The Semi-Detached House PDF ☆ The Semi-Detached PDF

The Semi-Detached House PDF ☆ The Semi-Detached PDF

The Semi-Detached House [BOOKS] ⚦ The Semi-Detached House By Emily Eden – Emily Eden 1797 1869 was a British author Her works include Portaits of the People and Princes of India 1844 The Semi Detached House 1859 The Semi Attached Couple 1860 'Up the Country' Letters Written Emily Eden was a British author Her works include Portaits of the People and Princes of India The Semi Detached House The Semi Attached Couple 'Up the Country' Letters Written to Her Sister from India and Letters from India .

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  1. Melindam Melindam says:

    Warning contains elements of casual and matter of fact Victorian antisemitism that was a product of its time but offends the modern reader The only thing gratifying to find than a good book is a good book which has been neglected Phyllis Rose literary biographer 375 stars rounded up for this light and entertaining Victorian comedy of manners published in 1859 It very much reads as if it were the literary child or at least a cousin once removed of and Aunt Sarah's good sense stepped in she thought it better that young married women should have a fixed income whatever it might be called pin money or allowance They knew then what they ought to spend and all their little charities or any presents they wished to give would be the fruits of their own self denial and she even hinted that the most devoted and liberal husbands would after a certain term of married life object to milliners' bills and become possessed with an insane idea that their wives were extravagant and always asking for money And although Colonel Hilton said it was impossible he could ever be such a brute as that yet he thought Aunt Sarah's advice sensibleI very much tend to agree with Miss Rose especially as it concerns Emily Eden who was totally unknown to me until Goodreads was kind enough to recommend it to me because I liked Jane Austen's books So a big THANK YOU goes to GoodreadsEmily Eden was born in 1797 when Jane Austen had probably already finished First Impressions How exciting Apparently Jane Austen was EE's favourite author and her influence can definitely be discovered in The Semi Detached House Undoubtedly it is lighter and the social sphere is higher Its set is the Victorian aristocracy to which Emily Eden belonged her father was the 1st Baron Auckland There are some great portrayals memorable characters some though usually light and witty social observance and a potential to even The story tells about the unlikely relations between two families from different social classes The lovely young Lady Chester recently and happily married is about to have a baby so she is not allowed to accompany her husband to Berlin on a diplomatic mission He leaves her in a semi detached house whose other half is occupied by a solidly middle class family the wife and daughters of a sea captain The Chesters and Hopkinsons take to each other despite their different backgrounds Their foil comes in the person of the ostentatious nouveau riche social climbers Baron and Baroness Sampson who are of Jewish origin Here there were also resemblances to The Way We Live Now by Anthony TrollopePhyllis Rose calls it ''The Merchant of Venice' in English country dress

  2. Maja - BibliophiliaDK ✨ Maja - BibliophiliaDK ✨ says:

    SWEET AND FLUFFY BUT IT'S NO AUSTENI keep hearing this book this author compared to Jane Austen and yes I did see certain similarities in wit social disdain and happy endings But the execution was far from Austen esue Perhaps that what disappointed me most of all Still I was a short enjoyable read She is always sending for me because she has nothing the matter with her and I have not yet succeeded in curing her of her good health Dr Ayscough 👍 WHAT I LIKED 👍Characters The characters of this story are perhaps what makes this most like an Austen novel There is a rich cast of characters that you can like such as Rachel Mrs Hopkinson and Blanche and others you can enjoy to dislike such as the Sampsons They had very distinct personalities and uirks that were funny as well as endearing like Mr Willis' propensity for gloom or Mrs Hopkinson's embarrassment at her girthLightness This was a short fluffy read filled with lightness It was enjoyable and pleasant to read👎 WHAT I DISLIKED 👎Not enough Again this was supposed to be an Austen esue novel and while I saw glimpses of the wit and sarcasm that I associate with Austen there just wasn't enough of it to make me truly love this the same way I love Austen's booksPlot I liked that this was a light fluffy read I disliked that it didn't really have any actual plot not a whole lot actually happened and all the way through I found myself searching for the direction and the endingFollow me for book loving contentBlog ✨ Facebook ✨ Instagram ✨ Twitter Blog Post 9 'You Are not Alone' Books with Isolated Characters

  3. Laurie Laurie says:

    This was such a lovely story It was the perfect time for me to read a story about nice families who become acuainted enjoy each other's company and help each other as best they can There are no villains here and even the unsavory characters are only mildly disagreeable Emily Eden is not a well known author and she wrote only a few novels and I recommend this book if one is seeking something for entertainment and not for social commentary

  4. Jane Jane says:

    Nobody comes close to writing as well as Jane Austen except for Emily Eden who a couple of generations later is as razor witted and delightful an observer of the social scene as the divine Jane This is one for my read over and over shelf

  5. classic reverie classic reverie says:

    This edition had the Semi Detached House had a modern feel maybe owing to the humor which was sprinkled throughout Also a female character uite unlike the times the book was written 1859 Emily Eden was a Jane Austin fan and some of her characters have a flippant spirit to them which makes this story a fun read A married woman sets up house next to a seafaring captain's family and the fun begins This edition also includes The Semi Attached couple but even though I kept my kindle notes here I will review under that title One thing which was a little annoying was that the second story had not been navigable to see each chapters as the first story but my favorite of the two stories

  6. Zee Zee says:

    Lighthearted read with some prejudicial language common for its time Like today's sitcom the timing and situations come together for laughs too perfectly Too sugary for me

  7. Chelle Chelle says:

    I enjoyed this comedy of manners story as the author invested in witty discourse and 1850's drollery and had Rachael the orphaned niece uoting Shakespeare I'm hoping the next book The Semi attached Couple is just as good I was ready for a palate cleanser this book was certainly that and I found the story charming as a huge bonus Emily Eden created a very satisfying ending♥ The Semi Detached House reads rather like a Wilkie Collin's take on an Austenesue setting

  8. Michael Michael says:

    A Victorian comic novel uite light but not obnoxiously so Eden wrote in a much plainer writing style than many of her contemporaries which makes the text feel less obviously old than most nineteenth century novels There are long stretches when you could mistake it for being 80 years younger than it actually is

  9. Pascale Pascale says:

    On the basis of this book I really don't understand why Emily Eden is supposed to be a great wit on a par with Jane Austen This story is only mildly amusing and seems to function mostly as a cover for a rant against the Jews Here is a typical passage An enemy supposing it possible that the Baroness Sampson could have an enemy might have said that the assemblage at Marble Hall looked like the recovery of one of the lost tribes of Israel; but there were some fine sounding names among them foreign Counts and Maruises several members of Parliament radical in politics and unpolished in manner and who had manfully voted for the removal of Jewish disabilities Whether they knew what the disabilities were or what would be the effect of their removal is doubtful; but they somehow had an idea that they were voting against gentlemen and Bishops and Church and State and they felt proud of themselves Then there were their wives and daughters decidedly not ornamental There were a few ladies of high sounding titles who had either risen through the ranks or fallen into them but the chief part of the society was decidedly second rate The people throwing this party Baron and Baroness Sampson are unmitigated scoundrels who end up fleeing the country after being unmasked as the frauds and embezzlers they are Their son Moses is of the same ilk The only good Jewish person in the whole book is their niece and ward Rachel who ends up marrying a Gentile All the non Jewish characters are virtuous and if not entirely perfect uick to reform There is no plot except for a series of betrothals and the bankruptcy of Baron Sampson uite frankly this doesn't even deserve to be kept in print except so that people get a sense of what Benjamin Disraeli had to put up with

  10. K. K. says:

    Sweet Of course I'm always intrigued to find an author said to be just like Jane Austen I'd never heard of Emily Eden before I don't even know how I came across this book Of course she's not exactly like Jane Austen who is? Bought this and the Semi attached couple for cheap o on kindle Charming Fluffy Everyone is so good natured and sweet and ends up so happy and life is so perfect for every single person see not exactly like Jane truly Despite this picture of absolute unreality it's asserted in herein that a good natured person can't help but be happy and be surrounded by happiness always on that account alone it was a sweet little bit of entertainment I'm not sorry to have spent some Sunday time with I did really like the character of Willis He was funny On a side note authors of this age Victorian were uite interested in charlatans who duped people out of their money by sheer bravado Did that happen a lot? I'm not really tempted currently to do the research necessary to know Reminds me somewhat of The Way We Live Now and Little Dorrit but not nearly as involved in the reality of the thing

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