Paperback ↠ A Hand to Hold eBook Ê A Hand PDF \

Paperback ↠ A Hand to Hold eBook Ê A Hand PDF \

A Hand to Hold (Hearts of Middlefield, #3) [PDF / Epub] ☁ A Hand to Hold (Hearts of Middlefield, #3) By Kathleen Fuller – Ruth Byler has never failed at anything in her life but Zach Bender is going to test the limits of her heartA student at heart Ruth is finally a teacher at the Amish schoolhouse But after her first d Ruth Byler has never failed at anything in her life but Zach Bender is going to test the limits of her heartA student at heart Ruth is finally a teacher at the A Hand PDF \ Amish schoolhouse But after her first day she wonders if she’s made a mistake The students want nothing to do with learning Deflated she makes a promise to herself to not give up—not yetWhen Zach comes to fix a repair at the schoolhouse he notices the young Amish teacher and the disorderly students After seeing enough he storms into the classroom and demands the students show Ruth respect Satisfied he's done a good deed he waits around so Ruth can thank him Instead she's furious he interfered Zach leaves thinking she's still the snobby bookworm he knew from school He doesn’t have much use for learning And now he has little use for RuthThere’s to Zach’s story and when Ruth finds out the truth to why he hated school the conseuences leave them seeing each other in a different light Ruth can help Zach if he’ll let her But to do so he’ll need to offer her his hand.

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • A Hand to Hold (Hearts of Middlefield, #3)
  • Kathleen Fuller
  • 10 March 2014
  • 9781595548146

About the Author: Kathleen Fuller

Best selling author of Amish fiction Also a wife mother crafter coffee addict football fan and chocolate aficionado.

10 thoughts on “A Hand to Hold (Hearts of Middlefield, #3)

  1. Lena Morrison Lena Morrison says:

    I do my reviews in the form of a letter which is why they are written like thisDear Kathleen Fuller I did not like this book very much either It was very bland and predictable The romance is dull the characters are dull and the writing is okay I'm not trying to be mean but I am saying that this is how I felt about this storySincerelyLena Marie

  2. Paula-O Paula-O says:

    loved reading this seriesHearts of Middlefield by Kathleen Fuller book #3 A hand to HoldRuth is the youngest Byler child and feels like everyone still looks at her as a child She seems to always to have to prove that she is mature now and can make good decisions though sometimes they are notRuth has always wanted to be a teacher and worked hard at school work making good grades but making others think she was teachers petZach never seemed to have his fathers approval and he made many mistakes growing up He didnt like school so showed off and disrupted many timesZach was always trying to get his father to notice his work and all he seemed to do was settle on the bad and not the good in himNow would you think these two would ever end up a couple? Zach ran a car into the side of the schoolhouse on the first day of school and also the first day that Ruth was to become a teacher You must read this story of how Zach finally becomes the man his father has always wanted him to be I think even Ruth is noticing him a little too as he works to repair the schoolhousethanks Kathleen for another good story

  3. ⚜️Trea ⚜️Trea says:

    This book definitely isn't a standalone as one really needs to read the second book in the series for this to make sense That being said while it was an enjoyable read it did have it's problemsOnce again this followed two different romances I felt that really short changed them as having the focus split made the stories less detailed Both romances also felt a bit wishy washy as if Ruth and Deborah didn't know what was happening and were too opposed to it to matter Stephen and Zachariah likewise were reluctant in admitting things about themselves to others and it almost cost them dearlyThe ending for both stories was very abrupt then we get a checking back in epilogue which tied everything up That wound up leaving me very dissatisfied with the story overall However I did enjoy the writing style so I'll likely seek out by this author

  4. Nicki Rhode keck Nicki Rhode keck says:

    I really enjoyed this book I loved both story lines eually although I did feel that each was a bit rushed at the end but still it was very good I really like everything I have read by this author

  5. Fizzy Fizzy says:

    Our last time visiting the Byler family in Middlefield with Kathleen Fuller It was nice getting the opportunity to catch back up with the other couples that have found their future from 'A Man of His Word' and 'An Honest Love' All Byler siblings with a few other couples thrown in because well each book is a twofer two couples figuring out life and finding love It's been fun for me at least dipping my toes into some of Kathleen's earlier books I enjoy her writing style and the way she blends deeper topics into feel good cozy stories The flip side of that is though that I think it's time to lay off the romances for a minuteLet me tell ya why Ruth Byler is the uintessential 'good girl' The youngest child she finds pleasure in learning and books and is chomping at the bit to dive head first into her new job as teacher She's not so great at social and people y things I get that Zachariah Bender is the uintessential bad boy School was never his strong suit poor choices out weigh his good decisions exponentially and he can't seem to find his grove and grow up At the same time we have Deborah back from her own poor choices with life long ramifications and Stephen who are trying to figure out their own futures But guess what? Yup what has uickly become my second top pet peeve behind insta love lack of words I am starting to believe that people suddenly forget how to communicate and share thoughts and actual words with people they find themselves caring for in a deeper way Suddenly every conversation is almost exclusively in their own heads and well I mean I get it words hard but I mean there was some insta love too but it didn't annoy me like words hard did Just a smidgeDespite all of that I loved this book The depth of the characters the carefully woven interlocking stories that built on previous books while still being completely available as a standalone and the bits of depth that were woven in No one was perfect I mean Deborah has a son that whole life long ramifications thing I mentioned earlier and Zach is a bad boy Despite all their faults and lack of words they manage to weave together relationship and futures that are based on mutual respect and love Both these couples and those that came before them in Middlefield found their forever after They found their hand to hold I loved this series I loved going back in time with Kathleen and discovering that her older books are just as engaging as her newer books Gotta say she's yet to disappoint meOriginally posted at

  6. Vikki Vaught Vikki Vaught says:

    A lovely heartfelt romance with endearing characters So glad I found this series The narrator is perfect for Amish stories Happy readinglistening

  7. Laura Laura says:

    Title A HAND TO HOLDAuthor Kathleen FullerPublisher Bethany HouseSeptember 2010ISBN 978 1 59554 814 6Genre InspirationalAmishRuth Byler is anxious to start school She’s had the lessons prepared for months in advance She’s bought new notebooks and freshly sharpened pencils for all her students And she’s just putting the finishing touches on her desk when a pickup truck crashes through the back wall of the school houseZachariah Bender was borrowing a friend’s pickup to go to the store for some supplies He’s Amish and doesn’t have a license but it wouldn’t take long to run to the store But he lost control when a herd of deer ran in front of the truck Now he owes a lot of money to fix the school and his friend’s truck As Ruth and Zach get to know each other they find out that the long held opinions they had of each other were wrong But Zach has a secret he’s never told anyone Will Ruth think less of him if she learns the truth?A HAND TO HOLD has two different love stories in it In addition to Ruth and Zach there is also a story about Ruth’s brother Stephen and Deborah I related to Deborah and Stephen’s story but both were excellent This book is a little slow starting and the ending feels kind of rushed but otherwise it is a great read I’m giving it 45 stars but marking it as 5 since a half star isn’t possible on certain sites I highly recommend this book as well as any of the other books in this series Kathleen Fuller is an Amish author whose work I’m going to want to keep reading Discussion uestions are included at the end of the book 1499 278 pages

  8. Amber Amber says:

    This is the third in Kathleen Fuller's A Hearts Of Middlefield series and I enjoyed it as much as the first second books I did feel like the story of Ruth and Zach was rushed a bit in the end I also felt that the story between Deborah and Naomi could have been touched on some in the endRuth Bylers so excited to start school It's her first year teaching and she has the lessons prepared for weeks She has just finished getting everything ready for the first day of school Then a truck crashes through the back wall of the school house The driver is Zachariah Bender who has borrowed the truck from a friend While Zach is fixing up the schoolhouse on his own he and Ruth start to have feelings for one another But Zach has a secret and tries to push Ruth away There is another story in the book between Ruth's brother Stephen and Deborah Deborah ahas come back to Middlefield Ohio after her mother has passed away She had went to live with her aunt when she became pregnant with an Englischer's child Stephen is helping her father with the farm Deborah starts having feelings for him but thinks that no man will ever love her because she has a son And don't forget her sister Naomi who just makes you want to reach through the book and slap herlol ;I enjoyed this book and found it hard to lay down Great work Kathleen I loved this series and am looking forward to reading your other books

  9. Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower) Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower) says:

    Oh I identified with Ruth in this book Perfectionist student who never uite fit in over eager teacher who uickly realized that all the lesson planning in the world won't account for reality Yeah that all sounded familiar I loved watching Ruth chill out a bit learn to flex understand that she doesn't have to strive for the impossibility of perfection And Zach what a sweetie he turned out to be I really enjoyed their storyAlso I was thrilled that we got to catch up with Deborah and see her settled and at peace in her faith and in motherhood She of all people needed a sweet romance and I was so happy that she got one Naomi though whew Girlfriend needed some serious counseling and I'm not sure her story was over even when the book was finished But Aunt Sadie? What A Hoot Grinned through nearly all of her scenes I pictured her as an older version of Martin's girlfriend Sherry on the TV show Frasier if anyone remembers that character Hate saying goodbye to the Byler family with this last book in the series they've all become friends A Hand To Hold and its theme of restoration and value hold true and timely no matter who you are or what your life experiences

  10. Elsie Elsie says:

    I really enjoyed this whole series Like the other two books this one actually had two storylines going at the same time The one from the back with Ruth Byler and Zach Bender and another one with Deborah a character from the 2nd book and Stephen Byler For the first time I actually enjoyed both stories about eually The past two books I actually enjoyed the 2nd storyline than the primary one but both of these were very goodThese books are pretty predictable especially if you read them one after another I think I didn't notice it as much with the 2nd book because I read a few other books in between the 1st and 2nd But then I read this one right away As I said before the stories and nice clean and simple These Amish books always make me think that it would be a nice way to live simple Then I remind myself how HARD they work and decide that maybe I'm not cut out for that lifestyle after all Overall I really enjoyed this book and the series as a whole I may check out some other books by this author in the future

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