The Trojan War Kindle ¾ The Trojan PDF/EPUB or

The Trojan War Kindle ¾ The Trojan PDF/EPUB or

The Trojan War ❰PDF / Epub❯ ☀ The Trojan War Author Bernard Evslin – A cinematic tale of passion war loyalty betrayal and retribution“These events I relate are the living seeds and they will bear bloody fruit I promise” So says Ulysses King of Ithaca as he recounts A cinematic tale of passion war loyalty betrayal and retribution“These events I relate are the living seeds and The Trojan PDF/EPUB or they will bear bloody fruit I promise” So says Ulysses King of Ithaca as he recounts the origins of The Trojan War Renowned Greek mythologist Bernard Evslin masterfully depicts the ten year war its beginnings rooted in discord among the gods; the seduction of the famed beauty Helen of Troy; and the spectacular development of the Trojan Horse Ulysses’ cunning ploy to win the war Evslin brings to life the dramatic twists and turns of this classic tale of human folly mortal heroism and the brutality and brilliance that have come down through the ages.

  • Paperback
  • 160 pages
  • The Trojan War
  • Bernard Evslin
  • English
  • 10 October 2015
  • 9780590416269

About the Author: Bernard Evslin

Bernard Evslin was an author best known for his adaptations of Greek mythology With over seventy titles which The Trojan PDF/EPUB or include both novel length retellings and short stories Evslin is one of the most widely published authors of classical mythology in the world His best known work is Heroes Gods and Monsters of the Greek Myths which has sold than ten million copies worldwide and has been translat.

10 thoughts on “The Trojan War

  1. Vida Vida says:

    Though the Iliad is undisputedly THE book to read on the Trojan War this one is definitely the better choice for young adults I was 12 when Chris lent me his copy of this and about 9 or 10 when I read a graphic novel of the Iliad and about 15 when I read the actual thing I'm afraid that other book shocked my young sensibilities at the time Paris's lust fueled abduction of Helen as the cause of the Trojan War seemed incomprehensible to my 9 year old mind but Evslin's emphasis on the three goddesses' competition What began with an apple as the true cause made a lot sense This one uses simple narrative language but doesn't sacrifice storytelling for simplicity No wonder this was the book where I fell in love with Achilles whose journey not Paris's begins the actual story

  2. Lela Lela says:

    Dragging on unneeded parts and leaving large moments confined to a paragraph this book withheld my attention on something I wasn't sure would be so interestingI tend to partake in researching greek mythology some roman just for fun and is was one topic I was sure I'd never learnAfter taking a mythology class in school I am glad to say we spent most of our time studying The Trojan War I was assuming it'd only be about ya know war Blood curdling action mixed in with some gore I was proven wrong entertained by the vast characters and different tales that were twisted throughout the storyAlthough the story could have been written efficiently I heavily enjoyed thisI give it a 45 stars

  3. Ashley Fern Ashley Fern says:

    A great adaptation of the story of Troy without the need to tackle Homer’s The Iliad The climax and the ending were cut a bit short but all in all a great short read when wanting to delve into mythology without much commitment

  4. Leni Iversen Leni Iversen says:

    Good retelling of the Illiad for older kids and teens who aren't ready to tackle Homer The language is a bit difficult than kids are used to nowadays we have the 1971 edition and I don't know if changes have been made in subseuent editions I read it to my 10 year as the first step in my plot to correct the misapprehensions she has suffered from the Percy Jackson books She found the story intriguing if not exactly gripping and all the references to sex rape and general pillaging went mercifully over her head

  5. Jeff Jeff says:

    THE TROJAN WAR originally written by homer in the Iliad but has been revised to modern text by Bernard EvslinIt is a fiction story published in 1971 it has 160 pages and it took me a little under 2 weeks to read This story take place in Greece around 500BC A man named Paris the prince of troy was promised to be married to Helen by Aphrodite the goddess of love for favoring her in a contest thing is Helen was already married to a king of greece Paris has her kidnapped and brought back to troy Most of Greece doesn't like this It'll start a pretty big war Some of the people who fight for the Greek side are Achilles Ajax the greater Ajax Odysseus and Even Poseidon the god of the sea Names of some of the Trojans warriors are Paris Hectoralso a prince of Troy and Aphrodite This is a book of hate love and deception The Greeks fought for justice in saving Helen but the Trojans fight back just as hard for prince Paris After nine years of fighting both sides lose sight of what they fighting for but just want to win I love the detail of the battle and really just the way the author described it Against that I didn't really like all of the outgoing reasons for the war I n summary it was uite a good book but i would not recommend this book to one of my friends It did not draw me into the story

  6. Antoine Antoine says:

    My students and I used to refer to this as Trojan War LITE but that masks the fact this is a very compact very readable summation of the matter of Troy which in all the best ways hews very close to the language and plotting of the original sources especially the Iliad This book is an excellent way to get a uick and accurate grasp of the Trojan War story before tackling the original Greek versions

  7. Steven Troncoso Steven Troncoso says:

    I thought the reading was good gave info on what was the actual cause of the war It also showed me a different side to the Olympians you can say I grew up on the pg rating for Greek myth but this book unveiled the cloth covering my eyes regarding the rawness of relationships between Gods man and wife I enjoyed the read

  8. Carrie Daws Carrie Daws says:

    I read this with my two boys ages 12 and 15 It is a good condensed version for older kids who are ready for mythology along with all the complexities of the relationships between the gods and man but who are not great readers themselves This gave enough of The Iliad to expose my sons to the basic storyline without dragging it out too long for my boys who hate reading

  9. Aathavan Aathavan says:

    This is the most hilarious retelling of the Trojan war for the modern reader that I have read Its irreverant approach goes well with the zaniness of the Greek mythology This book has strangely been out of print and is hard to find

  10. Carrie Carrie says:

    I first read this when I was in sixth grade It started my obsession with Greek mythology and was a great way to learn about the Trojan War It isn't exactly the same as the Illiad but it is fairly accurate and a good introduction to the many characters

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