Paperback à The Song PDF å

Paperback à The Song PDF å

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  1. Laura (Book Scrounger) Laura (Book Scrounger) says:

    I didn't care for this one as much as I did The Singer The first third or so was okay but after that it just got too bleak and strange for me I suppose it was attempting to simply recreate a certain point in time but even the hopeful few verses at the end didn't change the tone of it much for me I also didn't care for the anti science tone expressed in a few placesWhile the allegory did not feel uite as direct in this story as it merely parallels the book of Acts I assume Urbis is a stand in for Rome while Praxis may be intended to represent SaulPaul I still felt like the intended allegory took center stage to the detriment of other factors Urbis sounds like an interesting place but I never uite felt like I was there It's also not a good sign when the stand in for Satan ends up being one of the most developed characters in the whole story Many events in this story were inspired not by the book of Acts itself but from Christian tradition feeding Christians to lions etc so it's kind of a mish mash The second half of this story depicts an attempted genocide against Singerians which includes children being taken from their parents to be killed several of whom are strangled by their parents beforehand Very bleak and certainly not something everyone will be up to reading I will give the third one a shot and hope it's better

  2. James Hogan James Hogan says:

    Book 2 of the Singer trilogy If I loved Book 1 I loved this one yet Why I wonder when book 1 is all about Christ? Well as Book 1 was an allegory of one of the gospels Book 2 could be said to be an allegory of the Book of Acts And so in this book the Holy Spirit analog the Invader is very much present and touches the lives of thousands of people Very much the heart of this book is the message of the gospel and how all are in need of being unchained rescued from our darkness and redeemed by Christ alone only through Him are we saved Again this story is told through narrative poetry and fairly obvious allegory and my heart sang while reading this yesterday on the porch at Eseeing the work of the Holy Spirit in saving souls and the ensuing passion to share this message this song with all people Even in the face of harsh and bitter persecution and yea even to death would this message be proclaimed Reading the story of Everyman one who initially relied on strict reason and rationalismthen who came to be tempted by the devil Sarkon the World Hater and yet eventually he realized the true darkness of the devil's temptations and then came to glorious faith unchained and filled with the Holy Spirit Oh what joy And reading the story of Praxis the Builder one who persecuted the believers and committed gross sinsand yet even he was forgiven and received the truth and was saved by the love of God This book was beautiful I am wary of offering high praise to allegorical works for I am always slightly hesitant that there may be some flaw in the theologyand indeed this book is not inspired so it isn't perfect So always read with discernment But with that disclaimer this book is beautiful and upon reading it I couldn't help but offer praise to my God as I remember that He has indeed forgiven me of my sins and filled me with His Holy Spirit Oh what blissful joy is mine

  3. Isaac Bouw Isaac Bouw says:

    Continuing from The Singer The Song is a poetic allegory loosely following the book of Acts Luckily Miller opts for a inspired story being less transcribed than The Singer The story follows Madman continued from The Singer now Anthem as he shares the Star Song and the power of the Invader to unchain men from World Hater now Sarkon There are several links between the book of Acts particularly the stoning of Stephen the transformation of Saul to Paul and Pauls missionary trip to Rome However to the benefit of the story Miller takes creative liberties building an independent and rich fantasy world The Song in comparison the The Singer is much in the vein of Lewis and Tolkien as well as Bunyan My only issue with this book is the poetry of it While vastly improved from the previous title there are still times when the verse seems jarring possibly this is because it was meant to be read out loud Often times the book follows what seams to be a free verse style but the occasional jump into regular rhyme can feel out of place Despite this I highly recommend The Song and am eager to finish the trilogy ending with The Finale

  4. Ginelle Ginelle says:

    Now that the Singer is gone his followers remain and continue to spread the news of his promises and the possibility for people to become 'unchained' and free through the Singer and his father Earthmaker In response to this and the growing number of Singerians the World Hater has taken on a new likeness and the new name of Sarkon in effort to guile people back to his waysAgain this is a very easy to read poem There are a few times that I got a little confused with the verbage but overall the flow and wording are great While THE SINGER was so obviously the story of Jesus' ministry death and resurrection THE SONG is the story of the rise of the Christian Church and its subseuent persecution Said persecution is mainly through a single force in the book but it definitely gets the feeling across and effectively communicates that the Church has many martyrs

  5. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    While I overall didn’t enjoy this as much as I enjoyed The Singer it is still a beautiful work This volume is a loose allegory for the book of Acts in the New Testament and it tracks its source material much loosely than The Singer tracked the Gospels As always I got distracted by trying to figure out what the characters and the events in the book were supposed to portray which is a very bad habit because it pulls me out of the world the author created for me “Is that supposed to be John? Maybe that’s Paul? No THAT must be Paul” That really didn’t matter for the book and that part was my fault not the author’sStill a beautiful work that provides peace comfort and hope and that is really all it needs to do

  6. Davidg Davidg says:

    You know all that science stuff Medicine vaccinations transplants the stuff that saves millions of people's lives It's all the work of Satan All that technology computers engineering trains planes and automobiles that's all the work of the devil too All that ecology evolution genetics the rich tapestry of the world That's all the Devil's work tooApparently you cannot be a Christian and have any understanding of science let alone be a scientist yourself Apparently God is opposed to science or any form of human knowledge Not a good advert for a faith that welcomes all that encourages reason and thinking

  7. Wes F Wes F says:

    I'm giving this 2 12 stars in my Reading Log I was expecting it to be better and to have connection to the book of The Acts of the Apostle It didn't Creative for sure and brought out of a focus on the clash of civilizations between Rome its gods and Christianity its God and the persecution that entailed in the first 300 years after Jesus' ascension and the birth of the Church

  8. Rachael F. Rachael F. says:

    This book is so powerful Calvin Miller has a beautiful way with words and his poetry in this story is a deeply moving allegory of both the freedom found in the gospel and the persecution of Christians I have yet to read The Finale but so far The Singer and The Song are among CS Lewis's and Tolkien's writings in depth and gorgeous allegory Calvin Miller is uniue from these two authors in that his poetry is easier to read though still keeping with the same complexity and meaning

  9. Linda Linda says:

    This is the second in a series of allegories about Christianity This one shadows the book of Acts

  10. Jo Cox Jo Cox says:

    Love this interpretation of the biblical ideas

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The Song [Ebook] ➩ The Song Author Calvin Miller – The Singer uickly became a favorite of evangelists pastors artists students teachers and readers of all sorts when it was originally published in 1975 Retelling the story of Christ through an allegori The Singer uickly became a favorite of evangelists pastors artists students teachers and readers of all sorts when it was originally published in Retelling the story of Christ through an allegorical and poetic narrative of a Singer who's Song could not be silenced; Miller's work reinvigorated Christian literature and offered believers and seekers the world over a deeply personal encounter with the gospel The Song is a poetic narrative in the tradition of CS Lewis's Narnia Chronicles and JRR Tolkien's Lord of the Rings trilogy The Song is Calvin Miller's seuel to his earlier very popular book The Singer Miller tells the story of Anthem and Everyman who leave the Great Walled City and travel to Urbis the city of the Poet King where followers of the Singer are martyred for their faith As The Singer parallels the story of the Gospels so The Song shows certain parallels to the Book of Acts The Finale is Calvin Miller's completion of his trilogy including The Singer and The Song In this final volume Miller tells the story of the Singer's final battle with World Hater and envisions in dynamic prose poetry the winding up of history on Terra One and the creation of Terra Two As The Singer parallels the story of the Gospels and The Song parallels the book of Acts so The Finale is an artistic retelling of the book of Revelation.