Dork The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein'

Dork The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein'

Dork The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese ✽ Dork The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese kindle Epub ❁ Author Sidin Vadukut – Alternate cover for this ISBN can be found hereIn April 2006 Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese; a stupendously naïve but academically gifted young man he was ranked 41st in his class; graduates from one Alternate Incredible Adventures of Robin MOBI :å cover Incredible Adventures PDF Æ for this ISBN can be found hereIn April Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese; a stupendously naïve but academically gifted young man he was Dork The Kindle - ranked st in his class; graduates from one of India’s best business schools with a Day Zero job at the Mumbai office of Dufresne Partners; The Incredible Adventures MOBI ñ a mediocre mid market management consulting firm largely run by complete moronsVarghese finds that he fits into the culture The Incredible Adventures of Robin PDF/EPUB or remarkably well Or does he Through The Incredible Adventures of Robin PDF/EPUB or a stunning series of blunders; mishaps and inadvertent errors; Robin begins to make his superiors rue the day they were driven by desperation into hiring himWith things going spectacularly wrong in his professional and personal life; will Robin manage to achieve his short term goal of being promoted to Associate in under a year Will love conuer all and will Gouri walk with him through Dadar Department Stores with her hand in the rear pocket of his jeansDork The Incredible Adventures of Robin ‘Einstein’ Varghese is for all of those who’ve ever sat depressed in cubiclesand wanted to kill themselves with office stationery Especially that letter opener thingJoin Robin as he navigates his first insane year at Dufresne Partners in this first volume of the Dork trilogy.

  • Paperback
  • 240 pages
  • Dork The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese
  • Sidin Vadukut
  • English
  • 03 January 2014
  • 9780143067115

About the Author: Sidin Vadukut

Sidin Incredible Adventures of Robin MOBI :å Vadukut Incredible Adventures PDF Æ is a journalist columnist and blogger He has an engineering degree from NIT Trichy and an MBA from IIM AhmedabadIn a career Dork The Kindle - spanning around a decade he has made automotive parts developed online trading platforms almost set up a retailing company and had a sizeable portion of The Incredible Adventures MOBI ñ a tree fall on his head He is currently an editor with the Mint business newspaperSidin lives in New The Incredible Adventures of Robin PDF/EPUB or D.

10 thoughts on “Dork The Incredible Adventures of Robin 'Einstein' Varghese

  1. Dk11 Dk11 says:

    Well writing a blog and writing a book is as different as speed dating and marriage I liked Sidin's blog and hence ordered this book online got it yesterday and read it in one sitting Again the same theme so famous in this decade IIMA graduate and his life IIMA graduate author writes IIMA graduate authors reflection and probably a peep into his own life Common guys now its becoming a cliche If u like masala movies then u will like Dork All those guys singing the 3 idiots anthem will love this book BUt if u are one of those rare ones who swear by pulp fiction and saw sin city 3 times just to hear the dialogues or are enchanted by one scene in Kill bill where Uma displays her HuttoriHansou will find it ok When I love a book or an author I read some sentences twice while I read Dork in a single sitting after skimmig through a lot of pages I guess RC training for IIM Entrances helps in reading fictions about IIMA grads ;

  2. Sunil Sunil says:

    Much against the advice of friends I picked it up on a whim whilst travelling in India as I fancied reading some Indian fiction this year I should have just listened to my friends I tried my best I tried even using strategic breaks in between to finish it off but I couldn’t bring myself to read any than about 100 odd pages For all practical purposes I have abandoned it Yes it is really that badFirst off I don’t think you could call it a book even if you stretch your imagination by a light year It doesn’t fall into any known definition of a fictional book There is no narrative trail no plot no characterization or for that matter not even a purpose for this book The writing is traumatizing when not unbearable For instance words like 'nonchalantly' and 'earnestness' are peppered casually throughout the paragraphs; it makes you feel like you are reading a junior school essay written by a student who has been highly impressed by the MS word synonym suggestion for the word cool Personally I've never come across an Indian or a non Indian for that matter who uses nonchalantly so casuallyThe protagonist Robin Varghese is perhaps the most dumb egotistical misogynistic distasteful character I have ever encountered in a book I can’t even imagine that such a person exists forget relating to him From a watchman who for some reason shooes him away to his colleague who dislikes him everyone is a 'Bastard' to him In the meantime he rejoices stealing hotel towels and uietly wanks off literally at who appears to be according to his own admission the love of his life God save her really Frankly I would like to meet someone who has made an entry in their diary saying they wanked off at their love interest or perhaps a writer who would deem it fit to use for one of his characters Utterly disgustingThe rest of characters if one can really call them that are vague cardboard sketches that only exist inside the narrator’s mind There is nothing to suggest that they are or even could be real Horrible characterization is one thing being hopeless at research is another The book doesn’t even get the facts right Check this Somewhere the book implies that illegal Indian migrants in Uzbekistan were responsible for investigation inby EU Uzbekistan isn’t a part of European Union Neither would European Union bother about industries operating elsewhere nor does EU a common labour immigration policy That's basic general knowledge if you expect yourself to use Uzbekistan in your fiction Further point of interest that we all know here is Uzbekistan is one of the countries where emigration is of the problem than immigration It has not yet signed all the conventions of the UN charter on labour immigration It was famously forced to ratify minimum age of labour last year or the year before The point being no one gives a damn about labour or immigration in Uzbekistan Someone should send a card to the writer and the Penguin editing teamAnyway half way through I can't think of single thing that is good in it Clearly it’s been big mistake I picked it up I’m embarrassed to have read it till wherever I did but I don’t see any other choice but to abort it Sidin Vadukut joins the esteemed Shoba De as my abandoned authorsFinally I'm not aware how it's been received in India I can’t believe one would find it funny by any measure It’s not my book I suppose it’s the sort of the book for someone down the street or even down the timezone where people might want to read it and sit around talking how funny they had found it I gave a single star as that's the least one could rate here AvoidTo my shock I learnt that this is just the first segment; that there is a trilogy planned Someone should stop him

  3. Avid Avid says:

    This book’s popularity is spreading like fire If you are even vaguely in touch with the world of books by Indian authors there is no way you could have missed this book The Dork Sidin Vadukut’s debut novel is about Robin ‘Einstien’ Varghese’s transition from a B school graduate to an associate in a business consulting firm Einstien is a typical naive and stupid guy who can be found in every batch of every single college that exists on this earth He is the kind of guy who sports thick framed glasses has oil dripping down his hair has a stupid grin stuck on his face all the time – you know who I am talking about right? This guy can be found in every movie ever made on college boys and girls BTW that description is entirely mine Vadukut does not give us a glimpse of how Einstien looks likeThe book takes the form of journal entries by Einstien He has a habit of writing down the activities of the day where he treats his Diary as a confidant He pours his heart out bears his soul and is totally honest with his Diary Through his journal entries we get a glimpse of how Einstien’s world is through his eyes of course The book starts with the journal entry for the day when Einstien gets a job – Day Zero job mind you It then goes on to show how he manages to goof up at every point in his life how utterly unaware he is of the world around and how innocent and naive he is We have some hilarious incidents which include alcohol a huge plastic duck and some puking Another such incident has Einstien trying to solve the storage space crisis to store one lakh ball bearings There are some smart ass characters who are Einstien’s bitter enemies and some who he sympathizes with because they are not as smart as he is Bring in a love interest and we have all ingredients for an interesting dorm storyI bought this book after I read about it on Jai Arjun’s blog His thoughts on the book Shameless plug we both enjoyed the book hugely The trope of the unreliable narrator is something I usually associate with serious literary fiction but Sidin pulls it off very convincingly in a fast paced comic narrative His protagonist Robin Verghese is magnificently clueless about what’s really happening around himI have always found his reviews very helpful I read We need to talk about Kevin after I read his review and I am grateful to him for introducing me to this book But this book I don’t know what he is saying Unreliable narrator? We see through Verghese the moment he opens his mouth I mean his first journal entry The reader knows that what Verghese thinks about himself is not necessarily true Is that what he means by unreliable narrator?I am confused about this book If it is supposed to be hilarious then it is not I probably laughed just once while I read the entire book Satire?I think not Are we supposed to laugh at Robin Verghese? I don’t find him funny but irritating Are we supposed to sympathize with him? I can’t because he irritates me A literary master piece which is disguised as a light weight book? If that is so then I totally don’t get it There are uite a few positive reviews so it must be just me

  4. Pawan Pawan says:

    is a perfect light reading book when you really do not wish to worry about literature or history “Dork The incredible adventures of Robin Einstein Varghese” is a new age chick lit that leaves you laughing and wondering about consulting business as well I should not be saying that Sidin Vadukut has followed the style of Chetan Bhagat but still there are many similarities in authors as well as writingThis book is about a management graduate who gets into a job in consulting industry and his whole life seems to be a series of goof ups The preposterous way of him getting a job the way he ends up in wrong situations at wrong time the complete absurd ness of doing consulting work but most of all his confidence in himself that never goes down When you read about a character who is facing trouble all the time you normally feel sympathetic towards him but in this case the author has not left a single good thing about him In fact I felt bad when he actually tastes success through another series of goof upsI am not sure whether I should call it my fortune or mis fortune but I have not seen this aspect of the industry in my career I was trying to find out something good about the industry in the whole book but it was satire all along Some of the episodes in the book really stand out The idea of using excess ball bearings to create a memorial of a dead dog who died due to ball bearing is absurd and really innovative The interview of Einstein in the end is horrible and hence extremely funnyI feel that there must be a lot of Robins out there It will be fun to meet some of them sometime

  5. Aarthi Aarthi says:

    Sidin Vadukut is one of the few intentionally funny writers in India who manages to capture the subtle nuances of urban Indian humour delightfully well Our regional prejudices CWG Tweet Welcome Srilanka am Malayalee and both of us don't like Tamils or from the book Einstein's mom goes 'we should have sent him to a South Indian institute where he wouldn't have been influenced by spoiled north Indians educated middle class attitudes are nicely satirized in his columns and blogposts while a lot of it is there in the book I was disappointed by it I enjoyed Einstein's inflated sense of self importance as even while having access to only his point of view I could see what other's thought of him and laughed along with them but only for a bit After the first few chapters despite Vadukut's flair for humour the book fails to make you laugh It is like this when you meet a Dork for the first time you laugh and snigger at him behind his back with your friends and colleagues after a point you get sick of this person and he begins to get to you

  6. Shweta Iyer Shweta Iyer says:

    Mediocre story with a clichéd plot The narrative is shockingly bad The language used is least impressive Overall I would rate this book 1 star out of 5

  7. Lyazzat Lyazzat says:

    Brilliant funny like a breath of fresh airThe contemparory writing with a huge sense of humor plus relates the current economical situationLoved the book and will definitely recommend it

  8. Abhisek Pandey Abhisek Pandey says:

    1 point something out of 5An okay read to accompany your travel This is the first of the trilogy on the adventures of a management graduate who is stupid irritating somehow funny obnoxious but somehow makes a lot of things happen around him The main character is very nicely developed but you don't uite connect with him which I had expected before picking the book However considering the character's scale and nature the story flow is mostly okay barring few chapters where things proceed abruptly I somehow think that it would have worked well if the author could talk a little about other characters and the main character was a little bearableOverall you can read the book if you want it's a light read anyway But it's fresh in comparison to dozens of books released in India every month by IIM andor IIT alumnus about IIM andor IIT The diary style works well too Be forwarned there's nothing hilarious or literary in the book You would not connect with agree with or laugh at the characters rather you will be irritated or disgusted or at the most you will sympathize I won't go for the other two books of this trilogy Sidin's tweets are better than the book IMO

  9. Bhumish Bhumish says:

    I never read Chetan Bhagat's novels and I will never bother to read them But reading Sidin Vadukut's Dork was fun and entertaining On a not so serious note the book describes the protagonist's journey while working for a consulting company Robin Einstein Varghese aims to gain a promotion in a short period of timeHis transition from a B school to working for a consulting company experiences and misadventures while undertaking the tasks his encounter with loveliest lasses including his batch mate Gouri Kalbag and particularly the buxom babe called Meghafantasising about love making with those lasses his constant use of profanity against his colleagues pontificating about his own 'innate' ablities and other kind of histrionics I think I mentioned all of them are mind bogglingWith its fast pacing narrative and a funny storyline Sidin Vadukut unlike Chetan Bhagat assures the reader to kill hisher own time effortlessly and gives a sneak peek into the shady world of ConsultingMy only objection the title of the book It should have been titled as BOZO instead of DORK

  10. Dipesh Mehta Dipesh Mehta says:

    To err is human I erred BIG time when I bought this book What should I write about this bookwait a minutelet me recall the storythe book is an absolute crap I thought the book would be a fun read but I was wrong the book has nothing to offer for an average reader like me The writing is awful and so is the character Robert 'Einstein' Varghese in the book throughout my read I was just aimlessly cruising around the pages and finally manage to finish it Too bad the site doesnot allow me to give half star PUKE PUKE PUKE this is what I feel exactly after reading the book

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