Supersized PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Supersized PDF/EPUB å Paperback

Supersized [Read] ➲ Supersized ➺ Morgan Spurlock – Do you dare find out what's happening behind the counters of your neighborhood fast food joint Then grab a bucket and dive into one of the creepiest graphic novels of the year Supersized Strange Tales Do you dare find out what's happening behind the counters of your neighborhood fast food joint Then grab a bucket and dive into one of the creepiest graphic novels of the year Supersized Strange Tales from a Fast Food Culture is an entertaining and at times gut wrenching series of stories focusing on America's ubiuitous and potentially destructive fast food culture A perfect companion to Super Size Me the graphic novel will bridge the gaps between humor fact and heart while peering behind the scenes of the fast food world.

10 thoughts on “Supersized

  1. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    Will keep you away from fast food joints forever

  2. Kelly Lynn Thomas Kelly Lynn Thomas says:

    While I enjoyed the completely disgusting and repulsive fast food horror stories I found the book to be rather problematic in its portrayal of obesity Fatness is portrayed as ugly repulsive and undesirable and is conflated with poor health and stupidity Fast food and industrialized food are absolutely terrible and bad But fatness isn't For example fat people with good cardiovascular health have better outcomes than skinny people with poor cardiovascular healthThe book also doesn't address the socioecomic factors that often drive people to fast food and how difficult it is for many people to eat healthy food for many reasonsNarratively speaking the fat gross Ronald Mcdonald character was cheesy and over the top and I was honestly a little embarrassed about how cool it was trying to be and just wasn'tThis one isn't worth your time

  3. Tracey Tracey says:

    All young adults should read this graphic novel It makes a great companion piece to the movie The art makes the Ronald McDonald esue rather grotesue and repulsive looking especially for a clown But the message in the book is just as powerful as the movie with some different anecdotes about fast food and how thoroughly disgustingly bad for your body it is not to mention the gross out moments like animals parts in food or maggot filled lettuce The last story in the book is rather nasty but strikes a powerful note with those who inundate their bodies with greasy burgers and fries

  4. Mati Mati says:

    All fast food chains are franchise of hell the short novel sumarise the movie Super size me and as a bonus adds some disgusting urban legends about fast food Rats are included too The sad thing is that this book has point and it is sort of you should read

  5. Jon Nakapalau Jon Nakapalau says:

    A behind the arches look at disturbing stories connected to this iconic symbol of 'Americanism'

  6. BookCupid BookCupid says:

    Fast Food Those two words really go well together Let's say we welcome the weight gain sleepless nights caused by incredible amounts of sugar and caffeine tiny toys to step on barefoot extra pimples extra box recycling is there any downside to eating fast? I watched the Supersize documentaries 2nd one wasn't really informative and was curious to see what valuable insight this one might bring Needless to say I am disappointed Although Spurlock did mention the Jack in the box ecoli fiasco and McDonald worm salad many other examples were not fast food related but restaurant related as a whole Any waiter can spit in my food or serve me food that fell on the floor That is the danger of eating outside your home Hopefully there won't be a part 2

  7. Peacegal Peacegal says:

    Supersized is a graphic novel tie in with the documentary film “Super Size Me” It panders a bit to the teen set by filling many pages with behind the kitchen door “gross out” stories about what happens when foreign objects and bodily fluids make their way into mass produced meals Ok icky fair enough but those stories don’t really sway me The two times I’ve found strange objects in my food a small rock and part of a Brillo pad it’s happened at small privately owned eateries What interests me far is the reality of the industrial farming practices reuired to produce cheap burgers and chicken nuggets on a massive scale A section titled “Your friend the factory farm” mocks the old meat industry classroom propaganda films The creators don’t gloss over the fact of systemic cruelty at factory farms The presentation is really outstanding Those in the animal welfare communities will recognize these illustrations as being copied from actual photos The manner in which factory farming’s rule of cutting corners endangers human health is also depicted If that’s not convincing enough we are reminded once again that we’re “all made of meat” We learn from a young man who works in a funeral home that the corpse of an obese man in the crematorium smelled just like the inside of a McDsHungry yet?

  8. Barb Barb says:

    I knew this book was based on the documentary Super Size Me which I haven't seen but I didn't realize that this is non fiction Part of the book chronicles Morgan Spurlock's 30 day experiment of eating fast food and only fast food three times a day The other part includes facts about fast food and horror stories from restaurants as told to Spurlock by former employees and customersThese sound like urban legends but the stories are presented as true I don't eat at any of the fast food chains often but after reading this I'm determined not to give in to the occasional Sausage McMuffin with egg no cheese ever again or McDonald's strawberry banana smoothies even if they are cheaper than Starbucks or Wendy's chili or the rare Taco Bell crunchy tacoBut wait Don't think these stories are limited to fast food places that have a drive thru which I always thought wasn't spelled right I won't name names because the book doesn't but think places in which the servers wear lots of buttons on their suspenders The featured customer wasn't thanking God after his meal I'm sure

  9. Joy Joy says:

    GN companion to the documentary Super Size Me; a selection of creepy and gross tales about the fast food industry

  10. Dna Dna says:

    I just happened upon this while checking out Hoopla Digital and decided to try it because I enjoyed Spurlock’s documentary and love books like Slaughterhouse and Fast Food Nation Well this surprised me in that it was a mix of horror and comedy but with a very real PSA about the dangers of processed foods and modern factory farms The stories are at once wildly entertaining humorously drawn and horrifying The character “Ronald McDopey” is drawn as an obese caricature version of the original caricature clown Ronald McDonald A fun read if you enjoy graphic books or even for vegans who need some material to make them feel really really ridiculously good about their choices 5 stars

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