by Eliza Makepeace I'd love to read of them; they gave me a really comfy warm and fuzzy feeling and reminded me of my childhood Just lovely

  9. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book It is an easy read and yet gave me room to pause as I stopped to think I like books that let me do that without pounding me into a pulp on the way I suspect the book might appeal to women then men and it would be a good choice of several of the reading circles I know My only regret that Eliza's book of fairy tales isn't a real bookThings I like knowing before I buy a book No profanity that I noticed Respectful story specific reference to sex Emotional issues dealt with tastefully and healthily I will read by this author

  10. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    The Forgotten Garden is a multi generational mystery that reveals itself bit by haunting bit featuring three women Eliza born in the late 1800s who is born into poverty in London Eliza's mother was a young woman who had run away from her upper crust home for reasons that become clear later in the story but she is found and pulled back into her wealthy family's embrace or maybe it's their tentacles Nell born in 1909 who is found sitting on her suitcase on an Australian ship dock in 1913 adamantly refusing to say where she came from or even what her name is Eventually she begins searching for her roots in England Cassandra Nell's Australian granddaughter who takes up the search in England after Nell diesThe storyline skips back and forth in time and from person to person and also tosses in a few other characters' POVs here and there for good measure which might irk you if you prefer a linear plotline with a single POV But the concerns of these characters and the themes of this book like identity finding oneself family connections desires are so closely tied together that I didn't feel confused once I got to know the charactersEliza is an author of mystical and sometimes dark fairy tales with lovely sketched illustrations by another character I really wanted to see these illustrations; I imagine them as something like an Arthur Rackham illustration Some of Eliza's stories find their way into the text of this book and their symbolism and autobiographical ualities help to unravel the mystery of Eliza's life and how it connects to Nell's and Cassandra's Toward the end I was able to guess the main mysteries of the book but at least they didn't come out of left fieldThere are some nasty and disturbed characters in this book and a few really ill advised decisions made by characters who are otherwise likeable so it's not all rainbows and unicorns here In the end it's a bittersweet but hopeful story and overall I enjoyed the book

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The Forgotten Garden ❥ [KINDLE] ❂ The Forgotten Garden By Kate Morton ➢ – Uma criança perdida em 1913 uma criança é encontrada só num barco ue se dirigia à Austrália Uma mulher misteriosa prometera tomar conta dela mas desapareceu sem deixar rastoUm terrível segredo Uma criança perdida em uma criança é encontrada só num barco ue se The Forgotten MOBI :å dirigia à Austrália Uma mulher misteriosa prometera tomar conta dela mas desapareceu sem deixar rastoUm terrível segredo no seu º aniversário Nell Andrews descobre algo ue mudará a sua vida para sempre Décadas depois embarca em busca da verdade numa demanda ue a conduz até à costa da Cornualha e à bela e misteriosa Mansão BlackhurstUma herança misteriosa auando do falecimento de Nell a neta Cassandra depara se com uma herança surpreendente A Casa da Falésia e o seu jardim abandonado são famosos nas redondezas pelos segredos ue ocultam segredos sobre a família Mountrachet e a sua governanta Eliza Makepeace uma escritora de obscuros contos de fadas É aui ue Cassandra irá por fim desvelar a verdade sobre a família e resolver o mistério de uma peuena criança perdida.