Father Unknown PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Father Unknown PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Father Unknown ❮Read❯ ➳ Father Unknown Author Lesley Pearse – Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Daisy tem apenas vinte e cinco anos uando a mãe morre nos seus braços Embora saiba há muito ue foi adoptada sempre se sentiu amada pelos pais e pelos irmãos Para Daisy auela é a sua família Toda Daisy tem apenas vinte e cinco anos uando a mãe morre nos seus braços Embora saiba há muito ue foi adoptada sempre se sentiu amada pelos pais e pelos irmãos Para Daisy auela é a sua família Todavia o luto vai abalar o euilíbrio doméstico e revelar rivalidades encobertas A serenidade dá lugar à devastação e a jovem sente ue é a altura certa para partir em busca das suas raízes e confrontar se com o passadoNa ânsia por saber mais sobre Ellen a sua mãe biológica e à medida ue vai desvendando a história da família Daisy descobre as duras verdades por detrás do seu nascimento Dotada de uma inabalável determinação Ellen sobrevivera a uma infância traumática a morte da sua própria mãe estava envolta numa aura de mistério e os maus tratos de ue fora vítima às mãos da madrasta haviam na marcado irremediavelmente O destino uis ue a sua coragem fosse constantemente posta à prova O tempo encarregou se de apagar o rumo dos seus passosMas Daisy não desistirá de a encontrar nem ue para tal tenha de renunciar ao amor da sua vida.

10 thoughts on “Father Unknown

  1. Michelle Michelle says:

    I do love me some historical family saga so this is my jam however this wasnt without its issuesDual timelines one set pre sixties and the other post nineties and I LOVED the pre sixties timeline The author did such a brilliant job of making me feel I was there It was so vivid However that latter timeline fell a bit flat for me I wasnt feeling that at all I've read a few Lesley Pearse books in my time and she writes beautifully of a post war UK any modern timelines with her just dont work for me for some reason I also can not get behind this ending to be honest this book was all about the character development and I felt I knew these characters and the ending felt way out of character to me I wasnt feeling itAll in all though a solid three star read it had its issues but overall i enjoyed the journey

  2. penelopewanders penelopewanders says:

    I took this along to read on holiday in Mallorca and the book may stay here for now so that others can read it on subseuent stays Parts of this reminded me of The Shell Seekers minus the painter This was the first book I've read by this author who I had heard about and was intrigued by It was easy to get caught up in and had uite the twist at the end The characters were uite moving and the descriptions of scenery had me wishing I were there I look forward to reading others by this author and am very grateful to the bookcrossing friend who sent this RABCK my way

  3. Laura Seaman Laura Seaman says:

    My mum has been telling me for ages to read Leslie Pearse; as I should have known I should have listened to her sooner I thoroughly enjoyed this book it didn't take me long to read I could totally picture the characters and their personalities and I got emotionally involved with them Her writing reminded me a little of Lisa Jewell particularly her recent novels so if you like her please check out Leslie I'll definitely read

  4. Tracey Tracey says:

    Not my usual type of book but it was an interesting story It was very well written and I especially liked the parts set in Cornwall Unfortunately I guessed the twist in the tale well before it was revealed but I still enjoyed the story Daisy is adopted and after her mother dies she sets out to find her birth mother along the way she discovers than a few skeletons in the cupboard

  5. Grace Grace says:

    I really like this author I have read a few of her books and what I particularly like apart from the fact that she tells a good story is that her books are all so very different As with anything once you get used to someone whether it's a music artist actor or author you begin to recognise a style but with Lesley Pearse all her books are uniuely different This was is definately worth a read

  6. Book Dragon Book Dragon says:

    I used to read a good deal of Lesley Pearse but had not done so for a while so reading this book was a treat and a great reminder of what a wonderful author she is Well written with colourful characters and clear descriptions It was difficult for me to put this book down and the characters truly got under my skin Just as the story seemed to be getting ironed out all the wrinkles smoothing into a tapestry where the entire picture could be seen a twist was brought in that made me gasp out loud That made it even harder to put down But so worth it in every way This book has reminded me how much I love her stories and my next book will be another of hers

  7. Mack Mack says:

    I am glad I have finally read a Lesley Pearse novel and this made a good holiday read There were some memorable characters with lots of emotional honesty There were moments that I lost interest where it was a bit slow but I will read the second book from this author I have on my shelf as I enjoyed her style

  8. Sarah Abd el-wahab Sarah Abd el-wahab says:

    I do love this novel It took me to another world through its interesting events I liked the kindness and smartness of Daisy She was insist on searching of her real mother and the roots of her real family Although she found out that her mother dead she satisfied with what she knew about the history of her real family I liked the relation ship between Daisy and her adoption family Lorna and John were treating Daisy such as their twins they never show any difference in treatment between the adopted girl and their real children Joel also was the example of a real lover who stand with his beloved under all circumstances he was sincere to her forever With regard to Ellen she was a good girl which was loved from all people Josi was good too but I think that the main reason of the evil that inter her heart was due to the treatment of her father who was always preferred Ellen to her She was jealous of Ellen although she was loving her so much Finally she burned them all through the fire she made in the farm

  9. Ghaida Alkhateeb Ghaida Alkhateeb says:

    Another amazing novel by Lesley Pearse All the details events and actions occurring in that novel touched a nerve inside of meI was instinctively reading and reading stopping everything around me just to flip the pages and dive deep into the story I found it too dreadful to bear Lucy in every aspect of her personality on the other hand I started to find Joel attractive and loving near the end of the novel I loved the way he proposed to DaisyAgain Cannot wait to read by Pearse

  10. Danielle Rathgen Danielle Rathgen says:

    It was a good book The only disappointment for me was how obvious the huge twist was and guessing it about 5 chapters before it actually happened so it took a bit of waiting to get to the point at one stage toward the end there I was hoping that because it was so obvious that it would not be what I'd thought but there was no other option really All the same I did enjoy the book a lot hence the four stars The characters were well depicted and the descriptions of the surrounds made you really feel like you were there

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