Her Wildest Dreams ePUB Å Her Wildest PDF \

Her Wildest Dreams ePUB Å Her Wildest PDF \

Her Wildest Dreams ❮Epub❯ ❤ Her Wildest Dreams Author Shiloh Walker – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Timid and shy in her wildest dreams Allie never imagined Alex would look at her with anything than friendship and maybe a little pity in his eyesOne horrible night Allie is attacked and Alex comes rus Timid and shy in Her Wildest Dreams Allie never imagined Alex would look at her with anything than friendship and maybe a little pity in his eyesOne horrible night Allie is attacked and Alex comes rushing to her rescueHe wonders if he is really needed when he finds a little hellcat fighting off her attacker Much later that night Alex holds that little hellcat in his armsMonths later he runs Her Wildest PDF \ into Allie again and he barely recognizes her She's no longer the shy little wallflower she had once beenProblem isshe doesn't seem to want to have anything to do with him Allie's about to find out that Alex is the only man guaranteed to make her wildest dreams come true.

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  1. WhiskeyintheJar WhiskeyintheJar says:

    35 starsI received this book for free in exchange for an honest review This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my reviewAlison lost her mother at a young age and with a gruff show no emotions cop father she grew even introverted When her father dies suddenly even her brother has a hard time reaching her When Alison experiences a life or death situation it wakes her up and Alison decides that she wants to truly live Experiencing a hot moment with her brother's bestfriend someone she has loved from afar it pushes her to shake free of her cocoon Alex for his part has always had feelings for Alison but buried the amorous ones as he didn't feel right lusting after his friend's little sister When Alison comes back from Ireland no longer the mousy wallflower he really pays attention Their path to happiness is going to be rough but fortunately rough and hot is how they both like it  It's weird the way a woman can go her whole life without ever really seeing herself  Rewritten and revised from Her Wildest Dreams this story is a hot erotic take on the little sisterbrother's bestfriend trope I'm a fan of Ms Walker's writing both how she writes sex scenes which there are plenty of and how she can infuse deep emotional tenets which there are some in this story I felt Alison's desperation to change and be freed from her self imposed shackles and desire to be shackled in a completely different way by Alex Alison's metamorphosis from shy uiet virgin to strong determined sex hoyden was somewhat rushed conseuence of a shorter story but I still ultimately believed in it I liked Alex's inner battle in the beginning with trying to fight his desire for Alison but there were times where he felt a bit immature in regards to his thoughts and actions I wanted straightforward decisive dominance from our Dom Together they are smoking hot well in the bedroom I'm not sure if they have a lot of deep meaningful platonic interactions or if I simply don't remember them because their sex scenes melted my mind You're not going to want to read this in public or maybe you will want to you kinky beasts With a title like Wicked Wild Fantasies I'm pretty sure everyone knows what they're going to get out of this and the story definitely delivers on that front but there were some story threads thrown in that felt awkward and out of place Alison's trip to Ireland after Alex and her sleep together for the first time she meets a guy there and while we’re only briefly told by Alison remembering she apparently has 10 days of wonderful sex with him It works later to show how she is now comfortable with her kinky side and showcase Alex's jealous side but still felt very unneeded This is second in a series so maybe the story thread of Alex searching for the man who killed her father played a role in the first book but here it felt jammed in and out of place I'm guessing it's added for substance but it ended up feeling very awkward adding speaking scenes between Alison and Alex and showing Alex's dynamic with Mike the brother could have accomplished the same thing All in all if you come for the sex scenes you're going to stay for the sex scenes and not leave disappointed; just be aware Alison and Alex like their props whether it be Alex's handcuffs or Alison's dildos and Alison admits to a rape fantasy that Alex does not shy away from but I would say it's fairly mild ish Ms Walker writes fantastic down and dirty sex scenes and manages to hit you with raw emotional lines and moments if looking for a uick stimulating read Wicked Wild Fantasies would be a great purchase

  2. Jessica Alcazar Jessica Alcazar says:

    THIS is happening because well it's Shiloh Walker eeeeekkkkkkk clap clap clap twirl clap twirl clap ARC provided by Shiloh Walker Inc via NetGalley for an honest review

  3. Mariℓina Mariℓina says:

    NOPE Easy and uick? Yes Likeable? Not so muchI always like this premise falling in love with your big brother's best friend and its variations but in here it didn't uite work for meAlison was a wallflower allright and a total doormat and cry baby Thank God that changed uickly and she became so much or did she? Because in my opinion she kept being the same over analyzing clingy and insecure little girl and the only difference was the new clothing and the highlights in her hairAs for Alex? He was a big asshole He never liked her not really and even when he started thinking about her he had no ualms about being with another woman The only thing he really cherished was this new shiny facade of hers and that's never good So what was good about this book you asked? The sex And to be exact the fantasy scene and of course her brother barging in That could have been hilarious but it ended up being very upsetting After a while though everything was resolved and here comes the HEA THOUGHTS ABOUT THE BOOK There is also a free novella in the end which i liked a lot Dual POV mainly I'm trying not to see it that way but it's creepy to know that your man used to share women with your brother ARC provided via Netgalley in exchange of an honest review Thank you

  4. Vintage Vintage says:

    Thank heavens for Kindles I can pretend I am reading Ulysses Les Misérables or some other high brow but probably boring bookYes a new tag inspired just for this book the embarrassed I'm reading this tagThis is a seuel to Good Girls Don’t This is about the pig's pig as in asshat not as in cop although he is a policeman mousey little sister Allie and her crush on her brother's alpha best friend Alex That's pretty much itI almost tossed this as both the heroine and the hero annoyed me so much at the beginning She is such a mousey little doormat that can't say boo and he is yet another pig with alpha tendencies Alex takes her virginity and is such an emotional wuss he can't talk to her or look her in the face and believe me he ain't no virgin There's a lot of I just had sex with my best friend's little sister He's going to kill me Alex was right Big bro can dish it but can't take itAfter two life changing events one being mugged and the second losing her virginity to her long life crush in a wham bam clinch she miraculously grows a spine Then it's off for a makeover and a trip to Ireland where she encounters her inner submissiveMeanwhile back at home asshat wuss is obsessing over her best sex of his life etc and so forth I actually started to like it at this point as Allie comes back ready to lead the charge for a friends with benefits relationship and he wants to chew his arm off She actually kicks him out when he's too confused to provide the goods It was uite entertaining to see how the worm had turned Since this is Shiloh Walker there is sex in every dimension and every position but I ended up enjoying both charactersI don't think Jane Austen has much to worry about but for a uick racy racy read this will do pig

  5. Sarah Sarah says:

    Wicked Wild Fantasies was originally published with the title Her Wildest Dreams but the story has been revised and expanded before being published again with a new name Having never read the original version I can't compare the two so this review is purely for the new version of the storyAlison has always been the shy retiring wallflower and even though she has crushed on her older brother's best friend Alex for years she would never have dreamed of acting on it Until the day she is mugged at knife point and Alex comes to her rescue having seen her life flash before her eyes Alison suddenly starts to realise that if she doesn't make big changes life will just pass her by When Alex's offer of comfort turns into something passionate Alison is thrilled in ways than one but seeing Alex's guilt kick in breaks her heart She's still had the kick she needs to make major changes in her life though she uits her job gives herself a makeover and heads off to Ireland for an adventure Two months later she's back and Alex barely recognises her he hasn't been able to stop thinking about their encounter but this new confident Alison attracts him than everFor a uick hot read you can't go far wrong with a book by Shiloh Walker she is great at ramping up the heat between her characters and you can always expect plenty of hot bedroom action in her stories Although Wicked Wild Fantasies has been revised you can still tell it's one of her earlier works though it's not uite as polished as her recent stories and the character development isn't uite as good This was an enjoyable story but I had to kind of ignore about how uickly Alison had done a complete 180 personality wise it just didn't feel realistic that she would have changed so dramatically in such a short space of time I also would have liked to have seen of her and Alex spending time together outside of the bedroom the time they did spend together was undoubtedly hot but I need a bit than sexy times to make me believe that they're going to have a successful happily ever afterIf you're in the mood for something spicy with a hot dominant cop who likes to take control in the bedroom then I'm sure you'll enjoy Wicked Wild Fantasies

  6. Linda Linda says:

    Alison´s been in love with her brothers best friend since forever but he seems not to notice her Until the night that changes everything But what is she to do when he backs off again? Taking a time out could be the answer Player Alex knows his best friend wouldn´t take kindly to him making a pass on his sister but when she returns from a trip with lots of new experiences he can´t resist Contemporary romance smutty fluff and feelings in a uick read As a bonus story we get a short PNR one with action smut and love I did prefer the bonus story somehow I didn´t connect with Alison Alex Disclaimer I received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    ARC REVIEWprobably one of the sweetest romantic BDSM themed books I have readPreviously published as HER WILDEST DREAMS This title has been extensively rewritten and revised New material has been added and it has been re editedThis was a great one; sweet in a romantic way and steamy hot hot hot Best friendslittle sisters is one of my favorite tropes Shiloh Walker is fantastic when it comes to seduction with a touch of dark I always like the style of Shiloh Walker's narrative she writes engaging characters and panty dropping Alpha's and always an engaging story with a hint of dark I can only imagine how this story went before the rewrites Alison Ryan never really thought about what she was missing in her life until it flashed before her eyes when a druggie tried to mug her She was saved by her brother's best friend Detective Alex O'Malley Alex always knew is best friends little sister had a crush on him but when he saw her being threatened by a druggie with a knife his perception of her changed almost as if he was really seeing her for the first time Alison was raised by a cop and raised to never cry but Alex knew that what she needed and that his shoulder was the one she would cry one After having the scare of her life Alison fell asleep in Alex's arms when she woke up he was still asleep but playing with her The only thing she ever wanted was for Alex to make love to her so she took the chance and didn't wake him He he finally did wake up he couldn't didn't want to stop After he felt guilty and blamed himself for what happened It was almost too much for her to bear; she was just as much to blame than Alex but it hurt her deep inside to have him apologize for what happened The final straw was when Alison's co workers once again tried to take advantage of her good nature that is when it hits her that she needed a change and with the help of a good friend that exactly what she doesA makeover finishing school getting her RN license ten days in Ireland a lover and a couple months away from Alex was all Alison needed She flourished she blossomed into the beautiful woman that was hiding underneath her own insecurities Alex hasn't been able to shake this new feeling he has in regards to Alison he can't stop thinking about her when he is awake and he dreams about her at night When he finally sees her he doesn't recognize her and when he realizes it's her he can't stop himself from loving her Alex's sexual appetite leans heavily on the dominant side and is at first hesitant that it might scare Alison away until she admits to him she has always wanted him in that way and that she isn't scared by it but turned on Alex isn't going to have an easy time because convincing Alison he loves her for her isn't enough he has to convince his best friend her brotherOverall ooohh this book is good It's hot almost guaranteed to make you horny

  8. Carolyn F. Carolyn F. says:

    Anthology this was part of Cops and CowboysShe's been the shy mouse having a crush on her brother's best friend Alex since they were children A near death encounter has her reevaluating her life and she changes lots of things Now although there was a previous encounter he's interested in her To me I would think Where were you when I was a mouse? But she uickly gets over it

  9. XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy XxTainaxX Curvy and Nerdy says:

    It just didn't really end up resolved for me

  10. Natasha (books_n_dreams) Natasha (books_n_dreams) says:

    Rating 35This definitely was an easy uick fun read Read it in a day haha I like how in the story line it's never a dull moment something is always happening there is a pace that either accelerates into overdrive or you get some bumpy spots but they are just as intense as those high moments What I liked most about this story was the twist to the immediate fantasies that the main female character Alison instantly has when it deals with the main male character Alex Alison is such a timid shy character and I was thinking that she was going to be like a good number of characters in new adult books but what changes in her I absolutely love and I love who she becomes It's definitely one of those girl power moments that every woman looks to supportI do kind of wish there was at the end like some type of epilogue that gave us a sense of what is happening but this is something I believe all book readers want when they enjoy a story So I definitely recommend this to those who are looking for a steamy hot easy read that will have you consuming the book in one setting

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