Rich Mullins An Arrow Pointing to Heaven MOBI Ç

Rich Mullins An Arrow Pointing to Heaven MOBI Ç

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  1. Shannon Shannon says:

    This is one of the most inspirational books I've ever read When I closed that last page I grieved that I never knew Rich Mullins and determined to be like him He had a grasp of the undentable unbreakable unending love of God like few people I've known

  2. Michelle Merriman Michelle Merriman says:

    This book is without a doubt the one that has changed my life the most Since I first stumbled on it maybe eight or nine years ago I've probably loaned my copy to a dozen people only to never get it back because it has touched and affected each and every one as much as it did me I've never had anyone tell me that this book did not change the way they think about religion faith walking with Christ and what it means to be a Christian I was not a huge fan of Rich Mullins' music prior to reading this but afterward I made it a point to hear everything he'd ever recorded I still considered his type of music to be too folksy for me but it is the honest vulnerability that comes across in his pieces that makes it impossible not to respect This man put every thought image and feeling he ever experienced into a song either through melody or words and nothing I've heard comes close to what he's accomplished in that senseThat being said this biography is a realistic portrayal Mullins' walk with Christ It gives the account of his struggles to accept the God he followed and how difficult that sometimes made each day He was so deeply entrenched in Christ that his attitude towards anything else including sometimes the desires of his fellow human beings came across as decidedly self absorbed He had very pronounced flaws as do we all but what set him apart was his desire to spotlight them rather than hide them away He put them into words and set them to music and this biography is just another avenue used to highlight what true authenticity as a Christian looks like Each chapter uses one of his songs as a focal point for its subject family growth heartbreak death and it illuminates what his likely thought process was when songwriting in a way that makes it impossible for the reader not to respect and enjoy the end product This book is incredible in such a way that I would even recommend it to non believers as a great view into what the heart of a Christian should truly look like doubtful scared broken and yet still utterly hopeful and trusting in what God has prepared Rich Mullins wanted nothing than to be with God who made him even if that creation was broken beat up and despaired He is the kind of person that Amazing Grace was made for As are we all

  3. Eric North Eric North says:

    The truth expressed through Rich Mullins life is affecting me as I think about everything I read Here's a tid bit that Rich Mullins once wrote that I think gives a good representation as to the character and impact of this bookI think one thing that is threatening to a good many of us is that we think If people really knew me they'd never believe in Jesus And I want to say No that's exactly wrong People will never know Jesus as long as we choose to hide ourselves I don't think that necessarily means I need to go out and get on the radio to announce my private sins I think I can be very honest without being hurtful to peopleRich was constantly aware of his own destitution and constantly pointed to Jesus as the one who loved him and the source of his life I'm going to read this book again

  4. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    I had pretty high expectations for this book A very inspirational Christian friend of mine described it as life changing For that reason I think I started out slightly disappointed as the beginning seemed to be along the same lines as other Christian books I'd read in the past but as I read on and delved deeply into Rich's life my opinion changed Many thought provoking topics are discussed in complete honesty and these allow the reader to explore where he is in life and where he wants to be By the end I was deeply moved and inspired brought to tears on a couple occasions I would recommend this book to anyone seeking a closer relationship with God and a deeper truer understanding of a Christian's place in life than heshe has yet to find

  5. Chris Bates Chris Bates says:

    The amazing life of Rich Mullins was tragically lost in Sept '97 He was truly the fireball during his lifetime with his endless recordings and ministry to the Navaho Indians in NM And he went out like Elijah in a whirlwind Awesome God and Sometimes by Step will remain classics I had the privilege to attend one of his concerts in Louisiana which was interrupted by a tornado warning during which he led worship acoustically in the bunker His ending song after we were back in the auditorium had the audience continuing to worship while he slipped off stage without the applause and fan fair his humble life and ministry pointed to worshipping God instead of himself

  6. Kate Rice McHugh Kate Rice McHugh says:

    This is one case where I think perhaps the movie is better than the book I loved the innumerable uotes from Rich Mullins' private and public writings shared throughout this biography but the 2014 movie RAGAMUFFIN does a bit better job delving into his struggles and triumphs The emotional tenor of the movie resonated deeply for me as the person of Rich Mullins felt realThe book was written within three years of Rich's death published in 2000 with the stated purpose of drawing out devotional insights for the reader to grow from Sometimes those Christian application segments felt just too tidyMany of Rich's ideas of how Christianity should be lived out were conveyed to the reader as though they were utterly revolutionary which also started to feel a little overbearing This may simply reveal the growth that has taken place in the Christian community since the height of Rich's ministry in the 1990s Thankfully it is no longer shocking to insist that the church seek to aid in social justice causes and prioritize helping the disenfranchisedIt might be time for a new edition of this book commenting on how Rich truly helped to guide the American Christian mindset toward a Christ like worldviewIf your goal is to experience who Rich was I'd suggest watching the movie first then reading the biography for further details

  7. Kerri Kerri says:

    This book is best read slowly It is written like a devotional than a biography with small sketches that focus on a different attribute of Rich Mullins' character or spiritual growth I appreciated that the author did not elevate Mullins as being perfect but showed that he had flaws and struggles like everyone else At the same time the author tried to look for something positive even within the flaws which would be a good thing if we could all do that with our brothers and sisters in the LordAfter all this time Rich's music still resonates in my soul I find myself coming back to those lyrics time after time What a gift we had

  8. Esther Esther says:

    This book totally rocked my world Woke me out of sleep and stirred my passions once again I had the opportunity to see Rich Mullins in concert when I was younger and it was one of the most anointed concerts I have ever seen in my life I remember him at one point playing cups filled with water He was an extremely humble man and would stand around with bare feet talkingministering to the people who had come to worship at his concerts He was an amazing man and this book allows you to see deeply into what shaped him

  9. Wade Allen Wade Allen says:

    This is the third time that I have read this book over the years It is a tremendous telling of a life well lived I would highly recommend this book to anyone who strives to live in the Kingdom of God Rich understood what it means to follow Jesus Through brokenness courage a willingness to give it all up we find true meaning in lifeI have always admired and loved Rich's music This book reminds me of why this is the case

  10. John John says:

    In music and lyrics Rich Mullins was a modern day artist and poet This book chronicles a lot of the background and depth that breathes life into his words and songsRich Mullins lived a vivid picture of the Sermon on the Mount and many of Jesus's teachings a refreshing memorial amidst religion and Christianity that often drift away from premises of the Savior and are mired in many other distractions both religious and secularIn his music and his life Rich Mullins loved to focus on Jesus the beginning and the end of what makes up Christianity And yet so often it seems that Jesus and his teachings are an afterthought in all the doctrine and busyness that consumes churchesRich was very human and this book shows that as well But that is refreshing too; Rich wasn't trying to be a super pastor or a celebrity Christian musicianRich was an arrow pointing to heaven reminding us that we are flawed humans down here on earth that we do need to look up and around at God His creation His love for us and that we need a Savior Jesus Christ

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Rich Mullins An Arrow Pointing to Heaven ➣ [Epub] ➝ Rich Mullins An Arrow Pointing to Heaven By James Bryan Smith ➭ – During his life Rich Mullins challenged the sensibilities of what it means to follow Jesus in today's world and now in his death he challenges all to build upon his legacy of joy compassion brokenness During his life Rich Mullins challenged An Arrow PDF/EPUB æ the sensibilities of what it means to follow Jesus in today's world and now in his death he challenges all to build upon his legacy of joy compassion brokenness unblinking Rich Mullins PDF \ honesty and wonder of an Awesome God.