Erebos Kindle å Paperback

Erebos Kindle å Paperback

Erebos [Download] ➹ Erebos ➾ Ursula Poznanski – Librarian Note Russian edition with the same ISBN can be found here intelligent computer game with a disturbing agendaWhen 16 year old Nick receives a package containing the mysterious computer game E Librarian Note Russian edition with the same ISBN can be found here intelligent computer game with a disturbing agendaWhen year old Nick receives a package containing the mysterious computer game Erebos he wonders if it will explain the behavior of his classmates who have been secretive lately Players of the game must obey strict rules always play alone never talk about the game and never tell anyone your nickname Curious Nick joins the game and uickly becomes addicted But Erebos knows a lot about the players and begins to manipulate their lives When it sends Nick on a deadly assignment he refuses and is banished from the game Now unable to play Nick turns to a friend for help in finding out who controls the game The two set off on a dangerous mission in which the border between reality and the virtual world begins to blur This utterly convincing and suspenseful thriller originated in Germany where it has become a runaway bestseller Ursula Poznanski is an award winning children’s author She lives in Vienna Austria.

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  1. Ashley Marie Ashley Marie says:

    12Feb16 update Ha The copy I ordered from Thriftbooks because I NEEDED it turns out to be an ARC Not sure whether to be tickled about this or not Hidden Gem buddy read with YA Beyond45 stars rounded up because I'm on such a book high right now that it's ridiculousI wasn't overly keen on this in the beginning; the writing came off as stilted I assume from translation and things aren't always consistent it's set in London and yet the characters say things like sixth grade and Mom rather than Mum but whatever I got SO sucked in by the time the game itself started picking up speed and lemme tell youLEMME TELL YOUErebos freaked me the FCK OUT I'm not one of those big MMORPG people my ex was absolutely addicted to WOW and if I still talked to him I would definitely slap him upside the face with this book because he'd drool over it too but I'm back to needing a Fable fix Again But really this game reminded me the most of WOW probably because you're able to pick which racegenderoccupation your character has that is you can be a dark she elf mage if you like one of my preferences incidentally the few times I ever played But this game this game KNOWS THINGS And it's creepy AF And then when things really start to overlap between gameplay and real life well let's just say I would've smashed that disc into a zillion pieces the first time it told me it knew I was lying about my real name JFC But what a story Poznanski weaves everything together and by the final third of the book you're just waiting for the other shoe to drop and all the pieces to fall into place And it's glorious The easiest way to describe this I think is to call it a darker creepier current Ready Player One Kind of the opposite of the nostalgia trip that was RP1 BUT Both books are FANTASTIC in their portrayal of gamer girls I especially liked the ladies who populate Erebos Thank you for including us in all our varied incarnations 3

  2. Jo Jo says:

    35 starsI was a bit wary of reading Erebos at first because I thought it sounded a lot like Ready Player One and while I really enjoyed that book there’s only so many things you can do with a book about video games right? Woah did you hear that?It was the sound of a million video game players hissing at me all across the globe I’m not even going to pretend that I know the gamer gabble yeah that’s not a real thing I made that up because I really don’t I like watching when people play them but I think that is because I love film I have been known to exclaim “WOW that film looks really good Can we go and see it?” And I get a stony glare in reply followed by “That’s the new Call of Duty Jo” puzzles and watching people get so stressed over things on a television screenBut yeah I can’t play games for toffee so I’m not going to go on about the gaming aspects of things because I think if I did I’d end up sounding like when my grandparents try to understand the internetI decided pretty early on that Erebos and Ready Player One have two things in common 1 They feature a game2 I really enjoyed them both But the similarities end there I thought the story and the world that Ms Poznanski created both within the game and out of the game was absolutely fascinating When Nick our pony tailed hero was playing Erebos it was like you were actually sat behind him looking over his shoulder and experiencing the world as he was You could almost hear the gravel crunching under his character’s feet the rustle of the trees and the scrit scrat as poisonous scorpions came scuttling towards youYes THAT HAPPENSAnd you actually felt that there was peril involved OK maybe that was just me but when Sarius’ life bar was dwindling perilSetting some of the story in the world of Erebos really added a whole new aspect to the book something completely different to anything I’d read before It felt like I was reading a fantasy novel one of those proper ones with uests and swords and elves And the scenes in the real world were just as exciting While at first I did have my “Um would that really happen?” and my “Err why is there only one adult who is mildly concerned?” moments I soon ignored them and just threw myself into the storyAnd then when the two parts merged? shudders Tense I liked Nick he was a good guy He didn’t blow me away with his personality however but that really didn’t matter to me This book wasn’t about individual characters and personalities although I did adore Jamie but about how they all fit together for the whole picture All together these characters made a great cast I loved how they interacted together with little hints as to what was coming next both in the real world and in Erebos I do have a few minor uibbles with Erebos howeverYou know when someone is like “Oh god don’t look over there No just don’t it’s absolutely horrible”And then of course the first thing you do is turn around and look?That’s kind of what happened in this book because I had been forewarned that the translation was a bit off Now I’m not blaming anyone because I’d probably have noticed it any way but I was definitely on the look out for itThe translation was pretty dicey This book was set in London and without ruining everything that’s an important aspect of this story So when everyone was running around texting on their cells and having dramatic exchanges during their recesses and getting yelled at by their moms it was incredibly jarring Also the ending was a bit unbelievable which is rich of me to say as I have just said how much I enjoyed a book about an omnipresent computer game that controls people It wasn’t disappointing as such but it was definitely a bit convenient and there was definitely a sense at some point in the near future the characters were going to be like “Oh my god you guys remember when that computer game completely changed our lives? Wasn’t that awesome? Hahaha didn't one of us nearly die? LOLOL I guess I just needed repercussions But enough of my whinging about little things because I really really enjoyed this book and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what else Ms Poznanski will come up with nextUnnerving exciting mysterious and uniue If that sounds like something you’d enjoy; I wholly recommend trying to get your mitts on one of those blank disks that are circulating and being swapped in darkened alleys Or um this bookIt’s less perilous and people getting hurt y OR IS IT?Just watch out for the messenger with the yellow eyes He’s definitely up to no good I received an advanced copy of this book from the publishers via NetgalleyYou can read this review and lots of other exciting things on my blog Wear the Old Coat

  3. Catie Catie says:

    2 12 stars “A game you can’t buy A game that talks to you A game that watches you that rewards you threatens you gives you tasks'Sometimes I think it’s alive’”To anyone who’s ever been a MMPORG addictwidower I think this book will be particularly frightening And to everyone else who’s sitting there right now saying really? Could a game really consume your life like that? I invite you to visit this website where level 85 World of Warcraft characters are freuently sold for upwards of 1000 In real currency I also invite you to consider just how many hours you yourself have devoted to reading book reviewstwitterrandomamazing tumblrs I know I’ve definitely been there – sitting in front my computer at midnight thinkingI’ll just do this one thingand the next thing I know it’s 342 am I’ve lost so many hours of my life to the internet It’s all consuming And I actually felt pretty darn consumed by this book for the majority of it It’s a fast paced highly engrossing read that I couldn’t put down It reads uite a bit like a horror movie which I loved The scenes in the game are truly creepy all the so because they’re one small step away from a realistic gaming addiction The main character Nick is a popular good looking with a ponytail entitled jock guy of the sort that’s common in horror movies He’s that everyguy who’s realistic and sympathetic but just arrogant and closed minded enough that you will really enjoy anticipating his downfall Plus he has a thing for the broody artistpoet girl always a good choice so that earns him a few points Most of the characters in this book feel realistically young; however there are a few really incongruous elements and I think that’s where the translation may have gone awry This book takes place in London supposedly but just check out some of this dialogue “’Get lost’ Nick bellowed after him He wanted to run after him grab him by the collar and punch his lights out”“Just wait – one of these days someone will thump you so hard you won’t know which way is up”“Shut your trap kid”“Beat it sister”“And how”“Please don’t start with the whys and what fors”It’s as if this version of 2012 London were somehow cast with actors from a 1950’s gangster film There are also a ton of really abrupt almost jarring transitions between scenes One moment Nick is in class and the next he’s at home with no transition at all And there’s an interesting uirk with the narration when Nick is in Erebos the book is written in present tense but when he’s in the real world everything shifts to past tense I think that was meant to give the world of Erebos immediacy but it didn’t really work for me It just felt odd like his virtual life was happening in the moment but his real life was a memory I can’t count how many times I got through a passage in Erebos only to have my brain stumble over the sudden change to past tense It was irritatingThis book was sitting at three or four stars until I got to about 80% of the way through Once the mystery started to become clearonce the man behind the ermonitor was revealedI lost interest pretty uickly There were also several major plot holes Nicks parents are annoyingly present one moment and conveniently absent the next; Nick goes from broadcasting his search for other Erebos members to a sudden and convenient concern of discovery that probably wouldn’t have bothered me as much if I had been engagedBut what really killed this book for me was the unadulterated cheesiness of the ending That was a complete Scooby Doo ending if ever I've seen one The only thing missing was the villain shaking his fist and saying “And I would have gotten away with it too If it weren’t for you meddling kids” One of the main characters actually buys a swiss cheese shaped mug in the final pages which I can only assume she will use to give a toast to that endingPerfect Musical PairingSlow Runner – Strange DaysI love that the beginning of this song sounds so much like a video game theme and I think that the line put this armor on and say my name could be a direct uote from that creepy yellow eyed Messenger guy Only I guess he'd probably say put this armor on and DON'T say my namebecause he's secretive like thatAlso seen on The Readventurer

  4. amy ☂︎ amy ☂︎ says:


  5. Janina Janina says:

    When you take a look at the genres I normally read this book doesn’t necessarily fit in I am not much of a gamer and although I wouldn’t say that the world of computer games doesn’t interest me the slightest it’s not necessarily a topic that makes me sueal with excitement Yet this book has won the Deutsche Jugendliteraturpreis in the category that is decided on by young adults themselves and after it blinked at me so many times at my local bookstore I was temptedIn the end I am really glad I picked this book up The summary is actually pretty vague on the genre – is it an “ordinary” mystery? Is it sci fi or fantasy? I myself wasn’t completely sure until the very end and that’s part of what makes the story so fascinatingAt Nick’s school a mysterious DVD is making the rounds Nobody talks about it but a lot of students are suddenly skipping school look tired all the time talk in whispers Nick is curious and when he gets his hands on the mysterious EREBOS he is soon addicted to this computer game that seems so very real and not only offers fantastic graphics an exciting uest and almost human seeming characters but also tasks firmly anchored in real lifeHonestly this book was creepy Really creepy If I were in Nick’s situation I would have run as fast as I could Or at least thrown my laptop out of the window The game world Nick visited seemed so real – enhanced by the fact that the passages when Nick played were told from his game character’s point of view – it made me shiver I sensed at once that there was something very wrong with EREBOS but Nick got caught up in the game and didn’t uestion the firm grip it had on his life which was seriously exhausting for me I wanted to scream at him sometimes to tell him to stop playing at once but he would probably have ignored me like he did his best friend Jamie and even his crush Emily Yet I could also understand him a little Because the book itself was rather addicting Hard to put down never slow always a constant hint of danger in the air The characters were well developed and I grew rather fond of Nick and his friends In the end the conclusion came a bit too sudden and almost completely out of the blue but that remains my only bigger complaintI normally try to avoid reading the English translation of books originally published in German but when it’s the uestion of buying vs getting for free hey I am a poor student after all Yet I can definitely say that the writing had a good flow nevertheless and with the London setting the English didn’t seem so out of the context it is weird for me to read books in English with the occasional German name or even word thrown in But I have to admit that the setting was rather anonymous This story could have occurred everywhere of course but if you set it in London I do expect it to have a British feel about it And that was completely missingNevertheless a gripping thriller I’m glad I didn’t miss out on Will be on the look out for books by Ursula Poznanski Thanks a lot to Annick Press and Netgalley for the review copy

  6. Brigid ✩ Brigid ✩ says:

    Nick took advantage of his friend's change of mood and asked one last uestion Has the game ever actually crashed on you?Now Colin laughed Crashed? No But I know what you mean Sometimes it just doesn't want to work It waits It tests you Know what Nick? Sometimes I think it's alive Erebos is a frightening sci fi thriller about a highly addicting game that knows too much Teenagers start swapping pirated copies of the game around school which is how it falls into the hands of sixteen year old Nick Dun The rules are simple You only get one chance to play Erebos You must always play it alone And you're not allowed to tell anyone about what happens in the game But when the lines between Erebos and real life start to blur Nick realizes that the game might have a very sinister agenda I'll start off by saying I loved the premise of this book I haven't read many books about gaming––the only one I can think of off the top of my head is Ready Player One––so I was intrigued by the synopsis The beginning of this book was really suspenseful and kept me frantically turning the pages When Nick first started playing Erebos it really freaked me out I was truly frightened by the concept of a video game that knows everything about you a video game that thinks on its own and knows what you're doing I mean that's some scary shit So kudos to the author for coming up with a really scary concept and putting an original spin on it I enjoyed the parts about Nick first getting involved in the game and seeing how it slowly started to invade on his real life It was frightening and suspenseful and I was eager to see what would happen nextAaaaand that's when things started to fall a little flat for me The second half of the book in which Nick starts to uncover the secrets behind Erebos was not as interesting to me as the first half And when a lot of the explanations started surfacing I had trouble believing them But it's hard to describe what I mean without giving away some huge spoilersview spoilerHere's the thing I was intrigued by the idea of the game just being an elaborate vehicle for revenge I loved the idea of it assigning people little tasks that all added up into one huge scheme But ultimately I couldn't really suspend my disbelief about the game being that smart The idea of an AI that freakishly intelligent is interesting but I found it difficult to believe that such a thing could be invented by just one person especially because it was explained with such hand wavey science In the beginning I thought Erebos was like a demon or ghost or something and somehow I found that idea believable than oh some guy just made the whole thing to get revenge on some other guy I don't know that explanation kind of ruined it for me hide spoiler

  7. Ms. Smartarse Ms. Smartarse says:

    Published in English as ErebosDespite my promise not to read any young adult German books too soon I ended up giving Erebos a shot anyway It turned out to be surprisingly addictive I felt akin to the main character all excited to discover the world of his computer game ready to take on any dragonNick is a 16 year old high school student and one of the cool kids On his way to becoming a doctor provided he survives his Chemistry classes part of the basketball team and well liked by his peers there's not much missing from his life Gradually he starts noticing that one of his friends has suddenly started skipping basketball practice school and is apparently hanging out with the lamest two guys in class? That seems rather suspicious especially since they both used to refer to them as the crochet sisters And what's this about a super secret computer game making the rounds in school?Though skeptical at first after being given the chance to play Nick uickly becomes immersed in the world of the mysterious game Erebos enough to be compelled to carry out 'its bidding' in the real world as well Although he has to admit that the reuests are getting weirder and scarier by the dayThe story kept me uite interested despite the topic of computer programming which tends to be hit and miss mostly miss really for me To be fair the aspects relating to Artificial Intelligence AI are pretty much glossed over On the other hand the action was fast paced enough that the little scientific 'oddities' uickly lost their importance I'm not even sure if people who hadn't studied basic AI would pick up on these leaps in logicThere is also an interesting aspect of social commentary when it comes to explaining the way the game picked its players and who the top dogs ended up being as well as why Score 45 star ratingIt lost one star mainly due to the ending where everything came together a bit too easily Ironically enough I kind of LIKED this because all my uestions were answered However after reading so many books that would leave uite a lot unanswered things seemed a bit too convenientA pleasant read in any case the technical side decently researched and its action didn't bore me If you want an easy but not completely mindless read give Erebos a shot

  8. Eilonwy Eilonwy says:

    4 12 stars I really enjoyed this I'll try to write a proper review later but I can see why this was a bestseller in Europe The book is just as addictive as the title game fast paced exciting slightly creepy and very suspenseful as MC Nick tries to both win the game and figure out what it's connection to the real world is Definitely recommended

  9. Michelle Michelle says:

    I’m not really a gamer unless The Sims counts which I’m pretty sure it doesn’t However this book had me absolutely enthralled and if it weren’t for really annoying things like 3000 word assignments at university I would have finished it much much sooner So I found the whole premise of this book pretty disturbing A malevolent computer game that controls your life ‘reads’ your mind and watches you while you surf the internet It knows when you’ve been disobedientand you better watch out if you have So part of my still wonders how exactly Nick even managed to keep going with the game I would have been way too scared The word that Poznanski built in Erebos was incredible and I felt like I was there The fights against murderous sheep and the arena battles were sickeningly realistic and Sarius ultimately became a character in his own right in the book Whenever his life bar was dwindlingwell I was certainly holding my breath The characters created by Poznanski both in the game and out of it were all interesting and had their own personalities They didn’t feel too ‘cookie cutter’ and I was surprised by who was behind each of the characters when we found out at the ‘big reveal’ at the end I did enjoy the part of the book where the whole mystery of the game was being solved but I must admit it did feel just a tad too convenient and some serious repercussions would have been good to see The same goes for Nick’s there one minute and gone the next parents Overall this was an extremely compelling read and seemed at times to almost be two separate books; one inside and one outside of Erebos It was uite unlike any other book I have read and I am looking forward to of Poznanski’s work This review and many can be found at Maree's Musings

  10. Lydia Presley Lydia Presley says:

    Erebos is unreal I mean Ursula Poznanski must have played some MMORPGS Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games for those of you not in the know think World of Warcraft in her time because she has managed to capture within Erebos the addiction the need to play the drive to do anything to get that chance to play and then turn that to make a thrilling hold on to your hats type of story that had me racing to the endNick seems like your all around normal 16 year old kid with parent issues His mom and dad are pretty neglectful as tends to be the case in books which reuire not a lot of supervision to work However things start getting a little crazy when he notices strange things happening at school and he hasn't been let in on the secret but some other definitely not cool types are in on itThe real story begins when Nick is let in on the secret and let me tell you it's a whopper I could feel my old gaming addiction starting to stir as I read descriptions of what began and was frightened to see the lengths that he would go to in order to continue playing Why was I frightened? Because I could relate to him than I wanted toThis is a must read for anyone interested in gaming It's a should read for parents who have kids dealing with MMO addictions it'll give you a little bit of insight into how this addiction works and what it does that little feeling of accomplishment you get with each level up that thrill when you get a new piece of armor It's not as innocent as it seems at first trust me I devoted 10 years of my life to itPick this one up for a thrilling informative interesting ride

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