Paperback ¾ The Finale eBook å

Paperback ¾ The Finale eBook å

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About the Author: Calvin Miller

Calvin Miller has written over books of popular theology and inspiration A former pastor he is professor of preaching and pastoral ministry at Beeson Divinity School in Birmingham Alabama He and his wife Joyce have two grown children.

10 thoughts on “The Finale

  1. Laura (Book Scrounger) Laura (Book Scrounger) says:

    I liked this than the second one though at times I thought the descriptions felt less poetic than others This is a mythical retelling of Revelation which is odd in the sense that the previous two installments have been mythical retellings of straightforward narrative events so retelling Revelation a very fantastical book using fantastical elements seems opposite in this sense a series like Left Behind seems fitting Having said that it wasn't bad I thought one of the strongest elements was the Prince of Mirrors World Hater again who distributed hand held mirrors so that everyone could gaze at them and see the hope of man his own reflection This seemed rather eerie considering how well it seems to parallel smartphoneselfie culture today especially since this was published in the '70s

  2. James Hogan James Hogan says:

    Book 3 of the Singer trilogy This one wasinteresting I can't uite put my finger on it but I definitely didn't enjoy this one as much as the previous two in the trilogy Might be the subject matter but honestly the subject matter should have been enough to thrill my soul so I'm not uite sure why I didn't enjoy this one as much As the first two books were rough poetic allegories of the story of Christ the early church this book was all about the apocalypse Literally yes This is the end times or Revelation allegory And part of the difficulty of describing that is that this hasn't actually happened yet and the imagery we get in Revelation is crazy poetic enough already So to attempt to write a narrative poem around Revelation was never going to be an easy project The author replaces the apocalyptic imagery and metaphors of the book of Revelation withdifferent apocalyptic imagery and new metaphors A bit trippy really But as negative as my attitude towards this book appears I still did enjoy it I promise Reading about the end of all thingsand then the return of the Troubadour and the creation of the new earthwas uplifting and inspiring indeed Even in the darkest times we do yet have a hope Christ shall return again and He shall one day make all things new Someday at the end of all thingswe shall all be before our God in the place where there is no sun because Christ is there and His glory will shine beautifully and perfectlyforever and ever Amen I think this book suffers in comparison to the first two books of the trilogy but it is still very much worth a read

  3. Isaac Bouw Isaac Bouw says:

    The conclusion to Calvin Miller's Singer Trilogy The Finale is an allegorical book VERY loosely based on its counterpart of Revelations After reading all three books of the series is clear to see that Miller does his best when he is at the wheel creatively rather than following and transcribing directly from the source material As far as the allegory is concerned the only real connections are the end of the world and persecution of Singerians in the end times Because of the world building in the previous two books The Finale can really stand on its own creatively My only issue is the real world tie in of the villain possessing a certain death ore a clear parallel to nuclear weapons this allusion just falls out of place amongst a largely fantasy world This book was so close to five stars and after originally being apprehensive about the Singer Trilogy based on the first book with the volumes to follow I can safely say that in some ways Miller's work does compare to that of Lewis and Tolkien

  4. Ginelle Ginelle says:

    In the last book of the series we are told of the build to and the culmination of the battle between the Singer and the World Hater This book centers around the Dreamer a miner for the City of Man who is a Singerian and fights against the advances of the World Hater now with the name the Prince of MirrorsThis is very similar in style length and ease of reading as both THE SINGER and THE SONG It is meant to tell the story of Jesus' triumph over Satan I honestly don't know much of the Biblical book of Revelation though so I can't say how Biblically accurate it is I did feel like there were again some parts that were hard to follow because of the word choice This is primarily with the many songs and choruses through the book a little too artsy symbolic alluding for me to catch onto some of the ideas

  5. Wes F Wes F says:

    The 3rd part of Calvin Miller's Singer Trilogy This one is said to mirror Revelation; it chronicles athe great last battle between Satan World Hater and the Singer or Troubadour who returns to wrap things up with Terra One bringing with him a new Terra Two The War of Fire ends with the World Hater bound chained and pushed over the cliff's edge into the abyss where he will spend eternity I'm giving this a 2 12 stars in my Reading Log I didn't like it as much as The Singer or The Song; I sort of wished it had followed a little of Revelation But it was creative and definitely fit in with the mood characters on going conflict plot of the previous volumes The cry echoes down through the ages He comes in powerRejoice the hour ofJubilee is nearLift up the cryBefore we dieour Singer will appear

  6. Davidg Davidg says:

    A weird book to finish this disappointing trilogy but then it is based on the weirdest book in the Bible The theology is again terrible The presence of God in our lives is the “Invader” how’s that for an inviting image of love And God is of course totally absent Even in the final battle and the creation of the new earth no God Not like Revelation at allpoor

  7. Linda Linda says:

    A bit harder to follow than the other two but still a fitting end to a nice series The book of Revelation scaled down into poetic prose

  8. Jo Cox Jo Cox says:

    love this interpretation of the biblical ideas

  9. Rachael F. Rachael F. says:

    Again the emotion and gorgeous allegory that make Calvin Miller's poetry uniue amazes me From the Singer to the Finale I enjoyed every last line

  10. Jessica Jessica says:

    This whole series by Calvin Miller is amazing All three sucked me in and I couldn't put them down for long I must say though The Singer was my favorite out of the three The Finale was an interesting retelling of the events in Revelation The Singer and The Song were a great build up to the epic battle of The Finale in which the Singer puts World Hater in his final place of punishment and the faithful Singerians join the Singer on Terra Two What I loved most about these books is they all pointed me to Christ Miller captures His character and displays it well in the Singer He captures the majesty and power in the Finale I loved the books but I love the story behind them far and I'm happy that Miller although he retold the story still kept the characters true to how they're displayed in the Bible Recommend this book to everyone If you've never read The Gospels Acts or Revelation it may help to read through those first and you'll be able to see where these wonderful books originated

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