Paperback ✓ Project Eve Epub å

Paperback ✓ Project Eve Epub å

Project Eve ❰Reading❯ ➿ Project Eve Author Lauren Bach – To dig up the truth behind the mysterious death of a senator's daughter private investigator Rachel Anderson is going back to school Passing herself off as a transfer student at the small prestigious To dig up the truth behind the mysterious death of a senator's daughter private investigator Rachel Anderson is going back to school Passing herself off as a transfer student at the small prestigious college the troubled girl last attended funded by the powerful Shepherd's Cross Ministry Rachel finds the secluded campus almost too idyllic and the girls invited to participate in the Eve's Circle honours group too perfect Too feminine Too obedient Not only obedient completely submissiveBefore long she realizes that some of the female students recruited to Shepherd's Cross have been abducted and brainwashed not as the perfect wives Rachel imagined but the perfect partners for men whose appetites are dark and sexual But putting an end to the shocking operation reuires than just a cover and it means trusting the brooding Elijah Trent a CIA operative also working the campus from the inside Together they plan to expose the ministry's unspeakable secret a crime which reaches outside US borders and into the realm of pure evil.

8 thoughts on “Project Eve

  1. ElaineY ElaineY says:

    Project Eve is so much better than Pure Dynamite that I am surprised it's by the same author I did not even finish the previous book because of the annoying heroine but Project Eve had me glued from start to finish It has all the elements I look for in a romantic suspense to die for hero kick ass heroine breath taking sexual tension AND Ms Bach delivers some scorching sex scenes too Whilst there is no great mystery about the villains the suspense is there up to the final page which left me going AAAARGH Where's Nick Rachel's brother?Really I never expected Project Eve to be this good after Pure Dynamite's slow and disappointing story despite a promising beginning

  2. Marika Charalambous Marika Charalambous says:

    Was not a bad read but nothing extraordinary either Will look for books by this author though

  3. Lynn Lynn says:

    The premise of this book was very interesting A group of students at a religious college being drugged and brainwashed into begging for BDSM even though they don't really know what they are doing and then being filmed and murdered The main character Rachel goes undercover into the college looking for evidence of the pregnancy of a senator's daughter The many complications in the story include a past relationship with Elijah a CIA agent working undercover with Rachel as well as the seeming death of her brother Even though I liked the early part of the story most of the complications were just too easily overcome causing the book to end with uestions than it answered and problems being solved without much explanation At the end of the book the uestion of Rachel's brother is left unanswered Since this was not really part of a series I'm not even sure if that uestion ever gets answered in another book I really wanted to love this book but too many plot gaps left at the end just made it hard understand how things had been resolved

  4. HK HK says:

    Rachel Anderson a PI and Elijah a CIA former boyfriend work together on a religious college campus Rachel was hired by a Senator who lost his step daughter to a car accident trying to find out if his step daughter Cindy was pregnant and had a baby before her death Elijah is in search of a financial connection between the college and the operation he was in where he lost his 3 friends and had himself captured for almost 3 years for itSlow development half way into the book and no romance actionSpy story cooperation work of PI and CIA not good not believableRomance thin not emotionalDisappointed with this one after liking Lone Rider

  5. Nabila Nabila says:

    Weak plot 2 dimensional characters No sparks between HH

  6. Cynthiaj Cynthiaj says:

    This was a reasonable reading book but doesn't leave me wanting The characters were bland and the plot predictable

  7. Nikel27 Nikel27 says:

    Good read

  8. Tina Tina says:

    25 stars

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