Cast Not the Day eBook Ì Cast Not PDF \

Cast Not the Day eBook Ì Cast Not PDF \

Cast Not the Day [Read] ➵ Cast Not the Day Author Paul Waters – By the middle of fourth century AD Britain and the Roman Empire had been ruled for a generation by Christian emperors Now at last with the force of the state behind it the Church was strong enough to By the middle of fourth century AD Britain and the Roman Empire had been ruled for a generation by Christian emperors Now at last with Cast Not PDF \ the force of the state behind it the Church was strong enough to suppress all opposition to its power But in Britain there was still resistanceSeen through the eyes of Drusus a young British Roman and set against the backdrop of imperial civil war and the growing threat from Rome's enemies beyond its frontiers the followers of faith and reason clash and the old values of classical enlightenment are called into uestionAnd it is Drusus who is there to witness the cracks as they begin to split the great monumental edifice of the Roman Empire.

  • Paperback
  • 400 pages
  • Cast Not the Day
  • Paul Waters
  • English
  • 12 May 2016
  • 9780330452687

About the Author: Paul Waters

Paul Waters was born and schooled in England but says his real education did not begin until he was seventeen when he ran away to Cast Not PDF \ seaHe spent the next two years travelling the world on a tramp steamer It was during this time somewhere in the Indian Ocean that he picked up a copy of Herodotus and began a love affair with the classical world of Greece and RomeLater he returned to England and.

10 thoughts on “Cast Not the Day

  1. Vanessa Vanessa says:

    The people have no care for your reason and your complicated truths They want certainty simple easy certainty and I give it to them That is why I shall triumph in the end and that is why you and your chattering philosopher friends will failThis uote encapsulates perfectly what this book is about and also feels uncomfortably relevant right nowDrusus is a boy growing up in a changing world Christianity is on the rise and at least where he lives they're basically not better people than the ones who used to persecute them They destroy the old temples and attack people and the power they get the crueler they becomeDrusus might not be super deep into the Gods he does believe in them but he is not Christian either so coming to live in the house of his uncle and aunt who are after his father was executed by the new Emperor Constans his only family is hard for him His uncle is okay but he has no friends his aunt hates him and his cousin only thinks of himself He has decided to become a soldier but they don't even take him seriously The reader basically follows his life from the age of 14 to around 20 It has his ups finding friends getting his dream job finding respect falling in love and downs losing friends due to his own fears jealousy his aunt being cruel someone trying to frame him for treason but our main character is basically never boredEverything about this sounds exciting right? And technically it was The character concepts and the plot were pretty solid BUT what seriously bugged me was the written It was pretty flat and un engaging It makes me really sad because the story is right up my alley otherwise There were some interesting scenes and opinions here and there but they were written as if the author was a bored highschool student writing a paper about a topic that doesn't interest him Or like a business reportThere was so much tragedy and drama in this book and I felt nothing Drusus battling with his feelings for Marcellus for a long time should have made me shed at least a little tear for example but it was writting in such a clinical way and cut away in the most emotional for this book moments that it was almost baffling I actually checked if this book was written in the early 90s because I have often seen books from that period dancing around homosexual relationships exactly like this But it came out in 2009 Super weirdWhat really did work was making me hate all those self righteous religious people but then they're always easy to hateSome characters also stood out by somehow being 'alive' than the others like Marcellus' grandfather or the soldier who taught Drusus how to fight A few scenes with Drusus and Marcellus also almost worked in the depth departmentANYWAY despite all this this book was not bad and I'm perfectly willing to read other books by this author Maybe even soonWarning There is a scene with a child prostitute in this It's not shown in a positive light at all but some people might be sensitive to it

  2. Jon O Jon O says:

    I usually don't like historical piece Books of such genre are written in a way where at end I have no idea what they are talking about and it becomes a drag to follow the storylinesNot Paul Waters' work I felt his work rich and he was so careful with his story telling I was hooked He made the characters so likable that I wished the lover for the main character came much earlier in the book instead of pages later I found myself unable to put down the book too long and constantly finding time to come back to the book as soon I could

  3. Jo Jo says:

    At the age of fourteen Drusus is sent to live with his mother's family in London while his father returns to Rome to face the Emperor He finds a kindly uncle a malicious aunt and a stupid cousin He makes friends at the local bath house and learns about the underhanded tactics of the Christians who use violence and threats to get what they want This was a decent novel set in the latter part of the Roman Empire when Britain was starting to have problems from within with the Christians and without with the invading Saxons It was a bit of a coming of age story and a bit of a social commentary The writing was almost like a young adult novel but there were some scenes of sex and violence and some LGBT undertones so it may not be suitable for some

  4. Margaret Margaret says:

    Excellent novel sent in early dark age Britain after the Romans have left but before the tide of Sacons sweep all before itReminiscent in scope of Mary RenaultA luscious and entertaining read

  5. Merredith Merredith says:

    This book is historical fiction set near the end of the Roman empire 4th century ad in London At about twelve our main character is forced to move from his estate to london when the emperor of western rome takes a disliking to his father and his father is killed Drusus is sent to live with his dead mother's relative an uncle which is ruled by his mean christian wife this is the beginning of when Christianity took over and it's so interesting to see it wavering in power back and forth even over a few years The christians are painted in a very bad light tearing down ancient temples art destroying libraries eschewing all the great learning not washing and closing down the baths mobbing and beating people shutting down schools taking all of the money just about doing everything bad you can think of this is probably a bit one sided but at the same time it really is pretty much what happened it's very sad running through the story of london rome and history there is the side story of Drusus learning to become a man furthering his career at an amazingly young age and falling in love I was also amazed at how nonchalantly everyone was towards gay men no one cared no one treated them any differently and they were still considered tough leaders in the army drinking buddies etc the whole homophobia thing must have come with the widespread christianity the only thing in the whole book about it was Drusus's boyfriend's mother pressuring him to marry a woman just to beget an heir because she was ambitious and he was the last of his line but really that isn't the most important part in the book it's just what struck me Very good book by the ending i'm thinking this might turn out to be the first in a series i hope so or at least i'd like to read by this author

  6. Marthese Formosa Marthese Formosa says:

    I had read the seuel the philosopher prince before I read this one so it was interesting to see how the characters developed It's a great novel expertly written and you just feel like basking in itThe story starts with a young Drusus whose father told him he's going away He never saw his father again as he was executed for a false crime In this book we see a lot of men's true nature; we see the good people resisting and seeking the good and those that want to destroy thing and those that are merely afraidWith the church taking over and a change in an emperor or two there is chaos In this chaos Drusus grows and so does his relationship with Marcellus It's not explicit he thinks about his feels a lot but whatever happens is done slowly and naturally and there is such a companionship between these twoAuinus is a great character He's Marcellus' grandfather and he does amazing thing though he is let down a bit I can see how he influences both Drusus and MarcellusThere were other great characters that added to the growth of the character of Drusus I liked Heliodora best though she was a woman that sought wisdom and was not afraid to die for it Marcellus' mother although we only meet her briefly is another strong character that is then developed in the second bookAll in all a great story of growth chaos and the dark side in men stand up to it and not meeting violence with violence sometimes

  7. Diba Diba says:

    Years ago when I was a freshman in English Lit I had this idea that simple straightforward books without any complicated system of plot and characterization are not worthy to be read under the influence of TS Eliot I guess But during the recent years I have come across the books which give so much away only by their content but not their style of narrative and this book was definitely one of them While it explores the conflict between paganism and Christianity it describes vulnerability in a society where people have lost their faith and cannot trust one another While the whole story is based on historical facts Waters have written a text in which the reader becomes mesmerized by the beauty of simplicity and contemplation

  8. Mylo Mylo says:

    Wonderful novel A well written engaging fast paced story about a young nobleman in Roman Britain named Drusus who falls on hard times when his father falls out of favour with the new Emperor and the Church The characters are compelling and authentic and so is their struggle to survive in a uickly changing and hostile world Cast Not the Day isn't just Drusus' story but the story of ordinary people from different walks of life made victims of changing regimes religions cultures and customs Many novels set in antiuity or the middle ages focus on the lives of those in power but I think it's far interesting to read about those without power or those who have it taken away by force I laughed I cried I couldn't put it down and I look forward to reading the seuel

  9. Michael Heath-Caldwell Michael Heath-Caldwell says:

    Roman Britain near the end with the author Paul Waters identifying the government monopolisation of religion as a key player in the coming downfall of the international administration Prior to this action the Roman Empire had a very free for all position concerning its subjects choice of religion

  10. a. lynn a. lynn says:

    It's okay An easy read that follows the young Drusus from childhood to adulthood in a city where the violent Christians gain power Young Drusus is a poor orphan sent to live with his greedy merchant Uncle and his cruel Christian Aunt He has a random encounter with a heathen god in the woods which only serves to get him beat up in the city It isn't mentioned again I don't know why it even happened Wait I know it helps Drusus run into a cute rich boyfriend while snooping an old shrine And everything starts looking up the Christian emperor is murdered and Drusus moves away from the awful relatives until the even worse even fanatical brother of the dead emperor takes over and the Christians take over the city and smash everything beautiful and kill a lot of people Even a random Hypatia stand in aka brilliant brave lady teacher who stays in a city full of Christians until she's violently murdered by a mob of Christians Then at the last minute things in the city turn sour for the bad guys which is nice but everything is broken now and books are burnt and people are dead The book ends with Drusus and his boyfriend looking at the messed up city and thinking well shit Essentially

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