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Paperback ↠ The Pact PDF/EPUB å

The Pact [Read] ➪ The Pact By Sampson Davis – Chosen by Essence to be among the forty most influential African Americans the three doctors grew up in the streets of Newark facing city life’s temptations pitfalls even jail But one day these thre Chosen by Essence to be among the forty most influential African Americans the three doctors grew up in the streets of Newark facing city life’s temptations pitfalls even jail But one day these three young men made a pact They promised each other they would all become doctors and stick it out together through the long difficult journey to attaining that dream Sampson Davis George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt are not only friends to this day—they are all doctorsThis is a story about the power of friendship Of joining forces and beating the odds A story about changing your life and the lives of those you love mosttogether.

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • The Pact
  • Sampson Davis
  • English
  • 07 April 2016
  • 9781573229890

About the Author: Sampson Davis

Drs Sampson Davis George Jenkins and Rameck Hunt are practicing physicians authors and the founders of The Three Doctors Foundation.

10 thoughts on “The Pact

  1. Kathleen Pittman Kathleen Pittman says:

    Ok here's the thing I would give this 25 stars but definitely couldn't round it up to 3 I appreciate the overall theme perseverance and pulling oneself up from metaphorical bootstraps I really do think it's a valuable idea for people to explore through individual stories of success like this one However there are so many things in this book that prompted me to have to literally have to restrain myself from throwing it in the ocean on multiple vacation occasions Firstly the organization was horrendous I'm a professional reader if you will and even I found myself going wait what? on way too many occasions I realize these doctors are not writers but that's what editors are for One Dr would be telling a story about an event that happened in this life and in the very next paragraph he's recounting an event that occurred years later No page break no transition zip Other sections would be discussing one deep philosophical realization one of the men had and in the next paragraph he's recounting an event totally unrelated This jumpiness made the story confusing and it should have been carefully laid out in its chronology Allusions to later or earlier events are one thing but it's almost as though the men while telling their stories had constant ADD as though in mid story they had the oh and by the way method of telling a story I have friends like that and it takes them forever to get a point across That's why I don't let them tell stories Finally see that's an example of a transition fellas I really didn't feel that the element of luck was properly addressed here One of the boys in particular repeatedly makes the wrong choices knowingly and succeeds in his efforts to become a doctor by sheer luck These things include violence anger and therefore arrests The stars aligned and he wound up with no conseuences Lucky him but those 2nd and 3rd chances don't usually happen in life Your decisions determine your path in life as much as that may suck it's reality I took serious issue with how lightly these issues were touched upon and felt there was some serious space for a teachable moment there This isn't to say that's not something I can do in my own classroom but the fact remains that 13 16 year old kids see the world differently; they already think they're indestructible and that failing grades mean nothing that they're good enough to play in the NBA that skipping class and refusing to do work for years on end won't affect their dreams of becoming a lawyers and doctors When they read this book and see how the world just up and gave this boy unlimited chances they're going to see that luck as a given Unfortunately some of them may find out too late that it just doesn't work that way We have to work for what we become

  2. Book Riot Community Book Riot Community says:

    I read this book in one sitting Three young men from dysfunctional homes from the rough streets of Newark NJ overcome the odds by making a pact to become dentists and then working hard and achieving their goal With unflinching honesty and rawness the 3 doctors talk about the obstacles they faced the people who gave them support and encouragement and how they were able to persevere through legal troubles poverty and personal turmoil to achieve success My only regret was that I was just now finding this book This is a very moving and inspiring story about never giving up–Christina Vortiafrom The Best Books We Read In August 2016

  3. Sarah Lumos Sarah Lumos says:

    When I saw this book on I knew I had to read it The Pact is an inspiring memoir that chronicles the life of three men who grew up in a violent neighbourhood There were no doctors or lawyers walking their streets Instead most of their loved ones were struggling to make ends meet and turning to drugs Despite their tough upbringing they were all able to graduate from medical school In high school they made a pact to become doctors together But the journey from then to residency was not easy They each had their own struggles drug addicted mother mentally ill sister poverty abuse heartbreak negative peer pressure and even jail Although their resilience is remarkable their accomplishments never made them arrogant After becoming doctors all 3 of them decided to open practices in their old neighbourhoods They believed it was not them but God who had saved them so they could be examples and mentor youth who were are also growing up in difficult environments They went onto starting a charity writing books and giving interviews based on the lessons their pact taught them On a personal level this memoir touched my soul When I got to the end and saw them walking down the stage to get their medical degrees I was smiling like a proud mama I also grew up in a rough neighbourhood and understand how hard it is to break the cycle And now as an aspiring Social Worker I love reading about others who have done the same Pursuing a profession where I can see displays of outstanding human resilience every day is a blessing Many of my clients are in challenging situations but books like these help my motivational counselling practice They remind me to continue having faith because though we never choose the circumstances we are born into there is always space for betterment

  4. Patty Bell Patty Bell says:

    I know how my students feel now when they are reuired to read a book NOT of their choosing

  5. Lexus Lexus says:

    The book The Pact by Lisa Frazier Page is an interesting book that takes the reader for a trip through the lives of a few boys Three boys live in a community that very many people don’t make it out of without going to jail or dying at a young age The boys tell their story of how they made it out of this troubling place and got to where they are Sampson George and Rameck encounter things average teenagers wouldn’t The author does an amazing job at making the different points of view combine as a whole The way the book is set up is difficult for me to understand In the book each paragraph alternates between characters so it’s hard for me to keep track of what is happening to whom The book overall has a slow pace but I still consider it to be a good read if you enjoy slower paced books It is based on a true story about three guys who made something out of their lives even though they grew up in bad communities The reason I choose to read this book was for class I thought the book would be my type of story but it turns out it wasn't Throughout the story situations that can jeopardize the boys paths to success happens They each have things they have to overcome their families were different in their own way but they all connected somehow Some get involved in the wrong crowds and others can't control their anger and it gets the best of them but in the end they make it out as good people and return back to their communities as doctorsThe book is not one I would put on my list of favorites Don’t get me wrong The Pact was a good book It had a great theme and was very well written I just wouldn’t prefer reading it I recommend this book to teenagers that love a good slow paced story I’d give this book 2 stars out of 5The author did a great job putting the book together I would not recommend reading it if you enjoy books that get right to the point I personally enjoy reading books that have a mystery or books that give me something to look forward to In The Pact I didn't really have much to look forward to because the story looked back on their lives instead of leaving you wondering if they were going to make it or not It starts off by telling the reader that they had became doctors already If you like books that give away the ending this would be a great book for you to read

  6. Kristin Kristin says:

    This book is reuired reading for all the teachers in my school this summer and will apparently be a program for staff and students next year Three boys who grow up in inner city Newark New Jersey meet at a magnet school they were each sent to because they showed academic promise They realize that what they have in common is the determination to rise above their circumstances and so they make a pact that they will all finish high school go on to college and medical school and become doctors This they do despite unstable homes absent fathers and the drug war of the 80s that is being fought on their doorstepsIn many ways this is a really inspiring uplifting book I applaud these men for setting out to do something and doing it it took amazing strength and dedication and made me realize how lucky I am to have been born into a family and a society were the assumption was that I would get an education and be successful In addition to the financial obstacles these men faced they came from a society that believed being smart wasn't cool and to get an education was to send the message that were better than everybodyWhat bothered me about the book is that two of the boys made some very stupid decisions along the way and I felt like they never really owned up to them one boy in particular was on probation knew he'd be kicked out of college if he messed up again and did it anyway It was only because he didn't get caught that he didn't face conseuences I wonder what kind of message this will send to my 9th graders; we struggle as it is trying to convince them that 9th grade is an important year and they need to take it seriously I don't want them to get the impression that there will always be a second chance and people will always overlook their mistakes

  7. MariLee MariLee says:

    This book is about 3 black men from a rough neighborhood in New Jersey who make a pact in high school to all go to college and medicaldental school and become doctors Each chapter alternates between each of the three friends George Sam and Rameck While I thought the idea was wonderful that these three friends worked so hard to break out of their circumstances and become successful contributing members of society I didn't like the heavy handed overtones of let's blame the system white people don't help black people etc There was a good deal of focus on the fact that because these guys didn't have stable homes good fathers etc that they were doomed to become drug dealers thugs etc I certainly understand that may seem like the only way especially when you don't have a lot of support from home and you are surrounded by many others who have chosen that route But I would remind all of us that many people are born into less than ideal circumstances white black hispanic poor from broken homes little to no support from home or community disabilities illnesses and have to overcome a lot to be successful in their lives I do have to give these three major kudos for sticking it out and achieving their goals Giving in and giving up is much easier than working hard

  8. Erin Brauer Erin Brauer says:

    I would give a 25 if I could I was inspired to read this initially as many of you know I like memoirs but it uickly fell flat for me What the doctors accomplished is very inspiring but the writing just fell flat Each of the three characters simply 'told' their experiences and all their voices melded into one dull narrator I would have loved to hear of each doctors voice and see personality but I didn't and was unable to connect with any character Overall too much telling and not enough showing Impressive accomplishments Perhaps seeing them speak would give me a better feel

  9. Debbie Debbie says:

    I had high hopes for this book and it started great but it didn't live up to my expectations The story lacked the emotion I needed It was hard to feel connected to the characters

  10. Lauren Cecile Lauren Cecile says:

    Truly inspirational We need young black men going into medicine and dentistry and we need positive peer pressure to help them develop and reach bold goals

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