Fierce Radiance Space Confederation #1 MOBI æ

Fierce Radiance Space Confederation #1 MOBI æ

Fierce Radiance Space Confederation #1 ➜ [Epub] ❧ Fierce Radiance Space Confederation #1 By Tymber Dalton ➦ – Space Confederation series book #1Sci fifuturistic MMF with MM and MF some Ms dynamic elements HEABeing orphaned twice tragedy defined starship captain Aine Lorcan’s early life As a result she burie Space Confederation Epub Ü Space Confederation series book Sci fifuturistic MMF with MM and MF some Ms dynamic elements HEABeing orphaned twice tragedy defined starship captain Aine Lorcan’s early life As a result she buried herself in her work and earned her “Ice ueen” nickname When she crash lands after a raider attack it’s Fierce Radiance PDF/EPUB ² hunky Act’huran Commander Sammuel Jorvis who rescues herSammuel and Ker have searched to find the perfect third to complete their triad Aine first tries to fight the attraction she feels for Sammuel before giving in to his sinfully hot brand of persuasion Meeting Ker only cements the love she has for Radiance Space Confederation ePUB ✓ the men and her feeling of belongingWhen duty calls and the Confederation wants her back she wages a war of conscience Stay with her men or fulfill the legacy her two fathers died to help her achieve Now with one of her men in danger will Aine’s love burn out or will she live up to her reputation of Fierce Radiance.

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  1. DaisyGirl DaisyGirl says:

    35 StarsThis book was different It hooked me from the beginning The characters were intriguing and loveable I was absolutely enthralled until about 23% Then it got weird and a bit ridiculous The sex aspects of the storyline read view spoilerirresistible cck literally; pants split down the crack for easy access; and non stop fuckery hide spoiler

  2. ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme ♆ BookAddict ✒ La Crimson Femme says:

    I loved this book Ms Dalton just does it for me This sci fi book blew me away Aine is pretty amazing She's tough and takes no prisoners I really admire her The lost she's experienced is pretty bad and has damaged her just a bit Sammuel and Ker are HOT Let me repeat HAWT Ker is one sexy and intimidating alien Just thinking about him and what he has Sammuel and Aine do makes me hot I loved the sex scenes I enjoyed the scene where Sammuel was in a council session That blew my mind The one thing I didn't like so much was the reason for the separation It was a needed situation but seemed so foolish I guess in the heat of the moment people do say and hear the dumbest things

  3. Annie Annie says:

    I do like science fiction I watch several different shows but I am picky I was worried I was not going to like this book It was a pleasant surprised I do not know what I expected when I started reading this book but what I got was not it This is not true for all but most erotica tends to take place anywhere from a couple days to a couple months This book spans years It was really easy to connect with the characters because of that She built GREAT characters for this book Erotica is not all about the sex Granted by definition there will be graphic scenes in it but I like a story as well I want to know why the heroine is getting her brains fucked out Ker and Sammuel were hot Dalton is one of the ueens of menage IMO The addictive blow jobs were great and was something that I did not see coming If you want a hot but very uniue menage to read this is your book This book delivered a hot and steamy story that even made me tear up once or twice This will end up being a re read for me

  4. Mspink Mspink says:

    TD does it again with a fantastically enjoyable and emotional story It was deep and sexy and romantic and suspenseful and heart wrenching all at the same time I love how the author gets you invested in each and every character in the story These men fell for Aine hard and claimed her for their own I liked her fierce loyalty and strength to her fathers However that tended to stand in her way of total and complete loyalty to her men That was a profound lesson she had to learn before the end A painful lesson for all three But it was absolutely beautiful how they went down this road together and learned how to trust each other again They were simply not whole when they weren't together I love that I could go on and on Great attention to detail sexy love scenes heart warming storyline loved it Don't miss it

  5. Chappy Chappy says:

    I really enjoyed this Tymber Dalton Sci fi MMF bookThe beginning was so sad and uite hard to read as we go through Aine's pronounced Anya childhood She losses lots of loved ones and always fears being left alone She throws herself into her career and excels as the ice ueen captainWhen she gets rescued by Sammuel she can't understand the immediate and desperate connection they share This intensifies when Ker arrives and their triad becomes completeVery original although the sex could have been a bit steamier I prefer uality not just 10 orgasms in a rowmaybe I'm just jealous

  6. Raine Raine says:

    First book I've read of Tymber Dalton Now I'm hooked Loved the story and the sex scenes were great

  7. Christine Christine says:

    I loved the first part of this book It had real depth And then it got weird Not just weird but gross weird One of our two heroes runs around with a military uniform that has his ass hanging out because master wants him always accessible Ewwww I'm not a big fan of BDSM or MM but I will tolerate a bit for a good story The story lost all credibility for me then and I stopped reading it A MILITARY uniform with easy anal access just does not ring true no matter how much she tries to make it so Tymber is very uneven like that She creates great characters and then runs them through the BDSM sewer My first read of hers was Love at First Bight which is very clever but not representative of the rest of her work This is not an author for me

  8. Toni (U.A.C.) Toni (U.A.C.) says:

    Pretty good Little sad in parts but has HEA Tymber Dalton is great at giving us a story where you can fall in love with the characters become emotionally invested Have enjoyed all of her books that I have read so far

  9. Renee (ren213) Renee (ren213) says:

    This book was a cross of the Dark Elves and Interstellar Service and Discipline series Normally if I read a book and it totally reminds me of another book it kind of turns me off but Tymber Dalton just writes a good damn book

  10. Pam Pam says:

    Fierce Radiance is book 1 in the Space Confederation series by Tymber Dalton It's truly a remarkable book I originally read this book over a year ago This is the third time I've read it Each time I've found something new to make me love it even Aine is a very young girl nearly four years old when the story starts She lives on a planet far out in the reaches of space far away from the protection of the Confederation When the raiders attack the mining colony on the planet on which Aine and her family live and work she loses everything but the barest of memories of her short life It's only by sheer chance that she survives at all But what comes next?Edmund Lorcan and Malvous Dentry are a captain and his yeoman with a long history of service in the Confederation Merchant Freighter Corps Their ship the Bagtopy Yau happens to be on the mining colony when the raiders strike Since their cargo's loaded they're only a merchant vessel and they can't stop the raiders they have to take off as uickly as possible There's just one problem an unexpected extra passenger one they've no idea what to do with How are they going to handle a four year old girl the only female on the ship? She has no family Turning her over to the authorities is out of the uestion But their lives are with each other and they've full time careers What options do they have other than turning her over to the Confederation even if it's the last thing they want to do?Years pass Aine is brilliant beyond all expectations She lives up to her name which means radiance She's not just well educated She has the ability to inspire the authority of a captain the brilliant mechanical ability of a top engineer and inventor and is awe inspiring in her physical beauty As she becomes a member of the military and rises through the ranks she gains a reputation as the Ice ueen She's lost everything and everyone who ever mattered to her She'll never let anyone in again Why would she allow anyone or anything get close enough to her to give them the power to bring her any kind of pain ever again?While on a mission against the raiders Aine makes a bold but uestionable command decision As it turns out she's the one who suffers from that decision when she ends up stranded on a planet in raider territory badly injured and alone Or so she thinks Her rescue comes at the hands of someone who simultaneously shocks terrifies and attracts her And she actually knows who he is But it can't be him? It's not possible As her rescuer has to physically restrain and perform field surgery on her she has so many uestions Is this really who she thinks it is? How can it be? How did he come to be in the exact spot where she needed someone to save her? And what of the stories he's told her about his identity and history? They're the stuff of legend None of this can be real can it? There's so much to this story but Aine has to recover if she's to find any of the answers she needsThis is an ADULT book It contains explicit language and both gay and ménage sexual scenes If you don't enjoy this genre think hard before buying any book you know you won't enjoy There are book synopses and reviews available on Goodreads and all booksellers' websites USE THESE RESOURCES DON'T LEAVE A NEGATIVE REVIEW WHEN YOU KNOW YOU WON'T ENJOY THE BOOK IT'S NOT FAIR TO THE AUTHOR She works extremely hard to provide a uality work product If you know you'll object to the book's subject matter before you buy it you're doing yourself and the author an extreme disserviceIn Fierce Radiance Tymber Dalton takes the reader on a journey of epic proportions There's so much to this story From the deep tragedy at the beginning of Aine's life through her formative years her years as a Confederation officer and beyond it's truly an sci fithrillerromance novel deserving of great praise I was just as affected by the beauty pathos and deep emotions of the story on my third reading as I was the first time I read it I don't have adeuate words to describe just how truly wonderful this story is I've always known Ms Dalton is an phenomenal author but this is one of her best books Each time I've read it I've gotten something new from the story It's a true masterpiece I give Fierce Radiance my highest recommendation and offer Ms Dalton my congratulations on a truly fantastic novel Thanks for reading my review and happy reading

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