Paperback à The Beginning PDF/EPUB å

Paperback à The Beginning PDF/EPUB å

10 thoughts on “The Beginning (Chronicles of Heaven)

  1. Ron Ron says:

    An intriguing concept the story of creation as seen by the angels Some creative imagining of the interplay between the eternal and the temporal as background And that's about it Very pedestrian storytelling marginally scripture based and frankly boring Maybe appropriate for young or young to the faith readers though I'd point them to books by Watchman Nee Rick Joyner Francis Frangipane and yes C S Lewis see belowThe cover of a different Edwards book which having read this one I know not to read claims his works will rank with those of C S Lewis Not a chance He should be ashamed to claim suchIt was okay

  2. Larry Larry says:

    I was taken by surprise by how much I enjoyed this book Published by an obscure company I'd never heard of it didn't look like much But it came recommended by our daughter a voracious reader so I gave it a try The sanctified imagination of Gene Edwards is amazing He paints vivid word pictures and fleshes out the biblical story with details that are not just Scripturally plausible but uite insightful It's a great companion to reading Genesis and while The Beginning is certainly not inspired nor inerrant it sheds fresh enlightenment on the familiar story of beginnings I look forward to reading additional volumes in the Chronicles of Heaven series about the Old and New Testaments from this prolific author

  3. Samantha Samantha says:

    Whoever you are take a day and read this book The journey of the very beginning of Creation to the Fall it becomes so personal and real the way God is portrayed as a dad who has such compassion for His children and the loss that He felt when His children were deceived and the repercussions that came with it I cried every other chapter I NEVER write reviews and when I do know that those books are life changers; just as this one Enjoy this journey with the Lord

  4. Laura The Book Reader Laura The Book Reader says:

    I didn't like this book It was a gift so I wanted to like it Basically this book is about worship but it is boring and doctrinally wrong in places

  5. Boris Boris says:

    The book is a fairy tale story at times it gets even against Bible teachings and I'm not referring to adding details like the conversations and all that I'm not a rigid close minded super religious guy I really enjoyed Tale Of Three Kings and consider it add one of the best I've read however this one falls into using ridiculous concept that everyone with some biblical concept will reject right away but some other people will develop a wrong concept about God for example saying that death is the opposite of God God doesn't have opposite or enemies that would be saying that somethingsomeone is eual in strengthpower which is impossible Also the scene where God and Adam run to each other? God It's like a soap opera

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Wow This book was absolutely amazing I know it is only fiction and based on the imagination of the author but it HAD to have been God inspired So much of it uickened my spirit and helped me to feel the creation story and sense how God meant things to be and how much the fall of man changed things I cannot wait to read the rest of the books in this series CAN NOT WAIT The story is just beautiful Beautifully tragic with a sense of hope

  7. Karen Karen says:

    Short book You could probably read it in an hour or two It's a fictionalized account of the story of creation in Genesis told from the angels' point of view You'll find yourself saying No that part's not true Then when you go and look it up you find it is true Very intriguing It gave me a new perspective

  8. Janice Janice says:

    Reads beautifully like poetry It is a simple book but something about the way the author writes just could not put it down until I had reached the very end And it only took about 1hr to read All books in this series are great reads; but this one is the shortest uickest to read and as stated previously reads so smooth you will find yourself zipping right on through it

  9. Gary Gary says:

    A very entertaining insightful and thought provoking Christian read Must be taken as a fictional novel based on a considerable amount of Biblical fact Above all moving and inspiring

  10. Larry Larry says:

    The story of creation from heaven's point of view AWESOME

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The Beginning (Chronicles of Heaven) ❮Epub❯ ➜ The Beginning (Chronicles of Heaven) ➛ Author Gene Edwards – This volume in The Chronicles of the Door explores the mystery and marvel of God at work In The Beginning God's creation of the world is viewed from the angels' perspective Man the crowning glory rule This volume in The Chronicles of the Door explores the mystery and marvel of God at work In The Beginning God's creation of the world is viewed from the angels' perspective Man the crowning glory rules Creation in full fellowship with his Creator—until he succumbs to the fallen Angel of Light and the Door is closed Enthralling and fast paced this book can introduce non Christians to the God of Creation and the purpose for living while offering believers a richer dimension to their faith.